Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/27/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/27/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will goes to the club and asks T if Sonny is there. T informs Will that Sonny left, saying he had something to take care of. Will notes that he didn't say anything to him about it. T assumes it's for the New Year's bash. Will starts to leave but stops and asks T if he's noticed Gabi and Sonny acting strange lately.

Gabi sleeps on the couch at home and dreams about being with Nick and then to Nick attacking her and hitting him with the rock. She wakes up and Sonny hugs her, telling her that everything will be okay.

EJ makes a call from home that Sami will not be at the office today. Sami comes in and EJ informs her that they are going hiking so she needs to go get changed which surprises and confuses her.

Nicole goes to her office and finds Eric inside. Eric says he's been waiting for her. Nicole says she doesn't have time to talk as she is getting headshots done for publicity. Eric reveals that he knows because he's the photographer.

JJ questions Theresa setting him free and asks what she did. Theresa says she's doing him a favor by saying he doesn't have to get her drugs anymore. Theresa comes in and gets her scarf that she left and says she's not trying to get him in trouble but JJ doesn't believe her.

Brady questions Daniel thinking he's lying. Daniel reveals that he recognized the drug dealer as a guy that was brought into the emergency room half-dead from an overdose. Daniel tells Brady that he's not buying that he was just getting some air. Brady says he didn't want to have to tell him this but he deserves to know the truth. Brady says he's not real comfortable talking about this but he knows the guy is a dealer. Brady says it stays between them but he was having it out with the dealer because of JJ.

Theresa tells JJ that if he gives her information on Daniel then the video of him getting high goes away.

Sami tells EJ that she can't go hiking because she has too much to catch up with at work. EJ tells her that it will have to wait. Sami wants him to explain where they are going. EJ says they'd go down by the river.

Nicole asks Eric about him taking her picture. Eric explains that Father Matt got him the job. Nicole asks about him not telling her. Eric says he tried and she realizes when she checks her phone. Nicole suddenly states that it isn't going to work so he should go. Eric questions her. She tells him not to take it personally. Eric reminds her that they work good together. Nicole explains that these pictures will be used to promote her first story about him and Kristen. Nicole brings up that he refused to do the interview but now he's doing the pictures. Eric explains that he needs a paycheck and he's a decent photographer. She thinks he could get a better job. Eric wants to stay involved with the story but won't go on record. Eric brings up that his future is at stake. Nicole says she is looking out for him and has his back. Eric suggests they stop arguing and do the job so Nicole reluctantly agrees.

Sami tells EJ that she really doesn't want to go back to the river. EJ says he doesn't but her recent activity makes it hard to ignore. EJ says they need to make it clear of any evidence. Sami wants him go while she stays and works but EJ says she knows where to look. EJ orders Sami to go get changed. Sami asks if they have to do this. EJ tells her that they don't if she wants to spend her life in prison. Sami says she doesn't want that so EJ says they have to do this.

Will tells T that he doesn't think it's anything major that Sonny would keep from him but there is something. T brings up Will's upcoming birthday. Will says they already talked about that. T suggests that the perfect surprise party is when the person thinks the surprise is off so maybe it's back on. Will calls that a good point and says they must think they are so clever.

Sonny tells Gabi that he keeps thinking of his part in this and he should've seen what this is doing to Gabi. Gabi talks about always seeing Nick's face and trying to block it out. Sonny tells her that she had the right to defend herself from Nick's attack. Gabi brings up that she used to love Nick and was married to him. Sonny says she didn't know what he was really like. Gabi doesn't know how to live with this and sometimes thinks it would be easier to turn herself in.

JJ asks Theresa what kind of information she wants. Theresa lists off random facts she wants. JJ asks if she's going after him. Theresa says she just wants to know him better. JJ tells her that he's not interested. Theresa insists that there's a chemistry and says she knows how to seduce a man. JJ says Theresa only cares about getting what she wants and calls her a buzzkill. Theresa says she doesn't care as long as he does what she says. JJ asks why she's going after Daniel. She asks why he cares. JJ says it's not about Daniel but still about Jennifer.

Daniel asks Brady how JJ fits into this. Brady tells Daniel that he saw JJ talking to the drug dealer the other day and he made up a story. Daniel asks how Brady knew. Brady talks about knowing a drug user's lies. Brady says he told Jennifer and she wants to believe in JJ. Brady claims he was just telling the dealer to leave JJ alone or he'd deal with him.

Eric begins Nicole's photoshoot. Eric tells her that she looks good at any angle and takes various reaction shots. Eric shows her the pictures and she says he hasn't lost his touch. He says she hasn't either and she thanks him. Eric shows her old pictures. She says she was happy then. Eric asks if she's happy now with a good job. Nicole remembers her interview with Brady and says she has to go. She tells him to call if he needs more shots and thanks him as she exits.

Daniel thanks Brady for telling him. Brady says JJ has been trouble since he's been back. Brady asks Daniel not to repeat what he said to JJ or Jennifer. Daniel says he isn't in their lives anymore. Brady notes that it is just speculation as he did not see a deal go down. They talk about why else JJ would be talking to the dealer. They talk about his upcoming sentencing. Brady says he did what he could to get rid of the dealer. Brady says he has to go and walks off.

Theresa asks if JJ thinks it's not possible for her to be interested in Daniel. JJ says if she is, it's only because of what he can do for her and getting back at Jennifer. Theresa wants her information but JJ shouts that he doesn't even know him so she should do a web search. Theresa says she has to go but this conversation isn't over. Theresa says she always wins in the end and suggests he be more cooperative next time they talk. Theresa exits. JJ gets a text from Daniel that he needs to see him now. JJ wonders what now.

Sonny tells Gabi that he can't tell her what to do as she has to decide on her own. Gabi says if it was just her then she'd go to the police and take her chances with the judge but it's not just her as there's Arianna, Kate, and Sami and Sonny too. Sonny tells her to stop beating herself up. Gabi says she fell in love with a convicted murderer which was stupid. Sonny tells her to stop. Sonny suggests they take Arianna out for some fresh air to take Gabi's mind off of all this. Gabi thanks him for being there and listening. Gabi says having him to talk to makes a difference.

EJ and Sami go to the river. EJ has binoculars so that if anyone sees them, they can say they are bird watching. Sami doesn't think anyone would believe that. Sami doesn't think there is anything to find. EJ brings up the backpack tag and her earring. Sami argues that no one is going to come there as it's cold. EJ asks for every detail about that night. Sami explains what happened. EJ goes over where Sami said Nick's body was. EJ checks the bushes and finds blood on a stick. EJ then asks Sami if she still thinks they thought of everything.

Brady returns home and pulls out his cocaine. Nicole arrives outside with her camera guy. She hopes Brady is there as she rings the doorbell. Nicole notices the door is unlocked so she heads inside, calling out to Brady and Henderson. She hopes everything is okay as she goes into the living room just as Brady returns from the back. Brady asks what she's doing there. Nicole reminds him about the interview about Eric.

Sami tells EJ that no one would've found the stick. EJ tells her they find everything in a crime scene. Sami doesn't think anyone will be snooping around there. EJ asks what she thinks will happen when Nick's family realize he's missing. EJ finds a piece of Gabi's coat and says Sami is going to show him everything.

Sonny and Gabi take Arianna through the town square. Gabi comments that Sonny is being really nice to her. Sonny says they have to find ways to think about anything else. She asks if he's changed his mind about telling anyone. Sonny says it's not his story to tell and he won't do anything to take away Arianna's mother. Someone watches them from the bushes.

Theresa goes to the hospital and runs into Maggie, claiming she just missed the AA meeting. Theresa asks Maggie to read what she wrote for the meeting and tell her if it sounds stupid. Theresa says if Maggie approves of what she's doing then maybe others will too.

JJ goes to Daniel's and says he got his text. Daniel says he won't cover for him if he's not on the straight and narrow. Daniel tells JJ that he saw his dealer and has a witness that saw him there. JJ realizes Daniel talked to Brady and says that lying bastard is out to get him.

Brady hesitates but agrees to do Nicole's interview. Brady says it'll be fun and he'll answer anything she wants.

Eric sits looking through the photos he took of Nicole and thinks back to Nicole mentioning interviewing Brady and Eric's future being at stake. Eric gathers his things and exits.

EJ and Sami go through the woods by the river. She tells him where they hid the body when they ran into the man that dressed as Santa. She assures him that he didn't see anything. EJ checks and says he can see where they dragged the body. Sami says Gabi was supposed to clean it up. Sami can't believe she's spending her New Year's Eve this way. EJ says he's trying to protect them. EJ orders Sami to text Gabi to get rid of everything she wore that night. EJ tells her they are going down to the river but Sami says she can't. Sami says she found the earring and he found Nick's tag so they are good. EJ says it was before he knew it was murder. Sami argues that Nick was trying to rape Gabi and she would've done the same thing. Sami texts Gabi then follows EJ.

Gabi left her phone at home where it receives Sami's text.

Gabi tells Sonny how much it means to her that they've become friends. Gabi says Arianna has two of the best dads in the world and she can't believe she was going to trust Nick with her. Gabi is thankful it's Sonny instead of Nick as they continue being watched.

JJ swears to Daniel that he hasn't used drugs since that night with Theresa. Daniel brings up JJ's history of lies. JJ says he wouldn't mess things up with Jennifer and insists that Brady is lying. Daniel asks what Brady has to gain. JJ says Brady looked like he was jonesing for drugs and his pupils were huge. JJ says Brady wasn't running and went straight to Jennifer to cover his ass. Daniel asks if JJ is okay with Jennifer. JJ says he hopes so. Daniel asks why he didn't confront Brady. JJ says he doesn't care what Brady thinks of him but he does care what Daniel thinks. JJ says he's not on drugs as he couldn't hurt Jennifer like that or Daniel after everything he's done for him. JJ asks Daniel if he believes him. Daniel says that he does.

Nicole begins interviewing Brady. She asks if he thinks Kristen might have regretted what she did to Eric. Brady laughs and says whores don't have regrets. Nicole brings up Brady believing she had changed. Brady says he said that because he wanted to keep having sex with her and he would've said anything to keep that going. Brady looks into the camera to send a message to Kristen that he hopes she's watching to see how she's destroyed everyone's lives. Brady rants about how Kristen will lose her power over men. Nicole tries to get things back on track as Eric then arrives at the mansion.

JJ tells Daniel that it's been a long time since someone like him believed him. Daniel apologizes for jumping to conclusions but what he said makes sense. JJ says he knows it hasn't been easy for them which JJ blames himself for. JJ says Daniel can count on him if he ever needs anything. Daniel thanks him and tells him to make sure no one sees him. JJ then exits.

Maggie asks Theresa if she's sure. Maggie agrees to read what she wrote and get it back to her. Theresa thanks her and smirks as she walks away.

EJ and Sami go to the river. Sami wants to do this another time and worries. EJ tries to cover the track of where they dragged the body. Sami complains that she cannot stay there.

Sonny and Gabi bring Arianna home to change her. The person who was watching them follows them as the door is left cracked open.

Daniel greets Maggie at the hospital. Maggie mentions just getting out of a meeting. Daniel asks if Brady is still around to talk to. Maggie says he wasn't there and she's worried about him. Maggie talks about a recovering addict going through something tough like Brady did with Kristen and how they know to go to meetings but she feels Brady has been avoiding her. Maggie mentions catching Brady in lies but he says he's fine. Daniel says he has patients waiting and hurries off. Maggie goes back to reading Theresa's paper as she watches from a distance.

Brady questions what Eric is doing there. Eric apologizes for barging in but the door was open and he wants to hear what Brady has to say. Nicole doesn't think it's a good idea. Eric feels he has a right to hear what is going to air. Brady says it's okay and he can join the trash Kristen party. Brady starts to pour a drink but Nicole orders the camera off and says they are done.

JJ returns home and finds a note from Jennifer, saying she has a date with Liam so she won't be around for dinner. JJ looks at a photo of he, Jennifer, and Abigail. JJ declares that Jennifer can do better than a drug salesman and she should be with Jennifer while it's his fault that she's not. JJ says he has to fix this and fast because Theresa is on the move.

Theresa goes back to Maggie and asks if she read what she wrote. Maggie calls her very clever and a good writer. Theresa thanks her. Maggie says she's been in the program a long time and knows when someone is speaking or writing from the heart. Maggie feels Theresa is saying what she thinks people want to hear. She hopes Theresa is serious about the program and committing herself. She warns her about relapse and consequences.

Brady questions Nicole wanting the camera off after begging him to do the interview. Nicole questions the way Brady is acting. Daniel enters and announces that Brady is as high as a kite.

Gabi and Sonny finish changing Arianna. Gabi checks her phone and gets Sami's text that she has to burn her coat. Sonny asks why and Gabi explains that it's because it's the one she was wearing when she killed Nick as she opens the closet to get it and is shocked to find Will inside.

EJ stops Sami from leaving the river and says they have to make sure there is nothing incriminating and then they can go. They check around the area. Sami looks into the river and screams in horror when she sees Nick's body float up to the top!

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