Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/12/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/12/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi sits in bed brushing her hair and thinks back to killing Nick. Gabi says at least she got through the night without dreaming about that or him. Gabi prays to let Sami and Kate help her get through this.

Kate walks through the town square and thinks back to threatening Jordan. Kate says to herself that she has bigger fish to fry and walks away.

Will and Sonny eat together at home and Sonny tells him that he overheard Gabi telling Kate and Sami to come over and talk about it. Will thinks it's a surprise party and asks Sonny to get to the bottom of what they are planning. Sonny promises to find out.

Sami walks out of the town square and thinks back to her argument with EJ. Adrienne approaches and asks if she has a minute because she has something to say to her.

Theresa calls JJ and tells him to come to her place in ten and not to be late to run an errand. JJ hangs up and calls her a bitch. Abigail walks in and asks who he was talking to.

Daniel and Eric talk at Daniel's place. Daniel talks about having Parker taken care of while he tries to prove that Kristen drugged Eric. Daniel says if he can prove it then they can clear Eric's name and get him reinstated at the church.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion, surprising Brady. Nicole asks if he forgot about the interview for her piece on Eric. Brady agrees to do it and sends her into the living room, saying he has one little thing to do first as he rushes upstairs with his drugs.

Sami asks Adrienne what she has to say. Adrienne believes in admitting when she's wrong and says she was wrong about Will because Sonny's never been happier. Adrienne hopes Sami can forgive her for saying she didn't want Sonny with Will and his crazy family. Sami calls it water under the bridge. Kate approaches and greets them. Kate tells Sami they need to get going on their visit to Arianna. Adrienne asks if she can tag along.

Eric tells Daniel that he wants to be clear on what happened and why but first he wants to talk about Theresa. Daniel swears he's not trying to get rid of his guilt. Eric says it's no concern as he spoke to Nicole. Eric says Nicole was passionate in his defense. Eric tells Daniel that he has no reason to feel guilty as he believes him and trusts him 100% to prove Kristen set him up. Daniel says the first step is not going to be easy.

Brady checks himself in the mirror before returning to Nicole in the living room. Nicole says she will handle the story fairly. Brady jokes that he could fire her if he didn't like it since he runs Titan and laughs it off. Brady comments on Eric and compliments Nicole on her dress. Nicole asks if he's ready to begin. Brady tells her to fire away.

Sami tells Adrienne that she doesn't know if the kids are ready for them to all arrive. Kate comments on how small the apartment is. Adrienne apologizes for trying to butt in on their time. Sami says it's not that. Kate suggests another time. Adrienne thanks Sami for hearing her out and tells her to enjoy her time with Arianna as she walks away. Kate asks Sami what that was about. Sami says she doesn't know as she was just apologizing. They go to meet Gabi.

Will talks to Sonny about how Sami always wanted to throw him a surprise party. Sonny says if he knows then it's not a surprise. They joke about Sami. Will tells Sonny to find out exactly what's going on and warn him on what to expect. Sonny tells him to stop worrying about it. Will suggests Sonny find a way to talk Sami out of it completely. Sonny tells him that he has a plan. Gabi comes in and is surprised they are still home. Will says he's on his way out and kisses Sonny goodbye. Will exits. Gabi asks if Sonny has to go to work too. Sonny says he's leaving soon so she will have the place to herself.

JJ tells Abigail that he was just talking to someone from school. Abigail questions if it was Bev harassing him for not hanging out anymore. JJ says he has to get going. Abigail reminds him to get home in time to decorate the house. Abigail tells JJ how happy Jennifer is to have him home and that things are going well. Abigail says they are both really proud of him.

Nicole begins interviewing Brady by asking about the first time he walked away from marrying Kristen. Nicole brings up the pre cana sessions and asks if Eric seemed uncomfortable with Kristen. Brady says he never did. Nicole asks if this means Brady believes Eric was drugged and the sex was without consent. Brady says he does and would like to believe without reservation. Brady says Eric can't remember anything so the only person that knows what happened is Kristen.

Daniel talks to Eric about finding irregularities in his blood levels. Daniel thinks there could still be a trace in his blood stream and wants to cut through any masking agents. Daniel warns Eric that he will have to be hooked up to an IV in bed for hours and there could be acute pain. Eric says he's fine with that as no pain can match the emotional hell he's going through.

Maggie goes to see Abigail. Abigail tells Maggie that she's sorry about her and Victor. Maggie is sad that Victor has gone back to who he was. Maggie says she will be alright and has lots to be thankful for like her family. Abigail says they are all solo for the holidays this year. Maggie says they will be together. Maggie jokes that they can be JJ's dates for New Year's. Abigail hopes all is as good as it seems with JJ as she never wants it to go back to the way that it was. Maggie asks if she's afraid that it might. Abigail says she wasn't but she walked in something that has her worried.

JJ goes to Theresa's and asks what she wants. Theresa wants him to hook her up with drugs. JJ says he doesn't have enough money. Theresa agrees to pay this time but tells him to figure it out. Theresa goes to get money from her purse and JJ grabs her phone then deletes the video. JJ says she no longer has anything on him so it's over.

Nicole asks Brady about the sex tape. Brady talks about everyone freaking out over it when it first played. Brady laughs about it. Nicole stops the interview and asks why he's acting this way.

T talks to Will at the club and mentions seeing Gabi last night and she seemed upset but wouldn't get into why. Will assumes it's about Nick. T says Nick was a creep that didn't deserve Gabi. Will asks T if he has a crush on Gabi.

Sami and Kate go to see Gabi. Gabi tells them that Sonny is still there. Sonny greets them. Gabi says they just came to see Arianna. Sonny says she's about to fall asleep so they should hurry. Gabi takes them to see Arianna since Sonny is heading out. Sonny says goodbye and pretends to leave then hides in the closet. Gabi comes back out and says Sonny is gone. Sami locks the door. Kate says now they can all talk privately as Sonny listens from the closet.

Abigail tells Maggie about walking in on JJ hanging up the phone with a girl and seeming really upset. Abigail wonders if it's one of his old friends giving him a hard time. Maggie says JJ will just have to find some better friends. Abigail says she doesn't mean to complain as it's been great to have JJ but he's there a lot and she worries that he's not being social at school. Maggie encourages that it will just take time. Abigail brings up Alice. Maggie says Alice and Tom are still looking out for them. Maggie tells her to never forget that.

Theresa mocks JJ and tells him that it wasn't the only copy of the video. Theresa threatens to have the video sent to the judge. She tells JJ to call when he has her drugs and JJ storms out.

Daniel sets Eric up in the hospital with the IV and tells him about the drug they are using for his blood stream. Eric just wants to get it over with and gets injected.

Brady asks Nicole what she means. Nicole says Brady is going through a rough time and he has an attitude. Nicole asks if he thinks he's fooling anyone. Brady says he can't pretend Kristen's lies haven't heard him because he's a wreck but he doesn't want to wallow in self pity. Brady says he has to move forward by forcing himself not to feel things. Brady talks about moving on from a crisis. Brady says he's just trying to do this in a healthy way. Nicole is proud of him and is relieved how he's handling things. Brady says that's what he wanted to hear and asks if they're done. Nicole says she has everything she needs for now. Brady thanks her and she exits. Brady quickly pulls out his drugs then says he's good.

T tells Will that he just wanted to be Gabi's friend. Will jokes that Gabi may be looking for a new guy. T tells him to stop trying to hook him up as they are just friends and walks off. Will texts Sonny asking what's happening.

Sonny texts back that he's hiding in the closet. Kate puts Arianna to bed. Sami sits with Gabi and tells her to stop obsessing over this. Gabi wonders how she can't obsess because this is really bad. Sami knows it's rough right now and says with time and distance, it will get better. Gabi isn't sure. Sonny texts Will that he thinks Gabi is upset about Nick and turning down the modeling job. Sami encourages Gabi to focus on happier things. Gabi says it's really hard to keep her secret with Will and Sonny there all the time. Sonny texts Will that he thinks they are about to talk about the surprise party.

JJ meets with Rory and Bev in the town square. Rory finds it weird that he wants to hang out all of a sudden. JJ says he's just been stressed by dealing with a bit and apologizes for calling them losers. Bev says it's okay. Rory asks JJ if he wants to get high. JJ says he wants him to hook him up. Rory questions JJ trying to buy their stash.

Nicole goes to the hospital and checks with Daniel about Eric. Daniel informs her that Eric is already taking the test. Nicole worries about it being painful. Daniel thanks Nicole for talking to Eric about he and Theresa. Daniel says whatever she said convinced Eric to go through with this. Nicole is surprised that Eric really listened to her. Nicole says she just did the obvious and told Eric to trust Daniel. Daniel says Eric is lucky to have Nicole as a friend. Daniel says he will see her later and walks on.

Brady stretches at home and looks at the drugs again. Brady pulls it out again but drops it and spills it on the floor.

Adrienne goes to the club and sees Will. She mentions seeing Sami and Kate on their way to see Arianna. Will tells her that she can see Arianna whenever she wants. Adrienne thinks she cleared the air a little with Sami. Adrienne tells Will that she was so very wrong about he and Sonny because they are so happy together. Will thanks her. Will gets a text from Sonny and mentions to Adrienne that they are playing a little harmless trick on Sami.

Gabi tells Sami and Kate that she feels like Will and Sonny know something. Sonny continues to listen in. Kate encourages Gabi to make it her job to try harder to keep the secret because if Will and Sonny find out then it will ruin everything. Arianna starts crying so Gabi rushes to go check on her. Kate tells Sami that she's really afraid Gabi is going to crack. Sonny laughs and texts Will that Kate and Sami think Gabi is going to spill.

Theresa goes to the hospital and says JJ better come through or there will be hell to pay.

JJ tells Rory that he feels bad about ditching them. He says he can't hang out as much but they are still his friends. Rory says they don't have enough to sell to him but he knows a guy who has good stuff. JJ asks where he can find him. Rory tells him of a spot in the park. JJ thanks Rory for the tip and hugs Bev then rushes off as Abigail sees them together. Rory calls out to JJ that he's glad they are friends again.

Nicole goes in to visit Eric. The nurse tells her that he's in a lot of pain but his vitals are strong. She encourages Nicole to stay as it could help Eric subconsciously to have a friend there. Nicole sits by Eric and tells him that everything will be alright and encourages him to hang in there.

Brady makes a call to get more drugs after spilling his cocaine. Brady wipes it into the trash then comes across the newspaper with an article on the search for Kristen which upsets him.

Kate and Sami try cookies that Sonny had made. Kate thinks Will is lucky because Sonny is a sweet and loving person. Sami agrees and talks about how he worried about Will when he first came out. Sami calls it really special and true love. Sami is grateful and says Sonny is the best thing to ever happen to Will. Sonny smiles as he listens in and then texts Will.

Will tells Adrienne about Sonny hiding in the closet. Will gets the text from Sonny that Sami and Kate are incredible women. Will jokes back to tell him something he doesn't know.

Nicole talks to Eric about how this reminds her of that night in the hotel and how she wishes she could've protected him from Kristen. Nicole is sorry he has to go through this. Nicole holds his hand.

Daniel goes over Eric's file and wonders what Kristen could've used and says she had to have someone in her back pocket to create this. Daniel wants to find this person to prove Eric's innocence.

Kristen's doctor associate talks to her on the phone and says he is somewhere where no one can ever find him.

JJ goes to the spot in the park to find the drug dealer but Brady arrives for the same reason.

Kate and Sami tell Gabi that they are there for her any time. Will texts Sonny asking what's going on. Gabi says it's all so crazy. Sami tells Gabi to keep it together because they are counting on her. Gabi knows they have been supportive but she is worried that someone is going to figure out that they murdered Nick. Sonny is shocked as Will texts him asking what's happening.

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