Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/23/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/23/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa claims to not be feeling well to try and get out of the AA meeting but Brady bursts in saying he's late so Theresa sits back down. One of the women asks if he's drunk but Brady denies it, claiming he takes these meetings seriously and more serious than Theresa.

Eric lays in his hospital bed dreaming about telling Nicole he loves her. He wakes up as Daniel enters and asks how he's feeling. Eric asks when he's getting out. Daniel tells him he will get out this morning. Eric wants to talk about Nicole but Daniel says there's something else to talk about. Eric insists on knowing that Nicole will be alright.

Nicole lays in her hospital bed and dreams about being tied up with Eric. She wakes up and says Eric's name.

Hope is surprised by what Father Matt's said and refuses to believe it. Hope says Ciara would never do that. Matt tells her that Ciara has had a problem with Chase ever since she started at St. Luke's. Aiden talks about how hard it has been for his son. Hope apologizes and says she had no idea this was going on. Aiden questions how she couldn't know and asks if Ciara doesn't talk to her about school or if Hope's just not interested. Aiden is suggesting Ciara is acting out at school because Hope doesn't have time for her. Aiden questions what kind of parent Hope is.

Julie says she wants to believe that but the evidence keeps piling up and she's sure something terrible has happened to him. Gabi thinks back to the night at the river. Julie asks Gabi about being upset and says she doesn't have to lie to her because the truth is written all over her face.

Abigail asks EJ what he did to Nick and says it's going to come out eventually so he might as well say it. Abigail asks EJ if he killed Nick. EJ can't believe she would say that after all they have been through. Abigail talks about EJ stopping the fight and stopping her from talking to Hope. She asks if he didn't kill Nick, then what else could it be.

Daniel tells Eric that Nicole is fine and being released today as well. Eric is relieved and asks Daniel what he wants to talk about. Daniel says it's about the guy who almost killed them. Eric brings up Hope and asks if it can wait because he wants to be at Arianna's christening and wants to see Nicole right now.

A nurse tells Nicole that Eric is being released this morning. Nicole says she's really anxious to see him and thinks back to telling him that she loves him. The nurse asks if she's okay. Nicole says she's fine, just has a lot on her mind.

Gabi says she doesn't know what Julie means. Julie encourages her to get it off of her chest that she still has feelings for Nick. Julie feels there was a lot of love there so they will always have that connection. Julie thinks it's a shame that they couldn't work it out. Julie says she's there for her. Julie says something has happened to Nick. Julie knows he made some mistakes but he's a decent guy. Julie thinks it's important they do all they can to help him and pray it's not too late. Gabi decides she can't listen to this anymore and rushes out of the church where she runs into Sonny and Will. They ask what's wrong but Gabi says she needs air and exits. Julie walks out and Will asks what happened.

EJ gives Abigail his word as a DiMera that he did not kill Nick. Abigail says she wants to believe it. EJ calls it the truth. Abigail questions why no one has heard from Nick since the night EJ stopped him from hurting Gabi. Abigail then asks EJ if Gabi killed Nick.

Father Matt tries to talk to Aiden but gets a call and says he'll be there soon. He tells them that he will call and set up another meeting as he exits. Hope stops Aiden and introduces herself to start over but Aiden is not interested. Hope gets that he's upset and says they are both parents so they know kids act out. Hope thinks they can resolve this on their own but Aiden doesn't. Aiden suspects that Hope is a big part of the problem.

Daniel tells Eric that they will talk later. Eric stops him and thanks him for saving their lives. Daniel says Eric is his friend and he knows how he feels about Nicole as he exits. Eric tries to get up.

Nicole gets dressed and Daniel comes in. Nicole asks for leads on the doctor. Daniel explains that Brady realized he saw him at the airport. Daniel says he could be anywhere by now. Nicole wishes Brady knew so he could have stopped him.

Theresa suggests asking Brady to leave the meeting but Brady claims he's there to get help. Brady promises he'll be good and won't disrupt the meeting. Brady whispers to Theresa that she was right that he was drinking last night but he's drunk now and asks her not to give it away.

Will questions Julie as to why Gabi ran out. Sonny asks if she upset her. Julie says she may have by sharing a theory about Nick and her timing may have been bad. Julie says she's more convinced than ever that something has happened to Nick. Julie tells them that she's sure it's not Nick sending the texts.

Abigail asks EJ if Gabi killed Nick and if EJ is covering for her. EJ gets a call from Gabi but ignores it. EJ asks Abigail if she really thinks Gabi is capable of murder. Abigail suggests it could have been self defense if Nick was about to attack her. EJ sticks to his story and says Nick just hasn't been in touch because he's been embarrassed by his behavior. Abigail questions who EJ heard from that Nick was doing well in New York. EJ claims it was Sami who heard it from Maggie. Abigail thinks Julie is right and that Nick isn't sending the texts. Abigail points out that EJ and Gabi were the last to see Nick alive. EJ questions her assuming Nick is dead. Abigail says EJ doesn't want anyone to ask questions about him and he's trying desperately to keep her from Hope. Abigail questions if he slept with her to shut her up.

Aiden argues that Ciara obviously feels she can say whatever and get away with it and he feels that Hope is the same way. Hope apologizes for Ciara's behavior and doesn't know what else he wants. Aiden wants her to do something about it. Hope says she's going to talk to Ciara to get her side of the story and then she will know how to handle this. Aiden thinks she will just make excuses for her rather than admit she's a neglectful parent. Hope calls him a jerk but Aiden doesn't care what she thinks of him and tells her to just keep Ciara away from his son. Aiden exits as Hope repeats that he's a jerk.

Daniel tells Nicole all about every one of his files on his hard drives being gone so he has no proof that Eric was drugged. Daniel says the traces were barely detectable and by now they would be gone. Daniel mentions that he went to tell Eric but it wasn't the right time. Nicole says her interview might help but the powers that be will want proof. Daniel worries that Eric is going to have to start thinking about a life outside of the priesthood.

One of the nuns from the church brings her rosary to Eric and insists on him having it. She calls him one of the best men she knows and adds that she always believed he was innocent. She tells him that everyone misses him and Nicole at St. Luke's and she hopes he can come back soon to where he belongs as she then exits.

Theresa talks at the meeting about putting sobriety first. Brady laughs and says no one believes her. The woman leading the group suggests Brady leave. He tries to argue but then decides he'll go. Brady asks Theresa if she wants to take him home so she tells the group that she'll handle it and they exit.

Sonny questions who would be sending texts as Nick from his phone. Julie says she has no idea. Julie gets a call from Hope and says she has to see her before the christening. Julie declares that she and Hope will get to the bottom of this as she exits. Will tells Sonny that she won't give up so it's only a matter of time before she realizes Nick is dead.

EJ tells Abigail that sleeping with her was not part of some plan and mentions respecting her. Abigail questions believing that. Harold comes in with a phone call for EJ from Mr. Shin in Hong Kong that he says is urgent. EJ tells Abigail to stay as he takes the call. Abigail instead runs out, leaving EJ frustrated.

Brady walks out of the town square and sits on the bench where he pulls out his flask. Theresa stays behind the gate and pulls out her phone.

Daniel offers Nicole a ride home but she says she'll walk because she needs to think. Daniel gets a call from Theresa. She tells Daniel that she's really concerned and needs his help. Daniel tries to tell her he's at work but she reveals it's about Brady and he's completely wasted. Daniel says he'll be right there. Daniel tells Nicole that he has to go and Eric should be there to see her any minute. Daniel says he will see her at home as he exits. Nicole then leaves the room as well. She walks across the hospital and sees Eric's room is open. Eric then comes out and sees Nicole. They meet in the middle. Nicole says she's glad he's alright. Eric tells her that they should talk.

EJ finishes his call as Gabi then arrives. Gabi tells EJ that Julie knows everything. EJ argues that she doesn't no matter what she says. EJ says Julie can't prove the text messages aren't Nick. Gabi worries about everything involving killing Nick. Gabi freaks out and hugs EJ as she calls it a nightmare.

Will tells Sonny that they should just make the day special for them and Arianna. Will thinks it will be a few more weeks before people become really suspicious. Abigail arrives, asking to speak with Julie immediately.

Theresa approaches Brady and tells him to just keep drinking then pretends to be stopping him as Daniel arrives. Daniel asks how much he's had to drink. Daniel tells Theresa that she did the right thing by calling him. They help Brady up and Daniel says they are taking him home.

Eric and Nicole go to the town square. Eric tells Nicole that he was really worried about her and wasn't going to be okay until he saw her. Nicole adds that she felt the same way. Eric knows that what they said to each other must be kind of confusing. She tells him that he doesn't have to explain as they both thought they were going to die so they can pretend it never happened. Eric says they can't because he meant what he said and he will not take it back. Eric tells Nicole that he loves her and she says she loves him. Nicole says it doesn't really matter because Eric loves the church.

Hope sits in the Pub looking at a photo of Ciara on her phone and wonders what's going on with her. Julie arrives and thanks her for meeting her. Hope thinks she's overreacting about Nick but Julie says she will change her mind when she hears what she found out.

Will notes that Abigail seems upset. Sonny tells Abigail that Julie left to go see Hope but they will both be at the christening later. Will asks Abigail to look after Arianna while they go take care of something. She tries to say she can't but they insist and hurry out of the church. Will tells Sonny that it was a hundred percent about Nick and if Abigail tells Hope then it will implicate EJ. Will decides to tell EJ.

EJ assures Gabi that she has nothing to worry about and tells her to focus on Arianna's christening. Gabi apologizes and says she knows EJ will handle Julie like he did Abigail. EJ gets a text from Will and says he has to get to the church. Gabi wonders if something happened. EJ says he'll explain on the way as they exit.

Daniel and Theresa bring Brady home. Theresa goes to find him some water. Daniel sits with Brady. Brady confesses to Daniel that he didn't miss his calls because his phone was off but he ignored them because he didn't want to talk. Brady talks about how he could've stopped Dr. Chyka if he answered the call and could've known what was going on. Daniel tells him that Eric and Nicole are both okay. Brady shouts that he's a bad guy and says he hates Eric so much.

Eric tells Nicole that he has a deep devotion to the church but he's not sure what's going to happen. Eric says the only thing he's clear of is that he doesn't want to start anything with her just because the church rejected him. Eric says he needs to know they are going to do this for the right reasons so for now he just needs time to find his own path regardless of what the church does to him. Eric adds that he knows it's a lot to ask for her to be patient with him. Nicole says she can with no pressure and just wants him to be happy more than anything. Eric hugs her.

Julie tells Hope her suspicions about the texts not sounding like Nick. Hope agrees they may have sounded a little off but she's not launching an investigation without evidence. Hope says she will ask a few questions and she's sure everything is fine. Julie tells her to start with Gabi because her reaction to her theory was very strange. Julie thinks Gabi knew more than she was saying.

EJ and Gabi arrive at the church. EJ asks where Abigail is. They tell him that she's inside the church. They tell Gabi that Julie is with Hope which Gabi worries is worse. EJ says Julie can't do anything with just a theory and their main concern is Abigail. EJ heads inside to talk to Abigail. EJ approaches and comments on Arianna being beautiful and innocent. EJ tells Abigail that he followed her to Smith Island to stop her from talking to Hope but it's not why he slept with her. EJ declares that he slept with her because he couldn't stop himself.

Daniel tells Theresa that he will stay with Brady until Maggie gets there. Daniel thanks her for helping out. Theresa tells him that she'd still like some time to talk about the night she overdosed to help with her recovery. Daniel agrees to call her. Daniel thanks her again and says he owes her one as she then exits. Theresa smiles and says score one for her as she walks away. Daniel heads back to sit with Brady, who has now passed out on the couch.

Eric tells Nicole that he better get going. Eric thanks her for understanding as he then walks away. Nicole wonders how to tell Eric that he has practically no chance of being a priest again. Nicole doesn't want him to think she's trying to sway his decision. She says she has to do what's right by him but wonders what's right.

Will and Sonny try to calm Gabi down as she continues to freak out. Gabi exits to get some fresh air. Will wonders if EJ can convince Abigail to stay quiet. Julie and Hope arrive together.

Abigail tells EJ that what happened just happened. Abigail says Nick is her family so she needs to tell Hope everything she knows. EJ understands but reminds her that today is Arianna's special day so she shouldn't ruin it for her. EJ suggests she wait until after the christening to talk to Hope. Hope and Julie then enter.

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