Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/8/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/8/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa sits in the pub and calls JJ with a message, telling him that he better be there soon as she needs something to take the edge off from her meeting. She hangs up and Hope enters. Theresa approaches and wishes her a happy new year. Hope is glad to see her as she wanted to talk to her about JJ.

A cop follows in and stops Cole, calling in that he's got the shoplifters and grabs JJ and Rory too. Rory complains that they weren't doing anything. The cop says they won't have a problem then and orders their bags on the table. He orders the bags to be opened. Abe arrives and questions what is going on.

Rafe and Jordan arrive at the club. Rafe greets Kate and she calls it a surprise. Kate then spots Sheryl outside looking through her purse. Lucas goes outside to take care of her. Kate comments on Rafe's progress and he says he's doing great. Lucas catches up with Sheryl outside and encourages that she will fit right in at Mad World. Lucas mentions that they will meet at the Brady Pub. Sheryl looks in the window and says she doesn't believe it. Rafe notices Kate is distracted and asks if something is wrong.

At home, Will tells Sonny that one of his short stories will be published online. Sonny tells him he's proud of him and hugs him. Gabi comes in and asks if EJ stopped Abigail.

EJ and Abigail continue kissing in bed. EJ stops and says he thought they agreed it could never happen again. Abigail says they did and it can't happen ever again but then they continue anyways.

Theresa asks Hope why she wants to talk to her about JJ. Hope brings up Jennifer wanting her to stay away from JJ. Hope questions why she saw Theresa talking to JJ.

The cop explains to Abe that he chased three kids from shoplifting. JJ argues that it wasn't them. The cop wonders why they won't open their bags then. JJ tells Cole to speak up and tell him that it wasn't them.

Abigail and EJ lay in bed after having sex again. Abigail worries about her life being a disaster and says she's done something incredibly stupid. She wonders what's wrong for her. EJ tells her nothing is wrong with her. EJ says what happened has happened and they didn't plan it. EJ says they can agree it shouldn't have happened. Abigail adds that it can never happen again.

Rafe tells Kate that she looked upset and asks if it's Lucas. Jordan hopes they didn't interrupt. Kate says they were just working so she welcomes the interruption.

Lucas asks Sheryl if something is wrong but she says it's nothing and she'll meet him at the Pub then quickly hurries off.

Kate tells Rafe that she's glad she ran into him because she was going to stop by and check on him later. Lucas rejoins them and tells Kate that he handled things. Kate decides they will get back to work. Rafe and Jordan go on to get a table. Lucas tells Kate about how Sheryl rushed off after seeing Jordan. Kate encourages Lucas to grill Sheryl because she thinks she can solve the mystery of Jordan.

Theresa tells Hope that she was just wishing JJ a merry Christmas but he still hates her. Hope questions what she wanted to accomplish. Theresa says they are bound to run into each other. Hope points out that JJ didn't seem too happy. Ciara arrives with her friend Corey and Corey's mom Helen. Helen talks about the kids preparing to paint. Ciara reveals to Hope that she tore her uniform. Hope questions what happened.

JJ tells Cole to tell the cop. Cole complains about his ankle. Abe orders the bags to be opened and pockets to be emptied. The store manager arrives and clears JJ and Rory as not being the shoplifters but recognizes Cole and says it was him and his two friends. Cole gets hauled off while Abe tells JJ and Rory that they are clear. Rory exits while Abe stops JJ and says they need to talk.

Will questions what Abigail has to do with anything. Sonny tells Gabi to tell him. Gabi explains to Will about the text message that she thought was from Nick. Will apologizes and says they should've told Gabi. Gabi adds that EJ said he would figure out a way to stop Abigail from getting to Hope. Sonny insists that EJ can find a way.

EJ and Abigail get dressed and he tells her that they will get back to Salem. Abigail worries about missing the ferry. EJ says he will take her on his boat. Abigail wonders if someone will see them. EJ says she can come up with a story. EJ hopes Abigail will not tell Hope about Nick's text message. Abigail tells EJ not to worry and says she doesn't want Hope to know that she came looking for her. Abigail worries about anyone from her family finding out that she slept with EJ. EJ says it wouldn't be good for him either. Abigail declares that Sami would kill her. Abigail says she's so embarrassed. EJ assures her that everything will be fine. Abigail says they will just go back to their lives now and EJ agrees that it will be like it never happened.

Rafe sits with Jordan and asks if Kate is making her uncomfortable. Jordan says she won't let her. Rafe reminds Jordan that Kate ended things with him and he made it very clear they are just friends.

Kate asks Lucas what Sheryl said when she saw Jordan. Lucas says that Sheryl said she couldn't believe it and took off. Lucas thinks they could just be acquaintances but Kate says they were very close friends. Lucas asks what her plan is now. Kate doesn't know but is glad they brought Sheryl in to town.

Hope has Helen take Corey to the library so that she can talk to Ciara alone. Hope asks Ciara if another kid ripped her uniform because she was being teased about Eric. Ciara insists that nobody did that. Hope asks Theresa to keep Ciara company while she makes a call. Ciara tells Theresa that Hope is calling the school because she doesn't believe her. Theresa tells Ciara that she's covered if she told the truth but Ciara turns away.

Abe tells JJ that he's very happy that he kept his word to Jennifer and is pulling his life together. JJ swears that he doesn't want to hurt Jennifer any more than he has. Abe says that's what he wanted to hear and walks away. Rory returns and tells JJ that was close. JJ worries that his life would be doomed if the cops figured out he was carrying. JJ's phone rings and he says he has to go. Rory asks if he's going to smoke some pot. JJ declares he's going to kick some ass and will call him later as they go their separate ways.

Sonny asks Will about Smith Island. Will mentions there being no cell phone service and wonders why Sami isn't handling this. Gabi brings Arianna in. Sonny takes Arianna and suggests Gabi and Will go on a walk and call EJ. They agree so Will and Gabi exit.

EJ and Abigail make the bed as Abigail talks about not wanting Hope to know anyone was in the bed. Abigail mentions thinking they could be friends. EJ suggests they still can be and Abigail agrees. EJ helps Abigail put her jacket on and they leave the cabin together.

Hope returns from her call and thanks Theresa. Theresa says she has to go and says goodbye. Theresa tells Hope that she has a really good kid. Hope thanks her and agrees. Theresa exits. Ciara asks Hope about her call. Hope says she called Father Matt about what happened today and questions Ciara about it. Ciara asks if she can still go on her play date or if she's mad at her. Hope says she's not mad, just wants to know that she's okay and no one lays a hand on her as they hug. Helen returns with Corey to get Ciara. Hope asks Helen to call her if Corey mentions anything about Ciara being bullied. Helen agrees then exits with the kids.

Kate exits the club. Rafe ask Jordan what's wrong but she says it's nothing.

Hope meets Abigail in the town square and says her text seemed important but Abigail says it was no big deal. Hope says it must have been since she went out to Smith Island to find her.

Gabi and Will go to the DiMera Mansion and Gabi asks EJ if he got Abigail to keep her mouth shut about Nick.

Theresa returns home and checks her phone but has nothing which upsets her. JJ then arrives and tells her how much he hates being her errand boy. JJ tells her about almost getting caught and gives her the weed. Theresa tells him that she doesn't want him to go to prison. JJ tells her not to act like she cares about him. JJ thinks getting caught and going to prison is the only way to get rid of Theresa. Theresa says she's sorry about what happened and doesn't want them to be enemies. JJ says everything she's done to him and Jennifer makes it seem like they can't be anything else. She tells him to have it his way.

Kate and Lucas sit at the Pub as Sheryl arrives to join them. Kate asks Sheryl about looking upset when she came back for her date book. Sheryl admits that she was upset. Kate asks if she's okay. Sheryl brings up Jordan.

Rafe talks to Jordan about growing up near Salem. Rafe asks her about her life in Birmingham and why she moved to Salem.

Abigail asks Hope how she knew about her going to Smith Island. Hope says her friend saw her on the ferry. Hope says she had to stay for Ciara and says she's sorry that she went out there for nothing. Abigail says it's fine. Hope asks how Abigail got back to Salem. She says she just got a ride from someone with a boat. Hope asks if it's someone they know. Abigail thinks back to being in bed with EJ.

EJ tells Gabi not to worry because Abigail is not going to say anything. Gabi asks what he said. EJ says it doesn't matter but it worked. EJ tells her that he convinced Abigail that Nick upset her and she won't be bringing him up again. Gabi asks if that's all he said to her.

Kate acts surprised that Sheryl knows Jordan. Sheryl mentions Jordan not being born in Alabama. Kate questions Sheryl about being upset to see Jordan. Sheryl says they were friends and she's not sure if they still are. Sheryl says they used to be really close and then everything changed.

Jordan tells Rafe that she moved to Salem after reading his case file and wanting to take on the challenge. Rafe is surprised that she moved because of him and jokes with her as they hold hands.

Abigail tells Hope that someone she knows had a boat there so she caught a ride. Abigail says she didn't mean to worry her. Hope thinks she seemed upset and offers to talk but Abigail says she wouldn't know where to begin. Hope suggests the beginning.

EJ tells Gabi that he told Abigail about Nick trying to force her to move to New York and things not ending well. Gabi hopes Abigail doesn't find anything out. EJ tells her to focus. Will thanks EJ for keeping Sami out of it and asks where she is. EJ says she's out of town on business. Will is surprised that she didn't let him know. Gabi says they have to get back to Arianna. Will decides to stay behind and says he will catch up with Gabi later. Gabi thanks EJ and exits. Will tells EJ to level with him and asks what's going on with him and Sami. EJ suggests he talk to Sami. Will says she's not there while EJ is. Will says EJ has gone out of his way for him and his family because he loves Sami so much. Will adds that he hopes Sami appreciates all that EJ has done for them. EJ thanks him. Will says he should be thanking EJ. Will apologizes for making his life more complicated and then exits the mansion.

Theresa tells JJ that he's going to do exactly as he's told if he doesn't want the video to go to the judge. Theresa tells him that most of what she asks him to do will be legal. JJ says he won't give any information on Daniel. Theresa warns him that not doing what she says will ruin Jennifer's life. JJ exits and calls Rory. JJ tells Rory that he's coming to the town square to talk to him before he goes nuts.

Sheryl doesn't know if she should talk about Jordan's personal business. Kate agrees and calls it an amazing coincidence that they know each other. Kate decides to go. Sheryl asks if she just blew her chances. Lucas tells her that she made a very good impression.

JJ meets with Rory outside the town square and tells him about getting high with Theresa when she overdosed and there being video of it. JJ tells her about Theresa blackmailing him. Rory asks what she can do after the hearing. JJ says she will find another way to use what she has unless he does it to her first.

Theresa declares that she's so not done with JJ or Jennifer.

Jordan tells Rafe it's time to go since he's starting to look tired. Jordan says she had a great time. Kate returns looking for her tablet. Rafe and Jordan exit. Kate says to herself for Jordan to enjoy it while she can because whatever she's hiding won't be hidden much longer.

Will returns home. Gabi asks what EJ said after she left. Will says they didn't really talk about her. Gabi goes to check on Arianna. Sonny says it sounds like EJ averted a crisis. Will says for now but Nick is still dead and he has a feeling that none of this is ever going away.

Abigail thanks Hope for her offer but says she'll figure things out on her own. They hug. Hope recalls being Abigail's age and says she's always there if she needs to talk. Hope promises it would stay between them. Abigail thanks her. Hope then walks away. Abigail sighs and states that she can't tell anyone about this.

EJ sits at home with a drink. He looks at the family photo and questions what he has done.

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