Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/10/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/10/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Stefano states that the clock is ticking and it's only a matter of time before Daniel discovers Dr. Chyka's name and it will compromise Kristen beyond measure. Stefano says this needs a quick solution. Stefano's associate Ricardo asks if he wants him to kill Daniel. Stefano points out that Daniel saved both of his sons' lives. Stefano suggests something bad may happen to Daniel but not by his hands.

Daniel makes calls about some of the names on the list of doctors, trying to figure out which one helped Kristen. Brady arrives and asks if it's a bad time. Daniel says he doesn't want another fight. Brady says he doesn't and that's why he's there.

Eric says what's crushing him the most is not remembering what happened and how he hurt a dear friend deeply. Eric calls that his biggest regret. Nicole shuts off the camera and says Eric said something wrong.

Rafe goes to the club and greets Lucas. Rafe mentions that Jordan is getting them some coffee. Jordan gets the coffee at the counter and turns around to see Sheryl. They both freeze when they see one another. Sheryl approaches and they acknowledge each other. Jordan asks what she's doing there.

Jennifer goes out of the town square on the phone asking what EJ did. Jennifer says she will call back as she hangs up and declares she won't let EJ get away with what he did to Abigail.

Kate questions what EJ did to Abigail. EJ says he didn't do anything. Kate asks if he threatened or blackmailed her. EJ questions Kate always thinking the worst. Kate says she knows how EJ thinks. EJ claims he just reasoned with Abigail. EJ jokes that he might have lied a little bit. EJ says he got the job done and he hopes Kate sending Gabi to talk to Abigail doesn't blow the whole thing up.

Gabi goes to see Abigail. Gabi tells her that EJ told her everything and says he's incredible. Abigail thinks back to being with EJ and questions him telling Gabi then asks what he was thinking.

Nicole tells Eric they will continue. He asks what is wrong with what he said. Nicole tells him that this is not a confessional to make up for his mistakes but about getting the truth out about Kristen. Nicole says saying anything else is useless.

Gabi asks why EJ wouldn't tell her about her and Nick. Abigail says she isn't sure she bought everything EJ said. Abigail asks what EJ did that was so incredible. Gabi says everyone talks about how terrible EJ is but he helped her when he didn't have to. Gabi says EJ has been great to her. Abigail asks why. Abigail says she's sorry about what Nick did to her but EJ doesn't usually do anything for anyone unless there's something in it for him so she thinks there's more to the story.

Harold informs EJ that Ms. Deveraux is there and insisted on waiting for him. EJ looks in the mirror and thinks back to being with Abigail as he assumes she's inside. EJ enters the living room expecting Abigail but finds Jennifer instead. Jennifer questions if EJ thinks Abigail would step foot in his house after what he did to her.

Rafe and Lucas continue talking. Jordan tells Sheryl that it's not a great time and they have so much to talk about. Jordan asks if they can meet in a few minutes. Sheryl asks why. Jordan says please and tells her the town square so Sheryl agrees. Jordan rejoins Rafe and Lucas, as they joke about football. Lucas leaves them and goes to Sheryl. Rafe sits with Jordan and notes that it took her awhile. Jordan claims they just had to remake her drink. Rafe notes that she's shaking. Jordan says it's just freezing in there. Lucas asks Sheryl if everything is okay. Sheryl asks if she can take a walk while they wait for the marketing manager. Lucas sends her to the town square. Rafe tells Jordan that he wants to make his new place more like a home and asks if she'd like to go shopping in the town square with him.

Stefano sits listening to Flight of the Valkyries as Kristen's doctor associate, Dr. Chyka arrives. Stefano tells him that there is a big problem named Daniel Jonas.

Brady apologizes for fighting Daniel. Daniel says he already apologized. Brady says he didn't mean that and every word he said that night was a lie. Brady calls himself bad news and says he doesn't deserve Daniel's friendship. Daniel says he hasn't always deserved Brady's either but he won't get rid of him that easy. Brady says he's humiliated about how he treated him. Brady says he owes Daniel his life.

Eric tells Nicole that he knows what they are trying to accomplish but honesty means telling the whole truth. Eric says he was asked about his biggest regret and he's sorry if he brought up the pain. Eric says he can't stop thinking about how much he hurt Nicole and what she lost. Eric asks her to forgive him and wishes he could have that moment back to undo it.

Gabi tells Abigail that EJ helped her because of Sami since Nick was trying to take Arianna away from Salem. Abigail questions Gabi not telling her but telling EJ about Nick. Gabi claims she told Sami and didn't know what to do. Abigail questions what she's doing and asks if EJ sent her to back up his story.

Jennifer yells at EJ about Abigail waking up in a nightmare. EJ tries to explain, thinking she knows everything as Jennifer accuses him of manipulating Abigail. EJ says it just happened. Jennifer says she has warned Abigail to stay away from his family. EJ says they can resolve this without anyone else getting hurt. Jennifer shouts that Sami deserves to know exactly the person she is with.

Kate talks on the phone in the town square and comes across Sheryl. Kate asks where Lucas is. Sheryl says they are meeting in an hour so she's getting to know the town. Kate wishes her luck and Sheryl walks on. Kate watches while Sheryl waits with her phone.

Jordan worries about shopping being too much walking for Rafe. Jordan says she has to go deal with a work thing that came up but it will only take a few minutes if he wants to wait for her. Rafe promises to stay there until she gets back as she exits.

Nicole tells Eric that she will ask the right questions from now on. Nicole then decides they have enough and don't need to redo anything. Nicole suggests Eric will want to go talk to Daniel about what he found out in the lab. Nicole assures him that they will find the answers they need. Eric appreciates what they have done. Nicole repeats that she and Daniel make a great team. Eric asks how long she thinks she can keep their relationship a secret since people will notice eventually as if they are in love, it's hard to pretend you're not. Eric asks if she is. Nicole says yes and asks why he would ask her that.

Gabi tells Abigail that EJ doesn't even know she came. She says she came because they are friends and Nick's cousin and she wants her to understand why she's relieved that Nick is gone. Abigail says she does understand. Gabi hugs her and apologizes for putting her in the middle of this. Gabi says she knows she has a lot to do so she will let her get to it. Gabi hugs her goodbye and exits. Abigail thinks back to being with EJ and wonders what he wanted from her. Abigail grabs her things and exits.

EJ tells Jennifer that he would take it back if he could. Jennifer says he can't and now Abigail has to live with the consequences. EJ understands Jennifer doesn't want to see her daughter hurt. EJ says he and Sami are a family now. Jennifer tells him that he should've thought about that before he did what he did. EJ stops her from leaving and says she's not going anywhere.

Kate watches from behind a plant as Jordan arrives at the town square and Sheryl goes to meet her. Kate follows them out of the town square and hides behind the gate. Sheryl tells Jordan that she didn't plan on running into her. Jordan asks what she's doing there and what it has to do with Lucas.

Stefano tells Dr. Chyka that he can make any information at the hospital disappear. Chyka asks about information that Daniel might have at home or on his personal computer. Stefano tells him that's his problem and blames him for Kristen's situation getting worse. Stefano orders him to tie up the loose ends.

Daniel thanks Brady. Brady could understand if he doesn't trust him. Brady mentions he could tell Daniel was working on something he didn't want him to see when he came in. Daniel says that's nothing to do with him but about Stefano. Daniel explains that Stefano knows he's going to prove that Kristen drugged Eric and he just about has what he needs. Brady says that's great and hopes it works out.

Eric tells Nicole that he asked because he cares about her as a friend. Nicole asks why wouldn't she be happy. Eric says things between Daniel and Jennifer are unresolved. Nicole says they are resolved now. Eric understands if she's uncomfortable talking about Daniel. Nicole says she is because it's still new. Eric tells her that she deserves a great life. Nicole is not sure but Eric is. Eric hopes she gets that life and decides to let her get back to work while he goes to see what Daniel has. Nicole wishes him luck. Eric thanks her for everything as he then exits

Jennifer questions EJ. EJ tells her that she's not being discreet and people will find out. Jennifer says people will understand that Abigail was a victim. Jennifer then reveals that she's talking about Chad manipulating Abigail and how EJ knew about Chad's lie and helped him. Jennifer says Abigail never would've made the choices she made if she knew. EJ says Chad loved Abigail. Jennifer says EJ should've showed Chad not to be a coward. EJ tells her that Abigail is a big girl and will get over it. Abigail arrives outside the mansion. Jennifer asks what makes EJ so sure. EJ apologizes if Abigail was hurt. Jennifer complains that Abigail's trust was destroyed. EJ asks if she wants an apology. Jennifer says she just wants Abigail to stay away from EJ and any DiMera as she then storms out. Abigail turns around and notices Jennifer's car as the door then opens but Jennifer is turned around still talking to EJ so Abigail hides. Jennifer warns EJ about Chad and then leaves the mansion. Abigail appears in the doorway after she leaves.

Lucas sits with Rafe and they talk about Jordan. Rafe comments that Jordan is full of surprises.

Jordan tells Sheryl that she's sure she understands why seeing her was a surprise. Sheryl talks about how unhappy she was at her job and how she got brought here for a new one. Jordan calls it a strange coincidence. Sheryl asks if she thinks she's following her after how she treated her in Birmingham. Jordan apologizes but says she had to keep certain things private. Sheryl gets that she didn't want people to know. Jordan thought she explained it all to her.

Nicole watches Eric's interview back and then Brady arrives. Brady says he just came from seeing Daniel and now he's here to apologize to Nicole. Nicole says he's apologized and she knows she's hurt him before. Brady says she's been a great friend that's always there for him. Brady asks about her interview. Nicole supposes Eric is next for Brady to apologize to.

EJ brings Abigail inside and she asks what Jennifer was doing there. EJ questions what she is doing there as he thought they had an understanding. Abigail decided she needed to see him and asks why Jennifer is there. EJ informs her that she found out about Chad's lies and wasn't happy. Abigail says she told Jennifer which EJ questions why. Abigail declares that she decided it would be better than her finding out that she slept with EJ.

Nicole asks if Brady is going to apologize to Eric since he was there too. Brady says he said what he said to hurt Eric. Nicole thought he didn't mean that. Nicole argues that Eric was drugged out of his mind and Daniel has proved it. Brady says he's talked to Eric a couple of times and he thinks it's best to distance themselves right now. Nicole says Eric is not at fault. Brady says Eric is human like the rest of them. Brady suggests maybe Kristen wasn't the first person Eric wanted to be in bed with. Brady talks about Nicole always running to Eric's defense and asks why. Nicole asks if he's high again. Brady says the truth is easy to see when it's in your face.

Eric goes to see Daniel and asks about the good news. Daniel explains that he was given three drugs and says he's arranging for a DNA lab in Boston to finish the testing. Daniel says they are so close to proving what Kristen did to him and Eric will be back at the church in no time.

Jordan asks Sheryl about the job she's interviewing for. Sheryl says Kate is amazing. Jordan says she knows Kate too. Sheryl doesn't want Jordan to make this about her and talks about how she worked for this. Sheryl doesn't believe Kate would bring her to Salem to spite Jordan. Sheryl says her interview went well and she hopes she gets the job so if Salem isn't big enough for them then Jordan can leave. Jordan tries to talk but Sheryl says she thought they could be friends but not anymore as Sheryl then storms off.

Abigail worries about Jennifer ever finding out about this. Abigail talks about how she was lecturing JJ to be good while now she's the screw-up. EJ says people make love impulsively. Abigail asks EJ not to placate her. Abigail says she barely even knows EJ and she slept with him. Abigail continues worrying about Jennifer wanting what's best for her children. EJ encourages her about Jennifer not knowing. Abigail doesn't care because she knows and she can't live with herself. Someone enters the mansion and heads towards the living room. EJ says they both regret what happened but they can't undo it so they should agree to leave it in the past. Abigail decides she can't do that until EJ tells her why it happened.

Jordan returns to Rafe at the club and apologizes for taking longer than she thought. Rafe asks if everything is okay. She says it is and now has the afternoon to spend with him. They exit the club together.

Kate walks through the town square. Lucas approaches asking what she's doing there. Kate tells him to get the jet prepared to send Sheryl back to Birmingham to get the rest of her things so she can start work as soon as possible. Lucas mentions that she didn't meet marketing yet but Kate says she makes the decisions. Lucas tells her that he talked to Rafe and he likes Jordan. Kate doesn't know what that has to do with this. Kate thinks Lucas could hit it off with Sheryl and tells him to get the jet ready so she can get started.

Abigail tells EJ that he's acting like they both made a stupid mistake when only she did. She accuses EJ of wanting something but EJ argues that it's not true. Abigail tells EJ to admit that he took advantage of her while they are being watched by whomever entered the mansion.

Nicole tells Brady that she doesn't see Eric the same after he wrongly accused her. Brady questions why she's so invested in helping him still. Nicole says she wants justice like Daniel. Brady thinks she's still looking for any excuse to be around Eric but then she can't be with him after he's back as a priest.

Eric thanks Daniel for seeing everything through and goes to leave as Dr. Chyka arrives. Daniel asks if he can help him. Chyka says he's counting on it.

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