Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/3/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/3/14Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/3/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Jordan continue kissing until Kate arrives and walks in, interrupting them. Kate then comments that she didn't realize they were in the middle of physical therapy.

Abigail gets a text back from Nick's phone, apologizing for being out of touch and says everything is going swimmingly. Gabi then drops her drink, smashing it on the floor. Abigail asks if she's okay and notes Gabi is shaking. Abigail asks if it's about Nick and Gabi blurts out that Nick didn't send that text.

Sami calls this a complicated conversation that she can't settle right now. EJ declares they are going to settle it right now and slams the doors shut, saying Sami isn't going anywhere. Sami argues that she can still leave and walk out the door. EJ tells her to answer him first and asks if she's going to marry him or not.

Eric sits in Nicole's office looking through the pictures he took of her. Nicole arrives and asks what he's doing there. He wanted to bring her the proofs from their photoshoot and shows them to her. Eric then asks if she and Daniel had a nice New Year's.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking for Brady but Maggie says he's not around. Daniel asks if Brady is okay. Maggie says that he's fine and asks why. Daniel realizes that she hasn't talked to him and then reveals that he relapsed.

Brady meets with the drug dealer in the park and pays him but he notes that Brady is short on the amount. Brady says he's good for it and gets the cocaine as the dealer then exits. Brady sits down on the bench and prepares to take the cocaine as he's being watched from the bushes.

Nicole tells Eric that New Year's was nice and thanks him for the proofs. She mentions that he could've just e-mailed the pictures but Eric says he needed to see her about Brady.

Maggie and Daniel make calls trying to find Brady. Maggie finds out that he hasn't been near his office. Daniel only gets his voicemail. Daniel brings up Eric and Nicole knowing as well. Daniel decides he's going to the park to see if the drug dealer has heard from him.

Brady remains in the park as two men approach from the bushes and ask for the time. One of the guys tells him that they are going to take his watch, his wallet, and the cocaine.

EJ tells Sami that he's tried being reasonable and patient. Sami questions why he's doing this after they had such a nice night and she thought they were making progress. EJ questions her not kissing him on New Year's Eve and now she's sneaking out of the house. EJ questions what kind of game she is playing.

Gabi blames dropping the drink on being clumsy. Abigail says she was surprised to hear from Nick too but assures that it was really him and shows her the text. Gabi notes that it is Nick's number. Gabi mentions that no one had heard from Nick. Abigail mentions Hope hearing from him when he first got there which Gabi didn't know. Abigail suggests Nick must have resurfaced. Gabi decides she's going to take Arianna home for a nap. Abigail points out that Arianna is already asleep and asks her what's going on and what about Nick is upsetting her so much.

Jordan informs Kate that she's not Rafe's physical therapist anymore. Kate questions if she's his masseuse. Rafe greets Kate. Kate apologizes for interrupting. Rafe tells her it's okay. Jordan decides she needs to go but Rafe tells her to stay and keep Kate company while he goes to put some clothes on. Kate notes that Rafe is doing great on walking and Jordan agrees.

Gabi tells Abigail that it's just strange to hear from Nick anymore. Abigail questions how she's acting and tells her to stop. Gabi says it's no big deal. Abigail thinks it clearly is and asks if something happened between her and Nick.

Sami tells EJ that she's not playing a game but trying to figure out how to trust him again. EJ tells her how she's happy to let him clean up her mess. EJ says he gave up everything he owns to keep her out of prison. Sami says she knows what he's done for her but EJ thinks she has no idea. Sami questions if he wanted a prize. EJ shouts that he does things because he loves her and has done everything to prove it to her. Sami says except the truth which is all she wants from him. Sami says if EJ wants to get marry then he has to tell her what he knew about Kristen and Eric then she will marry him today.

Eric asks Nicole if she's spoken to Brady but she says she's only texted him. Eric says it's hard for him to tell if he's okay. Nicole thinks Brady must be embarrassed over his relapse. Nicole brings up Brady going to the AA meeting and asks Eric about it. Eric says it was a closed meeting so he couldn't go with him and when he got there after, Brady was already gone. Eric remembers he has to get to the church to meet with Father Matt. Eric stops to show Nicole his favorite pictures from her photoshoot. Nicole thanks him and assures him that the truth will come out when Daniel clears his name and he'll be back at work. Eric hopes so and then exits. Eric left his phone and it rings. Nicole goes out and calls after him but he's already gone. Nicole sees the call is from Maggie. Nicole then gets a call on her own phone from Maggie and answers it, asking what's going on. Maggie asks if she's seen Brady in the last 24 hours.

Brady tries to fight off the two men but they take him down and beat him up.

Kate apologizes for barging in and says they shouldn't leave the door ajar. Jordan thanks her for the tip. Kate tells Jordan that she owes her an apology for being out of line during the holidays. Kate says she only wants what's best for Rafe and adds that Jordan has worked miracles with her physical therapy so she understands that Rafe is grateful.

Gabi thinks back to Kate warning her about keeping the secret. Gabi tells Abigail that nothing happened with Nick. Gabi says it was nice having lunch and she'll text her to do it again sometime. Abigail pulls out her phone to call Hope and says they all love Nick as their family but if he's hurting Gabi. Gabi then stops her and tells her not to call Hope.

EJ tells Sami fine and sits down. EJ makes up a story about he and Kristen using the basement as a lab to put the drugs together and slip them into Eric's drink. EJ mocks the idea that he would do that to Sami. Sami questions if he thinks it's funny. EJ tells her it's not funny and asks if she really would've believed that. EJ tells her that he told the truth that he found out an hour before it came out but Sami won't accept it and is convinced he's lying. Sami claims she can feel it and the feeling won't go away. Sami says until it goes away, she won't set a date. Sami brings up how many times she's been almost married and refuses to do it again. Sami says she can't stand at the altar while so in love with him only to have someone come in at the last second with a secret. EJ says he would never let that happen to her. Sami asks if he means ever again. Sami cries that she doesn't know what to believe. EJ tries to convince her to believe in him. Sami says she wants to. Sami's phone rings but EJ holds onto her. Sami worries that it's the office because she's late. Sami tells EJ that they are just talking in circles and she doesn't know why he's pushing this right now. Sami says she will go to Chicago for her meeting then come home and finish their conversation or she can pack the rest of her things.

The two men beat up Brady and take his wallet and cocaine. Daniel arrives and knocks down one of the guys as they run away. Daniel checks on Brady as he regains consciousness.

Maggie tells Nicole that Daniel went looking for Brady's dealer. Nicole tells Maggie that she's on her way and hurries out.

Father Matt meets with Eric and asks for an update on his case. Eric says they are still waiting on test results and they haven't found Kristen. Matt asks what's troubling him and reminds him that everything is confidential. Eric says it's something he can't say but he has to admit to the fact that he has feelings for Nicole that go far beyond friendship.

Jordan asks Kate if she thinks Rafe is just grateful to her. Kate brings up having a serious illness before and getting a crush on her caregiver. Kate says it makes sense and talks about Jordan keeping her distance before. Jordan brings up Kate thinking she was seducing Rafe. Kate says she knows she created the tension between them but she wants to start over. Rafe comes back in and says he likes the sound of that.

Daniel calls Maggie and tells her that he found Brady and just wanted to let her know. Daniel checks on Brady. Nicole arrives and asks if he's okay. Daniel says he just got roughed up a bit but he'll be fine without going to the hospital. Nicole suggests getting him home. Daniel and Nicole help Brady up and walk off with him.

Eric tells Father Matt that the dream he told him about was about loving Nicole. Eric says he tried to explain it but he's a priest. Father Matt says priests are humans too and asks what he will do about it. Eric says he wouldn't do anything. Matt suggests the feelings are comfort that Eric could have another life if he wasn't a priest. Father Matt notes that he's assuming Eric still wants to be a priest and asks if he does.

Sami asks EJ if she should go get her things and the kids to leave. EJ tells her that her and the kids' home is with him. EJ questions her threatening to move out. Sami says she will not be held hostage. EJ says he only asked her a question. Sami asks if he wants the answer that he'd get right now. Sami's phone rings again and she tells EJ that they won't stop calling. EJ tells her to go. Sami says she'll be back as soon as she can. She takes her bag and thanks him for understanding as she exits. EJ laughs it off and says he doesn't understand a damn thing.

Abigail tells Gabi that they need to call Hope if she's this scared. Gabi insists that she's not scared. Abigail remembers that Hope is at Smith Island with Ciara so she won't have service. Gabi says it's for the best. Gabi apologizes for upsetting her and says she doesn't want to be reminded of Nick. Gabi asks her to just let it go. Abigail says she'll think about it as Gabi exits.

Eric tells Father Matt that he does want to be a priest as it's his calling. Matt asks about his feelings for Nicole and suggests it's from working together. Eric points out that it's not mutual as Nicole has moved on with someone else and he doesn't think she'd feel the same way either way after what he did. Eric says he hurt her very deeply by accusing her. Eric says the good news is that his feelings are just his and he can handle that. Father Matt asks about his test results. Eric says he'll get them soon. Matt prays they will reveal the truth. Eric says he needs to get back because the church is where he belongs now more than ever.

Daniel and Nicole bring Brady home. Maggie checks on him and tells Brady that he lied to all of them which is what addicts do. Maggie asks if Brady is ready to tell them. Brady says he thought he was okay but admits he played them because he wanted to be alone. Brady says he was embarrassed and mad and wanted a buzz so he played his friends. Maggie asks if he's proud of that. Brady admits he's not. Maggie says that's good. She asks about his beating. Daniel says he's just a little banged up but won't have to go to the hospital. Maggie wants to talk about a program. Brady says he doesn't need that. Maggie insists on a meeting as soon as possible. Nicole gives him back his watch that the attackers almost stole. Brady notes a meeting starting soon and Maggie offers to take him. Maggie encourages him. Brady thanks Daniel and Nicole for saving his life as he then exits with Maggie.

Kate says the reason she came was for Arianna's christening this month so she brought Rafe the gown that he had bought for her. Rafe thanks her and is glad they waited. Rafe says he'll be able to stand up for his niece which Kate credits Jordan for.

Gabi goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking to speak with Sami immediately but Harold tells her she's away on business. EJ interrupts and says he will take it. Gabi tells EJ that Nick is alive. EJ tells her to never say that. Gabi freaks out but EJ calms her down. EJ asks why she thinks Nick is alive. Gabi explains the text message until EJ informs her that Kate has Nick's phone to text the Hortons and keep up the illusion that Nick is still alive. Gabi realizes now that Nick is still dead and says Kate doing that is really smart. EJ suggests they communicate with each other considering what is at stake. Gabi then brings up Abigail.

Abigail walks through the town square, making a call to get to Smith Island.

Kate leaves Rafe's. Rafe apologizes to Jordan for that. Jordan points out that Kate said she's okay with them. Rafe asks Jordan what they are and tries to kiss her but Jordan says she's actually glad that Kate came when she did.

Nicole goes back to her office with Daniel and talks about hating to see Brady like that. Nicole brings up that Brady could've died. Daniel encourages her that Brady is finding himself. Nicole worries about leaving Brady alone. Daniel says he knows she never will. Daniel adds that Brady is lucky to have Nicole in his corner like everyone else in her life.

Gabi tells EJ about Abigail insisting on calling Hope. Gabi worries about Hope coming to her with questions and she doesn't know what she would do. EJ takes Gabi's phone to text Abigail to talk to her before she goes to Hope. EJ says that should buy them some time. Gabi worries about Abigail being smart. Abigail texts back that she's on her way to Smith Island because Hope needs to know. Gabi freaks out about Hope finding out and questioning her. EJ stops Gabi and tells her to go home and not to answer any calls that aren't from him. EJ makes a call, ordering the boat to be fueled and brought to the dock.

Jordan tells Rafe that this is going too fast for her. Rafe says it's not for him and he can barely walk. Jordan knows he doesn't do slow well but he'll have to work on it. Rafe asks now what. Jordan suggests going to a sports bar to watch the game. Rafe agrees. Jordan kisses him goodbye and exits.

Kate walks through the town square on the phone, asking for the client from Birmingham to be brought straight to the office to meet with Lucas. Kate hangs up and says Jordan is in for quite a surprise.

Maggie returns home with Brady and says they need to tell Victor. Brady agrees to make all amends. Maggie makes sure that he's ready and Brady assures her that he wants to do it. Maggie goes to get Victor. Brady stands up and looks over at the drinks. Brady pours a drink.

Nicole tells Daniel that Brady owes him. Daniel says he would've done the same for him. Nicole talks about Daniel always saving lives. Daniel hugs her as Eric appears in the doorway and sees them together. Nicole tells Daniel that she's lucky to have him in her life as he makes her feel safe and appreciated like everything is going to be fine. Eric hears that then turns and walks away.

Abigail arrives at Smith Island, looking for Hope. She plans to knock on the cabin but EJ appears and tells her not to do that as he then greets her.

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