Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/26/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/26/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa runs up to Anne at the hospital and tells her that Daniel is coming her way so she needs to improvise. Theresa rushes off as Daniel comes around the corner, talking on the phone about Eric's blood work test. Daniel finishes the call next to Anne. Anne accuses Daniel of moving on with another woman. Daniel remarks that he wishes he had a baseball bat.

Abigail brings a package in to Jennifer as a surprise Christmas present. JJ comes downstairs and watches from the doorway as Jennifer opens the gift and it's a new black dress. Abigail mentions that she can wear it to her date with Liam tonight as JJ seems disappointed.

Hope and Ciara go to Rafe's. Hope comments on Rafe's increasing strength and brings him some more work. Ciara compliments Rafe's Christmas tree and asks if he had a nice Christmas. Rafe says he had some nice time with Gabi and Arianna. Hope asks about Jordan stopping by. Rafe says he hasn't heard from her in a couple days so she might be avoiding him.

Jordan sits in the hospital. Maxine enters with a present that she says Gabi dropped off for her. Maxine mentions that she recognizes the box from the fancy boutique in the town square. Maxine asks Jordan if she's going to open it but she says no.

Brady sits at home, making another call for more cocaine. Brady hides what he has left when he hears the door. Maggie enters with Victor and Brady is surprised to see they are back together. Victor says he loves Christmas and declares that Maggie is back for good which was the best present ever. Maggie tells Victor not to get too cocky as he's still on probation. Victor says they have to make sure it's for good so he and Brady must be on their best behavior.

Anne questions if Daniel is threatening her. Daniel asks if she ever gets sick of being her because he gets sick of her. Anne continues accusing him of picking up women. Theresa interrupts and tells Anne to stop it because Daniel saved her life.

Abigail continues talking to Jennifer about preparing for her date as JJ listens in from the doorway. Abigail mentions talking to Adrienne about the date. JJ then comes in. Jennifer thanks him for helping Maggie. Jennifer exits and JJ questions what the hell is wrong with Abigail.

Brady says he's happy for Victor and Maggie. Victor heads out for a meeting. Maggie tells Brady that Victor's apology was sincere but he's not home free as there are certain conditions that he's having a hard time with. Maggie says the only two conditions were apologizing to Eric in person and now he has to apologize to Marlena. Brady says it's not his business so he won't say anything. Maggie asks what he means. Brady says he knows they're in love but he's still Victor so there's a difference in him saying he will do something than actually doing it. Maggie asks if Brady thinks Victor will back out. Brady comments that Victor got Maggie back home so he won't think he has to apologize to Marlena. Brady asks Maggie if moving back in is really the best move for her.

Maxine tells Jordan the gift must be something very special. Jordan says that means it's inappropriate as she feels it's not right for Rafe to get her something so expensive. Maxine comments that she thought she loosened up. Jordan knows she wants to help but says this thing with Rafe is very complicated.

Ciara tells Rafe that the exercises he taught her helped her learn how to skate backwards. Ciara mentions her recital and goes to get her costume to show Rafe. Hope thanks Rafe for helping Ciara. Rafe comments that Christmas must have been tough without Bo. Hope says that Ciara had a tough time.

Theresa pretends to argue with Anne until Anne walks away. Daniel tells Theresa that he can handle Anne so she should stay out of it. Theresa tells Daniel that she feels like she needs to talk to him.

JJ tells Abigail that it's about what she said to Jennifer. Jennifer comes back in and says Maggie forgot her bag. JJ says he will take it to her. JJ then talks about Maggie and Victor never giving up and getting back together. Jennifer comments that it's nice that they had a happy ending as she exits. Abigail questions JJ. JJ says he was trying to make a point to undo what Abigail did by making it sound like it's okay for Jennifer to go out with this jerk.

Maggie assures Brady that Victor will apologize to Marlena because he wants to and that he knows she will leave if this is an act. Brady says he has things to do but Maggie stops him and says she was worried about him over Christmas and asks if he's alright.

Maxine tells Jordan that she thinks she's scared. Jordan says she isn't scared of Rafe. Maxine suggests maybe she's scared of Rafe's feelings and not knowing how she feels. They joke about Rafe being good looking. Maxine tells Jordan to let Rafe know how she feels. They joke with each other as Maxine then exits.

Hope tells Rafe that she wonders if Ciara is okay with Bo completely out of contact. Hope talks about how unfair it is. Hope says she would never do this to Ciara but admits she hasn't told Bo that and part of her doesn't want to engage with him right now. Hope says they are here while he's there and she doesn't know how to feel about it.

Abigail tells JJ to grow up and not freak out every time Jennifer has a date. JJ says it's because Jennifer is still in love with Daniel. Abigail questions that after JJ broke them up and now wants them back together.

Daniel agrees to talk to Theresa but Victor arrives. Daniel introduces them. Victor asks for a moment with Daniel before the board meeting so Theresa walks away. Daniel tells Victor not to go there. Victor tells Daniel to go after whoever he wants after how Jennifer treated him. Daniel doesn't want him to go after Jennifer either. Victor tells Daniel that Maggie moved back in and credits Daniel for helping him. Victor says he was worried about Brady but thinks Brady is thrilled now that Maggie moved back in.

Brady tells Maggie that she doesn't need to worry about him as he's keeping clear. Maggie brings up Brady being on leave from work. Maggie worries about the changes he's had to go through because of Kristen. Maggie says Victor might not see the signs but she's his sponsor and a recovering addict so she can see them. Brady questions what she's trying to say.

Ciara shows Rafe her costume for skating. Rafe encourages her. Ciara asks him to come to her recital and he agrees. There's a knock at the door so Rafe answers and it's Jordan with the gift she got. Jordan tells him that they need to get something straight and then sees Hope and Ciara inside. Hope says they are late for Ciara's ice skating lesson so they exit. Jordan apologizes not knowing he had company. Rafe asks about her Christmas. Jordan says she was keeping her patients company at the hospital. Rafe mentions that he asked Gabi to bring her the gift. Jordan says she knows the gift is very expensive. Rafe points out that she hasn't even opened it yet. Jordan says she's not going to so he has to take it back because it's not appropriate. Rafe argues that she doesn't know what it is and tells her to open the present.

JJ tells Abigail that it's not right that Jennifer and Daniel broke up because of him and it'd be his fault if Daniel was with Theresa. Abigail tells JJ that Daniel being with Theresa has nothing to do with him and she's glad Jennifer found out who Daniel really is before they got married or anything. JJ tells her that she doesn't even know. Abigail says she knows Daniel hooked up with Theresa, knowing how much it would hurt Jennifer. JJ asks Abigail if he can ask her about something she probably doesn't want to talk about.

Theresa goes in to Anne's office and complains that she was close to talking with Daniel but Victor interrupted them. Anne tells Theresa about Victor and mentions that he's rich. Theresa wonders why her family didn't like Victor. Anne says she turns her charm on around Victor in case he wants to throw any money around. Theresa then remarks that Daniel must be in Victor's will so he'll get a lot of money. Anne reminds Theresa that she's going after Daniel to get at Jennifer. Theresa says she's going to be really genuine as she exits the office and returns to Daniel. She asks if he still had time to talk. Daniel says he was just getting off work so they can do it another time. She tells him any time or place that works for him as Daniel walks away and Theresa smiles.

Maggie tells Brady that she's not accusing him of anything. Maggie brings up Brady saying he was busy with work when he's been taking time off. Brady covers and Maggie talks about getting Theresa to an AA meeting. Maggie comments on going to a meeting herself and suggests they go together but Brady shouts back no. Maggie asks why not.

Rafe continues trying to convince Jordan to open the present. Jordan still thinks it's wrong. Jordan agrees to open it and inside is a t-shirt that says "coach" as Rafe jokes with her.

Theresa goes to Jennifer and thanks her for letting her come to Christmas. Jennifer says it was Christmas and they'll be fine as long as she stays away from JJ for the rest of the year. Theresa then tells her that she knows she saw her talking to Daniel and assures her that they are just friends. Jennifer brings up Theresa always pointing that out and says she doesn't care as she storms out. Theresa laughs and says it's killing Jennifer and now it's time to add to her pain.

JJ brings up Abigail lying about sleeping with Austin. Abigail agrees that she doesn't want to talk about that. JJ asks her how she got the courage to come clean. Abigail says she doesn't think she ever got the courage but she saw Jack and Jennifer attacking Austin and she couldn't take it so she blurted out the truth. Abigail says her parents weren't thrilled but they still loved her and in a weird way, it brought them closer. JJ says it all kind of worked out in the end. Abigail says maybe she didn't do permanent damage but she still put really good people through Hell and she hated herself for waiting so long to tell the truth. JJ points out that at least she did. Abigail asks JJ why he's asking about it.

Brady apologizes to Maggie for that coming out loud and says he's just tired. Maggie tells Brady that he's going to meetings but Brady says he's not because he's fine and Maggie is all he needs. She reminds him how important the meetings are. Brady says he will go if he needs one but he has to get ready for an interview with Nicole. Brady hugs Maggie and tells her that he's glad she's back. Brady adds that Victor doesn't deserve her but she means everything to him as he exits.

Jordan realizes her gift is not from the boutique. Rafe admits he thought it would just be funny to put it in the box. She accuses him of pushing her buttons and calls him a jerk as he laughs. Rafe says he thought she'd freak out a little bit but thought she'd still open it. Rafe apologizes. Jordan says she's sorry and calls it very sweet. Rafe tells her that he missed seeing her over Christmas. Jordan says she wanted to come by but didn't want to intrude on his family time. Rafe says she wouldn't have. Rafe then shows her a mistletoe hanging above the middle of the room. She comments that it's too bad that Christmas is over. Rafe doesn't think there is an expiration date and they kiss.

JJ starts to tell Abigail why he was asking but she gets a call from Theo. She tells him they have to wait until it snows before they can go sledding. She notes that Theo is really upset so she steps out to go talk to him. JJ thinks back to Theresa. Abigail tells JJ that she has to go see Theo but she'd like to finish their conversation first. She asks him why he was asking about all that stuff. JJ says he was just looking for confirmation that Jennifer is the forgiving type and won't hold the bad things he did against him. JJ suggests maybe she could forgive Daniel if it would make her happy but Abigail tells him not to hold his breath because she will never forgive Daniel.

Hope goes to the hospital and invites Jennifer to lunch but Jennifer says she's cranky so she wouldn't want to. Liam arrives and Jennifer introduces him to Hope. Liam asks if they are still on for tonight. Jennifer says she's looking forward to it. Liam gets paged from a doctor about a meeting for tonight. Liam goes to see if he can reschedule. Hope tells Jennifer that she's trying to figure out if she's disappointed or relieved.

Brady meets the drug dealer in the park. He remarks that Brady's late. Brady says the situation at the house became difficult and then gets his cocaine.

Rafe and Jordan continue kissing until her phone rings from a patient. Rafe mentions that they are friends now and he's glad she came by. Rafe tells her to come back any time she wants and they can talk about anything. Rafe says he's there if she wants to talk so she doesn't have to keep anything from him. Jordan thanks him for her gift and says it's perfect. Rafe tells her that the mistletoe will be up for a long while as she then exits with a smile.

Jennifer tells Hope that she's not sure if she's ready for a date. Hope thinks they could at least be friends. Jennifer comments that some people don't know what that means. Liam comes back and says he rescheduled so everything worked out for their date.

JJ declares that he has to make things right for Jennifer and Daniel. The doorbell rings and it's Theresa. JJ asks what she wants now. Theresa tells him that she has good news that she has come to set him free.

The drug dealer offers Brady something would more kick to it but Brady says he's good and goes to walk away when Daniel jogs by and asks what he was doing. Brady claims he was just getting some fresh air. Daniel tells him not to lie to him because he just saw him.

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