Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/18/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/18/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer sits at home when Abigail comes in and asks where JJ is. Jennifer says he was running errands but she thought he'd be back by now. Jennifer admits that she's worried. Abigail sits with her and informs her that she didn't tell her something about JJ that she thinks she should.

JJ goes home but stops outside the door and texts Rory that he needs to meet ASAP as he thinks back to Theresa's demands. JJ declares that Theresa goes down today.

Theresa sits at home until there's a knock at the door and it's Maggie, who surprises her by bringing an AA meeting to her.

EJ goes to the Pub on the phone talking about work. He hangs up and finds Kate seated at a table, who overheard that Kristen left him a mess at work.

Will then reveals to Sami that Sonny was in the closet the whole time that Sami, Kate, and Gabi were planning things so he heard everything they said. Sami thinks back to them talking about murdering Nick. Sami is shocked to learn that Sonny heard them as Will continues believing they were planning his surprise party.

Gabi then asks if Sonny knows. Sonny asks what she means. Gabi says he knows about Nick. Sonny says he needs to go but Gabi stops him and asks for a chance to explain.

Will tells Sami that he hates ambushes. Sami remembers that he thinks it's a surprise party. Will claims that Sonny texted him everything she said. Sami questions Sonny eavesdropping and calls it devious and underhanded. Will questions Sami complaining about eavesdropping. Sami says that Sonny could ruin everything. Will says he already guessed the surprise. He tells her not to blame Sonny since he put him up to it.

Sonny tells Gabi that no explanation could make this right. Gabi says she had nothing to do with it as it was all Nick. Sonny brings up Kate and Sami getting sucked into it. Gabi says they tried to talk her out of things. Sonny says it didn't change what she did to Nick.

EJ mocks Kate's life and tells her that Countess Wilhelmina is fine. Kate tells him that she saw the earnings report and knows the company is in shambles. Kate says even with what Nick did to Mad World, they will still beat EJ. Kate says she loves it when bad things happen to bad people.

Theresa tells Maggie that this is more than she could've asked for. Maggie talks about Theresa not wanting to go alone. Theresa says she was working up to it. Maggie introduces Juanita and her friend who have agreed to be Theresa's sponsor.

Abigail informs Jennifer that she saw JJ with Rory and Bev in the town square. Jennifer worries. Abigail says she talked to him about it and how JJ swore they were his only friends but he's not doing drugs. Abigail talks about JJ's reputation. Jennifer then mentions Brady seeing JJ in a drug area of the park. Jennifer believes JJ is not using drugs. Abigail wonders if they are being played. Jennifer says she doesn't know but she can't doubt everything he says. They both feel JJ has seemed good. JJ then enters and says he got everything on the list. JJ notices their looks and asks if something is wrong. Jennifer tells him to tell them.

Sami questions how long Sonny was in the closet. Will tells her long enough. Sami thinks back to seeing Sonny at the Pub. Will tells Sami to forget it and go Christmas shopping. Will mentions that he's taking Arianna to see Santa in the town square later so they should come. Sami says she has to get to work. Allie wants to play with Arianna but Sami says they have to go. Will makes her promise no surprise parties. Sami takes Allie and hurries out.

Kate gets a text from Sami to meet her outside the town square now. EJ asks if there's trouble but Kate says not at all and exits.

Gabi tells Sonny that Kate and Sami saved her. Gabi talks about how hard it was to give up the amazing opportunity but when she found out that Nick was behind everything, she couldn't move to New York. Sonny questions what happened. Gabi talks about Nick being behind the modeling opportunity. Gabi talks about the argument she had with Nick. Gabi thinks Sonny looks upset and asks if he blames her. Sonny says he has to go talk to Justin and walks off. Gabi gets the text from Sami to meet outside the town square.

Jennifer asks JJ if he ran into Bev and Rory while he was out. JJ says no but he saw them earlier. Jennifer brings up what Brady told her. JJ tells her to go ahead and ask. JJ says it's just frustrating because he told her that he was just meeting a friend while Rory and Bev are his friends. JJ says he won't hang out with them while they are using but they are funny and cool most of the time. JJ says he knows the stakes and he's not going to screw up. JJ tells them that he is not using or selling drugs and he wants nothing to do with drugs. JJ says he's just focused on school and he thinks his studying is paying off. Jennifer and Abigail are glad and proud of him. Jennifer says she has faith in JJ and knows he's doing all he can to turn his life around which means more than he will ever know. Jennifer hugs him and calls it the best Christmas gift he could give her. Jennifer hates that she has to go to work. Jennifer tells JJ and Abigail that she loves them and exits. JJ asks Abigail if she believes him. She says she does but feels there's something else that he's not telling her. JJ says he's just juggling a lot right now. Abigail accepts that he doesn't want to talk about it but if he wants someone to listen, she's there for him. Abigail jokes that if he breaks her or Jennifer's heart then she will wring his neck.

Theresa tries to tell Maggie that she has to go to work. Maggie says she already checked her schedule so this meeting is a tune up for the AA meeting.

Justin meets with Sonny at the club and tells him that he only has a few minutes. Justin asks if he's okay. Sonny says he needs some legal advice.

Kate and Gabi meet Sami outside of the town square. Sami informs them that Sonny knows because he was in the closet and heard them talking. Gabi figures out why Sonny was acting so weird now. Kate and Sami make sure that Gabi didn't say anything to Sonny. Sami points out that she didn't have to because Sonny heard everything. Gabi worries that Sonny is going to talk to Justin. Sami recalls Hope saying Sonny wanting to talk to Justin. Kate says Sonny is going to tell Justin then. Sami says they have to stop him and suggests splitting up but Kate says they should stick together so they decide to go to the club. Gabi feels this is getting really complicated. Kate tells her to leave the talking to them. Sami says they will figure it out as they rush off.

Adrienne goes to see Jennifer in her office. Adrienne mentions running into an old friend named Liam and praises him as a nice guy. She mentions him being divorced. Jennifer realizes she's trying to fix her up. Liam enters and says it was all his idea.

Abigail tells JJ about her classes. JJ mentions being glad that Jennifer doesn't have to work with Theresa anymore. Abigail calls Theresa a troublemaker. JJ claims he lost her number which Abigail says is good. Abigail says goodbye and JJ talks about having dinner ready when she gets home. Abigail exits. JJ then pulls out his phone but has no new messages. JJ decides to call Rory. He asks if he got his text because they have to meet and it's crucial.

Theresa thanks Juanita and says she will call them. Juanita exits with her friend. Theresa thanks Maggie and says it's so special. Maggie says they need to get a few things straight.

Justin tells Sonny that this sounds serious and asks if he's in any trouble. Sonny says it's not him but someone he knows. Justin says they don't have to claim it's a friend as he can be his lawyer. Sonny asks if someone knew information about a crime that's been committed, are they lying or in trouble. Justin says it's hard to say as it depends. Sonny points out that it wasn't a direct conversation but something overheard. Justin calls that hearsay. Sonny explains that it was a private conversation overheard. Justin wants to know what he heard and says he can't help him without specifics. Sami, Kate, and Gabi arrive. Kate worries as Sami declares that they have to stop him. Sonny tells Justin that he appreciates him wanting to help and he wants to give him the facts. Justin asks if Will is in trouble. Sami, Kate, and Gabi interrupt and ask to borrow Sonny. Justin says they were in the middle of something but they insist it's about Will's surprise birthday party. Justin says he does have to go so he exits. The girls sit with Sonny. Sami tells Sonny that he can't tell anyone. Sonny says it'd be better than the truth. Gabi says he can't tell anyone. Sami asks if he was going to tell Justin. Sonny says he was going to tell him that they killed Nick. Kate suggests going somewhere more private but Sonny refuses to go anywhere with them. Sami says he doesn't want this conversation at his club. Kate assures that he's not in danger with them. Sonny agrees to get out and they exit.

EJ walks through the town square finishing a phone call on work. He hangs up and runs into Will with Arianna. Will questions EJ on the phone with Sami's assistant and asks what's going on.

Maggie asks about Theresa asking Daniel to take her to an AA meeting. Maggie explains that Daniel's not in the program and it's inappropriate. Maggie thinks Theresa is better off with a woman sponsor but Theresa doubts it. Maggie tries to convince her that the program will work. Theresa claims that she is committed and agrees that this is the jumpstart she needed. Maggie hopes to see her at another meeting. Theresa thanks her as Maggie exits. Theresa remarks that Maggie won't be able to keep her away from Daniel or fun. She wonders where JJ is with the weed.

JJ meets with Rory and Bev in the park. JJ says he needs some weed as the guy he sent him to didn't work out. JJ wants Rory to trust him but he's unsure. Bev wants to hear him out. JJ says he likes them a lot as his best friends but he can't smoke pot anymore and doesn't want to. JJ says he would still like to hang out with them. Rory questions him wanting weed today. JJ says it's not for him but he needs to take care of something. Bev wants a hint on what he's up to. JJ says it doesn't matter and it's better if they don't know but he needs them in his corner. JJ explains that he needs to test his phone for this thing he can't talk about. JJ promises that if they help him then this will all be over with.

Abigail goes to the hospital and gets stopped by Adrienne, who informs her that Jennifer is busy. Adrienne tells her to give her some time because Jennifer is having a chat with a nice man. Adrienne notices that Abigail is frowning and wonders why. Abigail says she just didn't expect it but agrees with Adrienne that Jennifer shouldn't be living like a nun. Adrienne says Abigail shouldn't be either.

Theresa types on her computer trying to put together words about overcoming her drugs until there's a knock at the door. Theresa says it's about time and opens the door to see JJ. Theresa says she's happy to see him as JJ looks unhappy.

Gabi, Kate, and Sami go home with Sonny. They talk about being sure Will is not home and no one is in the closet. Sonny says there is nothing more to say because they murdered Nick in cold blood. Sami doesn't want to use that word and says it was just Gabi's guilt talking. Sonny goes over what happened with Nick. Sami tries to explain that Nick was attacking Gabi. Sonny says they should've called the cops. Sami says she wanted to. Sonny points out that it's Sami's second corpse in six months. Sonny tells her to call the cops now but Kate says he can't tell anyone. Sonny says he will. Sonny says he is not okay with lying to Will.

EJ tells Will that Sami just needed some help as she's been distracted. Will says he found out why and tells EJ not to play dumb. Will says he hates surprise parties so he doesn't know why she would try. EJ goes along with it. Will asks for EJ to help talk her out of the surprise party. EJ asks how she reacted when Will brought it up. Will says it was strange as Sami said she needed to find Kate and Gabi and do something before it was too late.

Liam talks to Jennifer and mentions not having children. They sit together and he talks about going out of town for the holidays but he will be around for another week and would love to take her out for dinner. Jennifer agrees to go out with him.

Adrienne praises Abigail as a beautiful and intelligent woman that men should be falling over. Adrienne encourages her. Abigail brings up two guys pursuing her and then both disappeared. Adrienne tells her to learn from it. Abigail says she learned to never trust men which is where she's not very smart. Jennifer comes out with Liam and Liam says he will be in touch. Liam exits as Maggie arrives and Jennifer looks away.

Theresa offers JJ wine. JJ thought she was in AA. Theresa says wine doesn't count and complains about Maggie bringing her AA friends. JJ questions them not noticing anything was off. Theresa says she's been in AA before and tells JJ to deliver. JJ gives her the weed. She questions that being it. Theresa expected a return on her investment and calls it very disappointing. She warns him that he does not want to disappoint her again.

Sami tells Sonny that she doesn't like lying to Will. Sonny says Nick was Will's cousin and they had no right to do what they did. Gabi and Sami try to explain how Nick was attacking Gabi. Gabi explains to Sonny that Nick was going to rape her. Kate insists that Nick was the aggressor. Sonny gets that it was self defense. Sonny asks if there were any witnesses. They talk about the public argument Gabi and Nick had. Sonny argues that it didn't have to be this way. Sami and Kate argue over whose fault it is. Sonny says Nick was a creep but didn't deserve to die. Kate stops him and says nobody wanted him to die. Kate calls it an ugly chain of events that they all regret. Kate asks Sonny if he's going to send them all to prison over a horrific mistake. Sonny asks if they want him to keep this secret. Sami argues that he has to. Sonny says he doesn't keep secrets from Will. Gabi points out that he can and has. Gabi says she wouldn't ask if it were just for her. Sami adds that it's for Arianna. Kate talks about what it would do for Arianna to lose the three of them and how it would be explained. Sonny says telling Will wouldn't put them in jail. Sami asks why he would tell him when Will already carries so much guilt and this could push him over the edge. Sami tells Sonny to think about Arianna like they are. Kate comments that Sami doesn't know when to stop.

Jennifer tells Maggie that she was making dinner plans with a man. Maggie says it's her life and she doesn't have to explain. Jennifer notes that it's not a date but just dinner. Maggie brings up Jennifer and Daniel's history. Jennifer talks about Daniel with Theresa.

JJ tells Theresa that he gets it and suggests after New Year's but Theresa says that's too late. JJ says he will try and call in a favor. JJ pretends to make a call while starting the recorder on his phone. JJ asks Theresa what she wants and gets her to admit she was the one who gave him the GHB the night she overdosed. He asks if she wants more of that while he records her.

Maggie goes with Jennifer to her office talking about the holidays. Jennifer hopes next year will be better. Maggie starts to say it would've been if she was with Daniel. Maggie admits she wishes they'd get back together. Jennifer stops her and says it's none of her business.

Theresa tells JJ that she's done with GHB for a while and all she wants is weed. JJ calls it perfect and finishes the recording. JJ thanks her and says now he has dirt on her so the blackmail is over.

Will tells EJ that he has to get Arianna to sleep. EJ offers to help and goes with him.

Kate says she's not going to lie as they are thinking of themselves too but sending them to prison won't fix anything. Sonny says that's not the point. Gabi argues that this wouldn't have happened if Nick left her alone but he wouldn't. Sonny gets a call from Justin. Sami begs him not to say anything. Justin asks if they can do this over the phone. Sonny agrees to. Justin asks if he's ready to talk candidly. Sonny says that he is and he wants to tell him everything as Sami, Kate, and Gabi worry.

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