Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/31/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/31/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ talks to Kate about everyone being on the line here. Kate agrees they need to get rid of evidence. EJ assures Gabi that his men are experienced professionals that will clear the river. Sami just wants to know where Will is and hopes Sonny stops him from saying anything to anyone.

Will tells Arianna that everything might be crazy but he promises to protect her. Will says she's the most important person in the world and nothing else matters. Sonny appears and says he totally agrees. Sonny asks Will to hear him out because they are on the same page. Sonny says when he found out about the murder, he had two choices and he chose to protect Arianna.

Abigail goes to get her coat but gets a text from Cameron that he's still thinking of her. Meg asks if it's about the party. Abigail doesn't respond so Meg asks if they are still going to the party. Abigail decides she's not going.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and confronts Anne. Jennifer warns Anne that she knows what she's up to. Anne doesn't know what she's talking about but Jennifer says she is on to her. Jennifer accuses Anne of taking things out on Abigail and says she isn't going to let her get Abigail fired. Anne questions who told her that.

JJ tells Liam that the last guy with Jennifer turned into a total disaster. JJ says Jennifer wouldn't have been as hurt if she wasn't totally in love with the guy and mentions that it was Daniel. Liam says he didn't realize they had been involved. JJ tells him he has no idea

Eric breaks up the fight between Brady and Daniel and holds Brady back as Nicole checks on Daniel.

EJ asks Kate for her word that she will have everything packed and ready to go. Kate thinks it's idiotic to burn expensive clothes. EJ threatens to have his men take all of things. Kate says she gets it. Gabi gets a text from Sonny that he found Will. Kate and Sami want to go but EJ reminds them that they agreed to let Sonny handle this.

Will asks Sonny to explain why covering up a murder is protecting Arianna. Will wonders who will take care of her if they all get caught. Sonny explains that he first called Justin when he found out. Will asks why he let Kate and Sami stop him. Sonny tells Will that they told him the whole story and it wasn't simple. They talk about how Nick was. Sonny explains to Will about Gabi and Nick's argument and that Nick attacked her. Will wonders why nobody told him that since it's self defense and thinks they should've gone to the police. Sonny talks about how there were witnesses to Gabi and Nick's argument and then he ends up dead. Sonny says nothing will bring Nick back so if they go public then Arianna could lose her mother if Gabi goes to prison for the rest of her life.

Eric tries to stop Brady. Brady hits Eric and then grabs Nicole as she cries for him to think about what he's doing. Brady holds Nicole while warning Eric and Daniel to back off. Nicole tries to tell Brady that it's okay. Brady suddenly lets go of her and starts apologizing as he breaks down.

Abigail tells Meg that she wants to go party but claims the text was from work and she has to go. Abigail tells Meg to go have a great time. Meg tells her to learn when to shut off her phone as she exits.

JJ talks to Liam about how he did all kinds of things to make Daniel's life hell since he didn't want him with Jennifer. JJ then brings up his sentencing hearing then suggests changing the subject.

Jennifer continues accusing Anne of playing games. Anne calls her a psycho. Jennifer wants Anne to admit that she's setting up Abigail to get fired and threatens her. Anne argues with her and reveals that she signed off on making Abigail full time. Anne says she may hate Jennifer and her family but she's not stupid. Jennifer decides she has to go and rushes off as Anne calls out that they are not done because she wants to know who's trash talking her and where Jennifer got this idea.

Gabi waits for another text. Sami doesn't know what to do. EJ tells her to be patient. The phone rings and Gabi answers. It's T, asking where Sonny is. Gabi informs him that he's out. T says they are swamped at work and asks where Will is. T says he needs work and wonders what they are doing.

Sonny talks to Will about Gabi killing Nick as self defense. Will tells Sonny that he can't keep things from him because he's worried about him. Will says this is the next thing that his family is dragging Sonny into. Sonny tells Will how much he loves him. Will apologizes for this. Sonny tells him that his family were trying to do the right thing by fixing things for Gabi and not walking away. Sonny tells Will that they will find a way to get through this for Arianna.

Gabi tells T to stay calm. T wants Will and Sonny at work. Gabi assures him that they will be there any minute. T says Sonny will lose it over New Year's Eve. Sami starts to worry that they caused Sonny to lose a lot of money. Gabi and Kate talk about his involvement. EJ says he will cover any losses. Sami doesn't think that will work. Sami says they have to help and drags EJ to the door. Sami tells Gabi and Kate to stay and text her if anything happens as she exits with EJ. Gabi worries. Kate tells her that Will and Sonny wouldn't go to the police. Gabi thinks it's inevitable and maybe she should turn herself in. Gabi complains about murder. Kate tells her that she defended herself and assures her that she won't be caught. Kate reminds Gabi that this isn't just about her and never has been. Kate raises Arianna's photo and says it's about her.

Sami and EJ go to the club. Sami tells T that they are there to help. T says they will just have to pull together. Sami gets behind the bar and gives EJ an apron to wear.

Jennifer returns to the Pub. JJ whispers to Liam that Jennifer probably shouldn't know what they were talking about. Jennifer approaches and apologizes to Liam. JJ tries to leave but Jennifer says they should talk first and steps aside with him. JJ asks if Abigail is going to be okay. Jennifer says she'll be fine but JJ not so much.

Nicole, Daniel, and Eric walk Brady back into the mansion. Brady doesn't know what to say. They tell him it's okay and they are still with him. Brady explains that he's been going down ever since the wedding. Brady apologizes for being cruel and wanting them to hate him but they didn't give up on him. They assure him that they won't give up on him. Daniel tells Brady that it's time to get up from the bottom as they are not going to let him fail.

Will and Sonny return home with Arianna. Will declares that they are good and Gabi rushes up to hug him. Sonny says Will knows the whole story. Gabi apologizes for lying to him. Will understands it's bigger than them. Sonny asks about Sami and EJ. Gabi tells them that they went to help out at the club. Sonny realizes that T is all alone on New Year's Eve and rushes out to help at work. Kate tells Will that he should go too while she and Gabi take care of Arianna. Will agrees to leave and exits. Kate tells Gabi that she can't think of a better way to bring in the new year than with Arianna.

EJ and Sami work with T on delivering drinks.

Abigail sits at home until there's a knock at the door and it's Anne, asking where Jennifer is and calls out for her. Abigail tells her that she's not home on New Year's Eve. Anne argues that Jennifer can't walk into her hospital and accuse her then walk out. Abigail asks what accusations. Anne says it was about Abigail.

Jennifer questions JJ lying and says she knows what he's doing. Jennifer says JJ was trying to drive Liam away. She says JJ got his way with Daniel and they are through. Jennifer says she's tired of his destructive games and doesn't care how loyal he thinks he's being to Jack.

Daniel asks Brady if he feels like talking. Brady isn't sure and suggests he should go to an AA meeting. Eric offers to go with him which Brady says he would like. Brady asks Daniel not to tell Maggie about this so that he can. Nicole goes into the living room with Daniel. Eric asks if there's anything Brady needs. Brady says he needs a way to make up to him for the things he said about Kristen. Eric hugs him. Brady goes upstairs to change clothes. Eric walks on into the living room where he sees Nicole and Daniel getting close as she checks on him.

Abigail tells Anne that she doesn't understand. Anne explains how Jennifer came in accusing her of trying to get her fired. Anne tells Abigail that she just signed off on her being full time and threatens to find whoever is spreading lies about her. Anne asks when Jennifer is coming home and wants to wait all night. Abigail tells Anne that she will tell Jennifer and asks her to leave.

Jennifer tells JJ that he might think he's standing up for Jack's memory but there is a limit and this is her life. Jennifer says they have come too far for him to backtrack like this so she just wants him to apologize and respect her choices from now on. JJ apologizes and says it won't happen again. JJ hugs her and exits. Jennifer apologizes to Liam. Outside the Pub, JJ says that he never does anything right as he walks off.

Nicole wipes Daniel's cut and tells him that he's a standup guy trying to help a friend. Daniel sees Eric and asks how Brady is doing. Eric says he's changing. Daniel decides they should get going so Brady doesn't feel watched. Nicole and Daniel go to leave as Brady comes downstairs. Daniel tells Brady to hang in there. Brady feels like he owes more apologies. Nicole tells him to take care. Daniel says he'll check in tomorrow. Brady thanks them as they exit. Eric asks Brady if he's ready. Brady says no but he has to go anyway. Brady apologizes again as they then exit.

EJ impresses Sami by working at the club. Will and Sonny arrive. T asks where they've been. Sonny asks how he's been able to manage then sees EJ and Sami at the bar. Sonny thanks EJ for helping. EJ asks how everything went. Sonny says they are good. Sami goes to Will and apologizes as she hugs him. Will tells her it's okay. She cries that it's not okay as she understands she's dragged him into something awful and she knows how wrong it is. Will encourages her. Sami apologizes for lying to him. Will understands she was trying to protect him. Will brings up the New Year approaching. Sami is glad she got to explain things before the year ended and promises 2014 will be better. They talk about the good parts of 2013.

Abigail sits at home with her phone as JJ comes in. Abigail asks if JJ fed Jennifer a line about her at the hospital. JJ admits to it and says Jennifer already busted him about it. Abigail questions if he did it to ruin her date with Liam. JJ says he just screwed up. JJ asks what happened to her hanging out with Meg. Abigail says she just backed out. JJ asks why but Abigail says it doesn't matter. Abigail asks about Jennifer's date. JJ says he doesn't know and figures it's still going. JJ declares that they are the two losers with nobody on New Year's Eve but Abigail argues that they have each other.

Jennifer apologizes to Liam for not saying anything about Daniel. Liam understands and says he didn't talk about his ex wife either. Liam says they are just getting to know each other. Jennifer says JJ made things hard for her and Daniel. Jennifer feels like she should tell Liam about Daniel and admits that she really loved him. Jennifer says working through those feelings will take time. Liam decides a New Year's Eve date may have been too much pressure so they can try again in the new year which Jennifer agrees to.

Daniel and Nicole go home. Daniel wipes his cut. Nicole suggests he go to the ER for some stitches but Daniel disagrees. Nicole says she will get him some ice. Nicole says Daniel spent all night taking care of others so now he should let someone take care of him.

Brady and Eric go to the town square and stop outside the AA meeting. Brady finds out it's a members only meeting so Eric can't go with him. Eric understands and tells Brady to go ahead. Brady thanks him and they wish each other a Happy New Year. Eric walks away. Brady watches him go and hurries off in the opposite direction from the meeting.

Sami explains to Will about her and EJ coming to help the club. EJ comes over and checks on Will. Will says he's getting there. EJ sends Will to the bar where Sonny is at. Sami tells EJ that she thinks she and Will are fine. Sami thanks EJ for taking charge. EJ jokes that it's his job. Sami comments that it was quite a year. T announces that there's one minute left of the year as the crowd cheers. Sonny and Will clap and pour champagne. Will says as long as he's with him then he's ready for 2014. Sonny assures him that it's where he wants to be as they kiss.

Gabi pours soda for her and Kate's champagne toast. Kate puts a 2014 sash over Arianna. Gabi asks if this is where she imagined she'd be for the new year. Kate admits it's not but says it's much better and they toast their drinks.

JJ and Abigail sit outside the town square. JJ asks why Abigail doesn't have a date. Abigail says dating is overrated and she's with her brother which is enough for her. They sit together and watch the fireworks go off.

Liam brings Jennifer home and they hear the fireworks. They wish each other a Happy New Year's. Jennifer apologizes for everything with JJ. They joke about getting to know each other that way. Liam kisses her on the cheek.

Nicole puts a band-aid on Daniel as they hear the fireworks. They joke about Nicole taking care of him. Nicole kisses Daniel on the cheek and wishes him a happy new year. Daniel wishes her the same.

Eric returns to the town square and asks a man that left the AA meeting about Brady but he's told that it ended awhile ago.

Brady meets up with the drug dealer and gets more cocaine then declares it's time to celebrate.

The countdown to the new year takes place at the club. Will and Sonny kiss as confetti drops. EJ hugs Sami at the bar. Sami wishes him a happy new year and kisses him on the cheek.

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