Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/20/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/20/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric goes to see Daniel. Daniel is surprised to see him out of the hospital. Eric decided to save him the trip. Daniel asks who released him. Eric says he's here to talk about something more important than his health, Nicole.

Nicole goes to her office and finds her producer Miles, who orders her to sit down. Miles tells her that she's about to go on the air and hasn't moved on the hottest story. He complains about her not being ready to put Eric on camera for an interview.

Jordan sits at home with her box of fake IDs. She opens it again and looks through them. She thinks back to kissing Rafe. Jordan says it's all a lie and then puts the IDs back into the box.

Rafe works on walking at home as there's a knock at the door. He calls out that it's open assuming it's Jordan but it turns out to be Kate, who asks if it's open for her as well.

Gabi says she's grateful to Will for everything and if she lost what they have, she doesn't think she could stand it. Will hugs her and asks what's going on with her today.

Sami argues with Ciara that the earring is hers and tries to take her backpack. Ciara holds on and refuses to give it up. They pull on it until Hope comes back and questions what Sami is doing. Ciara yells that Sami is trying to take her backpack. Sami explains that her earring is in there. Ciara says it's not. Sami calls her a liar. Hope warns Sami about her words. Sami says Ciara is mistaken. Hope questions Sami. Sami shows Hope the earring and Hope realizes how expensive it is and turns to Ciara.

EJ stops Sonny and says that he knows. Sonny asks what he's talking about. EJ tells him that he doesn't need to pretend because Gabi told him everything. Sonny doesn't understand and thinks back to what he overheard. Sonny asks what exactly Gabi told him. EJ claims she told him everything that went down with Sami and Kate. EJ tells Sonny that it's okay to talk to him.

Sami says she might have overreacted and explains to Ciara how much the earrings mean to her. Ciara complains to Hope that Sami scared her. Hope tells her that she didn't mean it. Hope doesn't get why Sami thinks the earring is in Sami's backpack. Sami tells Hope that Allie told her. Sami explains to her how she knows Ciara was mistaken. Hope asks to see Ciara's backpack. Ciara claims it's not Sami's earring but it's hers and private. Sami again tries to grab Ciara's backpack and they fight over it.

Sonny tells EJ that Sami and Kate gave him a big deal about keeping quiet. Sonny almost tells EJ what he knows when Lucas interrupts to wish a merry Christmas.

Nicole tells Miles that it's a complex story. Nicole brings up interviewing Brady. Miles complains about not getting more on Eric. He goes over the story. Nicole says the church won't let Eric on camera but Miles doesn't care.

Daniel tells Eric that he would rather talk about the test. Eric tells him that he doesn't have to cover because he knows what's going on as Nicole told him they are seeing each other. Daniel tries to explain but Eric says he's behind it.

Kate tells Rafe that she just wanted to bring by a couple things. She shows him some baby clothes that she got for Rafe to give Arianna for Christmas since he couldn't get around. Rafe informs her that he already ordered off the internet and asked Jordan to wrap them for him which is why he expected her at the door. Rafe says he figured she'd be there by now and checks his phone.

Jordan holds the wrapped presents and says it's not fair to Rafe but wonders what's fair to her. Jordan gets a text from Rafe asking when she's coming by. She responds that she's on her way. Jordan gathers up the presents and heads out.

Lucas says EJ can't even ruin his holiday spirit. EJ suggests Lucas go away so he and Sonny can talk but Lucas says he has to talk to Sonny about taking Arianna for pictures with Santa. Lucas invites EJ to join them. EJ reminds Sonny that they need to talk. Sonny says he's sorry but they can talk later. Sonny walks away with Lucas. EJ calls Lucas an irritating twit and wonders what Sami has done now.

Sami apologizes to Hope for overreacting but she doesn't know how to explain to EJ that she lost a $30,000 earring. Hope tells Ciara to let her see what's in the backpack. Ciara calls it unfair and then gives it to Hope. Hope looks inside and finds the earring. She gives it back to Sami, who is relieved to have it back. Sami talks about how she's sure Ciara didn't know it was hers. Sami says she will still buy Ciara ten pairs. Ciara says she liked that one. Sami says she does too. Hope tells Ciara that they will talk about this later. Sami thanks Hope for her help. Hope tells Sami to come to her first next time. Sami agrees and hopes there's not a next time. Sami then exits the club. Sami calls Kate and tells her that she found her earring so there's no way it can be tied with what they did to Nick. Kate informs Sami then Sonny told nothing to Justin so things are getting better. Sami tells Kate to come over so they can plan their next move but Kate says she's busy. Sami questions her having better things to do. Kate suggests things are looking up now so she can relax. Sami hangs up and complains about having to dispose of a body with Kate.

Hope sits with Ciara and tells her how wrong it was to hide Sami's earring. Ciara complains that Sami was mean and made her mad. Hope says Ciara just found the earring and it wasn't hers but Ciara says it was a special present from Theo.

Will tells Gabi that he knows she gave up modeling for Arianna but also for he and Sonny. Will offers to do anything he can for Gabi. Sonny and Lucas come in, ready to take Arianna to see Santa. Will takes Lucas in to change Arianna's diaper. Sonny tells Gabi that he didn't tell Justin anything. Gabi thanks him. Sonny questions why she would tell EJ. Gabi says she didn't and that he just seemed suspicious and tried to trick her into telling him. Sonny realizes then that EJ was trying to trick him. Gabi hopes it didn't work.

Rafe thanks Kate for the gifts and says it was thoughtful. Kate says there is one more thing and reveals that she ordered a Christmas present for him way back when they were together and it arrived as a special order that she can't return so she gives it to him. Rafe opens it and it's a baseball autographed by the 1998 Chicago Cubs. Rafe is thrilled and can't believe Kate remembered his favorite team. Kate talks about how happy she remembered him being when talking about it. Jordan arrives with a small Christmas tree and is surprised to find Kate inside so she asks if it's a bad time.

Miles tells Nicole that he loved her killer instinct that no one could stop her but he doesn't see it anymore. He wonders what happened to her while working for Eric.

Daniel tells Eric that it's not what he expected to hear from him. Eric says he's been a good friend to him so he wants him to be happy. Eric is relieved that Nicole has moved on after he hurt her horribly. Daniel thinks he's being hard on himself. Daniel talks about the fallout from what Kristen did. Eric says he can't change what he did but he doesn't want anything to stop him from being a priest. Daniel reminds him that he will do whatever he can to help him get reinstated. Eric says he can't do it without Daniel and Nicole's help. Eric adds that he's glad that Nicole's feelings for him are gone because he wouldn't be able to accept her help otherwise. Eric tells Daniel that he is happy for them both. Daniel tells Eric that there's something he wants to tell him but Nicole walks in and asks what Eric is doing there. Eric says he was just telling Daniel that he's happy for them. Eric asks what Daniel was going to tell him. Daniel says he just needs to get to the hospital and check on his tests. Eric offers to go with him but Nicole asks Eric to stay so they can talk. Daniel agrees and goes to leave. Nicole tells him that she'll be waiting. Daniel goes along and exits. Nicole then turns to Eric and asks where they were.

Jordan apologizes and says she didn't know he had company. Jordan asks about the baseball. Rafe informs her that it's a present from Kate signed by the 1998 Cubs. Kate asks if the tree is for Rafe and says it's so sweet as the place needs to be more festive. Rafe thanks her and calls it cool. Jordan puts it down and gives Rafe the presents for Arianna. Jordan goes to leave. Rafe asks where she's going. Jordan says she doesn't want to interrupt but Kate says she was just leaving. Kate says to have a great Christmas and then exits.

Hope goes to the DiMera Mansion and Sami greets her. Sami asks where Ciara is. Hope says she's with Abe and she thought they should talk. Sami says it's not a good time but Hope says it's about the earring and heads inside. Sami says all is well but Hope points out that Ciara doesn't think so. Hope informs Sami that Theo was the one who found the earring and gave it to Ciara. Sami argues that either way Ciara was hiding it from her. Hope says she just had to wait until she came back. EJ comes home and listens in from the doorway. Sami tells Hope that she was upset about having to explain it to EJ. Hope asks where Sami lost it anyways. Sami says it doesn't matter. Hope informs her that Theo found the earring at the river.

Sonny tells Gabi that they have to be very careful around EJ now. Sonny says he would've reminded EJ about how he kept quiet about the video of Sami and Bernardi. Gabi talks about Nick waking up at the river and trying to pull Sami in with him. Sonny tells her that they are lucky no one saw them since people go hiking there all the time. Gabi mentions the man they ran into but he doesn't know anything. Gabi talks about the man being weird. Sonny thinks he's being paranoid and is sure it's just a coincidence. Will and Lucas come back in with Arianna. Will asks who's ready for some photos while Gabi whispers to Sonny that they hope it's not a mugshot.

Hope tells Sami about Abe and Theo going through the park. Hope questions Sami being at the river with $30,000 earrings. Sami claims she wasn't and someone else must've found it and took it there. Hope questions it being lost twice and someone dropping it by the river. Sami says no other explanation makes sense. EJ finishes listening in and exits the mansion.

Eric asks Nicole about wanting to talk with him. Nicole talks about her meeting with Miles and wanting to put Eric on camera. Eric reminds her that the church doesn't want him giving any interviews. Nicole thinks he has to defend himself to clear his name. Eric says only the facts matter. Nicole thinks he's being naive. Eric says the church are giving him a chance to get back what matters and that's his job, his vocation, his life.

Daniel sits in his office, talking on the phone about the test to find what was in Eric's blood. Daniel asks what the next step is in connecting it to who came up with the masking agent.

Kristen's doctor talks on the phone, talking about preparing to leave. He says he should stay away from the States but Kristen is nowhere to be found and this offer is too lucrative to pass up. He says he will be on the next flight while looking on a folder with Eric's name on it.

Sami suggests Hope talk to Theo because she doesn't know what else to say. Hope says they are just family talking but adds she wouldn't buy this story from a witness. Hope thinks there is more to the story than Sami is sharing.

EJ goes to the river with a flashlight and wonders what Sami has been doing there.

Jordan tells Rafe that nothing is going on and she just dropped off what she came for so now she should go. Rafe tells her that he's been waiting for her all day and now she's just going to go. Rafe doesn't want to go through this all again. Rafe jokes with her about only being with him on the clock. Jordan says it's the holidays so Rafe must have friends and family to spend time with. Jordan suggests she give him space until after New Year's. Rafe tells Jordan that he doesn't want space, he wants to be with her as he holds her hand.

Eric tells Nicole that he knows she's trying to help but there are limits. Eric talks about Father Matt helping him and he won't go against his own wishes. Nicole brings up Marlena and Sami. Eric is exhausted and says they can debate later. Eric adds that he meant what he said about being happy for her and Daniel. Eric then exits.

Will, Sonny, Gabi, and Lucas bring Arianna to the town square for pictures with Santa. Lucas goes to get a ticket while Will and Sonny joke around about the concept. Kate approaches and greets them. Lucas returns and says the line's not too bad so they get in line while Kate stands back with Gabi. Kate tells Gabi that she talked to Sami and they have nothing to worry about.

Sami apologizes to Hope and says she understands that she's angry for how she treated Ciara and she's sorry for it. Sami says that doesn't make her a suspect. Sami asks how Hope would react if she lost something that Bo gave to her. Sami says it doesn't make her guilty of anything. Hope points out that she never said she did. Hope apologizes and hugs her. They laugh it off as the both of them overreacting. Sami asks Hope about Bo coming home soon but Hope informs her that Bo is not coming back and she doesn't know how to tell Ciara. Sami says she feels really horrible now and apologizes as she hugs Hope again.

EJ continues searching down by the river. He comments that he doesn't even know what he's looking for. He then finds the tag from Nck's backpack with Nick's initials on it.

Nicole sits with Daniel at home complaining about Eric going through Hell and how she can't help him. Daniel talks about not contradicting Eric believing they are involved. Daniel says he's come to the conclusion that Nicole was right on this. Daniel adds that Eric made it clear that he would refuse her help if he thought she still had feelings for him. Nicole assures him that she's moved on.

Eric lays in bed and has a dream about Nicole being with Daniel then wakes up.

Jordan tells Rafe that he's kind of impossible. Rafe calls it determined and says he is when it comes to getting to know her better. Rafe suggests she stop trying to fight it as someone appears to be watching them through the open door.

Sami apologizes to Hope again and vows to give Ciara the best possible Christmas. Hope apologizes too and they hug as Hope then exits. Sami shuts the door and says this is getting exhausting as she wonders what's next.

Lucas gathers the family for the photo with Santa. Will hands Arianna to Santa Claus. Will, Sonny, Gabi, and Kate join Arianna in the photo with Santa. Lucas takes the picture just as Kate, Gabi, and Sonny realize that Santa is the man from the river.

EJ returns home and heads into the living room where Sami is seated with work. Sami asks when he got there. EJ says just a moment ago. EJ mentions that he was there earlier while she was talking with Hope so he gave her some privacy. Sami thanks him and talks about getting work done. EJ mentions taking a walk down by the river. Sami says EJ obviously heard her conversation with Hope and says maybe she should've told him about the earring. Sami suggests a lot of things get left unsaid around here. Sami says all is well that ends well. EJ wonders if Sami lost anything else by the river aside from the earring. Sami tells EJ that she explained to Hope that she was never actually by the river. EJ calls it a coincidence. Sami asks what he's referring to. EJ reaches in his pocket and pulls out the tag from Nick's backpack. EJ says he found it by the river just a few feet from where Theo found her earring.

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