Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/15/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/15/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny prepares champagne at home and hopes T can keep Will away long enough.

Will goes to the club looking for Sonny but T says he went out for awhile. Lucas arrives with Allie and they greet Will. Rafe then enters and Allie excitedly greets him.

Jordan runs into Sheryl at the town square and says they need to talk. Sheryl questions if Jordan is just going to tell her that she only got her job at Mad World because someone's out to get her.

Kate informs Sami that Nick's cell service is about to be cut off. Sami wonders what they do now.

Jennifer and Anne continue to argue about Daniel. Jennifer says he must be doing something right if Anne hates him that much. Anne then storms off.

Theresa goes to the Pub and greets Caroline. Caroline hopes she wants to get close to the rest of the family but Theresa says Caroline is the only one she really cares about. Caroline encourages her to make friends. Theresa mentions a guy she is interested in.

Daniel checks his computer at home and calls out to Nicole, asking if she's home.

Nicole and Eric are tied up together against a pole. Eric wakes up and tries to wake Nicole up but can't. Dr. Chyka continues getting things from his bag.

Jordan tells Sheryl that this isn't about her and she's not trying to put her down. Sheryl questions her thinking Kate is after her. Jordan says she knows Kate better than her. Sheryl tells Jordan that Kate said she's amazing, incredible and turned someone's life around. Sheryl says Kate said nothing bad about Jordan so she wonders why she's trashing her.

Sami comes up with a text to send Hope from Nick's phone but Kate doesn't think she'll buy it and makes her own. They joke around about not having friends.

Theresa tells Caroline that the guy won't make a move which is a first for her as she can't seem to get him interested.

Daniel finds that all of his files are gone from his home computer too and wonders what's going on.

Eric continues to struggle against being tied up. Eric tries reaching but Dr. Chyka turns around. Eric remembers him from Daniel's office. Chyka says it's too bad for them both that he remembers.

Sami tries coming up with something to tell Nick's friends. Kate sends her text and then gets one from Julie, who wants Nick to call. Kate jokes with Sami and then says damn it at the phone.

Sonny talks to Gabi on the phone and thanks her for taking Arianna out. Sonny asks if she's sure she can stay out that long and tells her that he's not up to anything. Sonny continues setting up and says it's perfect.

T gets a text from Sonny that it's all set. Lucas, Rafe, Will, and Allie sit together at the club. Rafe thanks Lucas for bringing Allie to see him. T approaches and tells Will that Sonny needs him back home and it sounded important. Will tells them to have fun and then exits.

Sheryl tells Jordan that Kate had no idea that she was coming to Salem for her interview as Lucas was handling it. Sheryl comments that Lucas is nice and then says she can't deal with this as she walks off.

Theresa talks to Caroline about never having this problem with anyone. Caroline encourages her. Theresa thanks her for the talk and goes to leave as Anne enters and tells Theresa how furious Daniel makes her. They sit together and Anne explains what happened with Daniel and how Jennifer stopped her plan. Anne calls Daniel a dirtbag but Theresa argues that he's a good guy. Anne says if Theresa gets Daniel in bed then Jennifer will come apart.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's office and prepares to knock but hears the computer tech on the phone with Daniel about his files being gone from his machines. After they hang up, Jennifer enters and offers to bring his flash drive to Daniel. He gives it to her and thanks her as she exits.

Dr. Chyka gets frustrated and says the drug isn't in his bag. Eric tries to call for help so Chyka hits him with his weapon again to keep him silent. Chyka exits the room. Eric tries to wake Nicole up as Chyka listens from outside the door. Chyka turns the fan on to create more noise and locks the door as he walks away. Eric continues to struggle as he calls for help.

Kate tells Sami that Nick's cell service has been cut off. They start to argue and Sami blames Kate since she was in charge of Nick's phone. Kate talks about how it would've been if she wasn't texting as Nick. Sami blames Kate for not telling Gabi and they talk about Abigail. Sami thinks they have to wait for Julie to come looking for Nick. Sami suggests they don't discuss or deal with this at Arianna's christening so they can have a nice family event which they agree to do and then they go their separate ways.

Will comes home and finds flowers, candles, and champagne. He asks Sonny what it's all about. Sonny tells him that Gabi took Arianna out for the afternoon. Will says T said things were urgent. Sonny says it's urgent for them to be alone and have no interruptions.

Sheryl goes to the club and greets Lucas. Lucas introduces Rafe to Sheryl. Sheryl comments on seeing Rafe before with Jordan. Rafe asks if she knows her.

Kate sits in the town square with her computer. Jordan approaches and calls her relentless but Kate claims to have no idea what she's talking about.

Anne asks Theresa if she still wants Daniel. She admits she wants to sleep with him and says the point is for Jennifer to find out but every time she makes headway, she gets shot down. Anne doesn't understand since Daniel already had her that one night but Theresa informs her that nothing happened that night.

Daniel gets back on the phone with the tech about trying to fix things. Jennifer arrives which surprises Daniel.

Nicole wakes up and wonders what's going on and where they are. Eric tries to calm her down. Eric explains that he found her on the floor at Daniel's. Nicole remembers Chyka being at Daniel's computer. Nicole cries for help but Eric tells her that no one can hear her. She asks if Chyka is coming back to kill them and wonders what they are going to do. Eric swears that nothing will happen to her.

Will and Sonny kiss at home.

Jordan tells Kate that she knows exactly what she's talking about with Sheryl. Kate still claims not to know. Jordan asks if she's that desperate to hang on to Rafe. Kate tells Jordan to stop before she says something she will regret.

Anne and Theresa continue talking about Daniel until Anne gets paged back to the hospital and exits. Theresa says to herself that it was a close call and Anne can't find out that Daniel is covering for JJ. Theresa wonders why she didn't think of something before and that it's really easy.

Daniel tells Jennifer that it's not a good time but she explains that she heard his call and brought the flash drive. Daniel thanks her and finishes his call with the tech. Daniel thanks Jennifer again for bringing it and for standing up to him against Anne. Jennifer talks about Anne's goal in life being to hurt her so she needed to get involved. Jennifer asks if everything is okay but Daniel says he doesn't know.

Dr. Chyka returns to his place to get the drug and says Eric and Nicole are in the way while all he wanted to do was destroy his trail.

Eric asks Nicole what happened before she went to Daniel's. Nicole explains that she spilled coffee on herself so she went home to shower and when she came out, Chyka was there and she knew something was wrong. Nicole says he injected her with something and then she woke up here. Eric talks about being recognized. Nicole says he must've realized Daniel was getting close on his case. They realize that Chyka was the doctor who helped Kristen drug Eric. Nicole cries worrying about what he's going to do to them.

Dr. Chyka prepares two syringes and says this time he has enough to do it right.

Sonny tells Will that he was hoping they have something to celebrate. Will calls him the most thoughtful person in the world. Sonny asks if Will knows what this is about then and Will says of course he does.

Sami goes to the club and talks with Lucas. Lucas introduces her to Sheryl. Sami comments on Sheryl meeting her daughter and her ex husbands. Sheryl says it's cool for exes to stay close. Sami says they all find a way to get along.

Jordan accuses Kate of going to Birmingham to find someone who knew her. Kate continues to stick to not knowing anything and says Lucas recruited her. Kate doesn't know why Jordan is paranoid about it unless she's hiding something. Kate tells Jordan that she's so not interested. Jordan gets up and walks away.

Jennifer finishes a phone call finding out that the real Dr. DuVall did not come in a day early and asks if this has anything to do with Eric. Daniel asks what makes her say that. Jennifer says Eric told her he was helping him. Daniel says he knows she means well but he can't talk to her about this and having her there is hard on him and he knows it's hard on her too. Daniel asks if there is anything else to say.

Eric and Nicole continue trying to break free. Nicole cries that she's so scared. Eric encourages her to stay focused. Nicole wonders if they are still in Salem. Eric thinks so but just doesn't know where. Nicole tries to reach Eric's phone. Eric notices the emergency contact list on the door and they realize they are in the basement of Daniel's apartment complex. They try to scream for help as Chyka returns and tells them that no one can hear them over the fan and no one will ever hear them again.

Will thinks it's a pre celebration of Arianna's christening. Sonny tells Will that he's a wonderful father and he wanted to talk about that before popping the question. Will asks what question.

Sami tells T that she thought Will and Sonny would be there. T says they had plans as something came up. Sami wants details but T says he doesn't know. Sami decides she'll go check on them at the apartment but T asks her not to because there's something secret and kind of special that he doesn't want to screw up. Sami accepts that and calls him a good friend as she exits with Allie. Lucas decides to leave with Sheryl as well. Rafe gets a text from Jordan, asking where he is. Rafe responds that he's at the club and invites her.

Lucas and Sheryl walk on to the town square and come across Kate. Sheryl says she's so excited to start her new job. Lucas gets a call and steps away. Sheryl sits with Kate. Kate is glad they have some time alone as there's something she needs to be honest about in case Jordan talks to her. Kate tells Sheryl that she ran into Jordan earlier and her accusations. Sheryl says she cares about Jordan but she can be paranoid. Kate claims the accusation just came out of the blue. Kate mentions that Jordan said she lived in Atlanta before Birmingham but Sheryl tells her that's not true.

Theresa sits in the Pub and thinks about going to see Daniel and kissing him. She smiles and suggests it could work but it's a longshot. Theresa goes back to Caroline and tells her that she helped her a ton. Theresa hugs her goodbye and exits the Pub.

Jennifer tells Daniel that maybe there is more to say and maybe now since all he has to do is wait is the time to say it. Jennifer says it's been on her mind but Eric made her believe that there is more to the story than she knows and something that she's not being told. Jennifer asks Daniel to tell her if he knows something.

Nicole tells Chyka that she knows he's Kristen's doctor. Chyka says he didn't use enough last time. Eric realizes it's him as well. Chyka says they won't remember him, being there or even each other. Eric argues that those drugs ruined his life and he swears that he won't let him hurt Nicole.

Kate asks Sheryl about Jordan not living in Atlanta but Lucas interrupts. Kate asks Sheryl where Jordan lived before Birmingham.

Jordan joins Rafe at the club. Rafe asks if everything is okay. She says it's fine. Rafe tells her that he just met her old friend Sheryl. Jordan tries to change the subject by asking about his visit with Allie. Rafe sticks to asking about an old friend moving to town. Rafe wonders why she didn't tell him her friend was in town.

Sonny gets down on one knee and proposes to Will.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's sorry. Jennifer then turns to leave and when she opens the door, Theresa appears in the doorway.

Chyka tells Eric that they are going to take care of Nicole first. Eric yells at him not to. Chyka takes the needle and goes to Nicole as she struggles.

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