Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/13/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/13/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ goes to the spot in the park to find the drug dealer but Brady arrives for the same reason. Brady greets JJ and says he hasn't seen him since he's been in town. They ask each other what they are doing there.

Marlena meets Daniel in his office to talk about Eric. Daniel wants to track down the person who gave Kristen the drugs she used on Eric. Daniel asks if Marlena can supply some names with her history with the DiMeras.

Kristen's doctor assures her over the phone that no one will ever trace the drug. He hangs up and says unless it benefits him otherwise.

Nicole remains at Eric's bedside in the hospital, talking about how Kristen should be the one suffering. Eric wakes up and asks if she forgives him.

Gabi says it's all so crazy. Sami tells Gabi to keep it together because they are counting on her. Gabi knows they have been supportive but she is worried that someone is going to figure out that they murdered Nick. Sonny is shocked as Will texts him asking what's happening. Kate tells Gabi that if she keeps her mouth shut then no one else will ever know.

Adrienne sits with Will and they wonder why Sonny stopped texting. Sonny texts back asking what's going on and if they've revealed anything interesting yet.

Marlena tells Daniel about an eccentric scientist that Stefano had but she thinks that relationship ended a long time ago. Daniel asks if there's anyone else. Marlena says Stefano has an endless list of people. Daniel tells her not to worry about it as he just thought it'd be a good backup plan. Daniel mentions the test he's running on Eric which Marlena questions.

Nicole tells Eric not to try and talk. Eric says he can't rest now and asks if she can ever forgive him. Nicole says yes she could and does forgive him.

Gabi tells Kate and Sami that she wishes she could pretend this never happened but she can't because she feels really guilty. Sami says she understands how she feels and compares it to her situation with Bernardi. Gabi says Bernardi was attacking Rafe. Sami and Kate remind Gabi that Nick was attacking her and trying to rape her. Sonny continues listening in from the closet in shock. Sami tells Gabi to remind herself that she was protecting herself. They talk about not knowing Nick was still alive. Kate says they did what they had to do.

Will and Adrienne continue waiting for a text back from Sonny. Adrienne suggests maybe Sonny got caught. Will texts him to be careful because Sami and Kate might kill him if he gets caught.

Gabi tells Sami and Kate how she will never forget the moment that Nick woke up before going into the river. Gabi says pushing him into the water was murder. Sami calls it a reflex reaction. Kate insists that Nick had attacked Gabi. Sami thinks that Nick got what he deserved. Sonny remains worried in the closet.

Anne gives Theresa folders to file at the hospital. Theresa pulls her away and tells her she knows why she's mad but she hasn't gone soft. Theresa informs Anne that she remembers absolutely everything from the night she overdosed. Anne questions why she hasn't said anything. Theresa says it furthers their agenda to destroy Jennifer's life. Theresa assures Anne that she still hates Jennifer and is making her life worse as they speak.

Brady asks JJ about not being in school. JJ says it's exam week and he doesn't have one today. Brady questions JJ hanging out at the park by himself. JJ thinks back to Theresa's orders. JJ claims he's meeting a friend. JJ asks Brady what he's doing there. Brady thinks back to ordering more drugs and claims he was just out for a jog. JJ notes he hasn't broken a sweat yet. Brady says he hasn't started yet. Brady then tells JJ that this park is a sketchy part of town and he could get in trouble. JJ informs him that he can take care of himself and tells Brady that he doesn't have to stick around.

Daniel apologizes to Marlena as he thought Eric told her about the test. Marlena says he hasn't said a word. Daniel says he must not have wanted her hopes up. Daniel explains the test to her and he hopes to prove Eric was drugged. Daniel says it's a very painful procedure but Eric was willing to do whatever it takes.

Eric wakes up again and Nicole tells him his fever is going down. Eric says he feels better now and everything is better. Eric thanks her as he holds her hand.

Gabi worries about what will happen when people realize that Nick is not in New York and is missing. Gabi brings up Hope being a detective and his family will ask questions. Gabi thinks people will know that she was the last person to see him alive. Kate stops her. Gabi worries about Nick's body showing up. Sami assures her nothing will happen. Gabi continues to worry. Kate stops her again and there's a knock at the door. Sami whispers to Gabi to pretend she's not home but the knock is from the police which frightens Gabi and worries Sonny as well.

Theresa tells Anne about how she hates Jennifer even more. Theresa says Anne's statement was too obvious and she's getting more mileage out of this. Theresa vows to take Jennifer down hard. Daniel walks by so Theresa shouts that Anne is being mean to her. Daniel approaches and asks what the problem is. Anne goes along with it and storms off.

JJ comments that Brady is stretching for a long time. Brady comments that JJ's friend must be late and questions if he's sure he's meeting in the right place. Brady mentions talking to Jennifer about how happy she is that he's turned his life around. Brady stresses that Jennifer is really happy that she doesn't have to worry about him anymore. JJ then claims he is in the wrong place and exits.

Marlena goes to Eric's hospital room. Nicole greets her. Marlena asks how Eric is. Marlena mentions not knowing he was there. Nicole asks if Eric has been shutting her out because of the video. Nicole suggests she has a way Marlena can make it up to him. Nicole informs her that Eric's story is her first assignment back at Titan and she will use all her resources to prove Eric's innocence. Nicole wants to interview Marlena but Marlena calls it a bad idea and a complete disaster and she thinks Nicole knows why.

Adrienne suggests to Will that Sonny's phone died but Will doesn't think so as he can tell his messages were read. Will wonders about the surprise being planned. Adrienne mentions feeling bad about being so hard on Sami since she was absolutely right that Will and Sonny belong together. Adrienne wants to apologize to Will. Will tells her it's okay but she says it's not. She hopes Will can forgive her again for misjudging him.

Gabi freaks out while Kate and Sami quiet her down. The voice at the door is then revealed to be Roman who says he was just joking. Sami then answers the door. Roman says he just wanted to see Will and Arianna. Kate tells him that Will isn't home and Arianna is sleeping. Roman asks about the scrambling and whispering he heard. Sami says they were just keeping their voices down for the baby. Arianna then wakes up crying. Roman asks to see her so he goes in with Kate. Gabi tries to join but Sami says she will take care of it while Gabi calms down. Gabi sends Sami to the closet to get Arianna's toy as Sonny hides inside.

Daniel takes Theresa to his office to talk. Theresa claims Anne has hated her since his hearing and complains about JJ coming around. Theresa adds that she's worried that Maggie is mad at her for not going to the AA meetings. Daniel encourages that Maggie would go with her but Theresa says she doesn't want things to be awkward with Jennifer. Daniel suggests Brady but Theresa tells him that he already said no which Daniel says is unlike Brady.

Brady's drug dealer arrives. Brady asks what took him so long. He tells him good things come to those who wait and he gives Brady the cocaine.

Nicole tells Marlena that she would never unfairly represent Eric. Marlena says that's not why she's worried. Marlena says she knows Eric wrongly accused Nicole and feels terrible about hurting her. Nicole admits she was angry but they are okay now. Nicole says there were reasons he thought it was her. Nicole talks about the coincidences of that night. Marlena understands but says there must have been something else. Nicole asks what she's getting at. Marlena says if Eric was convinced that Nicole slept with him, he must have been aware that she had feelings for him. Marlena tells her not to try and deny it because she's seen how she's looked at Eric. Nicole says he's her friend that she's worried about. Marlena thinks it looks like love and insists others can see it too. Marlena says people that can take his priesthood away can see that she has feelings for him. Marlena asks if it's possible for her to make things worse.

Sami goes into the closet to look but Gabi finds the toy first so Sami shuts the closet without finding Sonny. Sami and Gabi join Roman and Kate with Arianna. Sonny sneaks out of the closet and tries to sneak out but the door is locked. Sonny goes and hides behind Arianna's stroller.

Will tells Adrienne that he understands. She says she shouldn't have made his family sound crazy. Adrienne adds that she feels bad about saying their living arrangement wouldn't work when it has. She calls them a wonderful family. Will thanks her. Adrienne says no living situation is ever perfect but Sonny has never been happier and he's obviously in the right place.

Roman and Sami go back through the living room. Roman mentions a text from Marlena so he exits. Sami shuts the door and relocks it. Gabi calls Sami back into Arianna's room as Sonny continues hiding.

Theresa tells Daniel that Brady was probably just busy. She mentions that she'd rather go with someone who knew her better and suggests him. Daniel says he's not in the program and suggests sticking with Maggie. Theresa asks if his offer to talk still stands. Daniel says it does but he has work to do. Theresa thanks him for listening and exits.

Nicole tells Marlena that whatever feelings she had for Eric are completely gone. Marlena doesn't believe her. Nicole adds that the interview was Daniel's idea. Nicole says she was done with Eric and then Kristen ruined his life which is wrong and unfair. Nicole says Eric should be in the priesthood where he belongs. Marlena is glad she understands that. Roman enters and asks if he's interrupting something. Nicole says she was just leaving and then exits.

Will comments on how weird it is that he hasn't heard back from Sonny. Adrienne thanks Will for letting her be a part of this and says it's different for them to be laughing together. They joke with each other. Adrienne comments that Sonny feels very comfortable with Will's family so she hopes that someday they can have the relationship that Sonny has with Sami.

Sami searches for Arianna's diaper cream that Gabi asked for. Kate joins Sami and worries that Gabi is going to crack. Sami worries as well and then blames Kate for them getting involved. Kate argues that Sami was the one who said Nick was dead when he wasn't. Gabi reminds them to look for the cream and Kate finds it. Kate and Sami go back to bring it to Gabi. Sonny sneaks back to the door but sees it's still locked. Sonny then opens the window and climbs out. Gabi brings Arianna out to the living room with Sami and Kate while Sonny has left the window open.

Brady does cocaine at home. Brady then wonders what JJ was doing at the park. He says if JJ is in trouble again, it will kill Jennifer. Brady then continues with the cocaine.

JJ returns to the spot in the park and meets with the drug dealer. He gets the pot but says he needs more. The dealer says he has other stuff. JJ asks if he sold anything to Brady but the dealer claims he's never heard of him. He then warns JJ about asking nosy questions. JJ says he's got it and walks off.

Eric wakes up and asks what Roman and Marlena are doing there. Marlena says she came and called Roman as soon as she heard about the test. Roman wishes he told them. Eric says he needed distance and to do this on his own. Marlena says they want to help him through this. Eric asks them to just go. Roman tells Eric to heal up and that he loves him as he exits. Marlena goes to follow out but Eric stops her. Eric says it's still pretty hazy but he feels like Nicole was there. Marlena says that she was but she's gone now. Marlena then exits.

Nicole goes to Daniel's office and asks if they can speak privately now on a short break. Daniel says he'll check on Eric and then take a break. Daniel says they can go to his place and they exit together.

Sami comments that she doesn't remember the window being open. Arianna stands and Kate talks about the special moments that Gabi would miss if she didn't keep their secret. Sami talks about how Arianna would have to visit Gabi in prison. Sami says she spent years without her mother so Kate jokes that Gabi doesn't want Arianna to be as screwed up as Sami.

JJ goes to Theresa and gives her the pot. She questions that being all. JJ asks her not to make him go back since he ran into Brady and he was suspicious. Theresa brings up JJ's friends and suggests Rory. JJ says it's too risky. Theresa grabs her phone and threatens him with the video. Theresa tells him to get her weed and take a chance or not get it and go down.

Brady looks at the cocaine and then calls Jennifer, saying he needs to see her in person about JJ.

Eric lies in bed and thinks back to Nicole forgiving him earlier. Eric says to himself that she forgave him and smiles.

Daniel brings Nicole home and asks what's going on. Nicole says she's a little worried about the help she's giving Eric with the TV piece. Daniel thought she was on board with it. Nicole says she is but she realized that if she's going to do it then she needs Daniel to do something that he won't like at all.

Sami tells Gabi to think about what Arianna's life would be like visiting her in prison. Kate says she knows Gabi wants to do the right thing but the right thing for Arianna is to have a loving and happy life. Kate tells Gabi that she can't ever say anything about what they did to Nick. Sami asks Gabi if she agrees that it makes sense. Gabi says she understands.

Sonny goes to the club and joins Will. Will asks what's up. Sonny says he needs to talk to him. Will asks what happened and why he stopped texting. Sonny is glad Will is sitting down because he's not going to believe this. Adrienne then joins them and asks Sonny what they were up to.

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