Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/20/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/20/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric says he has to be honest to Nicole and himself. Eric tells Nicole that he loves her as she cries. Eric doesn't think he ever stopped. Nicole tells Eric there is more to the story and she will try to tell him if there's time.

Roman goes to Daniel's and asks him to start from the beginning with the whole story. Marlena arrives, asking if something is wrong. Daniel tells them that he's been looking all over for Nicole and Eric but can't seem to find them anywhere.

Will goes to the club where T is expecting to see his engagement ring. Will acts not knowing what T is talking about so T questions if Will turned down Sonny's proposal.

Gabi goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Sami about her worries that Julie won't stop asking questions about Nick. Sami assures Gabi that Nick's body will never resurface. Gabi worries that Julie will go to Hope and they will be finished. Sami calms her down. Gabi brings up EJ and says she has a lot of faith in him. Gabi states that there's nothing that EJ can't handle.

Abigail and EJ kiss in the cabin on Smith Island while whoever is watching them records them on a camera through the window.

Sami asks Gabi about how Rafe feels about her trusting EJ. Gabi says Rafe would be grateful if he knew how protective EJ had been of her. Gabi mentions that EJ went out of his way to put out the fire with Abigail.

Abigail and EJ continue kissing on the bed.

Brady goes home and goes to pour a drink. He stops and calls out to check if Maggie is home. After getting no response, he pours a drink. He thinks back to running into Theresa outside the town square and how she knew he was drinking. Brady puts the drink down and says he can't take it anymore. Brady says he has to get out of here and knows just where to go.

Marlena asks Roman to put an APB out. Roman asks about Nicole's car. Daniel brings up Eric's smartphone to track him down.

Dr. Chyka walks through the park and throws Eric and Nicole's phones in the trash.

Nicole tells Eric that she's getting lightheaded but she has to get this out. Nicole tells Eric that she had moments with Daniel but she can't be alone. Eric asks what she means. Nicole says Eric is strong enough to live with his vocation. Eric says he gets her feelings for Daniel but Nicole says what she has to tell him is not that simple.

T questions Will about turning down Sonny. Will says he loves Sonny but it's not that simple. T continues asking why. Will thanks T for being in their corner. Sonny watches from a distance as T asks Will when he's going to say yes.

Daniel uses his GPS to track Eric's phone. Daniel finds that it's in town so he exits with Marlena and Roman.

Eric tells Nicole that he doesn't want to hear about her and Daniel's privacy. Nicole says they might have made it in the past but it blew up because of circumstances. Nicole admits to Eric that she and Daniel lied. Eric thought she loved Daniel. Nicole says she does but she's not in love with him anymore. Nicole tells Eric that he is the one she's in love with.

Gabi apologizes to Sami if she said something wrong or if something is going on between her and EJ. Sami says every couple goes through rough patches. Gabi tells Sami how much EJ loves her. Sami says that was never a question. Gabi asks if it's about Rafe and assures her that he's moved on like Sami has. Gabi tells Sami that there's nothing EJ wouldn't do for her.

Abigail stops and says she can't believe herself. Abigail says she doesn't understand why she's doing this and calls it a disaster. EJ agrees and says it's good they didn't make the same mistake. Abigail says she has to go and apologizes but EJ stops her and asks her to wait a second. EJ doesn't want her to leave without understanding that he never meant to hurt her. EJ apologizes for being abrupt when he asked her not to call him again. Abigail says it's okay because he was right. EJ adds that he wasn't trying to send her off to Europe or buy her off. EJ says he cares about her. EJ talks about seeing how she cared for Chad as much as he does. EJ says they had a great connection and just took it too far. Abigail agrees. EJ assures her that she's a good person. EJ states that he's grateful for the time they shared together and he hopes they can stay friends. Abigail thanks him and appreciates his words. She says she has to go. EJ offers her a ride back but she decides it's best to take the ferry. Abigail exits the cabin.

Gabi tells Sami that she has to go and just wanted to tell her about Julie. Sami agrees to mention it to EJ. Gabi exits the mansion.

Will tells T to keep quiet about Sonny's proposal. Will assures him that he will say yes the minute he knows it won't hurt Sonny. Will talks about things being complicated. Will talks about his happiness and tells T that he will have that one day. Sonny listens in with a smile as Will calls him the greatest guy. Sonny approaches so T goes back to work. Sonny sits with Will. Will asks how much he heard. Sonny says enough to make him want to marry him even more.

Daniel, Roman, and Marlena search the park for Eric. Roman calls out for Eric. Daniel calls Eric's phone and Roman finds it in the trash. Marlena worries about what happened to Eric. Daniel recalls Dr. Chyka's visit and how Eric was there. Daniel bets he's behind this.

Dr. Chyka goes to the airport and comments that it looks like he's not too late. Brady is there as well and tells him the flight's been delayed. Chyka sits next to him as Brady comments on looking forward to leaving town.

Nicole tells Eric about being at the lowest point of her life and then seeing him but in his collar. Nicole talks about trying to convince herself that her feelings weren't real. Nicole says Eric being a priest was so right and it made her love him even more. Nicole says she fought it but just had to face it because of Kristen. Nicole says she wanted to kill Kristen but she was right and that's why she turned to Vargas and Brady. Nicole tells Eric that she can't run away from what she's feeling, especially now.

Roman makes a call warning that the guy who has Eric could be armed and what they've found so far. Daniel suggests to Marlena that they retrace Eric and Nicole's last steps. Marlena recalls Nicole and Brady having an argument. Daniel decides that's a perfect place to start and calls Brady.

Brady ignores Daniel's call and says it can wait. Dr. Chyka gets up and drops Eric's rosary. Brady picks it up and recognizes it, saying Eric has one just like it.

Eric asks Nicole why she lied. Nicole says Eric wouldn't have trusted her or let her help prove what Kristen did to him. Nicole says she forced Daniel to lie even though he didn't want to. Eric calls himself a clueless jerk for ever accusing Nicole of what Kristen did. Nicole says he figured it out and apologized which made her love him even more. Nicole says she just wanted to do anything she could to help him because she loves him. Nicole declares that they love each other.

Gabi joins Will and Sonny at the club and tells them about Julie questioning her about Nick. Gabi says Sami says there's nothing to worry about but she's just glad that EJ took charge. Abigail arrives and joins them. She comments that it seems like they were talking about something serious. Gabi says she was just telling Will that she's changed her mind on EJ and is glad that Sami has him in her life.

EJ comes home and finds Sami in the living room. Sami tells him that they need to talk.

Abigail says she doesn't have an opinion on Sami and EJ but just wants Will to be happy. Abigail says she just wanted to say hi and has to go home now. Abigail says she will see them at Arianna's christening and then exits. Gabi is relieved she didn't hear what they were talking about. Will says he forgot to tell Abigail something and follows out after her. Will catches up to her outside the town square. Will notes that she seemed kind of off. Abigail says she is just exhausted. Will points out that she was going in the wrong direction. She blames it on being tired. Will tells her to drop the act and asks what's going on.

EJ tells Sami that he's exhausted and suggests talking tomorrow. Sami asks if he'll be able to sleep after how they left things. EJ says it always ends up the same. Sami says she's been doing a lot of thinking and concluded that she is mostly to blame for this.

Roman tells Marlena to stay with him and sends Daniel back to his place to let the police in where they will dust for prints. Daniel hugs Marlena and tells her to hang in there as he hurries off. Roman assures Marlena that everything will be okay as they hug.

Brady tells Chyka about Eric getting his rosary in Africa. Brady's phone rings again so he turns it off. Chyka talks about dedicated priests. Another man nearby interrupts and talks about Eric and Kristen. Brady warns him to stop talking about it and informs him that the priest is his brother.

Nicole says she's glad she told Eric and they both know everything. Nicole says it doesn't change anything since he's a priest. Eric encourages her to stay with him. Nicole hopes he's right about there being an afterlife because she can't deal with this being the last time she ever sees him.

Will tells Abigail that he knows when something is bugging her. Abigail admits she can't hide anything from him. She says she doesn't want to talk about it. Will jokes about being her gay friend to talk to. Abigail sits on the bench and Will says he can tell she wants to talk about it.

EJ tells Sami that she doesn't have to take the blame and asks where it's coming from. Sami says going away helped her think clearly. Sami adds that she got scared that she let her ego stop her from being able to fix this. Sami admits she hates how things are between them. EJ feels the same. Sami adds that she hates what Kristen did to Eric and that EJ didn't tell her when Kristen did. Sami then says she understands Kristen is his sister and she did this to Eric, not EJ. Sami says Eric is trying to move on with his life so maybe she should too.

Eric mentions seeing the breaker for the building's power and wants to find a way to turn it off so someone will come down and check it. Nicole says they are tied up and too far away. Eric mentions being the kicker on his high school football team and kicks his shoe off towards the breaker but misses it. Nicole declares they are done. Eric says he'll need a miracle and prays as he kicks his other shoe off and hits the breaker only to find out it wasn't the main breaker but it had to turn something off. Eric encourages Nicole not to lose hope as she begins to pass out. Eric worries for Nicole.

Brady gets upset at the man at the airport and decides the trip is no longer worth it as he storms out. The man sits with Chyka and says they are better off without him which he agrees with.

Daniel goes home, leaving a message for Brady. Two neighbors complain about the air condition being off. Daniel says he'll make a call as he heads into his apartment.

Will tells Abigail that whoever the guy is must have really gotten to her. Will asks for his name but Abigail says she can't tell him. Will then says that he knows who it is.

EJ tells Sami that he doesn't want to argue about Eric or anyone but them. EJ says if they are going to talk it will be about them. Sami agrees and offers to go first. Sami says she knows she can't hold him responsible for the actions of his family. Sami says she knows she let his family come between them despite promising not to. Sami talks about EJ always being there for her and she's ashamed that she took it for granted. EJ asks if this means their separation is over.

Dr. Chyka tosses Eric's rosary into the trash as he then boards the plane.

Daniel checks his air condition and has nothing. He opens the door and calls out to the neighbor, who mentioned that it was on earlier. Daniel wonders about the key to the boiler room missing. Daniel hopes they are still alive as he pulls out his phone and makes a call.

Eric and Nicole lie both passed out against the pole in the boiler room.

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