Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/21/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/21/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami talks about EJ always being there for her and she's ashamed that she took it for granted. EJ asks if this means their separation is over. EJ doesn't understand where it's coming from. Sami says she owes Gabi for helping her see the light. Sami explains that Gabi was there earlier and put things in perspective. Sami mentions that Gabi said she was grateful for how EJ handled Abigail.

Will tells Abigail that whoever the guy is must have really gotten to her. Will asks for his name but Abigail says she can't tell him. Will then says that he knows who it is. Abigail says he couldn't possibly know but Will says when he thinks about it, it's pretty obvious.

Lucas sits with Sheryl at the Pub and talks about her being hired. She can't believe how fast it's went. She reveals to Lucas that Jordan was her roommate in Birmingham.

Rafe and Jordan walk through the town square. Jordan asks about the police calling Rafe earlier. Rafe tells her that he's been consulting on an old case and his lead led to an arrest. Jordan congratulates him. Rafe suggests they celebrate at the Pub.

Daniel calls Roman and says he thinks Eric and Nicole are in the basement. Roman calls it into the station as Daniel heads that way.

Eric and Nicole lie both passed out against the pole in the boiler room.

Hope meets with Julie at the club. Julie tells Hope that Nick has disappeared and she needs her to find him.

Sami tells EJ that who knows what would've happened if EJ didn't stop Abigail from going to Hope. EJ says he just did what he had to do. Sami comments that it made an impression on Gabi and Gabi told her how lucky she is. Sami says Gabi isn't wrong about him. Sami takes EJ's hand and mentions that Gabi said she saw real love with them. Sami tells EJ it's still there.

Abigail tells Will there's no way he could know so she's going home. Will asks what it is with her and older guys.

Daniel goes to the basement and loses his call with Roman. Daniel tries to open the boiler room and wonders where they key is. Daniel notices the gas leak and pounds on the door, calling for Eric and Nicole but they remain unconscious inside. Eric wakes up weak and tells Nicole that Daniel found them. Daniel continues calling out to them. Eric tries to yell back to Daniel. Daniel hears him and tells him to hang in there. Daniel grabs a nearby axe and begins busting down the door.

Lucas asks Sheryl about her and Jordan being roommates and why Jordan moved out. Sheryl doesn't want to talk about unhappy times. Rafe and Jordan then arrive. Rafe greets Lucas and Sheryl. Rafe brings up he and Lucas having a bet on the football game. Lucas owns up to paying Rafe while Jordan and Sheryl exchange glances.

Will asks Abigail if she doesn't want to talk about it because it's another older guy. Abigail reminds him that nothing happened with Austin. Will talks about how she was then and he doesn't want her to go there again. Abigail says this is different. Will asks if it's because she's already been to bed with him. Will says he's seen them together and thought it was just friendly at first but he was obviously wrong. Abigail starts to worry that he does know and tells Will that he can't tell anybody. Will warns her about the guy being in a serious relationship. Abigail says it just happened. Will asks why she didn't stop it.

EJ tells Sami that this is not what he expected when she wanted to talk. Sami jokes that they could fight instead. EJ is happy that Gabi plead his case and he didn't want to think they didn't have a chance. Sami tells EJ that he has her attention now and she's there as they kiss.

Julie shows Hope her last text from Nick that stopped in mid sentence. Julie talks about only receiving texts from Nick and how he always kept in touch with her. Hope gets a call from Roman and she says she's on her way. Hope promises Julie that she'll get to the bottom of it and tells her not to worry as she hurries out.

Daniel breaks down the door and finds Eric and Nicole inside. Daniel checks on Nicole and finds that she's still alive. Daniel unties Nicole and carries her out as cops arrive and they call in the gas leak with two victims. The cops drag Eric out of the room and they go to turn off the gas. Eric asks how Nicole is. Daniel says they both need oxygen. Nicole starts to wake up as Daniel encourages her to stay with him and promises she'll get through it.

Jordan sits with Sheryl and they agree that it's awkward. Sheryl mentions that they were just talking about her. Jordan asks what she added to the conversation. Sheryl tells her not to worry because she knows how important her privacy is. Rafe and Lucas talk at the counter about the tension between the girls. Lucas says they used to be good friends and maybe they can be again.

Abigail says she can't believe Will found out. Will reveals that he thinks Abigail is talking about his creative writing teacher but Abigail assures him it's not. Will asks who it is then. Abigail claims it's someone he doesn't know at all. Will asks why she was acting like he had figured it out. Abigail reassures him and wants to drop it. She promises Will that she will be fine. She thanks him for his concern and hugs him.

EJ and Sami continue kissing. EJ picks her up and goes to carry her upstairs but his phone rings and she tries to get it from him. EJ checks his phone and sees it's Marlena. Sami realizes she turned her phone off and answers the call. Marlena informs Sami that Eric's been hurt and going to the hospital. Sami asks how bad it is. Marlena reveals that he could have died.

Eric and Nicole are brought into the hospital with Daniel. Daniel tells the doctors and nurses what happened and has them taken to rooms. Hope arrives and Daniel fills her in. Daniel says somebody wanted them dead but he hopes he got there in time. Hope worries that the whole building could've blown up. Hope asks about the guy who did it. Daniel says for now Nicole and Eric are priorities.

In Eric's hospital room, he tries to say Nicole as doctors check on him.

Rafe talks to Lucas about making his new employee comfortable. Jordan tells Sheryl that she wants to clear the air and knows she was unreasonable about her taking the job. Sheryl says she was paranoid. Jordan admits it was wrong of her to think she got her job for any other reason. They both say they like it in Salem. Jordan says she wants to stay and Sheryl says she can see why as she looks at Rafe. Jordan says her and Rafe are not serious. Sheryl says that's too bad because a guy like that could be a real game changer for her.

Daniel sends a nurse for an X-ray as he checks on Nicole with Hope. Nicole asks about Eric. Daniel says he's being stabilized with another doctor. Nicole wants to see him but Daniel tells her to forget about that for now. Hope offers to check on Eric for her. Nicole tells Hope that the guy who did this was the same guy who drugged Eric for Kristen. Hope tells her to get some rest and exits. Nicole asks Daniel how he found them. He tells her about the air conditioning getting shut off. Nicole says that was Eric who saved them.

Hope goes to Eric's room. Hope tells Eric that Daniel is taking care of Nicole. Hope brings up the man who did this being the guy who drugged him. Eric says everything that happened is because of Kristen.

Sami goes to the hospital with EJ and finds Marlena and Roman to ask what happened. Marlena informs her that they almost died of gas poisoning. Sami wonders who would try to kill Eric. Roman says they are working on that now and asks EJ if he has any ideas.

Jordan tells Sheryl that she'd rather not talk to her about Rafe. Sheryl talks about how everything changed between them overnight. Jordan assures her it was nothing she did. Sheryl asks if something happened with her past. Rafe and Lucas return with food. Lucas asks if they found something to talk about.

Abigail walks through the town square with Will, talking about Sonny being Arianna's godfather. They run into Julie, who wants to talk to Will about Nick. Julie says nobody knows a thing. Will says he hasn't heard from Nick but wouldn't expect to. Julie says she's talking to the police because something is wrong here and she's not giving up until she finds out what it is.

EJ says he's not a detective. Roman says they want to talk to anyone who knows Eric or Nicole. Marlena says Daniel was close to figuring out Eric was drugged. Roman explains about Dr. Chyka's visit and Daniel's hard drive being wiped. Sami tells Roman to find who did this and make them pay.

Eric tells Hope about what Dr. Chyka tried to do to them. Eric wants to know how Nicole is doing. Hope says she'll make sure he gets updates. Hope encourages him to rest as she exits.

Daniel asks Nicole if she can remember what happened. Nicole recalls coming out of the shower and seeing the man at the computer. Daniel talks about being scared not knowing where to find her or if she was alive. Daniel says he'll check on Eric and encourages Nicole to rest. Daniel exits the room. Nicole thinks back to the truth coming out between her and Eric. Eric lays in his hospital bed thinking about the same thing as Nicole.

Rafe and Lucas sit with Jordan and Sheryl as the girls tell an old story of a road trip.

Will suggests maybe Nick just loves New York. Julie questions him ignoring his family. Julie says Nick always kept in touch no matter what. Julie wants to know where he is. Will says she sounds like there's a conspiracy. Julie admits she's beginning to think that's what this is.

Roman gets a message from Daniel and announces that Eric and Nicole are going to make it. Marlena and Sami are relieved and want to see Eric. Roman goes to check if they can go in. Marlena heads to her office to get some coffee. Sami turns to EJ and brings up Daniel was close to proving how Eric was drugged and how he and Nicole were almost killed because someone wanted to cover it up. Sami says that person is obviously Kristen. EJ tells her not to jump to conclusions. Sami tells him not to play dumb. EJ questions her thinking he knows who did this. Sami says she knows he has the tools to find out who did.

Eric continues dreaming about what happened to he and Nicole.

Hope and Roman check on Nicole and Hope gets information on Chyka from her. Hope says they will check in again tomorrow and see if she remembers anymore. Nicole tells Roman that Eric saved them both so he should be proud. Roman says he is and tells her to take care. Roman and Hope exit. Nicole continues thinking about Eric telling her he loves her while Eric thinks about the same.

Sheryl says they need to do this again sometime and Jordan agrees that it would be great. Lucas and Rafe joke about football as Lucas and Sheryl then exit. Rafe comments that they seemed to have worked things out. Jordan admits Sheryl was always a good person and she hopes everything works out for her. Outside the Pub, Lucas gets a call from Kate and steps back to take it. Lucas tells Kate that he's just hanging out and claims that he hasn't seen Sheryl since leaving the office.

Daniel talks to Hope about Eric being drugged and how his computers were wiped to stop the trail. Hope talks about Eric and Nicole. Daniel says they will both be affected by this for a long time.

Eric continues thinking about Nicole telling him she loves him. Eric tries to get up from his hospital bed but can't.

Nicole thinks back to Eric. She smiles and repeats that he loves her while crying.

Will asks Julie if she thinks people are lying to her. Julie says she just doesn't understand why she can't get any answers. Julie says she'll ask Hope to talk to Gabi. Julie says she will see them at the christening and walks off. Abigail thinks back to EJ making sure she didn't talk to Hope. Will suggests they go get some lattes.

EJ tells Sami to focus on Eric. Sami wants EJ to find Kristen and get her to admit she put a hit out on Eric. EJ says they don't know that but Sami insists that everything leads back to her. Sami asks if EJ is scared to see it. EJ tells her not to tell him how he feels. EJ asks if they are back where they started. Sami blames his family and exits. Sami runs into Marlena, who asks what's wrong. Sami says she's sick of not being able to see Eric. Marlena walks Sami to Eric's room and they look in through the window. EJ walks out from the waiting room and watches on.

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