Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/7/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/7/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ gets a call from Theresa, asking where he is. Theresa says she placed an order and wants the rest today. JJ reminds her that his sentence hearing is coming up and if he gets caught, he goes to prison. She tells him not to get caught. JJ says she has no idea how much he hates her for everything that she's done.

Eric meets with Father Matt and tells him about Brady's relapse and his anger. Matt notes that Brady won't be doing the interview with Nicole. Eric says Nicole will have to drop the story unless he gets interviewed. Father Matt says he's told the bishop about Eric's dedication and they agreed to let Eric do the interview. Matt encourages Eric to set it up unless he's worried about working with Nicole again because of his feelings.

Daniel talks on the phone at home about Eric's test results as Nicole comes in. Daniel says he's just frustrated trying to find something in the test results. Daniel complains about Kristen and they talk about what she did to Eric and Brady. Daniel decides that if he can't help Eric, he's going to have a talk with the drug dealer.

Brady continues drinking until Maggie calls out for him so he hides his drink. Maggie comes in and asks if he's alright because he looks flushed.

Kate walks through the town square, talking on the phone with Gabi about her using Nick's phone. Kate assures Gabi that she won't have to worry about Abigail because EJ will stop her from talking to Hope since he's very convincing.

EJ and Abigail continue kissing. EJ stops and apologizes, saying he shouldn't but Abigail kisses him and they continue.

JJ warns Theresa that she will get what she deserves one day. Theresa advises him not to threaten her. She tells him that she will be waiting for his call. JJ hangs up as Jennifer enters and asks what that was all about.

Brady claims to Maggie that he's just feeling sick. Maggie brings up an AA meeting that she's leading later and suggests Brady go. Brady thanks her for always looking out for her and says he will meet her at the meeting. Maggie then exits. Brady goes back to his drink and finishes it.

Daniel tells Nicole that he knows Brady's drug dealer from pumping his stomach one time in the ER. Daniel says he's going to the park to convince the dealer to leave Salem. Nicole notes that it still might not keep Brady from using. Daniel says it will cut off one source. Nicole tells him that he can't do this on his own and decides she's going with him.

Abigail and EJ continue kissing but end up pulling away from each other. EJ grabs his things but she stops him and they kiss again while beginning to undress each other. EJ ends up on top of her in the bed as they continue kissing.

Rafe works out in the physical therapy room at the hospital with Pete. Rafe talks about wanting to get his job back and mentions that his job isn't the only reason he's getting back to 100%.

Jordan stands in the hospital and thinks back to kissing Rafe.

Kate meets with Lucas at the club. Lucas assumes she's about to ruin someone's life. Kate says she's going to present a once in a lifetime chance to someone. Kate tells Lucas that she wants him to interview the woman coming from Birmingham for a job at Mad World but Lucas says no.

Juanita from the AA meeting goes to see Theresa. Theresa tries to say something came up but Juanita tells her to save it and to go.

JJ claims to Jennifer that it's just some kids from school giving him a hard time about being busted. Jennifer offers to call their parents. JJ insists that he's fine. JJ notes that Liam called and he left his number. He asks if she's going to go out with Liam again. Jennifer says that she is and JJ is going to do nothing about it. JJ says that's fine but he still thinks she's making a big mistake.

Eric tells Father Matt that he can handle his feelings for Nicole and he won't let anything get in his way of rejoining the priesthood. Eric points out that Nicole has moved on with someone else now so his feelings will fade away.

Daniel warns Nicole of how dangerous the dealer is and says that Nicole is not going. Nicole agrees not to go and asks Daniel to be careful. Daniel says he will be as he exits. Nicole mocks Daniel's suggestion and follows him out anyway.

Jordan goes and watches Rafe from the doorway while Rafe talks to Pete about being able to walk again. They credit Jordan for Rafe's improvement and Rafe says he doesn't know what he would've done without her in his life.

Kate and Lucas argue leading to Lucas agreeing to do the interview but in his own way. Lucas tells Kate that she can get any dirt she wants on her own. Kate says their guest is outside so she will be scarce. Kate reminds Lucas that she has nothing to do with this and exits, leaving Lucas wondering what he has gotten himself into.

Jennifer tells JJ that she can't mourn Jack forever. JJ says he wants her to move on with someone special and he's not sure that Liam is the right guy. She questions who is. JJ doesn't want her to get hurt again. JJ talks about the hurt he caused her and says he wants her to be happy. JJ tells her he loves her and hugs her.

Theresa sits with Juanita and Maggie at the AA meeting and complains about being forced to go to the meeting. Maggie brings up Daniel saving her life and how her life is still at risk. Maggie tells Theresa that the room can see through her. Brady arrives and joins the meeting. Theresa talks about Brady finding time for a meeting after being too busy before. Maggie starts the meeting by introducing herself and has Brady do the same. Brady declares that he recently fell off the wagon.

Daniel approaches the drug dealer in the park. Daniel tells him that he's going to have to close up shop. He tells Daniel that he can't tell him how to live his life. Daniel tells him not to live in Salem. He tells Daniel to get out of there but Daniel refuses to leave until he agrees to leave Salem. Daniel punches the dealer, knocking a knife off of him. They struggle to the ground as Nicole arrives and grabs the knife to hold off the dealer. Daniel brings up telling her to stay home but thanks her.

Abigail removes EJ's shirt as they kiss on the bed and he begins undressing her.

Lucas meets with the woman that Kate brought in. She introduces herself as Sheryl as Kate watches from nearby.

Pete exits and Jordan enters to see Rafe. They joke about her wearing the coach shirt that Rafe got her. Jordan says she loves it and thanks him. Rafe talks about the workout going good. Rafe suggests going to dinner and Jordan agrees.

Eric goes to see Jennifer and she tells him that he's going to be taking photos for the hospital. Eric owes her for the job. Jennifer blames herself for being a loyal friend to Kristen. Eric says she had no way of knowing. Jennifer talks about being sick of what she did and prays that they can prove Eric's innocence. Eric mentions Daniel so Jennifer wants to change the subject. Eric notes that she's really mad at Daniel but asks if she knows the whole story.

Daniel tells the dealer to leave Salem. He questions why he should uproot his life. Daniel brings up Victor and reveals that he's his godfather and how Brady is his grandson. Nicole takes a picture of the dealer to threaten to show Victor. JJ watches from the bushes and makes a sound then hides while Daniel wonders what it was.

EJ and Abigail lay in bed after having sex.

Kate hides around the corner to listen in on Lucas' meeting with Sheryl. Lucas brings up family concerns for her relocating but she mentions that she's single. Kate walks by and pretends like she just happened to run into them. Lucas introduces Sheryl to Kate. Kate has Sheryl point out that she's from Birmingham. Sheryl reveals that she knows someone who just moved to Salem which Kate acts surprised by.

Theresa talks to Brady after the AA meeting about being an addict. Brady suggests she keep her observations to herself as he exits. Maggie asks Theresa about Brady and she calls him a jerk.

Jennifer tells Eric that she doesn't know the whole story and asks if he does. Eric thinks back to Nicole telling him how Daniel saved Theresa's life. Eric tells Jennifer that he just doesn't think anything happened as it's hard to believe Daniel would hurt her like that. Jennifer says she's moved on and she's sure Daniel has too. Eric agrees and decides to go. Eric thanks her for the job.

JJ hides in the bushes while Nicole blames a squirrel for the noise. Daniel tells the dealer to leave Salem and threatens to go to Victor if he doesn't. Nicole suggests the dealer find a new line of work. The dealer agrees to leave and never be heard from again as he exits. Nicole comments to Daniel that she feels like a badass, threatening the bad guys and jokes about getting a job at the police department. Daniel suggests they quit while they are ahead.

EJ tells Abigail that he hopes she knows he didn't mean for this to happen and he just came to talk about Gabi. Abigail asks if he thinks he took advantage of her. Abigail says she's a grown woman and if she didn't want this to happen then it wouldn't have happened. EJ apologizes. Abigail understands he got caught up and carried away. Abigail mocks the idea that she's weak and can't think for herself. EJ asks her to listen to what he's trying to say.

Kate asks Sheryl about the person she knows. Sheryl says she hasn't talked to her yet. Kate suggests Sheryl go relax at the Salem Inn and the interview can continue later. She thanks her and exits. Lucas complains to Kate about getting Sheryl's hopes up. Kate says she will handle getting her information delicately. Lucas says he won't be the one to tell her that she's not getting the job. Kate then tells him to give her a job.

JJ meets outside the town square with Rory. Rory questions why he should help him when he only calls if he needs something. JJ says he really needs his help right now. Rory notes that he's really scared right now. Rory gives JJ his stash. JJ thanks him for saving his life.

Theresa apologizes to Maggie and says she's nervous from the meeting and says things she doesn't mean. Theresa asks if she can help Brady. Maggie suggests she concentrate on her own problems. Theresa is glad she ran into Maggie and says she hopes to get to know her better since Daniel is practically her best friend. Maggie suggests she find other friends and stay away from Daniel.

Nicole meets with Eric in the Pub and asks how it went with Brady. Eric says not well since Brady told him to stay away from him. Nicole blames it on Brady lashing out from Kristen. Eric blames it on the drugs. Nicole talks about Brady not being able to do the interview. Eric then informs Nicole that she can interview him.

EJ brings up Chad. Abigail realizes that she's only slept with two men in her life and they are brothers and DiMeras. She worries and asks EJ if he and Chad are going to compare notes. EJ tells her of course not. Abigail tells EJ not to pretend that this was amazing. She says she knows she doesn't know what she's doing but doesn't want EJ to try and make her feel better. EJ says that what he's been trying to say is that what happened between them was lovely.

Lucas tells Kate that she never told him this job was for real. Kate says he'll have to fire someone. Kate points out that she left her notebook behind. Lucas stops her and says she isn't looking through her personal things. Rafe and Jordan arrive. Rafe greets Kate and she calls it a surprise. Kate then spots Sheryl outside looking through her purse.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and runs into Daniel. They apologize for bumping into one another. She notes the bandage on his head and asks what happened. Daniel says he was just clumsy. Jennifer brings up Eric telling her how Daniel is helping him. Daniel says he's just trying to get to the truth. Jennifer thinks he's just a very good person and friend and apologizes for forgetting that at times during their relationship. Daniel tells her she doesn't have to apologize and he thinks she's a good person too. Jennifer says it's too bad they couldn't figure out how to be good to each other as she walks away.

JJ walks through the town square with Rory, telling him how much he owes him. Two guys run past them followed by Cole, who bumps into them and falls down. A cop follows in and stops Cole, calling in that he's got the shoplifters and grabs JJ and Rory too. Rory complains that they weren't doing anything. The cop says they won't have a problem then and orders their bags on the table. He orders the bags to be opened.

Nicole tells Eric that the interview could be rough as she will ask some tough questions. Eric says this interview may be the only chance to let people know what really happened then maybe he can be a priest again.

Brady returns home and pours another drink. Brady says alcohol is Maggie's addiction, not his, as he drinks the glass.

Abigail asks EJ about thinking it was lovely. He says absolutely but it still shouldn't have happened. EJ calls her young and beautiful. EJ praises her as smart and says he always really enjoyed talking to her. EJ thinks that's part of what made this so lovely. Abigail thanks him and they kiss.

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