Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/22/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/22/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail goes to the church and sees the ten commandments. She looks at thou shall not commit adultery and thinks back to being with EJ. Abigail says to herself that EJ is not married so it's not adultery. Julie comes in and talks to her. Julie compliments her and tells her to enjoy the day since it might be the last fun they have for awhile. Julie tells Abigail that she's gotten some news about Nick and his disappearance is not what it seems.

JJ talks on the phone saying Abigail doesn't know about this, and he doesn't want her involved. JJ says this is his only chance to bring down Theresa. JJ hangs up as Jennifer comes in looking for the folder that Abigail said she left.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Henderson informs Brady that Eric and Nicole nearly died last night.

Theresa finds Daniel at the hospital. Daniel mentions forgetting about dinner. Hope tells Theresa about Eric almost dying and how they are after whoever did it.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano finishes a call making sure Dr. Chyka left town. EJ walks in and asks what that was about. EJ asks if Stefano was talking about the man who tried to kill Eric and Nicole.

Gabi sits at home with Sonny, going over her story to tell Hope about not hearing from Nick. Will enters and says Eric is improving. Gabi asks about postponing the christening but Will says he wouldn't want that and might even make it. They talk about Gabi's story.

Julie tells Abigail that that she made calls and they all agreed that something is off with Nick's texts. Abigail isn't sure. Julie points out that no one has actually spoken to Nick since he left so she doesn't think he is sending the texts.

Stefano claims not to know anything but EJ tells him he knows exactly what he's talking about. Stefano tells EJ to show some respect if he wants something from him. EJ wants Stefano to tell him where to find Dr. Chyka.

Brady goes to the hospital and asks Theresa where Eric and Nicole are. She tells him of their rooms. Hope talks to Brady and tells him that it looks like this could be related to Kristen as the man who drugged them could've been the same man who drugged Eric. Brady can't believe he didn't know about this as his phone was off. Hope tells him it's not like he could've done anything.

EJ asks where Dr. Chyka is. Stefano tells him it's not his concern. EJ says he's out of control and needs to be stopped. Stefano says it's been taken care of but EJ disagrees. EJ wants Stefano to understand that Dr. Chyka needs to disappear from the face of the earth so he wants to know where he is but Stefano says he doesn't need to know.

Abigail questions why someone would take Nick's phone and text his family. Julie just wants answers and doesn't want to speculate but she's sure that something serious has happened to Nick. Julie walks away as Abigail thinks back to EJ stopping her from talking to Hope.

Bev goes to see JJ and says she was surprised he called since he was totally MIA. JJ says he's sorry and wants to make up for it.

Theresa approaches Daniel and thanks him for saving Eric's life and hers. Daniel says it's his job. Theresa tells him that he goes above and beyond like the night she overdosed. She hopes they can still find time to talk about that night. Jennifer walks by and sees them together. Daniel promises to get in touch with Theresa. She thanks him for everything and puts her hand on his shoulder as Jennifer shakes her head.

Will and Sonny encourage Gabi about the christening. Gabi worries about being interrogated. Will tells her to forget about Nick as today is all about Arianna.

Abigail walks into the church and thinks back to talking to EJ about Gabi and Nick. Abigail decides she has to speak to EJ and exits.

Stefano tells EJ that he knows why he wants Dr. Chyka and it's a mistake. EJ questions Stefano protecting Chyka and choosing Chyka over him. Stefano asks if he wants to get rid of him or send him to the police. EJ says either way it sends a message and he'd get what he deserves. Stefano tells EJ it won't help him and could destroy him.

Theresa tells Daniel that her schedule gets filled up with AA meetings so they should schedule something soon. Daniel says he will call her as Hope comes back and shows Daniel the sketch artist drawing of Dr. Chyka. Brady appears and sees it, declaring he knows the guy and was talking to him at the airport.

Bev asks JJ what he wants. JJ says he wants to be friends but admits that's a lie. JJ holds her hand and says he wants more than that. JJ says the first time he saw her, he thought there was a connection. JJ asks what she thought of him then. She admits she thought he was way cute with a big ego. JJ says that's true and he'd ask her out again if she wants to think about it. JJ says it would be a date but they have to keep it casual. Bev asks if he wants to keep his options open. JJ says no but because there's a good chance he's still going to prison.

Gabi prepares to go to the christening. Will says they could all go together but Gabi insists she will be okay. Gabi thanks them for getting her through everything. Sonny says they are family as they hug Gabi. Gabi tells them not to forget anything as she exits. Will thanks Sonny. Sonny repeats that they are family and Arianna needs all of them.

EJ tells Stefano that Sami thinks he knows more about the Eric situation than he's letting on. Stefano says that he does. EJ argues that it's not that much. Stefano says EJ has the doctor's name and everything. EJ says he checked Chyka out and he disappeared so he thought Kristen had the sense to keep him under wraps. EJ says he thought he was in the clear but now Chyka came back and he could lose everything. EJ feels Chyka can't wander around. Stefano asks if he wants to take him to the police. EJ says it's an option and talks about how it would make Sami happy if he tracked the guy down. Stefano says EJ would be the hero but also would be double-crossing Kristen. EJ doesn't care since she put him in this situation. Stefano warns EJ that he would not cross Kristen if he was him. EJ says he is not scared of her. Stefano tells EJ that Dr. Chyka would tell the police that EJ knew all that Kristen did. EJ thinks he could use it to convince Sami. EJ says he has to make his move. Stefano tells him to stick to his original plan. Stefano says Sami loves EJ and wants to believe in him so she will come around. Stefano tells EJ to trust him.

Brady tells Daniel and Hope that he saw the guy and they were waiting on the same flight for Las Vegas. Brady insists on it being the guy and mentions Eric's rosary. Daniel and Hope assure Brady that they will find him as Brady worries. Hope has to get to a parent-teacher conference and exits. Brady calls it too little too late. Brady says he could've helped if he knew Eric and Nicole were missing and he could've put it together. Brady says he should've been there. Daniel says he tried to call but his phone was off. Daniel tells him not to worry as it all worked out and they found Eric and Nicole just in time.

Hope attends the parent-teacher conference with Father Matt and expresses concern about Ciara getting teased about Eric and missing Bo. Matt thinks they can handle her situation. Hope brings up her uniform being ripped the other day and asks what else is going on. Father Matt is surprised Ciara hasn't said anything. He tells Hope that there is a problem with one other classmate that it seems like they don't get along.

JJ tells Bev that his sentencing is coming up. Bev thought it was all cleared up. JJ says it depends on the judge who hated him. JJ says there's just one thing that the judge could see that would ruin everything. JJ states that he's putting his life in her hands. Bev assures JJ that he can trust her with anything and wants him to tell her everything.

Jennifer runs into Daniel at the hospital and says she heard he saved Eric and Nicole. Daniel says he just got lucky. Theresa returns and asks about Eric's condition. Daniel asks her to give him a minute but Jennifer decides she has to get to the Pub anyways and exits. Theresa asks Daniel about the nurse talking about Eric's condition. Daniel reassures her and asks if she's going to be late for the AA meeting with Maggie. Theresa claims to be looking forward to it as Daniel tells her to hurry so she doesn't miss it. Theresa then walks away.

Brady returns home and tells Henderson that he wasn't able to see Eric and Nicole but they will be fine no thanks to him. Brady goes to the drinks and pours another then drinks it.

EJ sits with his computer and briefcase until Abigail appears knocking on the back door. EJ questions what she's doing there and calls it ill advised. Abigail says she needed to see him about what happened to Nick.

Theresa goes to the AA meeting and she's told that Maggie was not able to make it. Theresa wonders the point of being there if she can't score points with Maggie.

JJ explains to Bev how Theresa took the video. Bev questions what he ever saw in her. JJ says he's so over it but now she has the video to put him behind bars. JJ says it's not right to start something with Bev when he could be gone in a few weeks. Bev says they have to stop it together. JJ calls her sweet. Bev says there has to be something she can do to help. JJ states that there actually might be something.

Daniel walks past the Pub and looks through the window where he sees Jennifer. Daniel decides to head inside and greets Jennifer. Daniel apologizes for Theresa interrupting them before. Jennifer says it's okay as there was nothing else to say. Daniel tells Jennifer that he doesn't want her to get the wrong idea and starts to explain about Theresa but Liam arrives with flowers and apologizes for being late.

Hope asks Father Matt who the child is that's picking on Ciara. Matt gets call and says he'll be right there. He tells Hope that something came up and he'll be back in a few minutes. After he exits, Hope wonders why Ciara never told her. A man enters who is the parent of the other classmate. He informs Hope that Ciara is out of control.

Gabi goes to the church and thinks back to her and Nick's wedding. Julie enters and asks if she's thinking about Nick.

Abigail tells EJ that Julie spoke to the family and is making a case. EJ suggests not listening to Julie because she's a drama queen. Abigail says that it makes sense as it's not just one or two things but it all adds up. Abigail says what EJ said about Nick and Gabi fighting. EJ suggests that Nick could sound a little odd if he's still upset. Abigail says EJ must have really scared Nick when he stopped he and Gabi's fight and how it's good that EJ was there. Abigail questions how EJ convinced Nick to leave town. EJ says it wasn't difficult since Nick just had a fight with Gabi after having a prison sentence. Abigail accuses EJ of lying.

Anne answers a call from Bev, who says she wants to volunteer as a candy striper and asks for an interview. Anne says she only handles interviews for important positions. Bev mentions her father being apart of a fundraiser. Anne then changes her mind and says she will handle her interview. Anne arranges the time and Bev says she'll be there. Bev thanks her and hangs up. Bev tells JJ that Anne is such a suck-up but she went for it. Bev tells JJ that they are in.

Jennifer thanks Liam for the flowers. Daniel says it was just hospital business and he has to go. Daniel quickly exits the Pub. He stops to look back through the window then walks on.

Theresa claims to not be feeling well to try and get out of the AA meeting but Brady bursts in saying he's late so Theresa sits back down.

The man introduces himself to Hope as Aiden, the father of a boy named Chase, who he says Ciara has been harassing. Hope argues that Ciara wouldn't do that. Aiden says he doesn't have time for this because his son hates going to school because of Ciara. Aiden wants to deal with it. Hope calls him offensive and way out of line. Father Matt returns and announces that Aiden is right, Ciara has been harassing Chase.

Julie and Gabi talk about Gabi's wedding day being a mess. Julie apologizes for coming down hard on her yesterday. Julie says she's just so worried about Nick. Gabi insists he's fine. Julie says she wants to believe that but the evidence keeps piling up and she's sure something terrible has happened to him. Gabi thinks back to the night at the river.

EJ questions Abigail listening to Julie. Abigail says she knew there was something wrong ever since he showed up on Smith Island but she wanted to believe him. Abigail accuses EJ of playing her to shut her up. She again accuses him of lying. She says he's lying to Sami too. EJ says he's only choosing not to tell Sami about a foolish mistake. Abigail says she's going to talk to Hope and tries to leave but EJ stops her. EJ tells Abigail that it would be bad for her to talk to Hope. Abigail says she understands but EJ doesn't believe her. Abigail asks him to let her go. EJ asks if she's suddenly frightened and what she thinks he would do to her. Abigail asks EJ what he did to Nick and says it's going to come out eventually so he might as well say it. Abigail asks EJ if he killed Nick.

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