Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/14/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/14/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Adrienne goes to Jennifer's and brings her guitar picks for JJ. Adrienne asks what's wrong. Jennifer says it's Abigail having a tough time with the DiMeras. Adrienne asks if she means Chad. Jennifer says EJ too. Adrienne tells Jennifer that she should've told her that she saw Abigail and EJ together more than once.

Abigail runs into Julie in the town square. Julie asks if she's heard from Nick. Abigail says he texted her yesterday but they talk about no one actually speaking to him. Abigail suggests Nick just needs distance. Julie wonders why he'd want distance from his family.

Kate goes to see Gabi. Gabi mentions wanting to thank EJ for keeping Abigail's mouth shut about Nick.

EJ questions Sami accusing him. Sami says she's only trying to help Eric and she has to ask if he has information to clear him. EJ assures her that he had nothing to do with Kristen's ridiculous plots. Sami asks him if the DiMeras have one criminal psycho doctor to go to or if there's more than one.

Marlena asks about Eric's feelings for Nicole but stops and realizes that Nicole knows and that's why she was so uncomfortable around her. Eric tells her that she doesn't know and he's only told Father Matt. Marlena worries that his suspension may never be lifted and he may never be back as a priest because of his feelings.

Daniel checks his computer and wonders what the hell is going on as all of his files are gone.

Dr. Chyka sits in Daniel's apartment using the computer until Nicole comes out of the shower in a towel. Nicole asks who he is and what he's doing on Daniel's computer.

Anne has work on the computer the hospital. Daniel approaches and says he needs his help but Anne stops him.

Sami tells EJ about Eric needing to clear his name. EJ says he disassociated himself with Stefano. Sami says EJ still helped Chad with his plot. EJ says he's sick and tired of saving Sami from herself and not getting thanks for it. Sami questions how what happened with Abigail is saving her. EJ suggests she listen.

Eric tells Marlena that anything he says to Father Matt is in confidence. She worries about the bishop finding out about his feelings. Eric says he's human and has feelings. Eric feels Marlena wouldn't care if it was about anyone but Nicole. Eric wants to forget this conversation but Marlena says she can't.

Dr. Chyka tries to tell Nicole that he is the cardiologist that Daniel is meeting with. Nicole questions his story and decides to call Daniel but he says no.

Abigail tells Julie that Nick might not want to get away from them but from Salem. Abigail agrees to text Nick asking him to call Julie. Julie then walks away.

Sami questions EJ reminding him of how much she owes him. Sami blames Stefano for what happened to Bernardi. EJ says he's like Gandhi compared to her over the last six months. Sami doesn't see how the Abigail situation makes him so noble. EJ explains to Sami that she and Kate didn't tell Gabi about Kate having Nick's phone and Gabi freaked out leading to Abigail wanting to tell Hope. Sami worries and asks why he didn't tell her. EJ states that he took care of it as usual.

Kate asks Gabi how things went with Abigail. Gabi thinks she bought it in the end. Kate says EJ worked his magic. Gabi is glad EJ is on their side and she's finally starting to think that things are going to be okay.

Jennifer asks Adrienne what Abigail was doing with EJ. Adrienne says she first saw them at the Pub and then they were intensely looking at a book together. Abigail comes home and asks what's going on.

Anne says she can't do any work without the computer. Anne argues that Daniel can wait but Daniel says it's an emergency. The tech says he will call support for Anne while he helps Daniel. Anne chases after them and slips near a wet floor sign while other nurses laugh.

Marlena says she is trying to protect Eric. Eric brings up Brady and Kristen. Marlena talks about feeling terrible about what she did and it's why she wants to help. Eric says there's nothing she can do. Eric assures her that there is nothing going on between he and Nicole as Nicole is with someone else. Eric doesn't want to discuss it anymore.

Nicole questions why she can't call Daniel and asks who the doctor really is. He grabs her and the phone away from her. She drops her towel and runs to the door to unlock it.

Kate tells Gabi that the Hortons are texting Nick again but not to worry as she has it under control. Gabi hopes so. Kate mentions Sami being back so she's sure EJ has her all up to date. Kate says she will be in touch later as she exits.

EJ tells Sami how Gabi didn't know what to do so she came and found him. Sami asks EJ what he told Abigail. EJ talks about Gabi and Nick's fight and being worried about Gabi's safety. Sami questions her buying it. EJ thinks back to talking to Abigail at Smith Island and her not buying the story. EJ says he had to pull out all the stops and she eventually bought it. EJ then thinks back to sleeping with Abigail. Sami asks about Chad and the brain tumor. EJ says that's all true and Jennifer was upset about it. Sami calls it a nightmare and EJ says she has no idea.

Adrienne tells Abigail it's good to see her and then quickly exits. Abigail asks if something is wrong. Jennifer asks her what exactly is going on between her and EJ.

Kate walks through the town square and comes across Julie. Julie asks Kate what's going on with Nick.

Anne gets up and claims to the nurses that Daniel just pushed her but the nurse responds that Anne tripped on her own. Anne approaches another nurse and asks if she likes her job then takes her to talk in private.

The computer tech works on Daniel's computer to try and retrieve his files.

Dr. Chyka tells Nicole that she made a mistake as he pulls out a needle and injects Nicole causing her to pass out.

Roman arrives at the Pub and joins Marlena and Eric. Roman says he just came from the station and unfortunately had to pull everyone off of the Kristen case. Eric understands she will never be found. Marlena doesn't want him to give up. Eric talks about Daniel working the medical angle and proving he was drugged. Eric says nothing is certain but he will keep them informed. They tell him to take care of himself as he exits the Pub. Roman comments that it's great news. Marlena says she's hurt Eric so badly that she doesn't know if he will ever trust her again.

Kate asks Julie why she would know anything about Nick. Julie mentions Nick saying he was being paid for special projects. Julie asks if Kate is the reason he left Salem. Kate thinks back to Nick going into the river. Kate says she's not as far as she knows. Julie can't understand why Nick would be so elusive. Kate says she can think of a few reasons. Kate tells Julie that any connection she had with Nick is dead in the water. Julie asks why since he's smart and hard working. Julie questions if Kate is blackmailing Nick to work for her. Adrienne approaches and questions why Julie would say that.

Abigail asks Jennifer what she's talking about. Jennifer says that she knows she's been seeing EJ and that people have seen them together. Abigail argues that it doesn't mean anything. Jennifer questions what he wants. Abigail asks if it's hard to believe that someone would want to talk to her. Jennifer asks if it was more than that. Abigail thinks back to sex and says yes it was more than that.

Sami thanks EJ for handling Abigail. They talk about Chad's fake brain tumor again. Sami asks if EJ is getting tired of her.

The tech tells Daniel that he's never seen a virus like this before so it's not looking good. Daniel checks his drawer and finds his hard copies are gone too. Daniel calls the DNA lab to try and get backups. He asks what he thinks happened. Daniel talks about the doctor from earlier. Daniel asks the lab to locate some records for him.

Dr. Chyka starts to drag Nicole away as Eric arrives knocking on the door, asking if Daniel is there.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she can tell her anything. Abigail talks about giving Chad the angel wing that Jack gave her and how EJ brought it back to her. Abigail mentions EJ reading Jack's book and saying nice things about him. Jennifer argues that EJ isn't nice to anyone unless he wants something. Abigail asks what EJ could want from her. Jennifer responds he could want her.

EJ tells Sami that he will never be tired of her as he loves her. EJ says he's not going anywhere. EJ says he has needs and wants. Sami says she knows. EJ asks if she does and says he spends all his time cleaning up her messes which he can't keep doing. EJ then exits the room. Sami gets upset, grabs her things and exits.

Julie tells Adrienne that this is not her concern. Adrienne talks about having bad judgment before as well. Julie is concerned about Nick and asks Kate to let her know if she hears from him. Kate tells her that she understands and that Nick is just fine. Julie walks away. Adrienne asks why Julie would think Kate would know anything about Nick. Kate tells her it's not her concern and that she can take care of herself as she walks off.

Jennifer talks to Abigail about EJ trying to pave the way for Chad's return but Abigail says Chad is not coming home. Jennifer gets a call to bring something to work so she has to go. Abigail doesn't think there is more to say anyway but Jennifer says she has more to say. Jennifer asks Abigail to promise to stay away from EJ as she then exits.

EJ talks on the phone until the doorbell rings and it's Gabi bringing him churros that she made him to thank him.

Abigail remains at home thinking about Jennifer warning her to stay away from EJ.

Gabi explains that the churros are to thank him. Gabi talks about wishing Rafe could see this side of EJ. EJ gets a call from Abigail so Gabi tells him to enjoy and exits. EJ answers the call and Abigail informs him that Jennifer knows about them.

Daniel gets off the phone and finds out that Eric's results are missing from the lab too. Daniel says he has a pretty good idea of who would do this. Daniel mentions his backup being on his home computer and rushes out.

Eric continues knocking on the door and says he thought he heard something fall. Eric walks on inside and finds Nicole passed out on the couch. Dr. Chyka then knocks him out from behind.

Anne claims to the nurse that Daniel shoved her and convinces her to go along with her story. Anne says she will be filing a formal harassment suit. Anne offers the nurse a bonus for helping her as someone sees them together.

Sami meets Kate outside the town square. Sami asks what she wants as she has work. Sami says they can't keep meeting like this and wonders what is up since Nick is still dead. Kate brings up the Abigail situation. Sami says that's over and done. Kate brings up Julie being concerned about Nick and wonders if EJ should handle that. Sami thinks it's best if they handle as much on their own as they can.

EJ questions how Abigail can know if she didn't say anything. Abigail says Jennifer knows that she's freaked out and Adrienne saw them together. Abigail explains that she doesn't know what happened at the cabin but that something is going on and is suspicious of their friendship. Abigail says she just wanted EJ to know in case Jennifer shows up. EJ thanks her for the warning and suggests they don't talk on the phone.

Daniel prepares to leave the hospital as Anne tells him that she is filing a complaint for him pushing her to the ground. Daniel says he has an emergency to take care of. Anne gets in his way and tells him that she's writing him up and he can't leave without a formal response. Anne tells her the nurse is her witness and the security guard says he can't let Daniel go. Jennifer arrives and says she can help with the situation as she heard everything Anne said. The nurse apologizes to Anne and hurries off. Jennifer tells the security that Daniel is free to go. Daniel thanks Jennifer and exits.

Roman tells Marlena that he would be thrilled if Daniel clears Eric but he would feel like a failure if they don't bring Kristen to justice. Marlena blames herself but Roman says only Kristen is responsible. Marlena wishes she did things differently. Marlena worries about Eric beginning to question things he believes in including her love for him.

Dr. Chyka declares that now he has to get rid of them as he stands over Eric and Nicole.

Abigail tells EJ that she understands and didn't mean to bother him. EJ tries to explain but Abigail says she knows exactly what he meant and hangs up.

Kate tells Sami about Adrienne interrupting Julie. Kate gets a text on Nick's phone and says oh my God.

Anne questions who Jennifer thinks she is. Jennifer asks if she has nothing better to do. Anne asks if Jennifer has nothing better to do than lurk around for ways to help Daniel. Anne says Jennifer is weak and pathetic for still loving Daniel no matter what he does to her.

Daniel goes home and goes straight to his computer.

Nicole and Eric are tied up together against a pole. Dr. Chyka reaches into his bag and pulls out two needles. Eric begins to wake up.

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