Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/30/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/30/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady questions Nicole wanting the camera off after begging him to do the interview. Nicole questions the way Brady is acting. Daniel enters and announces that Brady is as high as a kite. Brady tries to laugh it off but Daniel says it's not a joke. Daniel encourages Brady that he can beat cocaine again and they will all help him. Nicole says they will if it's true. Daniel insists that it's true. Eric declares that they will help him. Brady sarcastically thanks them and then smashes the video camera.

JJ stands at home looking at the newspaper and says there's got to be a way. Abigail comes in and starts to ask JJ for a favor. JJ brings up the fireworks show and suggests taking Jennifer. Abigail stops him and says he's not normally this obvious.

Anne stops Jennifer as she is leaving the hospital and comments on her leaving early again. Jennifer comments on how Anne's life would be without her to hate.

Gabi and Sonny finish changing Arianna. Gabi checks her phone and gets Sami's text that she has to burn her coat. Sonny asks why and Gabi explains that it's because it's the one she was wearing when she killed Nick as she opens the closet to get it and is shocked to find Will inside. Will asks if she just said Nick's dead. Gabi asks what he's doing in the closet. Will questions her killing Nick. Sonny tries to explain that she meant that he's out of her life and it was a metaphor. Will questions Gabi burning her coat. Gabi tells Sonny that it's no use because he knows.

EJ stops Sami from leaving the river and says they have to make sure there is nothing incriminating and then they can go. They check around the area. Sami looks into the river and screams in horror when she sees Nick's body float up to the top. EJ hugs her asking what's wrong as Sami cries that it's Nick.

Will doesn't know how to comprehend this. Will questions Gabi killing someone and asks who she is. Sonny tells Will that he needs to understand the facts. Will says the fact is that she murdered somebody. Sonny says it was self defense. Will questions why she's not telling anyone and burning her coat then. Will asks it when this happened. Will says Nick must have come back from New York since he's dead. Gabi informs him that it was just before Thanksgiving. Will realizes it's New Year's Eve so it's been a month. Sonny explains that's why Gabi has been so weird lately because it's been tearing her up. Will thought Nick had gone to New York. Gabi explains that people just think he left Salem. Will asks if nobody thinks he's odd that he didn't tell anyone where he's staying and no one has an address. Sonny then informs Will that Nick is at the bottom of the river.

Sami continues freaking out until EJ helps her realize that she did not actually see Nick's body and it was in fact a log in the river. Sami worries about how she'll ever be fine. EJ encourages her about getting back home. Sami says Nick is down there and she helped put him there. She worries about the fact that they killed him. Sami wonders how she is going to get through this. EJ says she will with his help and hugs her.

Nicole's cameraman complains about his broken camera as Brady argues with him. Nicole takes the cameraman out of the room while Daniel tells Brady that this is about him and cocaine. Outside the living room, Nicole tells Greg the camera man to go and sends him away. Nicole goes back into the living room where Eric asks Brady if he's using again. Brady calls the accusations wild. Daniel brings up Brady in the park talking to the dealer. Brady says he explained. Daniel says Brady was lying. Daniel says Brady knows he knows and he needs to admit it so they can all help him.

Anne argues with Jennifer about her working. Anne says every time Jennifer leaves early, she wishes she wouldn't come back. Jennifer sarcastically wishes her a happy new year as she exits.

JJ questions Abigail what she means since he just said they should go to the firework show. Abigail reminds JJ about Jennifer's date with Liam which is why JJ is being so strange about it. JJ says she is getting worked up when he just wanted to have a good time with the family. Abigail again reminds him of Jennifer's date. Abigail talks about how JJ used to hate Daniel and now wants Jennifer to be with him. Abigail says that ship sailed. JJ asks what Jennifer sees in Liam. Abigail suggests just letting her have a nice night out. Abigail gives JJ her application to bring to the hospital for her to go from part time to full time. JJ questions having to run errands for her. Abigail says her friend is coming over to make plans and sends JJ on his way to the hospital.

Brady argues with Daniel. Daniel calls him a drug addict. Brady calls his ideas ridiculous and says they don't know the whole story. Eric asks what the whole story is. Brady continues to claim that he met the dealer to protect JJ. Nicole asks what JJ has to do with it. Brady states that JJ is on drugs and what happened was him trying to help JJ. Daniel insists the story is about Brady not JJ. Daniel brings up Maggie worrying about Brady not going to his AA meetings. Brady questions why he would. Daniel says Kristen cut his life apart and it's a wonder he's still alive as an addict. Daniel tells Brady to stop using JJ as a cover up because he's better than that.

Will questions Gabi drowning Nick. Gabi says she sort of did. Will asks how that was self defense. Sonny calls it all very complicated. Will decides he's going to call Roman to figure this out. Will says he's not going to keep this quiet. Sonny argues that it would make things worse. Will asks how they could be worse. Gabi explains that Nick was almost dead when they pushed him into the water and thought about calling the cops. Will notes the 'we' and asks if Sonny was involved. Sonny says no and Will asks Gabi to please tell him that Sami and Kate are not involved in this. Sonny explains that Kate and Sami were trying to help Gabi. Will questions all three of them killing Nick in self defense. Gabi declares that Sami and Kate need to know that Will found out because it changes everything. Will sighs and declares that his daughter is being raised by the Sopranos.

Sami tells EJ that she just wants to go. EJ says it's good that they came and got rid of important evidence. EJ says he will have the place swept by his cleaners so that there is no trace of anything. Sami gets Gabi's text and says they have to go while she will explain on the way.

Will tells Gabi that he wants to know everything from the start. Will then says he first wants to know how long Sonny has known. Gabi informs him that Sonny found out while hiding in the closet. Will questions him knowing that long without telling him. Sonny tries to explain that he wasn't clear at first and admits he should've told Will but didn't want him to jump to conclusions. Sonny tells Will that Kate and Sami are coming over to tell him the whole story. Will argues that it's not going to make sense. Arianna starts crying so Will goes to check on her as Gabi tells him that she's so sorry.

JJ goes to the hospital where Anne tells him that he already missed Jennifer. JJ informs her that he's delivering an application. Anne argues that he can't work there but JJ tells her that it's Abigail's. JJ questions her having it in for his family.

Gabi tells Sonny that she's never seen Will so upset. Gabi hopes Sami and Kate can calm him down but Sonny doubts it. Sonny talks about not telling Justin so he didn't ruin everyone's lives but he regrets not telling Will.

Will holds Arianna in bed and talks about wanting her to grow up in a stable life but his crazy family isn't doing that for her. Will wonders what to do.

Kate comes over asking where Will is. Sonny tells her to give him some space with Arianna. Kate questions Will finding out. Gabi explains that he was in the closet. Sami and EJ arrive as Sami asks where Will is. They try to play things off but Sami informs them that EJ knows which surprises them. Sami asks where Will is.

Brady argues that Daniel always has to be the savior. Eric tells him not to overreact. Nicole brings up Brady not being himself in the interview. Brady talks about how it was for him to talk about Kristen and having Eric listen in. Nicole offers to play the interview back for him so he can see how strange he was acting and then explain why they have no reason to worry.

JJ tells Anne that she will do anything to hurt Jennifer. Anne mocks him trying to protect Jennifer after putting her through Hell. Anne walks away and JJ remarks that she is perfect.

Jennifer goes home and asks Abigail what her plans are. Abigail talks of her plans with a friend. Jennifer wants her to have fun tonight. There's a knock at the door and Abigail teases Jennifer about her date. Jennifer answers the door and invites Liam in. She introduces him to Abigail. Jennifer then exits with Liam.

Kate can't believe that Will and now EJ know. EJ tells her to be glad. Sami says they have to focus on Will right now. Sami wants to go try and calm him down. Sonny says he will take care of it and asks them not to overwhelm him. Sami asks about how Will found out. Gabi explains that he was in the closet. Sonny comes back and reveals that Will is gone as he left through the back and took Arianna with him. Sami and Kate rush out.

Brady refuses to watch the interview back and complains about feeling attacked. Eric wants to talk things out. Brady talks to Eric about having the town think you're the lowest. Brady tries to leave but Daniel stops him. Daniel wants Brady to empty his pockets. They struggle and cocaine falls out of Brady's pocket. Eric picks it up. Brady grabs it back and says it belongs to him. Brady asks if they are satisfied now. Nicole tries to get through to him. Brady thinks they are happy that they were right. Brady feels he deserves cocaine after everything he's been through. Brady jokes about an intervention and says he can handle the cocaine so it's not a big deal. Brady says he deserves the break. Eric brings up Brady's past knowing where this leads. Nicole pleads with him not to do this again. Brady questions if she's going to turn him in. Nicole holds her hand out to him.

Sami and Kate argue until Sonny calms things. Sonny says Will can't be that far since he just left. Sami brings up where he could go. EJ guesses that Will went to see Marlena. Sonny doesn't think Will knows where he's going and decides he's going to find him alone. Sami and Kate want to go too but EJ stops them and says they don't want Will to be hounded plus they wouldn't be able to explain it. Sonny tells them not to worry as he will find him. Sonny exits and wonders where he should go.

Will goes to the town square with Arianna and wonders where to go.

Jennifer and Liam go to the Pub for their date. Liam brings up first seeing her 5-6 months ago and wanting to get to know her. JJ arrives and Jennifer questions what he's doing there. JJ asks to talk to Jennifer so she steps aside with him. She asks if JJ is in trouble. JJ says it's not about him but he just came from the hospital to deliver Abigail's application. JJ tells Jennifer that he overheard Anne saying she's going to lose Abigail's papers in the shredder to make sure she doesn't get the job. Jennifer says she will make sure that doesn't happen and she will stop Anne. Jennifer tells Liam that she has a family emergency and has to go but she will be back. JJ offers to stay at the Pub while she's gone. Jennifer introduces JJ to Liam and then hurries out. JJ sits with Liam and says this will give them the chance to get to know each other.

Sami and Kate argue some more while EJ suggests they try to figure out what to do. EJ says they should make sure no one else finds out. Kate mocks EJ. Sami thinks it's important to have EJ help them now. Kate asks EJ then how do they get away with murder.

Sonny goes to the Pub and looks inside but doesn't see Will. Sonny sends a text and walks on.

Will exits the town square with Arianna and sits on the bench. Will talks about spending time with Arianna but he's not sure where they are going to go yet. Will gets Sonny's text saying that they need to talk.

Nicole tells Brady that she will make a call because she cares. Brady brings up their past. Daniel argues that this isn't about Nicole. Brady tells Daniel that he has no right to tell him how to live his life after how he treated Jennifer. Eric adds that they are only trying to help but Brady tells him to shut up. Brady brings up Eric with Kristen and they argue about it. Brady argues that Eric wasn't raped and loved every minute of it. Daniel declares that it's enough. Brady shouts that he's had enough and storms out as Daniel goes after him.

Will tells Arianna that everything might be crazy but he promises to protect her. Will says she's the most important person in the world and nothing else matters. Sonny appears and says he totally agrees.

EJ tells Kate to cut the sarcasm. Kate says she really wants to know how they get away with murder. EJ suggests taking action to make sure they aren't caught. EJ gives Gabi the torn piece of her coat. EJ tells Gabi and Kate to get rid of everything they wore that night. Kate says she was wearing a $2000 pair of boots that she won't destroy. Sami brings up that she would go to prison. Kate doesn't think people will be searching the river for the clues. EJ asks what if people say they saw her there or if they are questioned by the police. Sami suggests Kate listen to EJ. EJ says he will have a team of professionals sweep the area. Kate says that EJ is Stefano's son in every despicable way.

Abigail's friend Meg goes to see her and they talk about party plans. Abigail goes to get her coat but gets a text from Cameron that he's still thinking of her.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and confronts Anne. Jennifer warns Anne that she knows what she's up to. Anne doesn't know what she's talking about but Jennifer says she is on to her.

JJ tells Liam that he's glad he's going out with Jennifer. JJ says that the last guy with Jennifer turned into a total disaster. JJ says Jennifer wouldn't have been as hurt if she wasn't totally in love with the guy and mentions that it was Daniel.

Nicole tells Eric not to believe a word Brady said because he's high. Nicole tells Eric that she knows what happened with he and Kristen and so does Daniel. Nicole promises to make sure everyone knows the truth as she hugs Eric.

Daniel follows Brady out of the mansion and wants him to talk. Brady shoves Daniel against the door and tells him that he's out of there and no one is going to stop him. Daniel says he's not doing this and punches Brady down. Brady gets up and begins fighting with Daniel.

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