Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/24/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/24/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail tells EJ that what happened just happened. Abigail says Nick is her family so she needs to tell Hope everything she knows. EJ understands but reminds her that today is Arianna's special day so she shouldn't ruin it for her. EJ suggests she wait until after the christening to talk to Hope. Hope and Julie then enter. Hope greets them and asks what's going on.

Rafe talks to Lucas at the club about preparing for the christening. They talk about Arianna until Rafe gets a text causing Lucas to ask if something is wrong.

Will tells Sonny that it's supposed to be Arianna's day. Sonny assures him that it is and will be. Will says as long as Gabi, Kate, and Sami don't get arrested for murder then it will be amazing.

Sami walks through the town square and spots Kate calming Gabi down. Sami joins them and asks what's happening. Gabi worries that Julie knows everything about Nick. Kate says she doesn't but Gabi tells Sami about all her worries over the text messages. Sami asks where Julie is. Gabi says she went to find Hope. The three of them then walk off.

EJ tells Hope and Julie that he just came to say hello to Arianna and congratulate Abigail.Hope asks about Gabi. Abigail says she took off a while ago. Julie asks where Gabi is since her baby is about to be christened. Hope says they just wanted to ask a few questions before the ceremony. Abigail asks what's up. Hope says it's probably nothing. Julie thinks Gabi might can fill in the blanks on Nick because she gets jumpy when he's brought up. Hope asks Abigail if she knows anything about what happened to Nick.

At the Pub, Caroline tells Roman that she just finished cleaning things in the back for the first time since Nick left. Roman reminds Caroline about Arianna's christening.

Marlena and Eric talk at the hospital. She asks if he's sure he's up for the christening. Eric assures her that he's fine. Marlena asks if the whole ordeal was a bonding experience for Eric and Nicole. Eric flashes back to telling Nicole he loves her and then tells Marlena that he's not going to talk to her about Nicole or his feelings. Marlena says that is what worries her.

Gabi, Sami, and Kate go out of the town square as Gabi continues freaking out. Kate and Sami try to assure her that Julie knows nothing but Gabi worries about Hope investigating. Kate and Sami reassure Gabi. Sami says even if they decide Nick is dead, they wouldn't find anything since EJ's guys cleaned everything. Gabi is thankful for EJ. Sami suggests calling EJ but Gabi says she already spoke to him and he's now at the church trying to stop Abigail from talking to Hope.

Hope asks Abigail about the text messages from Nick. Abigail says she's been busy but will check her phone for anything strange and try to think back to their conversations. Julie steps out to call Doug. Abigail decides to bring Arianna back out to Will and Sonny. Abigail drops something so EJ catches up to her.

Jennifer tells JJ at home that he's not going anywhere and the judge has no reason to send him to prison.

Caroline tells Roman that she can't believe she forgot something so important. Roman calls it a little slip up but Caroline doesn't think it's little. They joke around and Caroline then says she wouldn't miss this for the world. Caroline goes to get ready.

Marlena tells Eric that he can't bottle up his feelings but he insists. She asks about Eric being back at St. Luke's for the first time for the christening. She asks if he's up to this. Eric says they'll see.

Hope talks to EJ about being surprised that he's at the church so early. EJ doesn't think Hope grilling Gabi in a church is appropriate. EJ brings up the last time Gabi was there. Hope questions when EJ became so protective of Gabi.

Sonny and Will ask Abigail about Julie. Abigail explains that she and Hope are worried about Nick. Abigail says they think something happened to Nick. Abigail mentions that Hope wants to ask Gabi questions. Sonny says Gabi told Nick off so probably doesn't know much. Abigail thinks Gabi might can know something to help Nick. Will asks if Abigail spoke with Hope. She says it wasn't the right time but she will after the christening. Abigail says today is all about Arianna. Abigail asks where Gabi is since they are about to get started. Will decides to text Gabi.

Kate and Sami talk about why Abigail is getting so involved. Gabi gets Will's text that Hope is at the church wanting to question her about Nick. Sami and Kate try to keep her calm as Gabi worries. They encourage Gabi to stick to EJ's story. The three of them then head for the church.

JJ tells Jennifer to let him handle Theresa if she messes with her or Abigail at the christening. Jennifer says Theresa is at work today so she won't be a problem. Jennifer goes to get her present for Arianna while JJ exits. JJ says to himself that Theresa won't be involved soon and he can't wait.

Rafe's text was from Jordan, informing him that she won't make it to the christening. Lucas suggests she could come to the reception but Rafe points out it will be at the DiMera Mansion and says no thanks. Rafe admits it would've been nice to have Jordan there but her patients come first. Rafe points out that he benefitted from that himself. Rafe says he'll hang out with her later and asks Lucas if he's bringing Sheryl. Lucas says no since he just met her and she works for the company so it's professional. Rafe says he didn't mean to insinuate but it was nice hanging out with them the other day. Rafe adds that it's nice for Jordan to have a friend and thanks Lucas for that. Lucas thinks about Kate's planning.

Sami, Kate, and Gabi arrive at the church. Gabi and Will take Arianna to get changed. Sami and Kate greet Sonny and Abigail. Sami is glad that Abigail will be Arianna's godmother and calls her a role model. Julie returns and informs them that Doug is stuck in Miami. Julie asks about seeing Gabi come in and if she's with Hope. Sami tells Julie that she's getting Arianna ready since today is all about her.

Gabi worries to Will about things getting crazy after the ceremony. Gabi says after awhile, things she's done will catch up to her. Will encourages her not to give up. Gabi says she won't let them down but she has to tell Will that the one mistake she will never regret is the night they made Arianna. Gabi calls it a miracle that Will is the best dad Arianna could have as well as her best friend. Will hugs Gabi.

EJ tells Hope that he's always been fond of Gabi. Hope continues to question him. EJ talks about Gabi being the mother of Sami's grandchild and he doesn't want Hope to interrogate her. Hope calls it just a few questions. EJ says Julie thinks Gabi is guilty because she's uncomfortable about Nick. Hope says they are worried. Kate enters and listens in. EJ says he doesn't care about Nick and doesn't think she should either. EJ says he saw the damage Nick did and he doesn't think it's fair that Nick gets to ruin this day for Arianna.

Jennifer joins Hope and Julie at the church. Jennifer tells them that Maggie and Brady are sick and don't want to expose anything to the baby. Julie suggests questioning Gabi but Hope says they will wait until after the ceremony. Jennifer wonders what they are talking about with Nick.

Kate and Sami stand together and joke about Julie. Kate tells Sami that it will be okay and Sami agrees. Sami doesn't think anyone will question Nick missing and they hope they can keep Gabi strong.

Rafe and Lucas arrive at the church and greet Sonny. Rafe heads inside. Lucas tells Sonny that he's glad he's Arianna's godfather. Lucas tells Sonny that maybe someday soon, he and Will can have their own ceremony. Sonny responds that it sounds good to him.

Rafe talks with Sami and Kate then takes his seat after Sami comments on Jordan. Kate jokes with Sami.

Caroline and Roman arrive at the church and greet Sonny. Eric arrives and greets Caroline. Caroline and Roman head inside and Eric follows. Caroline greets Rafe and sits with him. Eric walks in. Julie comments on Eric being brave to show up. Hope keeps her quiet. Sami hugs Eric and says he looks better already. Sami thanks him for coming and Eric says he wouldn't miss it. Sonny takes JJ out to move their cars. Lucas talks with Abigail and brings up the DiMeras. Lucas assumes Abigail is thinking about Chad so she goes along with it. Lucas encourages her that she will find somebody who deserves her. Lucas goes to get his seat. EJ rejoins Abigail. Abigail says they should start soon but neither are in a hurry. Abigail reminds EJ that she will speak to Hope after the ceremony.

Will shows Gabi a picture of Arianna. They agree they did good and they take Arianna out of the room.

Rafe steps out and talks with Sonny. Rafe assures Sonny that he should be Arianna's godfather and he has no problem with it. Will and Gabi bring Arianna over to them and they talk about her. Rafe mentions talking to his mom and Will adds that they sent a picture. Rafe heads into the church with Gabi and Arianna while Will and Sonny follow.

Father Matt performs the christening ceremony. Will gives the name of Arianna Grace Horton and Gabi says they are baptizing her. Sonny and Abigail agree to their part as godparents. Abigail talks about the honor of being the godmother and hoping to be a role model for her. Abigail praises the family. Sonny says he will always have a special bond with Arianna. He adds that he's been there from the beginning and intends to be as long as he lives. Sonny promises to love and care for Arianna as if she was his own daughter because in his heart, she already is. Father Matt baptizes Arianna. Gabi watches and sees the water which reminds her of the river. Will holds her hand to keep her calm. Gabi thanks everyone for coming and says they are so lucky. Gabi says Arianna will have an amazing life thanks to all of them. Will invites everyone to join them at the DiMera Mansion for the reception. Will thanks Sami and EJ and says they are really happy. Rafe tells Gabi that he will always be there for Arianna. They talk about their sister Arianna and how proud she would be.

Father Matt asks Eric how it feels to be there. Eric says it's interesting to watch instead of perform but it couldn't be in better hands. Eric says the church still feels like home. Eric asks Father Matt for a minute to meet with him later to sort out what happened to him.

Kate, Sami, and EJ talk about Abigail planning to speak with Hope. EJ assures them that she can't hurt them so she only knows what he's said. Sami worries about Gabi. Sami hopes they'll just let this go because of Julie but EJ thinks Hope is already on the trail. Kate doesn't think Abigail should be this big of a deal and says that EJ shut her up once so he should just do it again. EJ thinks back to being with Abigail and declares that's not a good idea. Sami and Kate give him looks so EJ supposes he could try. Sami and Kate walk back in as EJ follows.

Jennifer congratulates Lucas on being a grandpa. Jennifer says she has to get back to the work and JJ has homework to get done. They joke about not going to the DiMera Mansion. Jennifer says goodbye and exits with JJ.

Kate stands with Gabi and Sonny while EJ approaches Abigail and asks for a word with her before she speaks with Hope. Abigail follows him.

Will and Sami hold Arianna and talk about the reception. They talk about Julie likely attending it.

Julie comments to Hope that the party seems to be breaking up so she suggests getting Gabi. Hope says not right now and she wants to speak to Abigail first. Hope says it will be fine. Julie wonders where Abigail is.

EJ goes into a separate room with Abigail. Abigail tells him to make it fast. EJ says she only knows what she's been told. EJ tells Abigail that she's forcing Gabi to relive trauma. Abigail says Nick is missing and that's a fact. Abigail tells EJ that Nick is family so she cares about him. Abigail says Gabi could know something to help without even realizing it. Abigail tries to leave but EJ tells her not to go. Abigail asks why. EJ tells her that he wants her to stay there with him. Abigail asks if he's going to sleep with her again to keep her quiet. EJ says he's made it clear that's not why he slept with her but he's certainly beginning to wonder why she slept with him.

Sami and Lucas sit with Arianna. They look at Sonny and Will. Lucas tells Will that they are proud of him and Sami hugs him. Lucas gives Arianna to Gabi. Lucas says he has a meeting to get to and hugs Will as he then exits. Gabi worries that Julie is ready to pounce when she's alone. Kate tells Gabi that they won't leave her alone and they want to talk to Abigail first anyways. Gabi asks where Abigail is. Sami says EJ is making one last attempt to keep her quiet.

Abigail tells EJ that he knows exactly why she slept with him. EJ claims he doesn't. Abigail says it's what EJ does to women and he got to her like everyone else. EJ questions Abigail being just anybody. Abigail thinks EJ just wants something from her and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. EJ asks if she really thinks everything he's done and they've shared was because he broke up a fight between Gabi and Nick. Abigail admits he puts it like that but she has to ignore this. EJ gets close with her but Abigail says she has to go and rushes out. EJ smiles and follows out.

EJ comes back to the church and Kate comments that it doesn't look good. Gabi watches on. Abigail goes to Hope to talk. But then the doors of the church open and everyone is stunned as Nick enters the church! Hope smiles with Julie as EJ, Kate, Sami, Gabi, Will, Sonny, and Abigail all look on in shock. Nick walks in and asks if he's interrupting.

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