Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/27/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/27/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ comes back to the church and Kate comments that it doesn't look good. Gabi watches on. Abigail goes to Hope to talk. But then the doors of the church open and everyone is stunned as Nick enters the church! Hope smiles with Julie as EJ, Kate, Sami, Gabi, Will, Sonny, and Abigail all look on in shock. Nick walks in and asks if he's interrupting.

Jordan runs into Sheryl at the town square. Sheryl comments on having fun hanging out and asks Jordan how serious it is with Rafe.

T talks with Rafe at the club and asks him about not going to the reception. Rafe didn't want to go to the DiMera Mansion and says he's meeting Jordan. T claims to Rafe that he's going to go on a date with Gabi and asks if he's okay with it. Rafe tells him that it's fine and remarks that T is an upgrade from the last guy that Gabi was with.

Julie excitedly tells Nick how worried they've been. Gabi faints as Kate and Sami worry. Sonny and EJ help Gabi up and check on her as she worries. Gabi wonders what happened. Sami tells Gabi that Nick is just back in town. Abigail offers to call an ambulance but Gabi says she's fine. Nick apologizes and claims he didn't know it was Arianna's christening. Hope calls it strange timing and asks Nick about it. Nick says he went to the station to see Hope and found out she was there. Nick says he will leave since he's interrupting but Julie stops him and tells him about her worries. Julie notes a scar on Nick's head and wonders what happened. Gabi thinks back to hitting him with a rock. Hope checks on Nick and asks for answers as to what happened. Nick asks if he looks that bad. Hope and Julie talk about the scar looking serious and how it must have been hit with something heavy. Abigail asks if it was a car wreck. Nick says it's good to see her and says he's okay. They ask how it happened. Nick guesses it was an accident but he doesn't really know for sure. Nick talks about waking up with a headache and a cut so he figured he took a bad fall.

T tells Rafe it's cool that he doesn't have a problem with him dating Gabi. Rafe asks if he's asked Gabi out yet. T says he hasn't yet but he will. Rafe wishes him luck. Lucas arrives and joins Rafe. Lucas comments on not going to the reception either and having to meet Sheryl. Rafe says she seems nice and that Lucas may have himself a real winner. Lucas calls her an asset to the company but insists their relationship is strictly professional.

Jordan tells Sheryl that she and Rafe are keeping it casual. Sheryl says she's never seen Jordan so relaxed around anyone. Jordan wants to leave it at that and mentions going to meet him now. Sheryl says she has a conference with Lucas. Sheryl asks for directions to the club and Jordan says she's going there so they walk off together.

Julie questions Nick's story but he says he took care of it and he's good. Sami suggests getting Arianna home. Julie stops her and says she wants to hear why Nick didn't get in touch with anybody. Nick claims he wanted to surprise everybody but it wasn't such a good idea. Will checks on Gabi and helps her stand. Abigail turns to EJ and asks what's really going on but he says he doesn't know what she means. Hope agrees that today is Arianna's day. Hope suggests she and Julie go get coffee with Nick. Nick says he wants to say something publicly before everyone leaves for Gabi. Nick declares that Gabi fainted because she saw him and they both know why. Will and Sami try to make excuses for Gabi. Julie points out Gabi being nervous every time she asked about Nick. Julie asks Nick if something happened between them before Nick left. Nick talks about not remembering what happened when he woke up from his accident but he did remember that he treated Gabi really badly before he left. Nick talks about setting up the modeling gig for Gabi in New York and explains his plan. Nick admits it was delusional and wrong. Nick talks about seeing a shrink after the accident and realized he had lost a grip on reality. Nick apologizes to Gabi and hopes she will give him a chance to make it up to her now that he's back. Julie questions him being back. Nick says running off to New York was running from his problems and Salem is his home so he's back. Nick swears to turn his life around this time.

Jordan and Sheryl go to the club and meet Rafe and Lucas. Sheryl comments on the coincidence of going to the same place. Lucas and Sheryl go sit together for their meeting while Rafe and Jordan sit together. Jordan asks Rafe for pictures from the christening. Sheryl asks Lucas about the christening. Lucas says it was great. Rafe shows Jordan pictures and wishes she could've been there. Jordan comments how Rafe got from the church to the club on his own and got up barely using the cane. Rafe says he may not need the cane in a week or two.

Julie tells Nick that it's wonderful and calls it a new beginning. Hope still has questions. EJ points out that they are still celebrating the christening. EJ invites everyone back to the DiMera Mansion for the reception. Hope thanks him for the invitation but her and Julie decide to spend time with Nick. EJ tells Nick it's good to see him on his way out. Nick shakes Will's hand and congratulates him on the christening. Nick apologizes for upsetting Gabi and promises to make things right for all of them. Will, Sonny, and Gabi then exit. Abigail tells Nick that she's going too but they will talk later and she's glad he's back.

EJ tells Sami to go ahead while he talks to Abigail since she's still suspicious. Sami tells him to do what he has to do to keep her quiet. Abigail comes out and exits so EJ follows her out.

Julie tells Nick about her worries and she's so happy to see him. Hope says the same and is glad he's alright. Hope says everyone's gone and it's just them so it's time for the truth. Hope asks Nick where he's been and what really happened to him.

Rafe tells Jordan that after he doesn't need the cane, they are going dancing.

Sami, Kate, and Gabi go to the DiMera Mansion for their reception. Sami begins making a plate for Gabi. Kate says she lost her appetite. Sami talks about their bigger problems. Kate jokes about the man they murdered being alive. Sami thought they did the world a favor and mocks Julie's reaction. Kate brings up Nick's virus on her computer. Sami calls him a disgusting worm and says at least they didn't murder him. Kate agrees and says they are in the clear. Gabi asks what if they are not in the clear.

Nick tells Hope and Julie that he just had a stupid idea to show up and surprise everybody. Julie says his mom and grandmother were worried. Nick says he will call and explain. Nick adds that he will continue therapy and realized that he can't control everything. Nick says he will just accept, move forward, and stay positive. Julie hugs him. Julie suggests they go to the Pub and continue talking. Julie walks out with Nick. Hope looks concerned and follows them out.

Gabi tells Sami and Kate that Nick could still accuse them. Kate doesn't get how he survived. Will and Sonny enter. Sonny comments that Nick's not human. Gabi asks if they think Nick knows what happened and how he could ruin their lives. Kate says to just take it as good news that he's not dead so he can't blame them for anything. Gabi brings up hitting him with the rock. Will points out it being self defense. Sonny questions Nick not remembering anything. They talk about the possibility. Sonny asks for EJ. Sami explains that EJ stayed behind to deal with Abigail. Kate hopes he finally shuts her up.

EJ follows Abigail out of the town square. Abigail says she feels awful for accusing EJ of killing Nick as she was wrong and asks what he wants. EJ says he doesn't want anything. Abigail apologizes. EJ says Nick kept quiet from his family and he asked her to not talk to Hope so her suspicions weren't unreasonable. EJ understands she was upset. EJ tells her that Nick is back and fine so nobody murdered anybody. EJ asks Abigail if something else is bothering her. She says Nick's alive and that's good but the scar makes her think that somebody tried to kill him.

Rafe shows Jordan more pictures of Arianna. Rafe calls it a great ceremony with how happy everyone was. Rafe comments that Jordan seems happy right now too. Jordan admits she is. Rafe asks Jordan if she was happy when they first met.

Sonny talks about Abigail not needing to run to Hope now that Nick's alive. Gabi worries more about Nick and that he could go to the police. Sami brings up Nick trying to rape Gabi. Gabi says she gave him the scar and left him for dead. Sami and Kate try to encourage her. Sami wonders why Nick would wait so long to do something if he remembers. Gabi agrees that maybe there is nothing to worry about. Sami tells Gabi to focus on celebrating the christening and that they no longer have a murder hanging over their heads. Kate suggests champagne and goes to get it with Sami and Gabi. Sonny jokes to Will that finally one reason for them not to get married is gone.

Julie and Hope sit with Nick at the Pub. Julie comments on his scar. Hope asks where Nick was when he came to. Nick claims he's not sure. Hope asks what hospital he went to. Nick says he was actually found by someone who took care of him and he talked him out of the hospital. Nick says he had just gotten off parole and didn't want cops around him. Nick goes to get a refill. Julie tells Hope that she thinks he was mugged in New York City and doesn't remember anything. Hope says it could explain his text messages being off. Hope comments that she's still worried about Nick. Nick returns and hopes they are all good. Julie wished he would've called somebody since they are family. Nick admits showing up at the church was a stupid idea. Nick assures Julie that he's alright now and starting tomorrow, he's getting a new job, a new place and a fresh start. Hope thought that's what he was doing in New York but Nick says that was totally unrealistic. Nick says his plan for Gabi never would've worked and now he's back home where he belongs and can start new with no more lies. Hope asks Nick how they know he's not lying about that.

EJ tells Abigail that Nick had an accident. Abigail points out that Nick doesn't remember. EJ doesn't understand why Nick is so important to her. Abigail thought he was pretty important to EJ too since he followed her to Smith Island to stop her and even slept with her. Abigail talks about always thinking of EJ and being reminded of him. Abigail says she can't forget about it. Abigail adds that she's embarrassed, ashamed, and desperate for it to happen again.

Gabi gets a text from Rafe that he's at the club and Jordan loves the pictures. Gabi decides she should go there as Will realizes Rafe doesn't know about Nick yet. Gabi thanks everyone and apologizes for putting them through this. Sami says it's over and they don't have to worry about it now. Kate jokes that she and Sami don't have to spend as much time together now. Gabi hugs them and exits. Sami comments on Rafe spending a lot of time with Jordan and how it must be getting serious. Kate remarks that she couldn't be happier for them.

Jordan tells Rafe that she wasn't unhappy but doesn't feel as she does now and it's hard to explain. Jordan feels she has a home here with friends who actually mean something in her life. Rafe asks if she didn't have that in Birmingham.

Nick gets Hope not taking his word. Nick says he always lied first to himself but this time he's staying honest and grounded all the way. Julie says his therapy must have done good and suggests they give Nick a break. Hope's phone rings and says she needs to deal with it. Hope takes Nick's hand and says she loves him as family but he doesn't get a pass this time. Hope says until Nick gives her enough reasons to trust him again, she will be watching him very closely. Hope then exits.

Abigail tells EJ that she doesn't even know what she's saying so he should forget she said that. EJ thinks they both know what she's saying. EJ says to want it to happen again is natural as there's a tendency to want what they cannot have. Abigail asks if that's all he thinks this is. Abigail says when they are together, she's not sure they can ever be apart. Abigail knows that he hasn't made her any promises or led her on but she knows that he feels what she's feeling. She sees it in his eyes. Abigail brings up EJ's story about breaking up Nick and Gabi's fight. She suggests maybe she will tell Hope about that because it might jog Nick's memory. Abigail then walks of.

Lucas and Sheryl walk past the Pub. Lucas apologizes for not getting a chance to go over her designs. She blames herself for asking about his family. Lucas tells her it's okay. She says it was a business meeting and he's so nice that she forgets he's the head of the company. Lucas tells her that he liked talking to her a lot. Lucas gets a call. Sheryl heads off back to the office.

Jordan tells Rafe that she never had the friends that truly mattered except for Sheryl. Rafe asks about before Birmingham. Jordan says she's never had it until now. Rafe feels bad. Jordan reminds him that they are celebrating Arianna's christening so enough sadness. Rafe hopes that someday, she feels like she can really talk to him. Jordan says she knows she can and she trusts him but he has to realize there are some things that she will never want to talk about with anyone.

Sami and Kate tell Will and Sonny to make sure Gabi gets plenty of rest. Will and Sonny agree and exit the mansion with Arianna. Sami and Kate go back into the living room. Sami asks if Kate's leaving. Kate says she is but thought EJ would be back now. Sami suggests EJ had more to do after dealing with Abigail. Kate decides she has to get to the office so that's where she will be. Kate gets her things and exits.

Abigail goes to the hospital and into the storage room finishing a call. She opens a box in storage until EJ enters the room.

Gabi walks out of the town square where Nick approaches her. Nick says after everything that's happened between them, he's glad he finally got her alone.

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