Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/13/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/13/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ answers the door at open and Rory arrives, saying he's been doing some thinking. Rory tells JJ that he's come up with a way to get rid of Theresa.

Theresa daydreams about sneaking into Daniel's apartment and trying to have sex with him. She snaps out of it as Anne approaches and Theresa says Daniel will never sleep with her if she keeps throwing herself at him. She mentions that Daniel is not like most men.

Dr. Chyka introduces himself to Daniel claiming to be a cardiologist from New York that Daniel was meeting with tomorrow. He says he came in early but sees that Daniel is busy with Eric. Eric then asks if they know each other.

Brady thinks Nicole's still looking for any excuse to be around Eric but then she can't be with him after he's back as a priest. Brady talks about Nicole lying about her feelings. Marlena enters and asks if something is wrong.

Abigail tells EJ to admit that he took advantage of her. Abigail says she's a fool for listening to EJ. EJ tries to comfort her as she worries about what she's done. Sami then enters the room.

JJ wants to hear Rory's plan. Rory tells him that he's going to love it. Rory suggests JJ tell Daniel everything. JJ calls it such a bad idea for so many reasons. Rory thinks Daniel could figure a way out to bust Theresa. JJ admits Daniel can be sneaky in a good way at times. JJ talks about Daniel keeping his secret. Rory encourages him to tell him. JJ declares that there has to be a way to stop Theresa.

Theresa tells Anne that she needs a new romantic angle and suggests talking about how she's changed. Theresa wants to get Daniel to see her in a new light. Anne encourages her as Theresa says she can and will do it.

Dr. Chyka apologizes to Eric and says he just recognized him from the news. Daniel walks Eric out while Chyka glances at Daniel's desk. He thinks back to Stefano's orders. Daniel comes back. Chyka remarks that the day will be very productive.

Nicole tells Marlena that they were just having a little disagreement. Brady says he has a meeting and quickly exits. Nicole suggests just giving Brady some space. Marlena wants to hear about Eric's interview. Nicole thinks back to Eric talking about hurting her. Nicole says it went fine but Marlena doesn't believe her.

EJ greets Sami and says he didn't expect her to be home this early. Sami asks what the hell is going on. Abigail apologizes but EJ tells her there is no need. EJ tells Sami that he will explain it to her himself.

Nicole insists to Marlena that it went fine. Marlena reminds her that they are on the same side. Maggie enters and interrupts them. Maggie tells Marlena that Victor meant his apology. Marlena tells Maggie that she doesn't accept it and exits. Maggie and Nicole talk about trying to fix things. Maggie tells Nicole that she needs her help with Brady.

Brady goes to the AA meeting where Theresa is seated. Brady sits next to her and she greets him. Theresa talks about Maggie and brings up Daniel. Brady comments that he's very close to Daniel but also Jennifer which turns Theresa away.

Dr. Chyka talks to Daniel about Eric and the news story on him. Daniel reminds him that he's not there to talk about Eric.

Rory tries encouraging JJ on his plan. JJ suggests that if he does tell Daniel everything then maybe he'll have a shot at fixing things with Jennifer. JJ worries that Daniel could be mad that he didn't tell him before. Rory points out that JJ could end up in jail which would make Jennifer cry.

Abigail decides she can't be there and has to leave. Sami shuts the door and says no one leaves until she gets some answers. EJ tells Abigail that he knows she's embarrassed and doesn't want people to know but Jennifer knows so she would tell Sami. Abigail thinks they should be alone. Sami says Abigail is staying and wants to hear it. EJ tells Sami about Chad faking his brain tumor to get Cameron out of the picture so that he could be with Abigail and EJ adds that he helped him.

Dr. Chyka wants to look at Daniel's paperwork but Daniel doesn't have it since his meeting was scheduled for tomorrow. Daniel gets a call from JJ. JJ says it's important and asks to meet in the park as it can't wait. Daniel tells him that he will be there soon. Daniel tells Chyka that something's come up so they will have to meet tomorrow as planned. Daniel walks him out.

Maggie talks to Nicole about Brady's hard time and him saying no to rehab.

Theresa tries to talk to Brady about them being related but Brady reveals that he found out he's not biologically a Brady. He tells Theresa that she doesn't have to be pressured to make nice since they aren't family. Theresa feels it sucks being a Brady. Brady then calls her a selfish bitch.

Dr. Chyka returns to Daniel's office and sneaks in. He inserts a flash drive into Daniel's computer then looks through his drawer. He finds Eric's folder and puts it in his bag.

Daniel meets JJ in the park and asks what's wrong. JJ says he needs him to know something before he freaks out and loses his nerve.

EJ explains to Sami how he helped Chad fake his brain tumor. Abigail talks about Cameron backing away. Sami goes over the story. Abigail blames herself for being stupid and unable to resist. Sami says she didn't do anything wrong as she was manipulated. Abigail wants to go but Sami asks her to stay and talk. Sami jokingly tells EJ to get lost so they can talk one on one.

Marlena finds Eric at the Pub. She asks about the interview. Eric says it went fine. Marlena notes that Nicole said the same thing. Marlena thinks Nicole was weird and nervous and didn't want to talk about him. Eric tells her that Nicole is not interested in him anymore. Marlena points out that Nicole quickly shut down every time Eric was brought up. Eric says it was not because Nicole has feelings for him.

Brady tells Theresa that the Brady family are nothing but good and calls her a spoiled brat and a bitch. Theresa argues that Brady doesn't know her. She calls him a drug addict who helped ruin Eric's life.

Daniel asks JJ if it's something at home. JJ says it's nothing like that. JJ tells Daniel how grateful he is that he helped him that night. JJ says he needs to tell him something that happened that he doesn't know about which he should've told him about. JJ says he's not doing drugs and is trying to be honest. Daniel asks what's going on. JJ tells Daniel that he's in some trouble that could end up being trouble for Daniel too.

Sami asks EJ if there's a problem with her having a private moment with Abigail. EJ says he feels responsible. Sami insists that she can deal with it. Abigail wants to go but Sami insists on her staying. Sami says they will get comfortable after EJ leaves. Sami convinces her to sit and talk. EJ then exits the room. Sami asks Abigail where to begin.

Marlena tells Eric that she's known Nicole for a long time and that she can be emotionally unpredictable or twisted. Marlena calls Nicole a narcissist who suffers from major detatchment dysfunction. Eric stops her and says Nicole wasn't nervous because of her feelings for him but because of his feelings for her.

Nicole tells Maggie that she can't get Brady to go to rehab. Maggie feels trouble is coming and suggests he might listen to Nicole. Nicole reluctantly agrees to try. Maggie thanks him and says she will set up a meeting with Brady. Nicole says she's not promising anything and mentions having work to do. Maggie thanks her and says she knows she cares about Brady as much as she does. Maggie hopes it works and that Brady is at the AA meeting now. Maggie thanks her and exits.

Theresa comments that the AA meeting is finally going to start but Brady gets up and walks out. Theresa calls it a good idea and decides to follow out.

Sami encourages Abigail that she didn't do anything wrong. Sami tells her she's done worse and tells her not to blow things out of proportion. Sami talks about EJ is devoted to his family. Sami says EJ would never say no if Chad asked him for help. Sami asks about Chad's feelings for Abigail. Sami tells her that DiMeras are infamous for doing whatever it takes to get what they want including lying, cheating, and stealing. Sami tells Abigail that she can't blame herself. Sami says she knows because her and EJ are complicated. Sami says at the end of the day, she loves EJ and knows he loves her too. EJ waits outside the room and tries listening in from the door.

JJ tells Daniel it's hard to talk about. Daniel encourages him about getting through tough days. JJ tells Daniel that he knows he promised not to get in trouble again but he's stuck so he's asking for advice. JJ then spots Theresa in the bushes and freezes.

Sami talks to Abigail about promising no more secrets or lies when she and EJ started over. Sami then says this is about Abigail not her. Sami tells Abigail not to let what Chad did define who she is. Sami decides she will walk her out. Sami adds that Jennifer will be with her and things will get better. Sami tells Abigail to keep everything in perspective and she can always call if she needs anything. Abigail thanks her as they hug.

Brady returns home and looks at the drinks. Brady turns and heads upstairs.

Dr. Chyka breaks into Daniel's apartment and locks the door behind him.

Daniel asks JJ what's going on and if he saw someone. Theresa hides as JJ says no. Daniel asks what's going on and what he wanted to tell him. JJ changes the story and tells Daniel about Jennifer's date with Liam and how he tried to screw things up for him. JJ says he just tried to talk Liam out of things by telling him Jennifer is still in love with Daniel. Daniel asks why he would do that. JJ says he just keeps thinking. Daniel assures JJ that they are not getting back together. JJ thinks Daniel must hate him for that. JJ blames Theresa. Daniel says they all make mistakes. Daniel says he does still love Jennifer but JJ needs to know they are never getting back together. Daniel tells JJ to keep everything a secret because if it came out then it would do nobody any good. Daniel says he has to get back to the office. JJ thanks him for listening. Daniel adds that he's impressed by how far JJ has come and he's pulling for him. Daniel then walks off. Theresa comes out of the bushes and calls JJ a bastard.

Maggie comes home and looks at the drinks. She notes that things seem okay.

Brady sits in his room and takes a drink of a bottle he took. Brady pours another and toasts to dreams and the fools who dream them as he takes another drink.

Theresa confronts JJ and says he's dumb. JJ says he didn't say anything. She warns that if he screws up things for her in any way then she will ruin his life and Daniel's.

Eric understands it's a shock to Marlena but he's being honest. Marlena says he can't just leave it there. Marlena asks about his feelings for Nicole but stops and realizes that Nicole knows and that's why she was so uncomfortable around her.

Daniel returns to his office and goes to his computer.

Abigail exits the DiMera Mansion and worries about what to do now.

Sami and EJ head back into the living room. EJ asks if everything is settled. Sami tells him that Abigail will eventually be alright. Sami says what EJ did was typical but ingenious. EJ feels it had to be done. Sami says it's not the first time. Sami asks EJ if the doctor he got to lie about Chad's tumor is the same one Kristen used for the drugs on Eric.

Daniel checks his computer and wonders what the hell is going on.

Dr. Chyka sits in Daniel's apartment using the computer until Nicole comes out of the shower in a towel.

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