Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/25/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/25/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

At the Horton house, Doug and Julie look at the Christmas ornaments and come across Ciara's. JJ mentions it's a shame that Bo has to miss Christmas. Hope and Ciara then arrive and greet everyone.

Daniel sits with Maggie and Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion as Parker plays. Maggie is glad Parker is home for Christmas. Victor says he's glad Maggie is too and they kiss.

Anne passes out Christmas hats at the hospital and says the Christmas party is going to be full of surprises as she walks off. Maxine walks by and says not if she can help it.

Will sits with Allie and Arianna at home. Sonny takes a picture of Arianna. Gabi looks at their photo with Santa. Sonny mentions that Lucas sent it with Allie as he thought it was funny. Gabi doesn't think it's funny and worries about the man that was Santa as she thinks he knows what she did to Nick.

Kate finishes a call in the town square and pulls out the flash drive that Nick gave her that destroyed her computer. She puts it in the trash and says goodbye and good riddance. Lucas approaches and asks if she was talking about Nick.

The Bradys sit together at the Pub. Sami tells Eric how Johnny wanted him at mass. Eric says he didn't want to make a scene so he went to another church. Kayla takes Eric to get the gifts from upstairs. Nicole arrives with presents. Johnny runs up and hugs her. Johnny says he was afraid she wasn't coming. Nicole says she wouldn't skip Christmas without seeing him. Nicole gives Johnny and Sydney presents and says she hopes Sami doesn't mind. Nicole mentions to Sami that she went to mass last night and Sami figures out that she went with Eric.

Julie talks with Jennifer about missing Mike. Abigail says the ornaments in the tree are like everyone is with them. Ciara takes an ornament from the box. Doug sits with Hope and talks about Bo. Hope wishes Bo was there for Ciara. Ciara says to Hope that Bo is there.

Johnny and Sydney thank Nicole for their presents. Sami sends them to go play. Sami tells Nicole that they need to talk. Nicole admits that she asked Eric to go with her to the Holy Cross. Sami says she knows what she's trying to do. Nicole questions what she thinks. Sami accuses her. Nicole says she's trying to clear Eric's name but she can't win with Sami. Nicole says Eric is her friend and she didn't think he should be alone on Christmas Eve. Sami agrees that she wouldn't want that either. Nicole says she'll let her enjoy the rest of the holiday with her family. Sami thanks her and they wish each other a merry Christmas as Nicole exits the Pub. Eric goes and stops Nicole outside.

Parker shows Daniel his toy. Daniel asks how Brady is doing. Victor says he's terrible and left a note that he needed to be alone for the holidays. Victor gets ready to leave.

Kate asks Lucas what made him think she was speaking of Nick. Lucas recognized the flash drive and wondered why she had it. Kate says she wanted to see if they could recover the files but they couldn't. Lucas says it's not like it's life or death.

Adrienne goes to see Sonny and Will and Arianna. She says Justin hated to miss Arianna's first Christmas but he's out of town on business. Adrienne gives Gabi a present of a Christmas ornament. Adrienne asks Gabi if she's at peace with her decision to not take the modeling job and stay in Salem. Gabi says she couldn't imagine being away from this life. Adrienne brings up Nick. Gabi says they don't have to worry because he's gone.

Theresa takes Johnny and Sydney to the back at the Pub. Caroline sits with Kayla at the counter and tells her that Theresa is settling down but Kayla says she isn't letting her guard down yet. Sami looks out the window of the Pub. Roman approaches and asks what she's looking at. Sami tells him about Nicole going to mass with Eric. Roman notes that the lord works in mysterious ways.

Eric invites Nicole to stay and have breakfast with them but Nicole says she has plans. Nicole thanks him for keeping her and Daniel a secret. Eric wishes her a wonderful Christmas as she walks away.

Ciara shows Bo's ornament to Hope and repeats what Abigail said about the ornaments being like everyone is with them. Ciara says they will hang Bo's ornament for him as Hope hugs her. Julie asks Jennifer if she's reading the Christmas story again this year. Jennifer suggests JJ could. Maggie and Victor arrive and greet Abigail. Abigail shares one of Alice's recipes and Maggie talks about the wonderful memories.

Theresa takes Johnny and Sydney outside to play as Eric returns to the Pub. Sami asks about Nicole leaving and says he could've asked her to stay. Eric says she had plans and thanks her for asking. Eric asks about EJ not attending mass. Sami says he was busy playing Santa. Eric asks if EJ is sleeping in now instead of being with his family. Sami brings up how Roman can be. Eric asks if they are having problems and feels it's because of him.

Anne continues talking up the Christmas party at the hospital until Maxine interrupts and talks about Anne's complaints. Anne argues that the hospital is not a shrine to the Hortons. Maxine warns Anne against any surprises.

Daniel returns home with Parker and wraps a present.

Will, Gabi, Sonny, Allie, Lucas, and Kate join the Hortons with Arianna where they present Arianna with her Christmas ornament and Will hangs it on the tree. Ciara and Hope hang Bo's ornament on the tree. Doug and Julie hang their ornaments and kiss. Jennifer, Abigail, and JJ hang their ornaments alongside Jack's. Victor and Maggie hang their ornaments and kiss. Lucas and Allie add theirs to the tree. Everyone smiles looking at tree with Tom and Alice's ornaments together.

Daniel and Parker finish a skype call with Melanie on the laptop. Nicole returns and greets them. Parker runs up and hugs her. Nicole says she didn't think they'd be home already. Daniel says Victor and Maggie went on to the Horton house so they decided to just hang out. Daniel invites Nicole to join them. Nicole says she doesn't have any plans.

Sami tells Eric that it's complicated as obviously the Kristen thing is a part of it but they are trying to work through it. Theresa comes back in and tells Sami how cute her kids are. Theresa mentions Johnny noticing Santa using the same wrapping paper as his parents. They laugh as Theresa offers to be a babysitter. Caroline comes over and asks Eric to give her a hand with a blown fuse that she can't reach. Caroline mentions that Nick always used to be able to reach it for her, making Sami uncomfortable.

Ciara asks Allie if she got everything she wanted for Christmas. Allie says she did. Ciara says she didn't since she had to give her earring back because Allie blabbed her secret. Allie apologizes but Ciara tells her the apology is not accepted and walks away. Jennifer checks her phone. Abigail asks what's wrong. Jennifer says the food banks didn't receive her orders. Jennifer tells Abigail that she will see her at the hospital Christmas party. Will talks to Arianna about her Christmas ornament. Julie finds Nick's ornament and hangs it on the tree, saying she can't believe they forgot him. Julie then states that she hasn't heard a word from him since he went to New York and that's strange. Julie says he'll have to think again if he thinks he can just drop off the face of the earth.

Sami goes to the Hortons and greets Will and Sonny then Gabi, Arianna, and Kate. Gabi tells Sami about Julie talking about not hearing from Nick. Gabi brings up Santa again. Kate tells Gabi that luckily Christmas is over. Gabi feels like this will never be over. Doug asks Hope about not coming to the hospital party. Victor and Maggie kiss as Victor then exits.

Jennifer goes to the hospital, talking on the phone. Anne watches with another nurse as she comments on this keeping Jennifer from the party.

Caroline talks to Theresa at the Pub. Theresa says she won't be going to the Hortons. Caroline talks up the tradition but Theresa says Jennifer won't want her there. Caroline insists. Eric comes by and says the holidays are about friends, family, and forgiveness. Theresa agrees and gets rady to go. Victor enters the Pub and wishes Caroline a merry Christmas. Caroline says they were just on their way to the Hortons. Victor says he will see them there in a moment but wanted a word with Eric alone first.

Kids sit around at the hospital for the Christmas story. Julie talks to Kayla about needing Jennifer but Kayla says Jennifer is all tied up. Abigail explains that Jennifer got a text from the food bank that they didn't get her donations. Kayla says they did as she got a thank you email from them. Anne rushes in to take Jennifer's role and read a new Christmas story. Abigail mocks her. Doug comes in dressed as Santa and sends Anne away. Abigail notes that Jennifer is still not there so Doug calls on Abigail to read the story. Jennifer joins JJ, Maggie, and Maxine as they watch Abigail read the story. Abigail finishes the story and hugs Jennifer as Doug and Julie sing. Anne shakes her head as the others join in singing.

Daniel opens a box of Chistmas ornaments to hang on the tree with Parker and Nicole. Nicole takes a picture of Daniel and Parker. Parker then pulls out the present they wrapped earlier for Nicole. Nicole opens it and it's a snowflake ornament with her name on it. Nicole calls it the nicest gift anyone has ever given her.

Victor tells Eric that he understands if he doesn't want to accept his apology but he has to offer it. Eric tells him to go on. Victor says when he and Marlena found out that Kristen had been unfaithful to Brady, they never thought it would be with him and they just wanted Brady to find out who Kristen was. Victor says he made an error in judgment but is now trying to make amends. Eric appreciates it. Victor tells him not to hesitate to ask if there's anything he needs. Victor says he will let him enjoy the holiday with his family. Eric stops him and wishes him a merry Christmas. Victor then exits the Pub.

Doug, Julie, Maggie, Jennifer, and Abigail return home to the Horton house. They praise Abigail for the job she did on the Christmas story. Caroline comes in with Theresa. Abigail asks Jennifer who invited Theresa. Jennifer explains that she told Caroline that she could come since it's Christmas. Theresa goes to put her coat up and runs into JJ, who questions what the hell she's doing there.

Gabi gets frightened by the music box. Kate and Sami keep her calm and tell her to stop thinking about Nick. Julie joins Will, Lucas, and Sonny and questions if Kate and Sami are bonding suddenly. Lucas suggests stranger things have happened.

Theresa tells JJ that Caroline brought her and she reminds JJ of their agreement. Abigail tells Jennifer that she's being really cool about Theresa being there. Abigail points out that they didn't hang Daniel's ornament on the tree this year. Jennifer says that was his choice. Jennifer notes that next year won't be so awkward as she is moving on with a date with Liam and she's sure Daniel is moving on too like it should be. JJ watches on.

Nicole and Daniel sit with Parker. Daniel says the holidays turned out to be pretty good after all. Parker falls asleep on them.

Maggie thanks Jennifer for having them and keeping the memory of Tom and Alice. Jennifer calls it their home that belongs to all of them. Maggie calls it a year of wonderful surprises and memories and love. Maggie joins Victor. Hope looks sadly at Bo's ornament while JJ looks at Jack's. Maggie speaks on everyone being in their hearts. Maggie talks with Jennifer about getting through the hard times. Maggie tells Jennifer that she loves her and says the same to everyone else. Maggie wishes everyone happy holidays and everyone hugs with a closing shot of Tom and Alice's ornaments on the tree.

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