Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/9/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/9/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail has a nightmare about Jennifer walking in on her in bed with EJ. She wakes up on the couch in a panic as Jennifer comforts her.

EJ sits alone at the Pub. He pulls out his phone and thinks about calling Sami.

Gabi works on her homework and gets frustrated then thinks about Nick. Rafe and Jordan arrive to surprise her. Gabi says they are always welcome.

Kate and Lucas sit at the club. Kate says Jordan is a liar. Lucas says everyone lies a little. Kate talks about her private investigator not being able to dig up dirt on Jordan. Sheryl arrives to join them.

EJ decides not to call Sami. Eric approaches. EJ greets him. Eric asks if he's heard from Kristen. EJ says he knows Kristen is gone. Eric then asks where Sami is and why she left Salem.

Daniel comes home from work. Nicole greets him. Daniel tells her that he was at the lab with Eric's blood work and declares that he got everything. He picks Nicole up in celebration while shouting that he's got it.

Stefano answers a call that he's told is important. Stefano questions what Daniel has done.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she's fine. Jennifer asks why she couldn't sleep. Abigail says it was just the usual stuff. Jennifer brings up Smith Island and tells her that Hope said she wanted to talk about something. Jennifer questions what was so important that she had to go all the way out there.

EJ asks Eric why he's talking about Sami. Eric says he saw her with a suitcase and has doubts about a business meeting. Eric says he could tell that it was more than that and sensed they are having problems. EJ says that would be their business and suggests he have more respect for people's privacy.

Nicole wants Daniel to tell her everything. Daniel excitedly talks about everything he got. Nicole asks if this means Kristen will be hung for what she did to Eric. Daniel assures her that they have proof and he got past the masking agent. Daniel explains the combination of drugs he found.

Kate talks with Sheryl about staying in the Salem Inn. Kate brings up the interview going well and Sheryl is excited to work for them. Kate takes Sheryl aside and says she realizes there's something that may be a problem for her and asks if she wants to talk about. Sheryl says she doesn't know what she's referring to. Kate brings up Jordan. Kate says she wants Sheryl to be comfortable and asks for the reason that Jordan is a problem for her.

Gabi thanks Rafe for Arianna's christening dress. Gabi tells him that the christening is in two weeks. Rafe notes that date as a year to the day when Gabi was about to marry Nick.

Daniel explains to Nicole more about the test results and how he plans to find out who gave the drugs to Kristen to use on Eric. Daniel says this will lift Eric's suspension from the church. Nicole calls it amazing and hugs him.

Stefano says to keep him informed as he hangs up. Stefano declares that he needs information and exits the mansion.

Lucas interrupts Kate and Sheryl and reminds Kate that they weren't going to push Sheryl on that subject to protect her privacy. Kate thinks it should be aired out if it's a problem. Sheryl apologizes for giving the impression that it was important. Kate says she gave the impression that being around Jordan would be a problem for her. Sheryl asks why that would affect her job. Kate gets a call and steps away. Lucas assures Sheryl that it has nothing to do with her job. Kate gets a text from Sami asking what she's doing with Gabi and if she's taking care of it. Kate tells Lucas and Sheryl that she has to go and is glad to hear there are no issues.

Rafe apologizes to Gabi for bringing it up. Gabi says it's okay and remembers that day as a disaster but it's also the day that everyone found out that Will is Arianna's dad. Gabi says in a way, everything worked out and Arianna being okay is all that matters. Rafe hugs her and encourages her. Rafe mentions that he's happy Nick is out of her life for good.

Nicole reminds Daniel about Eric needing to think they are involved. Daniel says they are pretending and that's how it should be. They end up agreeing. Nicole asks how they avoid any more moments. Daniel suggests shaking hands instead of hugging so they shake hands. They wish each other luck awkwardly as Nicole then exits and Daniel goes to shower.

EJ tells Eric that Kristen is gone and he has no contact with her. EJ thinks Kristen's actions should affect him. EJ tells Eric that Sami left town on business. Eric is concerned about Sami. Eric says he can tell that EJ doesn't have a clear conscience when it comes to Sami.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she went to Smith Island to talk to Hope because she overreacted about something and wanted answers fast. Jennifer offers to talk. Abigail thanks her but says she's okay. Abigail asks Jennifer what's new with JJ. Jennifer thinks they spend enough time talking about JJ and not enough talking about Abigail. Jennifer tells her how proud she is of her. Jennifer is impressed by Abigail just starting her life. Abigail thinks back to being with EJ and comments that she's not ready for any of it.

Lucas shows Sheryl some Mad World campaigns and she praises them. She apologizes for getting excited about things. Lucas tells her that she has good energy.

Gabi suggests they talk about anything but Nick. Rafe talks about being glad that Nick is gone for good and didn't even come home for Christmas. Jordan reminds Rafe that Gabi didn't want to talk about Nick. Kate arrives and greets everyone. She says she didn't know Gabi had company and hopes she wasn't interrupting. Rafe says he and Jordan were just about to go get breakfast. Kate suggests they go to the club. Rafe apologizes if he upset Gabi. Gabi thanks him for the dress. Rafe exits with Jordan. Gabi asks Kate about sending them to the club. Kate says that's not important but they do have something important to talk about. Kate asks for an update on the situation with Abigail. Gabi tells her that EJ handled it.

EJ asks Eric if they are done. Eric says he can't force him to talk about Sami. Eric talks about wanting to clear his name and how he could be out of luck because of Kristen. Eric says some day people will know the truth about Kristen because the truth always comes to the surface. Eric exits the Pub.

Jennifer asks Abigail what's wrong but she tells her she's okay. Jennifer continues questioning her. Abigail says she screws everything up. Jennifer argues that's not true. Abigail talks about her bad choices getting worse. Jennifer asks if it's about her love life with Chad and Cameron. Jennifer doesn't want Abigail to blame herself because she did nothing wrong. Jennifer wants to know what is going on. Abigail agrees to tell her.

Daniel gets dressed as Stefano then arrives and asks if he can come in. Daniel looks over at the test results on his desk.

Nicole goes to her office and Eric arrives for the interview. Eric says he's ready to get to work. Nicole informs Eric that there's been a breakthrough.

Daniel tells Stefano that he was on his way out so he asks what he wants. Stefano mentions talking to Chad and he's grateful for Daniel saving his life. Daniel says he was just doing his job. Stefano asks if they can sit down and chat. Daniel says he's running late on his way to the hospital. Stefano says he understands so Daniel shuts the door. Stefano says son of a bitch and walks away. Daniel doesn't believe Stefano stopping by was a coincidence. He gathers up the test results and heads out.

Nicole tells Eric about Daniel's excitement over the test results and when they find the guy that gave Kristen the drugs, Eric will be clear. Nicole talks about having proof and the interview. Nicole tells Eric to just be himself on camera so this will be successful. Eric doesn't want to waste another minute. Eric then tells Nicole how grateful he is to her and Daniel for going above and beyond to help. Eric recalls when Nicole first came to St. Luke's trying to get over Daniel. Eric says they are now close again and make a great team. They agree to start the interview.

Jennifer sits with Abigail and says she's going to tell her what is going on. Abigail says she made a horrible mistake. Jennifer asks what kind of mistake. Abigail says it's really hard for her to say and she doesn't even know what possessed her. She starts to say it but thinks back to her nightmare and instead tells Jennifer that she slept with Chad.

Gabi assures Kate that Abigail doesn't know anything else and EJ took care of it. Kate doesn't think they can trust EJ about anything but Gabi says they have no choice. Kate is sure EJ was convincing. Kate tells Gabi to make sure that Abigail has dropped it. Kate suggests Gabi go see Abigail and back up everything EJ said. Gabi questions it being a good idea to remind Abigail about it. Kate questions if it hasn't been forgotten.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she already told her that she slept with Chad. Abigail explains that she doesn't know why and Chad manipulated her. Jennifer asks what he did. Abigail explains how Chad got Cameron to back off with the brain tumor and she slept with him for all the wrong reasons. Jennifer is sorry it happened to her. Abigail says she should've seen it coming and was an idiot. Jennifer doesn't want her to blame herself and calls Chad horrible. Jennifer says this is what DiMeras all do. Jennifer asks who else knows about it. Abigail says only Chad, Cameron, and Kayla know. Jennifer questions why she kept it from her. Abigail talks about how everyone was treating Chad like a hero when he got shot so she let it go. Jennifer says she hasn't let it go and she doesn't want her feeling bad about herself because of this. Jennifer encourages Abigail that it's not her fault as she hugs her.

Kate runs into EJ in the town square and says she heard about him taking care of things with Abigail. EJ blames Kate for the confusion since she didn't tell Gabi about having Nick's phone. Kate calls it a very complicated situation. EJ blames her for him having to go to Smith Island to handle things with Abigail. Kate mocks him acting like that was so hard.

Abigail sits alone with her homework and thinks back to sex with EJ. She stops herself and wonders how she could've been so stupid.

Nicole prepares to begin interviewing Eric.

Daniel goes to his office and sits at his computer to check his e-mail and print out the list of names he received to track who gave Kristen the drugs. Daniel goes to the desk and gets the printout from Maxine. Daniel turns around and runs into Jennifer. They apologize for bumping into each other. Daniel says he was just in the middle of making some progress. Jennifer says she's glad. Daniel thanks her. Jennifer notes that Daniel's bandage is gone and says she's glad it's better. Daniel heads back to his office. Jennifer tells Maxine not to say a word.

Nicole brings up the sex tape airing in the church. Eric calls it very devastating. Nicole asks Eric about being drugged and assaulted by Kristen. Eric insists and hopes he will be able to prove his innocence.

Stefano sits at his desk with a drink and tells his associate that Daniel is obviously hiding something. Stefano fears Daniel is on the verge of proving what Kristen did to Eric and declares that it cannot and will not happen.

Rafe goes to the club and greets Lucas. Rafe mentions that Jordan is getting them some coffee. Jordan gets the coffee at the counter and turns around to see Sheryl.

Kate tells EJ that she sent Gabi to talk to Abigail to back up EJ's story. EJ questions why she would do that. Kate thinks it's best to have Gabi support what EJ said. EJ says he took care of it and continues blaming Kate for the whole situation. Kate questions what EJ did to Abigail.

Gabi goes to see Abigail. Gabi tells her that EJ told her everything and says he's incredible.

Eric says he wants to clear his name and get back to doing God's work. Nicole asks if it's most painful to not be able to do that. Eric says what's crushing him the most is not remembering what happened and how he hurt a dear friend deeply. Eric calls that his biggest regret.

Daniel goes over the list of doctors names to check out.

Stefano states that the clock is ticking and it's only a matter of time before Daniel discovers Dr. Chyka's name and it will compromise Kristen beyond measure. Stefano says this needs a quick solution. Stefano's associate asks if he wants him to kill Daniel.

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