Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/17/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/17/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail walks through the town square with her phone and says that the next ferry is in fifteen minutes. She looks over the text message that EJ sent that he needs to speak to her regarding Chad. Someone watches her from behind the bushes nearby.

EJ stands at home and thinks back to being with Abigail when the phone rings with a call from Abigail. Abigail says she knows she shouldn't call but he texted her. EJ says they have to meet. Abigail says it can't be in a public place since Jennifer lectured her. Abigail suggests Smith Island but EJ doesn't think that's a good idea. Abigail says fine and hangs up. EJ worries about needing to keep her out of trouble.

Julie sits in the Pub on the phone, talking about not hearing from Nick and only getting a strange text message then finding out his service was cut off. Julie promises to get to the bottom of it.

Gabi sits in the club. T offers to get her another latte but Gabi decides to go home, thinking whatever Sonny had planned for Will is done with by now. T tells her not to count on that so Gabi thinks he knows something.

Will and Sonny kiss in bed. Will assures him that he didn't say no because he doesn't want to get married. Will gets a call from Julie, asking for Gabi. He informs her that she's at the club and hangs up. They wonder what Julie wants with Gabi.

Theresa asks JJ who Nicole is. JJ asks why she wants to know. Theresa wants to know why Nicole is staying at Daniel's place.

Brady drinks from his flask in his room.

Dr. Chyka returns and announces that the time has come for them to say goodbye to each other forever. Eric and Nicole argue with him. Eric warns him that he'll be damning himself by killing them.

EJ sends a text to Abigail saying "Smith Island". Abigail seems pleased and walks out of the town square while still being watched. EJ makes a call for the boat to be prepared.

Brady starts to leave but Maggie stops him. Brady says he has work things to do but Maggie tells him they are going to talk right now.

Gabi asks T about Sonny's surprise but Julie interrupts and says she needs to talk to Gabi about Nick.

JJ tells Theresa that he doesn't know why Nicole is living at Daniel's and it's not their business. JJ mentions that Nicole used to work for Eric so she should call him.

Dr. Chyka tells Eric that he doesn't share his religious beliefs. Nicole argues that they won't tell anyone if he lets them go. Eric says he knows he's doing what Kristen paid him to do. Eric asks for him to let them go. Dr. Chyka doesn't believe in them and says he has no choice but to kill them both.

Will informs Sonny that Gabi asked Abigail to be Arianna's godmother. They think it's a good idea. Will says they want Sonny to be her godfather. Sonny talks about being there for Arianna's birth. Sonny agrees to be Arianna's godfather.

Julie notes that Gabi seems uptight. Gabi says things didn't end well for her and Nick. Julie wonders why Nick thought they were going to get back together. Gabi suggests asking him but Julie says his phone is dead and no one has heard a word from him. Gabi states that Abigail has heard from him.

Abigail goes to Smith Island and finds EJ already inside the cabin.

Maggie is worried about Brady holding things in. Brady says he talked at the AA meeting. Maggie wants him to talk about Kristen and Eric. Brady disagrees and says he won't forgive and forget. Brady shouts there's no way in hell that it's going to happen.

JJ asks Theresa about the questions about Nicole. Theresa asks if Daniel is doing her or not. JJ says they don't share with him. Theresa doesn't think so since she would have heard from the hospital. JJ comments on Theresa being worked up over Nicole and jokes about her trying something against her.

Eric warns Chyka that if he uses drugs to kill them then there will be a trace for the police. Dr. Chyka says the police are no match for him. Nicole argues that Daniel would find him. Chyka says Daniel would meet the same fate as them. Eric questions him killing three people to cover his tracks. He says he'd prefer to keep it down to two.

Abigail questions EJ texting her about Chad to get her alone. EJ says he did it as a precaution in case anyone saw the text. Abigail thinks he's covering himself for Sami and asks what he wants. EJ says he knows she's upset. Abigail questions covering up an affair with him. EJ says it wasn't an affair. Abigail agrees and calls it just sex. EJ says he cares about her and feels responsible because what happened should not have happened. Abigail says it did happen and she can't pretend it didn't. EJ tells her that he thinks she should move back to Europe.

Gabi tells Julie that Abigail said Nick was doing fine the other day. Julie asks why it's making Gabi so nervous and asks if Nick did something to frighten her. Gabi says no and it was just hard saying goodbye after all they had been through. Julie asks if she thinks it's best that she's gone. Gabi quickly says that she didn't say that.

Theresa asks JJ if he wants her to be afraid of Nicole. JJ thinks she should be and calls her certifiable. JJ tells Theresa about Nicole blaming Jennifer for murder. Theresa questions Daniel and Nicole dating in the past. JJ talks about Nicole lying to the cops about Jennifer. JJ then says he thinks Daniel would be better off with Nicole than Theresa. JJ says Nicole is crazy but Theresa is a monster.

Eric gives Chyka his word that he won't come after him if he lets them go. Nicole and Eric try to negotiate with him. Dr. Chyka then decides he can't use the drugs so there will be no evidence linking him to their demise. He says it's bad enough that Daniel knows what he looks like but he doesn't know who he is. Chyka says it's on to plan b as he begins putting on gloves.

EJ mentions knowing Abigail was happy there. Abigail questions EJ trying to bribe her. EJ says he's just looking out for her well being. Abigail thinks he just wants her out of the way of his wedding plans. Abigail suggests EJ be the one to leave. Abigail asks if he doesn't even want to look at her as someone looks in through the window.

Will and Sonny kiss in bed. Will talks about having so much over him still like Sami and Nick. Will says he wants to get rid of his baggage before he marries Sonny so he can be the perfect partner. Sonny says he already is but agrees to wait a little longer as long as they are together and they continue kissing.

Gabi apologizes to Julie and says she has to go bring Arianna back to Will. Julie asks her to tell Nick that his family is worried if she talks to him. Gabi agrees. Julie apologizes if she upset her as she exits. T approaches and asks Gabi if she's alright and what it was about. Gabi says Nick is not coming back and hurries out.

Maggie encourages Brady to talk. Brady suggests he doesn't want to make peace with Eric and that his life would be better if Eric never came back to town. Maggie asks if he thinks Eric is to blame for what happened. Brady says he just doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Brady decides to leave but Maggie stops him again and says there's one more thing they haven't talked about which is Brady going back to rehab.

Theresa warns JJ to watch himself as she's starting to hate him like Abigail and Jennifer. Theresa says bad things happen to people she hates. JJ says he told her all he knows. Theresa tells JJ that he's going to figure out more. JJ angrily exits.

Nicole argues that Dr. Chyka will never get rid of his DNA. He notes it's a very good point and thanks her. Dr. Chyka turns his attention to the gas line and opens the valve. Nicole worries as Chyka says they'll die before the explosion. Eric argues that he can't do that with other people in the building. Chyka says to blame Nicole for going on about DNA. Dr. Chyka then exits the room leaving them to die. Nicole cries that they are going to die as she looks at the gas line.

Maggie tells Brady that she's worried about him. She says he's letting Kristen win as he storms out of the mansion.

EJ tells Abigail that he's not looking at her because it's hard for him to see the pain he's put her through and his feelings got them there in the first place. She accuses him of turning on his charm to get whatever he wants. EJ argues that he's trying to do the right thing but she still feels it's a bribe. Abigail says EJ first slept with her to stop her from talking to Hope and now is trying to send her away. Abigail brings up that EJ is engaged. EJ calls her a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her. Abigail argues it's not true. Abigail brings up how Gabi came to make sure he got his story right. EJ says he didn't send Gabi to talk to her. They get close and Abigail turns away, saying none of this makes any sense.

JJ goes home and finds Maggie there. Maggie says she plans on cooking to calm her down from her frustration. She asks JJ what's wrong but he says it's no big deal. Maggie wants him to talk to her. JJ says he just keeps thinking about Jennifer and Daniel and how it was his fault that he hurt Jennifer so much and he never wants to do that again. Maggie asks if something has happened.

Sonny and Will talk about Arianna's christening. Sonny notes that his parents are upset that they can't make it. Gabi comes in with Arianna, apologizing as she says she knows they wanted to be alone. Will asks what's wrong. Gabi complains about Julie grilling her about Nick. They ask her how it went. Gabi says she handled it but knows Julie will come back when she can't find Nick.

Nicole cries that nothing will work. Eric encourages her not to give up hope. Nicole cries about the gas. Eric tells her to keep trying to get free. Nicole asks how he's so calm and Eric says he's not afraid of dying.

Will tells Gabi to stay calm. Gabi worries that all of Nick's family will be at Arianna's christening. Sonny tells her to think of them as Will's family and not Nick's. Sonny assures Gabi that they are not out to get her. Will says tomorrow will be all about Arianna and nothing else.

Brady sits outside the town square and pours a drink. Theresa walks by. Brady jokes with her about the AA meetings and says he knows she hates them as much as he does.

Maggie sits with JJ to talk. JJ says he just worries about bad karma coming back to get him. JJ states that he can't do anything right. Maggie tells him to ease up on himself. Maggie encourages JJ about overcoming obstacles.

Abigail tells EJ that it does make sense that it's all her fault. EJ asks her to stop being so hard on herself. EJ says what happened between them just happened as they lost control and that's it. Abigail says it's not what she did but who she is. Abigail calls herself a terrible person because in spite of everything, she still wants him.

Eric tells Nicole that he has faith that death isn't the end. Nicole cries and wishes she had that kind of faith. Eric says if it comes to that, at least they will be together. Eric says he would stay with her because he never stopped caring about her. Eric tells Nicole that there is something he wants her to know and he can't leave this world without her knowing it.

Gabi agrees to stay focused on Arianna. Sonny thanks her for letting him be Arianna's godfather. He says he and Abigail are lucky people. Gabi says Arianna is the lucky one. Will agrees and says tomorrow Arianna will be christened and nothing or no one will ruin that day.

JJ says to himself that he loves Maggie but she lives in a dream world because nothing will present itself. JJ then notices that Abigail left her paperwork from when she cleared the table off in frustration. JJ looks at it and declares maybe if he's super careful, it could work.

Brady tells Theresa that he knows she set her sights on Daniel to get at Jennifer. Brady mocks Theresa's road to redemption. They say the same about the other not wanting to change. Theresa says she knows Brady's drinking. Brady tells her to back off and go to Hell as he walks away.

Abigail says she can't stop thinking about EJ and what they did. Abigail calls herself an idiot. EJ tells her that she's human and her feeling is just an infatuation. Abigail argues that it's not. Abigail says she slept with him twice and would do it again as she then kisses him while whoever is watching them through the window begins recording them on a camera.

Eric tells Nicole that he needs her to know that he always knew there was something and despite his vocation, he has feelings for her stronger than friendship. Eric says he has to be honest to her and himself. Eric tells Nicole that he loves her as she cries.

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