Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/16/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/16/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny gets down on one knee and proposes to Will. Sonny asks him to say something and Will says wow.

Rafe wonders why Jordan didn't tell him her friend was in town. Jordan says she just found out. Rafe comments that she seems nice and comfortable with Lucas. Rafe asks if she's going to work for Lucas. Jordan says that's supposedly the plan. Rafe gets the feeling that she's not happy about it.

Kate asks Sheryl where Jordan lived before Birmingham. Sheryl stops and suggests asking Jordan because she doesn't want to get into it. Kate and Lucas agree. Kate tells Sheryl to feel free to ask any questions about the job. Sheryl asks Kate if she was hired because she's the best candidate or because she used to be friends with Jordan.

Abigail is at home and thinks back to being with EJ. She sits down and declares it's all such a mess.

JJ goes home but stops outside the door and thinks back to Theresa's orders. JJ says he doesn't have a clue how to stop her as he heads inside.

Jennifer then turns to leave Daniel's and when she opens the door, Theresa appears in the doorway. Theresa greets Jennifer and calls it a surprise as Jennifer looks back to Daniel.

Dr. Chyka takes the needle and goes to Nicole as she struggles and Eric yells at him to stop.

Theresa says she didn't expect to find Jennifer there and asks how she is. Jennifer says she was just leaving and walks out. Daniel questions what Theresa is doing there as he thought he was clear that he doesn't want her just dropping by. Theresa says they need to talk. Daniel tells her not to do it again and to just go. Theresa insists on talking about the night she overdosed.

Abigail gets frustrated and throws everything off of the coffee table as JJ walks in and asks what's going on.

Dr. Chyka prepares to inject Nicole but Eric breaks free from the rope and knocks the needle out of his hand. Chyka starts to tie Eric back up while Eric tries to tell Nicole not to worry as she cries. Nicole yells at him as he ties Eric back up. Eric tells him to do the right thing because he won't get away with this. Nicole wants him to let them go. Chyka declares that now he's going to have to punish them.

Daniel encourages Theresa to put that night out of her mind and stop worrying about it. Theresa says she's not worried but is doing her steps in AA. Theresa talks about wanting to make amends but not knowing what she did. She asks Daniel to tell her everything that happened that night.

Abigail tells JJ that she's just late for work. JJ thinks it's a lot deeper than that. JJ wants her to talk to him but she says she's fine. JJ senses something is wrong as she's been really off since coming back from Smith Island. Abigail argues that's not true. JJ threatens to figure it out on his own and suggests she just talk to him.

Kate tells Sheryl about her company hiring people worldwide and not knowing their friends. Sheryl apologizes for believing Jordan. Kate tells Sheryl that she will be working for Lucas if he hires her.

Jordan tells Rafe that she hopes Sheryl gets her job. Rafe asks if they are friends. Jordan says they used to be close but not so much lately. Rafe suggests maybe they can fix things and jokes about them but Jordan quickly says that Sheryl doesn't know any more about her than Rafe does.

Sonny says Will can't be that surprised. Sonny tells Will that they can get married in Salem. Sonny calls it a dream of his entire life and he wants to marry the man that he loves. Sonny thought it was the next step. Sonny again proposes to Will but Will says no. Sonny gets up and says he did not expect that. Will says he didn't mean to say no and he was going to say yes. Sonny questions him. Will talks about Sonny dreaming of marriage for a long time before they met.

Kate decides to give Lucas and Sheryl time alone. Sheryl apologizes if she offended her. Kate assures her that nothing was her fault. Kate exits. Sheryl asks Lucas if she should just buy a ticket back to Birmingham.

Rafe thinks Sheryl must know more about Jordan. Jordan decides to go. Rafe jokes with her and she kisses him. Rafe asks if everything is okay with her. She says that it is as she exits.

JJ asks Abigail about Cameron and Chad. She assures him that it's not about Chad. JJ wants to know what's going on but she insists that it's nothing. Abigail complains about JJ analyzing her. JJ tells her to figure it out herself then as she heads upstairs while Jennifer comes home. Jennifer asks what's going on with Abigail. JJ says she's in one of her moods. Jennifer tells him to be easy on her since Chad broke her heart. JJ asks if Jennifer is okay. Jennifer says yes but then says she's not because she ran into Theresa and wishes she hadn't.

Daniel tells Theresa that he has something urgent so they should meet another time and talk. Theresa asks him for dinner tonight. Daniel agrees and asks her not to talk to anyone else about that night. Daniel thanks her and says he'll text her. Daniel reminds her to keep everything between them as she exits. Theresa says to herself that maybe it will be them all night long and she can't wait to see Jennifer's face when she hears. Daniel calls the lab tech about restoring his files since he's so close to catching the doctor.

Dr. Chyka prepares his injection but says it won't be enough to eliminate both of their memories. He states that there is always another solution. Nicole agrees and tells him to run while he has the chance. Eric adds that he can get away before they are found. Nicole warns Chyka that Daniel will find them. He tells her to shut up and rushes out. Nicole and Eric hope that they've scared him away. Eric tells Nicole that they have to get out and get the phone before Chyka comes back. They try reaching Eric's phone.

Will wants to make sure they are getting married not just because they can. Sonny says it's because he loves him. Will says he loves him and his proposal made his heart explode but he doesn't want them to get caught up in the moment. Will says their life is a bit of a mess right now with the Nick situation. Sonny says that's never going away so they will have to live with it for the rest of their lives. Will brings up Gabi and Arianna. Sonny says they are a part of their life too. Sonny says if they put it off then they may be waiting forever. Sonny asks if that's what Will wants.

Lucas tells Sheryl that he's not going to let her go because of a minor mix-up. She thanks him as Lucas informs her that she has the job. Lucas says he looks forward to working closely with her. She decides she'll look for an apartment but Lucas informs her that the company will set her up. She thanks him and walks away. Jordan approaches and greets Lucas. She mentions that Rafe says Lucas is one of the good guys so she trusts him. Lucas asks what he can do for her. Jordan asks Lucas why Sheryl is in Salem.

Kate goes to the club and runs into Rafe. Rafe asks Kate about Sheryl and why Jordan seems so rattled by her. Rafe asks if Kate hired Sheryl with an ulterior motive.

JJ asks Jennifer what Theresa did now. Jennifer doesn't want to talk about her and has to get back to the hospital. Jennifer mentions that JJ's hearing date will be set tomorrow. Jennifer tells him that this whole mess will then be behind them. Jennifer then exits.

The lab tech tells Daniel that his files are gone for good. Daniel hangs up and pounds his desk in frustration.

Nicole and Eric continue trying to reach the phone. Nicole feels her ropes getting looser and tries to slip out. They hope they can find a way out of this. Nicole thanks Eric for stopping Chyka from injecting her. Nicole says she's glad she's not alone and can't think of anyone she'd rather be tied up with. Eric says it's nothing to joke about because she wouldn't be tied up if not for him.

Will tells Sonny that he knows the risk in waiting but says making the decision together will make them stronger. Will assures Sonny that he loves him and he doesn't want anything to ever come between them. Will brings up Sami and Lucas' many marriages and he only wants to get married once to Sonny and then their dreams will come true. Sonny agrees and they kiss.

Jordan sits with Lucas and asks for an answer. Lucas says Sheryl and Kate told him about Jordan being upset and asks why. Jordan says Kate hasn't been subtle about trying to dig into her past. Lucas asks if she has something to hide. Jordan says there's nothing in her past worth knowing.

Kate tells Rafe that Jordan's claims are absurd and there's nothing more to it. Kate says it does seem that they had a falling out but she hopes they make up since they are bound to run into each other. Kate tells Rafe to take care as she exits.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and walks past Theresa. Theresa tells her that she didn't want her to get the wrong impression about her and Daniel. Theresa mentions Daniel taking her out to dinner tonight but says it's innocent. Jennifer remarks that maybe Nicole can join her. Theresa asks who. Jennifer says they must not be close friends if she doesn't know about Daniel's roommate.

Daniel states that it's time to tell Nicole they are back to square one. Daniel calls Nicole but finds that her phone is nearby.

Nicole and Eric continue struggling with the rope. Eric regrets getting Nicole involved in this. Nicole says there's no way they could've known. Nicole says Eric couldn't have kept her from helping him if he tried. Nicole talks about Eric reaching out to believe in and support her and now she's repaying him by helping him. Eric calls her a wonderful woman. Eric worries about them not getting out of this as they continue to try and break free.

Will and Sonny kiss in bed. Sonny jokes that he's awfully happy for a guy who just got turned down. Will says he is too. Sonny says he should've thought his proposal out more as they joke with each other. Will tells Sonny that he loves him. Will talks about finding out who he was and never imagining he'd find someone like him.

Lucas tells Jordan that Sheryl was the most qualified person for the job and Kate had nothing to do with it. Lucas asks Jordan why she's not glad about Sheryl moving to Salem. Jordan thanks Lucas for talking to her about it and decides to let him get back to work. Jordan exits. Kate returns to Lucas and asks for his decision about Sheryl. Lucas says he's decided that he still hates lying for Kate.

Abigail goes to the hospital and brings papers for Jennifer. Jennifer stops her and wants to finish talking about EJ. Jennifer brings up promising to never keep secrets so she tells her that she went to see EJ. Jennifer notes that she doesn't seem surprised. Abigail thinks back to overhearing Jennifer at the door of the DiMera Mansion. Abigail says she knew Jennifer was upset about Chad but she wishes she would've talked to her before EJ. Jennifer understands she can fight her own battles but talks about knowing what the DiMeras are capable of. Jennifer thinks EJ didn't care about what happened to her. Jennifer adds that EJ just wanted to keep it secret from Sami but she's going to tell her. Abigail says Jennifer can't do that because Sami already knows.

JJ sits at home and says that Abigail is definitely hiding something. JJ gets a call from Theresa, who orders him to come over now.

Daniel goes to Nicole's office and brings her phone. Miles goes to check if Nicole is there.

Eric and Nicole continue trying to get free. They end up getting close and Eric's phone then rings. They can't reach it but can see that Daniel is the one calling.

Lucas tells Kate that her bringing Sheryl to town is going to come out since secrets come out. Kate says only they know so it will never come out. Kate adds that if Jordan's secret is as big and bad as she thinks it is then no one will care about their little secret.

Rafe calls Jordan and tells her that he ran into Kate, who said Jordan is upset about Sheryl being in town. Jordan says she already talked it out with Kate as she thought it was a weird coincidence. Rafe says it's good for Jordan to have another friend in town. Rafe mentions Arianna's christening and invites her. Jordan accepts and Rafe says they will talk soon.

Jennifer asks Abigail how she knows Sami found out. Abigail reveals that she went to see EJ which surprises Jennifer. Abigail explains that she and EJ are passed what happened with Chad. Abigail tells Jennifer how EJ was open with Sami about what happened with Chad. Abigail wants to drop it. Abigail gets a text from EJ that he needs to talk to her regarding Chad. Abigail tells Jennifer she has to take care of some work. Jennifer hugs her and says she loves her. Jennifer advises Abigail to stay away from anyone named DiMera. Abigail then exits.

JJ goes to Theresa's. She tells him to drop the attitude. Theresa asks JJ who Nicole is.

Miles comes back and tells Daniel that Nicole is not there and left awhile ago. Daniel thanks him as Miles exits. Daniel pulls out his phone and tries calling Eric again.

Eric and Nicole try to reach his phone. Eric says that it means Daniel is looking for them. Dr. Chyka returns and announces that the time has come for them to say goodbye to each other forever.

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