Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/16/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/16/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady sits at home until Jennifer arrives. Jennifer says his call wanting to talk about JJ worried her. Brady tells her that she has reason to be worried.

JJ comes home and is upset as he thinks back to Theresa blackmailing him. Abigail comes home and tells JJ that they are going to talk as she saw him with Rory and Bev in the town square. Abigail asks for an explanation as to why he was hanging out with those druggies.

Theresa sits at home saying it's kind of fun bossing JJ around and she needs to think of more things for him to do. A knock at the door makes her assume it's JJ so she opens the door talking about not playing more games but it's Caroline, who asks who she's not playing games with.

Eric wakes up in the hospital to see Father Matt who asks how he is. Eric says his body is getting used to the drug and tells Matt that he didn't have to come. Father Matt says he wanted to be there before the test and doesn't want him to suffer any more. Eric asks if the church has already decided on his future.

Daniel brings Nicole home and asks what's going on. Nicole says she's a little worried about the help she's giving Eric with the TV piece. Daniel thought she was on board with it. Nicole says she is but she realized that if she's going to do it then she needs Daniel to do something that he won't like at all. Daniel gets a message with results from a CT scan. There's a knock at the door and Nicole answers to see a surprised Victor.

Sonny is glad Will is sitting down because he's not going to believe this. Adrienne then joins them and asks Sonny what they were up to. Sonny thinks back to overhearing Gabi say they murdered Nick. Will asks what happened and tells him to spill.

JJ questions Abigail following him. Abigail wants him to answer the question and she thought he changed. JJ doesn't think it's a big deal. Abigail worries that the judge would send him away for years if he found out. JJ tells her not to say anything then.

Brady tells Jennifer that he was jogging in the park and ran into JJ in a shady part of the park known for drugs.

Victor comes into Daniel's, complaining that he thought she was changing but now he sees she's sticking her claws in Daniel. Victor then stops and starts thinking this is about Jennifer. Daniel interrupts and tells Victor to shut up. Victor questions Daniel as to when he and Nicole decided to hook up.

Sonny asks Adrienne what she's doing at the club. Adrienne says she came by to see him. Will informs him that he told her about Sonny spying on Sami and Kate as he didn't think it was a big deal. Adrienne asks if he found out anything juicy. Sonny thinks back to overhearing Gabi again. Adrienne and Will continue to ask for details.

Theresa makes up a story about the apartment landlord for Caroline. Caroline wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to her apartment and wanted to catch up. Caroline notes that she hasn't invited her in. Theresa invites her in then tells her to wait.

Abigail questions JJ hanging out with Rory and Bev. JJ says it's embarrassing but he doesn't have any other friends. JJ says he's known as the freak who went nuts at the town square and people don't want to be seen with him. Abigail brings up the phone call she heard him on earlier. JJ says he's dealing with it. JJ says Rory and Bev treat him like a friend but he's not on drugs.

Jennifer asks Brady what JJ was doing at the park. Brady explains that he said he was waiting for a friend for some notes then he left saying he was in the wrong place. Brady adds that he didn't see JJ do anything wrong but it was awkward and tense. Brady brings up his upcoming court date and Jennifer knows JJ could go to prison. Brady says he just wanted her to know if she wants to check it out. Jennifer says it could be totally innocent.

Daniel tells Victor that his love life is none of his business and asks why he stopped by. Daniel adds that he doesn't want Victor insulting anyone in his home. Victor tells Nicole to take a hike so they can talk privately. Daniel says Victor can wait since Nicole had something to say. Nicole says it's okay and she will go check on Eric. Daniel thought it was important but Nicole says it's okay and exits. Nicole says to herself that it will definitely work as she walks away. Daniel turns to Victor and guesses it's about Maggie. Victor admits that he needs Daniel's help.

Father Matt tells Eric to relax as the church has made no decision and won't for quite awhile. He tells him that he will have plenty of time to clear his name and prove he did not willingly break his vows. Eric insists that he was drugged and poisoned. Father Matt believes him and asks about the test. Eric hopes the test will prove it because being a priest means everything to him. Father Matt tells Eric that it will put him under scrutiny from the media, the church, and the public so the backlash could be vicious. Eric says people can be cruel. Matt says Eric's life could always go in a different direction if it gets to be too much for him. Father Matt tells Eric that the church would understand if he decided to leave. Eric asks if that's what he wants.

Sonny gets uncomfortable and takes off his jacket. Will and Adrienne ask if he's okay. Will goes to get Sonny some water. Adrienne checks on Sonny and asks what happened in the apartment.

Jennifer thanks Brady for telling her. Brady hopes he's off base. Jennifer stops and asks Brady how he is doing. She feels bad for not coming to see him. Brady stops her and tells her to relax as Kristen is out of his life. Jennifer lets it slip that she knew Kristen thought she was pregnant before which shocks Brady.

Victor wants Daniel to talk some sense into Maggie. Daniel doesn't think he should be the one to talk to her. Victor says she won't listen to him. Daniel says what Victor did was cruel. Victor insists he did it for Brady and wonders why people find it so hard to understand. Daniel says he hurt innocent people like he didn't give a damn and that's not right.

Father Matt tells Eric that they are behind him 100% and they would hate to lose him because he's an exceptional priest. He says they would all understand if he needs to leave. Eric appreciates it but says being a priest is his life. Father Matt says he's proud of him and hands Eric a card of a friend that has a photography studio who wants to meet him. Eric thanks him. Father Matt tells him to take care and says goodbye as he exits. Father Matt then runs into Nicole arriving. Father Matt brings up Nicole and Eric patching things up. Nicole says forgive and forget. Father Matt is glad. Nicole says she's going to help prove Eric's innocence. Father Matt asks if she thinks that is wise.

Will figures Sonny must have suffered from his claustrophobia in the closet. Sonny goes along with it. Will apologizes and blames himself. Sonny assures him that none of this is his fault. Adrienne talks about how they love each other and says they are perfect for each other. Adrienne mentions telling Sami that as she apologized face to face. Sonny is surprised to hear she talked to Sami. Adrienne says she will never complain about Sami dragging him into terrible messes and now she knows there's nothing to worry about.

Theresa hides drugs in her apartment and then goes back to invite Caroline in. Caroline questions what she had to hide. Theresa claims she was wrapping her Christmas present. Caroline asks if she's gone to any AA meetings. Theresa says she's talked to Maggie but hasn't started yet. Caroline brings up the conditions of her staying in Salem. Theresa says almost dying really changes her outlook on life. Theresa hugs her and says it's good to see her.

Brady thought Jennifer was talking about the video going viral but is surprised to learn Kristen thought she was pregnant. Jennifer explains that she promised to keep it a secret but didn't know anything about Eric. Jennifer hates herself for not telling him since it turned into such a disaster. Brady assures her it's not her fault. Brady tells her to go see JJ and work that out. Jennifer thanks him and wanted to be sure that he's fine. Brady promises he is and tells her to let him know how things work out as Jennifer exits. Brady pulls out his cocaine but then says he doesn't need it.

Victor says he should've known Daniel would be on Maggie's side. Daniel tells Victor that he loves him but he really doesn't want to see him so unhappy. Victor wants him to help then. Daniel agrees to do what he can to get Maggie to talk to Victor but it won't help if he doesn't admit he's wrong. Victor blames Kristen. Daniel says he will have to do some soul searching to come up with the right answer.

Nicole doesn't understand why it would be bad to help Eric. Father Matt brings up her romantic inclinations and how Eric is under tremendous scrutiny. He worries how the public would react to Nicole's feelings getting out. Nicole decides she should make sure it's not a problem and that's what she plans to do.

Will asks Sonny if he's feeling any better. Sonny says he is a little bit. Adrienne wants to know what they said. Sonny wants to tell Will first then if he's cool with it, they can let Adrienne in on it. Adrienne understands Sonny is being protective. Adrienne adds that she hopes she and Will can have the same loving relationship that Sonny has with Sami. Adrienne jokes that she wants an invite to the surprise birthday party as she exits. Will asks Sonny if he didn't want to say because Adrienne didn't get invited to the party. Will comments that a surprise party will be his worst nightmare but Sonny informs him that it is not his worst nightmare.

Daniel goes to see Brady and talks about trying to help Eric. Daniel asks Brady if Kristen ever talked about someone who could supply any kind of drugs. Brady says never and the only people who would probably know are EJ and Stefano. Brady says it's amazing that once again a DiMera destroys lives and walks away free.

Caroline goes through Christmas decorations with Theresa. They come across one that Theresa made for Caroline when she was in 4th grade. Theresa is surprised that she kept it. Caroline encourages her not to give up on herself. Theresa says everyone else thinks she's a lost cause. Caroline says they are fools then. Theresa thanks her for everything. Caroline thinks she should thank Jennifer for fixing things so that she could stay in Salem. Caroline suggests finding a nice way to repay Jennifer for her kindness. Theresa tells her that she will.

Jennifer comes home and asks Abigail to go pass out more flyers for the toy drive for her. Abigail agrees to do so and exits. JJ decides he's going Christmas shopping but Jennifer stops him and says he's not going anywhere until he explains what he was doing in the park this morning.

Will and Sonny go to the counter. Will asks what the matter is as he's never seen him like this. Will asks if something happened that's not about the surprise party. Sonny says he doesn't know. Will asks if they caught him. Sonny says that's not what happened. Will asks if Sami and Kate did something. Will decides he will call Sami but Sonny stops him and says he can't.

JJ assumes Brady got a hold of Jennifer. Jennifer admits that he did. JJ doesn't blame her for being suspicious since he knows that part of the park is drug central but he was meeting a friend to give his notes back. JJ claims that he went to the wrong spot. Jennifer asks if he realizes what could've happened if someone from the judge's office saw him. JJ talks about not doing anything. Jennifer says it looks like he hadn't changed. JJ says it was a mistake and he's not going to do anything stupid to blow it. JJ insists that he has changed. JJ says he's doing good at school, he's home all the time, and they are talking a lot more. JJ asks Jennifer to believe and trust him. Jennifer says she does and they hug.

Brady wishes Daniel's luck with Eric as Daniel exits. Brady goes back into the living room frustrated and pours out the cocaine while saying that Kristen is never coming back.

Nicole visits Eric at the hospital. She notes that he seems better and he says he is. Eric thanks her for sitting with him earlier. Nicole is surprised that he remembered. Eric says things are fuzzy but the one thing he remembers clearly is that Nicole forgave him. Eric hopes it wasn't out of pity or because he was in pain. Nicole says she doesn't do pity. Eric says it meant the world to him after he treated her so badly. Nicole wants to move forward and focus on trying to prove his innocence. Eric says there's one more thing he wants to put on the table. Eric says since she's not angry anymore, he wondered how exactly she's feeling. Eric says he was oblivious about her feelings before and doesn't want to repeat that. Nicole agrees to tell him exactly how she feels.

Will asks Sonny why he shouldn't call Sami. Sonny claims it will spoil the surprise. Will asks if there is a surprise party then and says he knew it. Will agrees that he shouldn't spoil the surprise. Sonny tells him to make sure he doesn't. Will says he won't say anything about it. Will jokes around about faking surprise as he exits to go to the library. Sonny says to himself that he should've told him and wonders what he's going to do now.

Abigail returns home and asks where JJ is. Jennifer says he went Christmas shopping. Abigail asks if everything is okay. Jennifer says yes and asks Abigail if she thinks JJ has changed as he hasn't gotten into any trouble. Abigail asks why. Jennifer thinks she's paranoid. Abigail says JJ is more open like he used to be so she thinks he's fine. Jennifer agrees.

JJ goes out of the town square and sits on the bench. He calls Theresa and says he can't buy her any more drugs since Jennifer and Abigail are onto him. Theresa says she owns him and tells him to score some cocaine next time then hangs up. JJ says there has to be a way to shut her down.

Nicole tells Eric that she's going to help him as a friend and she doesn't have any romantic feelings for him anymore. She insists that's over and she can move on now with someone else.

Daniel finishes a call and says he has to check on Eric.

Eric questions who Nicole has moved on with. Nicole claims it's Daniel and their second time around. Nicole says it was only a matter of time before they were drawn back to each other and it all feels right.

Sonny calls Justin and leaves a message, saying that they need to meet somewhere private because it's very important.

Outside the club, Will texts Sami to meet him at his place as they need to talk now.

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