Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/24/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/24/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail decorates for Christmas at home. Jennifer comes in and asks if she's seen JJ. Abigail mentions that he was just there. JJ is up in his room when the doorbell rings and Doug and Julie arrive.

Brady stands at home and opens a Christmas card from John then tosses it and pulls out his cocaine.

Victor walks through the town square with a present and declares it's now or never.

Maggie goes to Daniel's and surprises him with Parker.

Marlena sits in the club and thinks back to giving Eric his vestments for Christmas and then to him tossing them in anger after the video came out. She gets up and runs into Roman.

Eric meets with Father Matt and thanks him for meeting with him on Christmas Eve. Eric tells him that he had a dream last night about Nicole.

Brady sits back after doing cocaine until the doorbell rings. He quickly wipes things away and answers the door to see Nicole. Nicole says she knows what he's been doing and he's got to stop.

EJ brings Johnny into the living room where Sami is. Sami sends Johnny to get Sydney ready to go to midnight mass. EJ tells Sami that he's sorry they didn't get to finish their conversation last night. Sami notes that he said they were in this together and then Stefano came in and they went to their separate bedrooms. Sami says she doesn't know where things stand. EJ says he doesn't either. EJ says he recognizes that she doesn't trust him after what happened with Kristen but he gave up everything to help her after Bernardi so he'd do it again. EJ tells Sami that even in death, Nick is not going to destroy their future.

Victor sits in the town square looking at his present. He thinks back to proposing to Maggie and then their breakup. Victor stands and walks away.

Daniel sits with Maggie and Parker. Maggie explains that Chloe thought Parker should be with Daniel for Christmas. Maggie says she knows she can't talk Daniel into spending Christmas Eve with the Hortons. Maggie decides she should get going and says she will see them tomorrow.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't know how they will keep it all under control. EJ says they will find a way. EJ feels it's best that the others don't know that he knows. Abe enters with Theo. EJ thanks Abe for bringing Theo. Abe states that Theo has something to say to Sami. Theo apologizes to Sami for giving her earring to Ciara. Stefano interrupts and questions what earring.

Marlena sits with Roman and asks if he's spoken to Eric. Roman says he did this morning but she has to give him time. Marlena says Eric has been through something unspeakable and she can't help or comfort him. Marlena hopes he is able to find his way.

Eric tells Father Matt that he dreamt of Nicole with another man and it made him feel sad. Father Matt says he thinks he knows why.

Nicole tells Brady that he can't hide at home because it's Christmas Eve and his friends and family miss him. Nicole tells Brady that she got him a present. Brady says he didn't get her anything so he wouldn't feel right and wants her to leave. Nicole agrees to leave if Brady comes with her.

Doug and Julie talk to Jennifer about inviting Maggie to stay and they talk about Victor never changing. Julie compares it to Daniel and him being with Theresa. JJ comes downstairs as Julie tells Jennifer that she's glad she saw Daniel's true colors.

Abe explains what happened with the earring. Stefano continues questioning it. Sami and EJ suggest moving on from it. EJ sends Theo to get his Christmas present and Abe goes with him. Sami tells EJ about the look on Stefano's face. EJ reassures her not to worry.

Maggie goes to the Horton house and Victor follows her to the door, asking if she can spare a few minutes for him.

Father Matt tells Eric that maybe the dream is about Nicole moving on with her life which should be a relief. He tells Eric that he's always welcome there. Eric understands it's out of his control.

Nicole jokes with Brady and says her present to him is spending time with her. Brady doesn't want to go out. Nicole doesn't care. Brady says he'll see her later in the week. Nicole says she understands and reluctantly exits. Brady goes back to his cocaine.

JJ talks with Doug and Julie as Jennifer and Abigail decorate the Christmas tree. They talk about JJ turning his life around and Jennifer hugs him, saying how proud she is of him.

Nicole goes home to Daniel's and greets Parker. Daniel says they were just baking cookies. Nicole gives Parker his Christmas present from her which is a toy fishing pole.

Abe and Stefano come out of the study with Theo. Theo comments on Lexie saying the best gift was always family. Stefano comments that she was always right.

Victor and Maggie go to the park. Maggie says she doesn't have long. Victor thanks her. Maggie says he shouldn't have gotten her a present because no jewelry will change things between them. Victor tells her to just open it. She opens the box and the card inside.

JJ puts things away as Abigail calls him back into the living room and they light the fireplace. They talk about Jack and how much they miss him. They hug and look at his photo on the mantle.

Maggie asks Victor if he really means this. Victor says he does from the bottom of his heart. Victor says he was wrong. Victor says he was so desperate to save his grandson that he hurt a lot of people. Maggie asks what changed his mind. Victor says she did. Maggie asks if Victor would be saying this if she came back home. Victor says he doesn't say he's wrong lightly. Victor says he's a stubborn old man who might not deserve another chance but he'll do everything in his power to make this right if she gives him that chance.

Doug and Julie come back into the living room with the guitar, asking JJ to play something for them. JJ is hesitant but Jennifer encourages him. JJ plays guitar and sings Silent Night.

Victor and Maggie hold hands.

Brady sits alone at home.

Eric goes to the Pub where Marlena and Roman are inside.

Daniel and Nicole play with Parker.

JJ finishes his performance of Silent Night.

Sami gets a text from Lucas with Arianna's family pictures with Santa. EJ looks at the picture and wonders what's wrong with Kate, Gabi, and Sonny. Sami recognizes Santa and realizes it's the man from the river. EJ questions Sami just mentioning this man now. Sami says he didn't see anything incriminating. EJ points out that he can point Sami at the crime scene on the night that Nick disappeared. Sami insists that no one will find his backpack. EJ can't believe Sami and Kate were so amateurish at murder. EJ talks about how he found the backpack tag and Theo found the earring. He asks if she's sure the man did not see her with Nick. Sami insists that he didn't then thinks back and remembers that he saw Gabi with Nick's backpack.

Roman invites Eric to mass with he and Marlena but Eric doesn't want to cause a scene. Marlena suggests another church but Eric says they should be with family. Roman says he should be too but Eric tells him not to push it. Marlena tells Eric that they love him and they wish a Merry Christmas. Eric then exits. Roman tells Marlena that it will be okay. Marlena doesn't know if Eric and Brady will ever survive what Kristen did to their family.

Henderson comes into the living room with presents that Brady ordered back in the fall. Brady gives Henderson his gift and gives him the rest of the day off. Brady goes through the rest of the bag and places presents under the Christmas tree. He then comes across a present for Kristen.

Maggie tells Victor that she knew the man she loved was in there somewhere. Maggie wants his word before she comes home. Victor agrees to do what she asks. Maggie thanks him and they kiss.

Julie wonders where Maggie is and hopes she's not avoiding them. Abigail wonders why she would. Julie says she'd be saying I told you so about Victor and compares it to Abigail and Chad. Julie encourages Abigail. Abigail rushes off to the kitchen. Julie follows out. Jennifer comes back in to the living room. Doug comments on JJ's talent. Doug wonders why JJ ran off after he played for them. Jennifer suggests a duet when he gets back.

JJ goes to Daniel's and says he just needed to see him as it's important.

EJ asks Sami if she thinks the man noticed the backpack. Sami says he offered to carry it and mentions seeing him again in the town square. EJ says the situation has gone from bad to comically tragic. EJ says their lie about Kate following an ex boyfriend can easily be disproved. EJ concludes that it doesn't matter and hugs her. Sami feels that he doesn't sound sure. EJ insists that he is and says they won't let this ruin their kids Christmas. Sami agrees that they deserve a nice day. EJ tells Sami that they will get through this together. EJ and Sami dress Johnny and Sydney for mass. Sami exits with the kids. EJ stands in the doorway. Stefano approaches and says it's good to be home. Stefano then asks EJ what's the matter. EJ thinks Johnny stopped believing. Stefano says he'll have a chat with him in the morning. EJ comments on how times change.

Brady takes his present for Kristen and tosses it into the fireplace. Brady declares that he can't do this anymore.

Eric runs into Nicole at the town square and asks if she's doing last minute shopping. Nicole says she doesn't have anyone to shop for other than Daniel and Parker. Nicole asks if Eric will be going to mass. She doesn't want him to spend Christmas Eve alone.

Daniel asks JJ what's wrong. JJ says he just wanted to give him something for Parker. JJ gives Parker a present which is a toy train. JJ says he can't stay and wishes Daniel a merry Christmas.

Brady writes a note to Victor saying sorry he couldn't stick around. He looks at the fireplace and then walks out.

Stefano tells EJ that he kept his promise to God for saving Chad's life and he offered a bunch of olive branches. EJ asks if there were any takers. Stefano says there was EJ. EJ asks about Rafe. Stefano says Rafe doesn't believe he's sincere so there's nothing he can do. EJ says to let the chips fall where they may as they toast their drinks.

Sami goes to the Pub and sits with Marlena. Sami explains that EJ wanted to come but he's building Johnny's bike for Christmas. Marlena says she understands but after they are married, they do things as a family. Sami mentions texting Eric and Brady but they're not coming. Marlena apologizes. Sami tells Marlena that it's not her fault.

Nicole questions Eric skipping mass. Eric says he didn't say he was skipping. Nicole brings up the mass at the Holy Cross. Eric is surprised to hear she's going to mass. Nicole calls Eric's faith inspiring. Nicole tries to convince him to go with her.

JJ returns home. Jennifer asks where he's been. JJ says he picked up some candy canes for the kids. Jennifer says they should get to the Brady's and wonders where Maggie is. Maggie then enters with Victor and says she hopes they don't mind another guest. Jennifer says Victor is not a guest, he's family as she hugs him. Julie comments that it looks like somebody's Christmas wish came true. Doug says his did as they kiss.

EJ and Stefano toast their drinks. EJ gets a text from Sami with a picture of her and the kids and a caption that says we love you.

Sami gets a text back from EJ that says I love you too.

Eric leaves the town square with Nicole.

Daniel sits reading a story to Parker.

JJ and Abigail get ready to leave as Maggie and Victor kiss under the mistletoe. Maggie, Victor, Doug, Julie, Jennifer, and JJ exit. Abigail stops before leaving and goes back to the living room where she places the baby Jesus in the manger on their nativity scene.

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