Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/23/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/23/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan tells Rafe that he's kind of impossible. Rafe calls it determined and says he is when it comes to getting to know her better. Rafe suggests she stop trying to fight it as Stefano appears in the doorway. Rafe kisses Jordan as Stefano watches.

Lucas gathers the family for the photo with Santa. Will hands Arianna to Santa Claus. Will, Sonny, Gabi, and Kate join Arianna in the photo with Santa. Lucas takes the picture just as Kate, Gabi, and Sonny realize that Santa is the man from the river. Will decides he will take one with Lucas in it but Lucas wants to take another since he noticed Kate, Gabi, and Sonny did not look to happy in the picture and wonders what's going on. Will agrees that they looked terrible. Gabi and Kate think back to meeting the man at the river and they assures Sonny that the man is Santa.

Hope goes to the Pub and greets Abe. Abe asks about Sami. Hope thinks something weird is going on and that Sami is still upset about something. Hope tells Abe that Sami insisted on never being by the river.

EJ wonders if Sami lost anything else by the river aside from the earring. Sami tells EJ that she explained to Hope that she was never actually by the river. EJ calls it a coincidence. Sami asks what he's referring to. EJ reaches in his pocket and pulls out the tag from Nick's backpack. EJ says he found it by the river just a few feet from where Theo found her earring. EJ asks Sami if she has any idea what it is or who it belongs to. Sami thinks back to Nick drowning and claims she doesn't know as it could be anyone's. EJ mentions the initials NF and brings up Nick Fallon.

Santa says it's fancy running into them again. Gabi wants to go but Will insists on another picture since none of them were smiling. Sonny asks for someone else to take the picture so Lucas can get in it. Will approaches a man to take the picture and Gabi imagines it's Nick.

Sami questions EJ acting like it's evidence. Sami doesn't think it needs an explanation. Sami says it could be anyone's. EJ suggests maybe Nick stole her earring and then dropped it where Theo found it. Sami says maybe that's it since Nick was always lurking around. EJ questions her saying was. Sami explains that he's in New York now. EJ says that must mean Nick was either robbed or attacked so he's going to call the police but Sami stops him and says he can't do that.

Kate and Sonny reassure Gabi as she realizes the man is not Nick. Gabi recognizes that it's Rafe's physical therapist again. He takes the photo and tells everyone to smile as Santa tells them to smile like they were at the river that night which causes Gabi, Kate, and Sonny to give shocked expressions again.

Rafe pulls Jordan onto him and they kiss until Jordan notices Stefano at the door. Rafe questions what the hell he's doing there.

Abe talks to Hope about Theo finding the earring at the river and having no reason to lie. They wonder why Sami would lie. They discuss the possibility of someone else having the earring and dropping it. Hope says something does not make sense here at all.

Will decides that picture is not much better and suggests one more. They take a third picture and it's only slightly better but Will decides it's as good as it's going to get. Will asks Santa what he meant about smiling down by the river. Kate suggests Sonny, Will, and Lucas take a picture with Arianna. Kate and Gabi stay behind to talk to Santa. Kate says she doesn't want her family to know that she was following her ex boyfriend like they told him. Santa agrees that it will be their little secret. Santa then asks where Sami is.

EJ questions Sami not wanting him to call the police. Sami says if something happened to Nick then he would call Hope himself. EJ asks why Sami didn't tell Hope the truth about being by the river. Sami compares to EJ lying to her about Kristen. EJ says he knows her tactics. EJ says Sami can tell him what happened with her and Nick or he will call Hope and ask her what the backpack tag is. Sami agrees to tell EJ what really happened.

Stefano says he's sorry to intrude but the door was open. Stefano introduces himself to Jordan. Rafe tells him to get out. Stefano explains that he promised God that he would seek out everyone he harmed in any way for saving Chad. Rafe doesn't care unless Stefano is going to turn himself in to jail. Stefano understands and agrees to go. Stefano says he's glad to see he's doing better and that he means it sincerely. Stefano exits and Rafe shuts the door. Rafe tells Jordan that was the one person he hoped she would never have to meet.

Abe talks with Hope about looking forward to Christmas since last year was the first one without Lexie and maybe this one will be more normal. Hope notes it's the first Christmas for Ciara without Bo. She mentions not knowing how to tell her. Hope gets a call from Rafe. Rafe informs her that Stefano is back and just left his place. Hope says she's on it and tells Abe that she needs to talk to Stefano about Kristen. Abe offers to help but Hope says she can handle it.

Kate tells Santa that they don't travel in a pack. Santa says to give Sami her best. Sonny comes over and asks if everything is fine. Kate assures him that he knows nothing. Sonny asks if she's sure.

Sami tells EJ that she would love to share her burden with him but after his unbelievable betrayal. EJ tells her to stick to the topic of Nick. Sami explains the situation of Nick trying to get Gabi to move to New York with him. Sami says she confronted Nick in the park and they had an argument that led to the river and got a little physical. Sami says they struggled over his backpack and she fell and lost her earring. She claims she didn't want Hope to know that Nick went back to his old ways. Sami says that's it. EJ continues to question it. Sami wonders why he cares since he knew what kind of man Nick was. EJ again notes that she said was. Sami says she already explained that. Sami says Nick is a terrible person. EJ believes there is more and says he does not believe her. EJ then comes to a realization and says it's been barely six months since Joseph Bernardi died at her hands and asks her to please tell him that she did not kill Nick Fallon.

Jordan asks about Stefano and notes that he did apologize. Rafe says he just came to let him know he's back. Jordan feels Stefano seemed very sincere to her. Jordan asks what Stefano did to him. Rafe tells her that she doesn't want to know which Jordan takes as Rafe not wanting to tell her. Jordan encourages Rafe to keep fighting. Rafe asks if she's talking about him or her.

Kate, Gabi, and Sonny watch as Will and Lucas sits with Arianna. Kate tells Sonny that's the reason that they can't tell anyone. Gabi looks over at Santa and wonders why that man keeps showing up. Sonny thinks he's harmless. Santa waves at them. Gabi wants him to leave them alone as they wave back.

Sami questions EJ and says her gunshot did not kill Bernardi so she resents that. EJ says she did kill Nick and asks why she didn't come to him. EJ realizes Gabi knows about it. Sami claims not to know what he's talking about. EJ says no more lies or games and asks how Gabi knows. Sami admits Gabi was there and they killed Nick.

Abe sits with Ciara and she shows him her Christmas list which has nothing on it. Ciara tells him that all she wants for Christmas is for her dad to come home.

Hope meets with Stefano in her office to ask a few questions about Kristen. Stefano bursts out laughing.

Jordan says she's just trying to encourage Rafe. Rafe thinks she knows about anger and hatred. Rafe understands she didn't want to cross a line before but they are friends now and he wants to know more about her. Jordan says she's just read a lot about motivation but Rafe doesn't believe her. Rafe asks what she knows about hatred.

Sonny and Gabi join Will and Arianna. Will talks about how different this Christmas is from last year's. Will comments on Nick being gone forever. Will thinks the four of them make a very good family. Will notes that even Sonny and Gabi are getting along which is rare. Sonny admits they have bonded through shared experiences.

Lucas asks Kate what Santa meant when he mentioned smiling down by the river. Kate claims not to know and gets a call so she steps away.

EJ questions Sami and Gabi killing Nick together. Sami explains that Nick was attacking Gabi so she hit him with a rock to protect herself. Sami explains that she got there later and thought he was dead so they dragged him to the river but he woke up and grabbed her then the current pulled him away. Sami says nobody will ever find his body. EJ says this is why Gabi has been so upset. Sami then reveals that Kate was there too and it was her idea to throw Nick into the river. EJ questions them thinking they would get away with this. Sami thinks they have a real chance and then lets it slip that Sonny knows too.

Hope talks to Stefano about Kristen drugging and seducing Eric. Hope asks if Kristen told him of her plan. Stefano jokes about talking about it and claims he helped her buy the camera. Hope says it's all a laugh to Stefano but not to Eric. Stefano tells her that she has no idea the price Kristen has had to pay for what she did. Stefano says Kristen lost the man she loves. Hope says it's not the same as prison time. Hope asks if he knows where Kristen is and if she's contacted him. Stefano says no and says parents can't control their children but only love and protect them. Hope thanks him for his philosophy. They talk about this chat being off the record and Stefano then exits. Hope sits back down and looks at a photo of Ciara as she prepares to leave.

Rafe tells Jordan that he doesn't mean to pry but he'd just like to know something about her. Jordan says there's nothing to tell as she's boring and it's late. Rafe suggests maybe tomorrow. Jordan thinks Gabi will want to do something with him for Christmas Eve. Rafe invites her to join them. Jordan doesn't want to intrude but Rafe insists. Jordan promises they will see each other soon and wishes him a merry Christmas then quickly exits.

Will thanks Lucas for joining them. Gabi asks if Kate is coming back. Lucas says he's going to walk her home and wishes them a merry Christmas.

EJ hopes Will doesn't know. Sami says no and even Sonny agrees that they shouldn't tell Will. Sami says only the five of them know now. EJ thinks Nick's family will worry when they don't hear from him but Sami explains that Kate handled that with his cell phone. EJ asks about the backpack tag and where the backpack is. Sami says they threw it in the river with tons of rocks in it. EJ says Kate can't keep texting as Nick forever because at some point someone will want to see or talk to him. Sami doesn't think so. EJ tells her this problem is not just going to fade away.

Kate finishes a call outside the town square where Stefano approaches. Stefano suggests they get together for dinner next week like Chad wanted for her to tell him exactly what she thinks of him. Stefano walks off as Kate calls after him that she didn't agree and isn't going. Lucas joins Kate and asks if that was Stefano. Kate says Stefano thinks he's so clever but she knows him too well. Lucas advises her to stay away from him.

Rafe stands alone in his apartment and looks at his Christmas tree then thinks back to kissing Jordan and smiles.

Jordan sits at home on her computer, writing an e-mail that she has really grown to like Salem and that she thinks she's finally found a place that she can call home and be safe.

Hope rejoins Ciara at the Pub. Ciara asks about Bo coming home then realizes he's not coming. Hope tells her that he's working on something very important and he can't stop. Ciara asks if he can't even see her. Hope hugs her and assures her how much Bo loves her. Hope tries to encourage her but Ciara says she's tired and wants to go home. Hope says she is too.

Will, Sonny, and Gabi return home with Arianna. Will takes Arianna to put her to bed. Gabi tells Sonny that she knows the Nick thing is a huge burden on him but she's glad he knows. Gabi tells him that she has a lot of nightmares and keeps thinking she's seeing Nick so she's glad to have someone to talk to. Gabi hugs Sonny and thanks him for making sure she can take care of her baby. Will comes back in and Gabi decides to go to sleep. Will tells Sonny that he saw their hug and jokes with him as they hug.

EJ tells Sami that when Nick's relatives find out that he's dead, they won't just fade away. Sami says they won't find out and the body won't turn up. Sami brings up Kate hearing from Stefano that the river had the strongest current. Sami apologizes to EJ for not telling him and admits that she should have but it was right after what happened with Kristen and Eric. EJ realizes she was going to handle it on her own. EJ hugs her and assures her that she'll never be alone as she will always have him to protect her. Stefano then bursts in exclaiming merry Christmas and that he's back.

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