Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/17/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/17/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric questions who Nicole has moved on with. Nicole says it's Daniel and their second time around. Nicole says it was only a matter of time before they were drawn back to each other and it all feels right. Daniel enters the room. Eric calls it quick. Daniel asks how Eric is.

Sonny goes to the Pub leaving a message for Justin that he needs to talk to him. Sonny runs into Hope and she asks if everything is alright. Sonny thinks back to what he overheard. Sonny tells Hope that there is nothing to worry about. Nearby, Ciara has Allie agree to keep a secret and shows her Sami's earring that she got from Theo.

Sami asks Harold at the DiMera Mansion to let her know if he finds her earring because she would hate for EJ to find out she misplaced it. Sami checks her phone and sees the text from Will needing to talk. EJ comes in and tells Sami that they need to talk. Sami doesn't want to rehash everything. EJ says Sami has been ignoring important responsibilities at work which is unlike her. EJ calls it out of character like her silence.

Abigail goes to see Will and brings cookies that she and JJ baked. Will has Abigail hold Arianna. Abigail talks about it being Arianna's first Christmas.

Gabi goes to Rafe's new apartment with flowers then drops them when she imagines Nick inside.

Sami tells EJ that she's not neglecting her work. EJ questions her. Sami blames the holidays. EJ talks about how Sami is usually obsessive about her work. Sami thinks this is about sex and says EJ never would've brought up her work if they were still sleeping together. EJ agrees to stop asking questions if she lets him back as they get close.

Ciara tells Allie that her earring is special and one of a kind. Sonny continues talking to Hope. Hope asks if there's anything she can help with. Sonny thinks back to what he overheard.

Gabi apologizes as what she saw as Nick was Rafe's new physical therapist Pete. Rafe introduces her to him. Pete exits after checking on Rafe. Gabi apologizes and tries to pick up the flowers. Rafe asks if the look on her face is about Nick.

Daniel comments that Eric is tolerating the drug well and asks if he has any other pain. Eric doesn't answer so Daniel asks what's going on between he and Nicole. Daniel gets paged to another patient so he exits. Nicole tells Eric that was kind of awkward. Eric questions when this thing happened between her and Daniel. Nicole says it was when Eric accused her and Daniel was the only one who believed her and let her in. Nicole says they were there for each other and their old feelings came back. Eric brings up their problems before. Nicole asks if he thinks she'll ruin Daniel's life again. Eric is worried about her.

Sami tells EJ that he's still not welcome in her bed. EJ asks if she's saving herself as a Christmas present but Sami says no. EJ points out that it is his bed that she's sleeping in. EJ says something is wrong besides them and wants to know why she won't tell him the truth. Sami asks when he will tell her the truth about Kristen. EJ doesn't answer. Sami says that's what she thought and exits.

Abigail talks to Will about her studies and asks about Will's writing career. She says she doesn't know how he does it all. Will says Sonny and Gabi do a lot with Arianna too. Will says they get used to it. Abigail talks about being unable to believe Will is a dad. Will says a year ago he couldn't imagine things would be this great. Abigail says there's no excuse for how Nick treated him.

Gabi asks Rafe what about Nick. Rafe says he knows her better than anyone so he knows what's going on. Rafe comments on the resemblance between Pete and Nick so he understands it was weird for Gabi. Rafe assures her that Nick is gone and never coming back.

Sonny thanks Hope but tells her there's nothing she can do to help in this situation. Hope asks if everything is alright with Arianna. Sonny assures her that she's great. Hope talks about life moving so fast. Hope talks about Ciara and how much she misses Bo. Sonny asks when Bo will be home but Hope says she thought it'd be months ago. Hope talks about life being complicated and Sonny agrees as he's then startled by Sami arriving and greeting him from behind.

Will says Abigail knows Nick better than him. Abigail asks if they keep in touch. Will says they don't but he doesn't want to rag on Nick. Will talks about he wouldn't have been able to deny Arianna was his daughter. Abigail talks about how Sonny is just as crazy about Arianna as Will is. Will says they are the two luckiest guys in the world.

Sami greets Hope and thanks her for taking Allie. Sami comments on the look on Sonny's face as they joke with him. Sonny decides to go but Sami stops him and says there's something she wants to talk to him about.

Nicole tells Eric that everyone will think she and Daniel are a trainwreck waiting to happen which is why they aren't telling people. Eric asks why she's telling him then. Nicole says she's trying to be honest with him. Nicole says she is Eric's friend and just wants Kristen brought to justice. Nicole assures Eric that she is not attracted to him at all anymore. Nicole says Eric accusing her made her realize that they don't know each other at all. Nicole thanks him for being a jerk and says they are where they are now and can move forward to focus on the truth of what Kristen did to him. Nicole mentions that Daniel won't want to discuss this. Daniel then returns and asks for a moment alone with Eric.

Abigail sits at the club reading when EJ approaches and recognizes what she's reading.

Sami tells Sonny that she had a nice talk with Adrienne earlier and how she's jealous of their relationship. Sami feels Sonny doesn't seem too happy about it. Sonny says he is but he has something to take care of so he exits. Sami turns to Hope and asks if Sonny is okay since he seemed like something was going on. Hope assures her that everything is fine. Hope exits with Ciara. Sami tells Allie that they are going to see Arianna as they exit.

Daniel again asks Nicole if he can be alone with Eric. Nicole wonders why. Daniel tells her of doctor-patient confidentiality. Nicole thought Daniel wanted her help. Daniel says he needs to do an exam so Nicole exits but remains by the door to try and listen in. Daniel checks Eric and says his lungs are clear and his heart rate is back to normal. Daniel says Eric will be free in a couple of hours. Eric asks about the results. Daniel is hopeful for the next few days and says things should be moving quickly if they discover the masking agent. Eric points out things moving quickly and brings up Daniel and Nicole. Eric tells Daniel that he appreciates their help but asks if it's a bit uncomfortable. Nicole comes back in to interrupt. Daniel tries to say Eric was expressing concerns but Nicole wants to talk at Daniel's. Eric asks about Parker but Nicole tells him that Chloe has him for the holidays so it's just them. Daniel decides Eric needs to rest and exits with Nicole. Daniel then asks Nicole what that was all about.

EJ sits with Abigail and they talk about the book she's reading by Rafael.

Hope and Ciara visit Rafe at his new apartment and bring him a pile of work folders. Rafe calls it a great gift because it means he's becoming useful again. Rafe sends Ciara to check out his books. Hope tells Rafe that the files she gave will keep him busy. Rafe jokingly wishes for a homicide case as Gabi watches on. Gabi suggests Ciara come see Arianna. Ciara says Hope won't take her. Gabi thinks they can during Christmas time. Gabi tells Rafe that she will check on him later and says goodbye to Hope as she exits to go home and check on Arianna. Hope goes over a case file with Rafe. Rafe asks if Ciara is okay but she says no. Rafe asks if she wants to talk about it and she agrees to.

Sami and Allie go to see Will and Arianna. Sami asks Will if he's seen her missing earring but he hasn't. Allie then tells Sami that Ciara has one but it's a secret.

Gabi runs into Sonny in the town square. Sonny thinks back to what he overheard. Gabi asks if he's okay.

Abigail talks to EJ about wanting to find out what Jack was thinking when he gave her the angel wing. EJ flips through the book and talks about a painting pictured in the book. EJ talks about men seeing the world differently after having children.

Nicole tells Daniel that she didn't get a chance to talk to him because Victor interrupted. Nicole says she realized they could really sell to Eric the idea that they are a couple. Daniel questions why she'd want to do that. Nicole explains that Eric thinks she is only helping him because she has feelings for him so she has to convince him that she's over him. Daniel says no to the idea. Nicole assures him that Eric can keep their secret. Daniel calls it a ridiculous lie. Daniel refuses to go along with this. Nicole informs Daniel that she already told Eric. She apologizes for it just coming out. Daniel decides he's going to undo it but Nicole stops him and asks if he doesn't want to help her. Daniel goes over Nicole's lies and says this is another disaster waiting to happen.

Ciara tells Rafe about falling while skating and another girl mocking her. Rafe offers to teach her how to skate. Ciara says Hope already tried but she can't do it. Rafe compares it to himself getting stronger in the hospital and encourages Ciara.

Sami asks Allie about Ciara's earring. Allie informs Sami that it looked just like hers and she only had one. Sami thanks Allie for telling her and agrees not to say anything. Sami wants to get going but Will reminds her that he wanted to talk. Will says he hates to ruin this but he knows all about his surprise party as Sami looks confused.

Sonny tells Gabi that he has to get to work. Gabi mentions it being his day off and says she just went by the club and there was hardly anybody there. Gabi questions why Sonny can't wait to get away from her and what she did now.

Nicole tells Daniel that he can't tell Eric that she lied. Daniel doesn't want to lie. Nicole compares it to Daniel's lie about Theresa. Daniel calls that different and says he's telling Eric the truth right now. They go back into his room to see that Eric has fallen asleep so Nicole says Daniel isn't telling him anything. Daniel says not yet but Nicole adds not ever.

EJ and Abigail talk about them both not thinking they are angels. EJ asks Abigail about not being able to stand Chad lying. Abigail talks about how Jack felt about the truth. EJ tells her that Jack would be very proud of her. EJ tells her to enjoy the book. Abigail thanks him and feels like she's getting a message from Jack that she wouldn't have gotten without EJ talking to her. She thanks him as he exits. Abigail goes back to the book.

Rafe and Hope encourage Ciara about skating. Rafe tells her that they will make a date to teach her. Hope thanks Rafe for taking the time and knowing what to say to Ciara.

Sami tells Will that she has no idea what he's talking about and she has to go. Will stops her and says he knows so she can't fool him. Will says the surprise party is sweet but he'd rather she not do it. Sami says fine and tells Allie that it's time to go. Will calls that too easy and doesn't think she's hearing him. Will then reveals to Sami that Sonny was in the closet the whole time that Sami, Kate, and Gabi were planning things so he heard everything they said.

Sonny tells Gabi that he just has a lot going on and mentions needing to talk to Justin. Gabi points out that he didn't answer her question. Gabi thought they were cool now but he's acting very strange. Gabi then asks if he knows. Sonny asks what she means. Gabi says he knows about Nick.

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