Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/11/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/11/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ says he's not living like this anymore. Sami tells him that he doesn't have a choice because he didn't tell her about Kristen and Eric. EJ insists he was afraid of what she would do. They argue as Sami tries to walk away but EJ stops her and they end up kissing.

Will tells Gabi that they need to talk about Nick. Gabi wonders why. Will says he knows what happened. Gabi thinks back to the river. Will adds that it's not her fault.

Rafe says he's getting back on his feet so Kate doesn't have to feel guilty anymore. Rafe tells Kate that she can have her life back. Kate questions him thinking she feels guilty as Jordan listens in from the door.

Sami and EJ continue kissing until Sami pulls away and yells at him that it's not going to work this time.

Abigail joins Jennifer at home and wants to decorate for Christmas. Jennifer suggests waiting for JJ.

JJ says he's telling Jennifer everything but Theresa grabs her phone and says she wouldn't do that if she were him. Theresa reveals that she has video of JJ with her that night on her phone.

Will says Gabi must be freaked out but he understands. Gabi questions how if she can't even explain. Will says it was Nick and she didn't have any choice. Gabi agrees and can't believe he's being so good about this. Gabi talks about carrying this around and feeling like it's about to explode. Will tells her it's okay and he's so sorry. Will wishes she would've just told him. Gabi didn't think he would believe him. Will says he despised Nick. Gabi talks about her nightmares. Will says Nick can't bother her anymore. Will says Nick can stay in New York.

JJ questions what is wrong with Theresa. Theresa says she's not wrong. Theresa says she faked not remembering to stay out of jail. Theresa tells JJ that she has him and his memory about that night is about to get a lot worse than hers.

Abigail and Jennifer look through the Christmas decorations. Abigail mentions running into Hope who told her about Shane and Kimberly visiting and how Jennifer had to sign off on Theresa staying in Salem. Abigail questions why Jennifer didn't take the chance to send Theresa away for good.

Theresa argues that Jennifer had nothing to do with her life. JJ points out that she didn't send her away and gave her a break. Theresa says it shouldn't have been up to Jennifer. Theresa calls Jennifer a bitch and says if she has to suffer because of Daniel then so be it.

Rafe tells Kate that she said she felt guilty about Stefano finding out about them. Kate says she felt responsible. Rafe encourages her to let it go as he's going to be okay and is getting out of the hospital. Rafe recalls Kate breaking things off by saying things were getting too serious. Rafe tells Kate that she's free and her business needs her. Rafe says all the time Kate was with him in the hospital she could've been with Arianna. Kate says she never felt like it was a waste of time. Rafe feels he was just a distraction. Rafe tells Kate that she's an independent woman and she's free now.

Gabi realizes Will doesn't know what really happened. Will talks about Gabi not going to New York after finding out Nick was going too.

EJ continues asking Sami what is going on and tells her to stop avoiding the question. Sami doesn't want to tell him what it is and tells him to deal with it. Sami compares it to EJ not sharing with her. EJ says he couldn't have done anything to change what happened with Kristen and Eric. Sami accuses him of hiding things from her. EJ says he's not hiding anything. Sami says EJ is angry at her for keeping one little thing. EJ guarantees it's not one thing or little. EJ wants to protect her but Sami says she doesn't need him to. EJ questions if she's saying she doesn't need him. Sami says that's not what she said but EJ points out that she kicked him out of the bedroom. Sami questions that being what EJ is angry about. EJ says that's not what he said. Sami says they can have sex right now so he'll be satisfied then. Sami mocks the idea. EJ tells her to shut up and calls her a brat. Sami starts taking off her clothes. EJ stops her and says she's embarrassing herself. Sami says she doesn't understand why he doesn't want to now. Sami says she knows him best and calls him on his bull. EJ says she's not answering his question. Sami says EJ is just angry at her because she's busting him and he can't get it in gear without admitting that she's right. They kiss but Sami slaps him and says no way in hell.

Gabi apologizes to Will for not saying anything earlier. Will wonders why she didn't. Gabi says she was embarrassed. Will says it was nothing that she did and Nick shouldn't have been following her to New York. Gabi adds that Nick set up the whole thing with the modeling agency. Gabi talks about confronting Nick about it to make him understand his fantasy was not going to happen. Gabi talks about how angry Nick got. Will doesn't know what he would've done if he was there. Will hopes Nick never shows his face again. Gabi doesn't think that he will.

Rafe mentions Kate saying before that they were friends and asks if they are cool. Kate says of course. Rafe talks about Kate having time to take care of other things now. Kate says they are fine. Kayla comes in and talks to Rafe about getting out. Kayla tells Rafe about Jordan being reassigned and a new therapist doing Rafe's physical therapy. Kate decides to leave. Rafe tells Kate that this will only take a minute but Kate says they are done and exits. Kate sees Jordan get into the elevator and follows after her.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she didn't want to push Shane and Kimberly on a decision. Abigail says Jennifer made it okay for her to stay. Jennifer didn't want to be responsible for sending her to jail. Abigail blames Theresa for her own problems. Jennifer talks about Theresa talking about changing and says she can set her sights on someone else now.

JJ wants to leave. Theresa says she has all the cards so JJ will have to pay for her to stay quiet. JJ questions her blackmailing him. Theresa says she has a list of things. Theresa warns that if JJ doesn't do what she says then he'll have to worry about his life.

Will asks Gabi if she feels like she dodged a bullet. Gabi says definitely. Will adds that they are all glad she is staying and he thinks she should reconsider modeling but she quickly says no. Will brings up them at the Pub but Gabi says that was just secret girl stuff. Gabi needs fresh air. Will offers to get Arianna for her but Gabi wants to be alone to clear her head of Nick. Gabi says she should be back before Arianna wakes up and she exits.

Theresa wants JJ to keep track of Daniel and Jennifer. JJ says they are both miserable and alone thanks to her. Theresa says it's thanks to him. Theresa talks about JJ's guilt. JJ starts to leave but Theresa says they aren't done. JJ argues that he's not doing any of this but Theresa says he will.

Gabi walks out of the town square and sits on the bench. She imagines Nick approaching and falls down in fear.

EJ accuses Sami of torturing him. Sami yells at him. EJ says he put up with Sami being unable to decide for a year. EJ talks about coming to her with love and asking her to marry him. EJ says he gave away everything he had to keep her out of prison while all she's done since is move away. Sami argues that she wants them to be together. EJ says he wanted things to be different too but life happens. Sami calls it so unfair. EJ blames Roman for their wedding be off. EJ says Sami can't make up her mind. Sami questions this being her fault while he lied about Kristen and Eric. EJ screams that he didn't lie and he found out one hour before the wedding. EJ says Kristen regretted it, he's sure Eric did and he chose not to ruin everyone's lives. EJ screams that he would've stopped it if he knew there was video. Sami questions what he is still hiding from her and if he knows where Kristen is. Sami screams that EJ is still lying. EJ asks why she's still there if that's what she thinks. Sami asks if he wants her to go. EJ remarks that if she doesn't love him then she can get out.

Gabi shakes her head crying thinking she sees Nick but it turns out to be T who apologizes for scaring her. Gabi hugs him and says she's so glad to see him.

Sonny comes home and greets Will with a kiss. Sonny asks Will where Gabi and Arianna are. Will says Arianna is asleep and Gabi allegedly went out for air. Will talks about something going on as he saw Gabi with Sami and Kate huddled up at the Pub. Will thinks he knows what it's about. Will tells Sonny he doesn't have to keep up the charade. Sonny questions him being involved. Will says maybe not and reveals that he thinks they are planning a surprise party for him.

Kate runs into Jordan at the town square and says she really worked that perfectly. Jordan doesn't know what she's talking about. Kate says Jordan bided some time and worked some angles. Kate says if Jordan thinks she pulled it off, she should think again.

Sami can't believe EJ said that and thinks that. EJ asks what he's supposed to think when every day he watches her move further away from him. Sami argues that it's not true. EJ says he's calling her out as she's doing everything she can not to give them a second chance. EJ asks why she's staying. EJ says Sami can barely tolerate him. Sami hates what he did but not him. Sami says it's not that she doesn't love him but it's hard to be in the same room because she does love him so much.

Abigail shows Jennifer that Chad sent the angel wing back to her. Abigail mentions EJ telling her about the wing's significance. Jennifer wonders about where JJ is. Abigail doesn't think he'd be causing trouble. Jennifer says JJ is definitely in a different place and serious about changing and fixing things.

JJ tells Theresa that he's not letting her mess with he or Jennifer. JJ threatens to tell Jennifer and Daniel that she remembers everything. Theresa threatens to go to the judge. JJ says the video implicates her just as much as him. Theresa says JJ is the one with the joint in the video and the judge will be itching to lock him up. JJ says he doesn't care and storms out.

Sonny mentions Will's birthday coming up. Will talks about Sami always wanting to do a surprise party but Will hates surprises and parties so he asks for Sonny's help. Will wants to be warned. Sonny jokes about him being surprised but says he doesn't know as he's out of the loop. Will asks him to find out for him and then they kiss.

Gabi apologizes to T and says he must think she's crazy. T says he should know better than to sneak up. Gabi says she just has a lot on her mind. T asks what's up but Gabi says nothing. Gabi says she's just overreacting and making a big deal out of nothing. T figures she came to be alone so goes to leave but Gabi stops him and says she'd like some company so T sits with her.

Jordan tells Kate to find a better outlet for her imagination. Kate says it's not hard to see what Jordan is doing and seeing through it. Kate accuses her of pretending to be a professional physical therapist. Kate says Jordan dumped Rafe onto someone else and she'll be free to do whatever she wants. Kate argues that it won't happen because she won't let Rafe get hurt. Kate warns her not to cross her because she doesn't bluff and then she walks away.

Sami questions EJ thinking she doesn't want him back. Sami complains that she aches to be with him every minute but she can't because she doesn't trust him which was always their thing. Sami says it was always about trust and he broke it but she loves him and that will never die. EJ states that maybe that's not enough. Sami says she knows EJ wants trust between them too and knows he's not okay with this. Sami says they gave each other a lot of room which was a relief but also a trap. EJ asks what she wants him to do. Sami wants him to tell her the truth. EJ asks how he will ever convince her that he didn't betray her if she won't believe a word he says. Sami doesn't know. EJ asks how they change that. Sami isn't sure and cries that she doesn't know. Sami says she's trying to figure it out. EJ wants to help her but Sami says he can't. Sami doesn't know what to do or how to fix it or how long it will take. Sami adds that she doesn't have the answers that he needs. Sami says if EJ doesn't want to wait for her and if he wants her to get out then she will go.

JJ comes home where Abigail and Jennifer excitedly greet him and say he's just in time for Christmas decorations. JJ says he and Jennifer should talk but they keep talking about the decorations. Jennifer goes to make him a snack and Abigail follows. JJ sits down in frustration. The phone rings so JJ answers it. It's the judge's clerk who says they have received some new video evidence so he will want to call his lawyer.

Gabi returns home and calls Kate. Gabi suggests having their meeting with Sami at her place since Sonny and Will won't be there. Sonny overhears this. Kate says it's fine and they hang up. Gabi declares that she can't do this.

Kate says Gabi needs to pull it together and walks on.

Jordan sits at home with her fake IDs and says she finally has something to hold on to and Kate is not going to ruin it for her.

EJ tells Sami that he doesn't want her to leave as they can figure this out. EJ says they will. Sami wishes she could be so sure. EJ says he will figure it out for both of them. Sami hugs him and cries that she misses him. EJ says he misses her. Sami cries that she wishes it was this simple. EJ insists that he'll fix it. Sami decides to go check on the children and exits the room. EJ says patience. Sami cries outside the door and heads upstairs.

JJ questions what kind of video tape. He says the judge is watching it right now. Theresa then busts out laughing and reveals it was her neighbor that she got to just mess with him. JJ calls her sick. Theresa says that was his warning and next time it will be for real. Theresa warns him not to mess with her because she's not playing and hangs up. Jennifer and Abigail come back with eggnog. JJ claims it was just a telemarketer. Jennifer toasts to a new start for all of them.

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