Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/2/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/2/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami goes out of the town square talking on the phone about work and comes across Kate. Sami tells Kate that she has a lot to do before she leaves town and needs her help.

EJ meets with one of his men at the mansion. He tells EJ that they cleared the river of all the evidence and says he's lucky no cops found it. He hands EJ the envelope of everything they found and then exits. Stefano enters and says he sees there's still trouble in paradise.

Sonny puts his new year's resolution in a box and then lets Will read it. Sonny's resolution is to marry Will. Sonny then imagines seeing Nick telling Will to ask Sonny about what he's been hiding for him for over a year. Sonny then wakes up from his nightmare and calls out for Will.

Will goes to the river and tosses a rock in. Will thinks back to Sonny explaining what happened to Nick. The man who played Santa then appears and greets Will.

Gabi takes Arianna to Rafe's. She asks if he's okay. Rafe says he's good and jokes about his physical therapist looking like Nick. Rafe tells Gabi that he'll be on his feet more by next month. Gabi says that would be great and asks him about Jordan.

Jordan is at the club and turns around to see Abigail with Lucas. Abigail greets her and introduces Jordan to Lucas. Lucas thinks back to Kate mentioning Jordan and says he's heard a lot about her.

EJ tells Stefano that everything is fine. Stefano asks if he enjoys sleeping alone. Stefano comments that things are not going very well with Sami. EJ thinks back to coming home with Sami from helping at the club on New Year's Eve and almost kissing until Sami stopped it and went to bed. EJ tells Stefano that he and Sami are not his business. Stefano says EJ has a lot of patience about this and comments that EJ might be back in Sami's bed or married many years down the road. Stefano says if there was only a way that EJ could make Sami realize how foolish she is.

Kate questions Sami needing a favor. Sami says she wishes she didn't have to leave town but it's for work. Kate says everyone knows Kristen left them a mess. Sami says there's only one reason they would be talking. Sami asks Kate to keep an eye on Gabi, Will, and Sonny to make sure that Nick's death stays a secret.

Sonny gets up looking for Will but he's not home. Sonny opens the closet and says oh no, then grabs his jacket and rushes out.

The man apologizes for disturbing Will. He says he loves to come down and watch. He talks about it being a cold and lethal time on the river. He talks about a spot in the river and says something is stuck down there causing the current. He talks about seeing an animal fall to his death in the river and is sure it's still down there. Sonny arrives and the man says he now remembers Will and it all comes clear now.

Rafe apologizes to Gabi for a making a joke about Nick. They joke about Rafe's Christmas present to Jordan. Rafe says that Jordan is opening up to him a little. Rafe just wishes he knew why she's so guarded.

Jordan asks Lucas what he's heard about her. Lucas says he knows Rafe and informs that Kate Roberts is his mother, and they've both raved about what a great physical therapist she is. Jordan says she's not Rafe's physical therapist anymore. Lucas jokes about her becoming his therapist. Abigail talks about going ice skating and how Jordan's never seen snow, since she grew up in Birmingham. Lucas asks if she's planning on staying in Salem. Jordan says she's thinking about it. Abigail says they should definitely get together some time as Jordan then exits. Abigail comments that she's nice and Lucas agrees.

Kate asks Sami why she doesn't ask EJ to handle things since he was in charge yesterday. Sami asks if it's too much to ask for Kate to spend time with them. Kate thinks she'd just want EJ in the middle of things unless he doesn't know she's leaving town. Sami says EJ knows that she's in charge of this division and it has to be handled. Kate questions Sami thinking she can just go like that. Kate says she knows DiMeras and that Sami handed over her power when she told EJ about Nick. Kate says EJ is calling the shots now. Sami thinks they are talking about Kate and Stefano. Sami says Kate is the one that let herself on Stefano's leash. Kate mocks her and asks about the wedding. Sami says they haven't set a date. Kate comments that EJ will set the date and there's nothing she can do about it. Sami argues that EJ won't blackmail her into marrying him. Kate tells her that it's exactly what Stefano did to her.

Stefano tells EJ if only he had leverage. EJ says they are getting married and he just has to get over what Kristen left them. Stefano brings up his leverage over Will and offers to let EJ use it. EJ says he's not going to blackmail Sami. Stefano argues not to let her have the upper hand. EJ doesn't want her as a hostage and they compare it to Stefano and Kate. Stefano says Kate finally fell in love with him. EJ says Sami already is in love with him. EJ gets a call about a flight plan and says he or Stefano are not using the jet. EJ tells them that Sami is not authorized so they are not to do anything until they receive confirmation. EJ hangs up and storms out. Stefano calls it a start.

Rafe tells Gabi that life is getting better and Jordan is on her way over. Rafe comments that it's the first time seeing her since Christmas. Gabi questions Rafe spending New Year's alone. Rafe tells her that it was fine and he got some work done. Rafe asks if Gabi had a good New Year's. Gabi thinks back to Will finding out about Nick. Gabi tells Rafe that it was quiet and boring.

Kate tells Sami that EJ will always be Stefano's son and have something to prove like that he can handle his woman. Sami mocks the idea. Kate says she's trying to do her a favor. Sami thinks Kate is feeding her a load. Kate tells Sami that EJ will do whatever it takes and now has her where he wants. Sami stops her and says she just came to ask her to look after Will, Sonny, and Gabi to keep them quiet. Kate agrees to do it and tells Sami to get used to the fact that she's not going anywhere. Kate then walks away.

Will asks the man what is clear. Sonny informs Will that the man was Santa at the town square. He recalls them being with the baby and the three women at the town square. He talks about the reason they said they were at the river and that he promised to take their secret to the grave.

Kate goes to the club and stops outside when she gets a text on Nick's phone from Abigail asking where he is and that she hopes he's okay. Kate goes inside and greets Lucas. Lucas asks if she had bad news from looking at the phone. Kate says everything's good. Lucas mentions just meeting Jordan and says Kate was right that she is beautiful.

Rafe gets out of the shower and walks around in his towel until he falls down and then there's a knock at the door. Rafe says to come in so Jordan enters with coffees.

The man notes that Will is shaking. Sonny gives Will his coat and says that's why he came to find him. Will asks how he did find him. Sonny notes that he saw Will took his boots. The man says goodbye and walks away. Will concludes that he knows.

Sami returns home and gets a call from EJ which she ignores. EJ then appears in the doorway and questions her ignoring his call. Sami says she has a lot to do and is late. EJ asks where she's going. Sami says she's meeting with all the agencies in Chicago to sort out a campaign. EJ questions her not mentioning an important meeting to him. Sami says he has a lot going on himself. EJ thought they could talk about business. Sami says it's not a plot against him and she's just trying to do her job. EJ talks about covering up her criminal activities. Sami sees the envelope and asks what it is. EJ tells her that it's the proof that she was involved in Nick's murder.

Sonny tells Will not to jump to conclusions that the man knows. Will talks about what the man was talking about. Sonny points out that he didn't say murder because nobody knows. Sonny suggests they go home but Will doesn't want to. Will asks if this is the exact spot where they put Nick in but Sonny doesn't know. Will wonders if he froze first or drowned first. Will asks if Nick deserved to die and says he was a terrible person that threatened his family and tried to rape Gabi but asks if he deserved to die. Sonny says no. Will asks what they do then and how they move on with their lives like nothing happened.

Gabi joins Abigail for lunch at the Pub. Abigail asks about Rafe. Gabi says Rafe is still crushing on Jordan. Gabi asks Abigail what she thinks of Jordan.

Jordan sits with Rafe and asks why they are sitting on the floor. Rafe says he was having a great session but when he came out of the shower, his leg gave out. Rafe asks if she thinks it's serious. Jordan tells him that he's seriously a fool.

Kate questions Lucas waiting around to ruin her day. Lucas asks what Jordan matters to him since she's not working with Rafe anymore. Kate tells him it looks like they are a couple now and that's why she's staying in Salem. Lucas asks if Kate came up with any dirt on her and if she cares to share.

Abigail tells Gabi that Jordan seems nice. Abigail asks what's going on with Gabi. Gabi says she wants to talk about something big. Gabi says they are going to christen Arianna and they want Abigail to be Arianna's godmother. Abigail says she would be honored. Abigail gets a text and says it was nothing but she just thought it was a text from Nick.

EJ tells Sami that he hasn't gone through it yet but imagines it's hairs and fibers from the river after his team scoured the area and removed all evidence. EJ says the police would have had no problem implicating her. Sami thanks him and tries to take the envelope but EJ pulls away so she asks what he's doing with it.

Jordan compares Rafe to Arianna walking and falling when she's had enough. Jordan compares it to a marathon runner and tells Rafe to listen to his body. Rafe comments that she's not his boss anymore. Jordan starts to leave then but Rafe stops her and says he doesn't like to take anything slow as they then kiss.

Lucas asks Kate about moving on from Rafe. Kate says she has but she introduced Jordan to Rafe and doesn't want to see him hurt. Lucas asks if she has any reason to think she would hurt him. Kate changes the subject to work and wants Lucas to interview someone from Birmingham which is the same place Jordan is from.

Rafe and Jordan continue kissing until Jordan stops and gets up. Rafe jokes that he will have to ignore her advice and get up. Jordan asks if he really fell or if this was a set up. Rafe says her finding him on the floor wouldn't be his best move. Jordan asks if he can get dressed on his own. Rafe jokes that he might need a lot of help.

Abigail tells Gabi about texting Nick ten times in the last week but she hasn't heard anything. She asks Gabi if she's heard anything. Gabi quickly says no. Abigail finds it strange that Nick didn't send a gift or card for Arianna or anything. Gabi says no and thinks back to his death. Gabi comments that she doesn't expect to hear from Nick again.

Will tells Sonny that Nick is his family and his family thinks Nick is starting a new life in New York. Sonny asks what else they are going to do since telling the truth won't help anyone. Will worries about the body being found. Sonny tells him not to worry because EJ is on it and will make sure they are all safe.

EJ tells Sami that he's not doing anything with it as he puts it in his pocket. Sami questions him keeping it. EJ says they don't want it in the wrong hands. Sami suggests destroying it by throwing it in the fireplace. Sami says she's late. EJ tells her not to hurry because the jet is not going anywhere without his authorization. Sami questions him and they argue about trust. Sami brings up EJ not telling her about Kristen drugging and raping Eric. EJ says she can't keep using something he had no control over to justify what she's doing to him. EJ says Sami won't tell him what to do to prove he's worthy again. EJ says she trusts him to clean up her mess. Sami tells EJ that she appreciates his help with this terrible situation. EJ warns her not to try and handle him. Sami doesn't know what he wants. Sami asks for the truth. EJ says he's told her and wants her to return the favor for once. EJ asks Sami if she wants to marry him or not.

Jordan tells Rafe that she will call his therapist Pete so he can help him get dressed.

Kate tells Lucas that maybe now they will get some answers as to why Jordan acts so secretive. Lucas suggests maybe she's just private. Kate says if that's true then she will back off. Lucas asks if she'll just let Rafe and Jordan walk off into the sunset together.

Rafe stops Jordan from calling Pete and says they can handle this. Rafe says he's listening to his body like she said and asks what her body is saying then they kiss again.

Kate tells Lucas that she would but it's not going to happen because Jordan is hiding something that she's not proud of and Rafe won't be happy when he finds out. Lucas questions Kate driving Jordan away and then her being there to pick up the pieces with Rafe. Kate says no because it's not about her but about Jordan Ridgeway or whoever she is. Kate then exits.

Will talks to Sonny about how they could say Nick tried to rape Gabi then he hit his head and fell into the river. Sonny doesn't think it would work. Will argues that Nick was an ex con and Kate and Sami could say they were witnesses. Will doesn't want Sonny to have to keep the secret. Sonny reassures him. Will brings up the man again. Sonny insists that he did not see them. Will hopes so. Sonny convinces Will to go home and see Arianna.

Abigail tells Gabi that T is definitely into her. Gabi says they are just friends and that's for the best. Abigail gets a text back from Nick's phone, apologizing for being out of touch and says everything is going swimmingly. Gabi then drops her drink.

EJ asks Sami what the ring means to her. Sami says they are engaged. EJ asks if it's forever and if she wears the ring because it works for her like him covering up her murder. Sami calls this a complicated conversation that she can't settle right now. EJ declares they are going to settle it right now and slams the doors shut, saying Sami isn't going anywhere.

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