Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/10/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/10/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe tells Jordan that he's always wanted kids. Jordan asks if he's waiting for the right woman. Rafe says he thought it was Sami but she already had her own family. Rafe says he loves Sami's kids but still wants his own. Rafe asks Jordan if she ever thinks about being a mom.

Sami says it's so important that Gabi doesn't tell anyone about this because no one can ever know or it would ruin everything. Will walks in and asks what is going on. Gabi asks what he's doing there. Will asks what the big secret is. Kate jokes about him eavesdropping but Will says he didn't hear anything. Kate and Sami claim they were just talking about Arianna but Will doesn't believe it.

EJ talks on the phone at home about how Sami was supposed to take care of something but didn't. EJ says he will take care of it and hangs up. Abigail then enters and EJ thanks her for coming. She asks if he thought he wouldn't. EJ wasn't sure. Abigail jokes about being summoned by a guy who calls himself a bad man.

Daniel asks Jennifer what she needs to know. Jennifer says it's about JJ. Daniel thought it'd be about Maggie since he heard she might move in. Jennifer says she and JJ had a talk today about Daniel.

JJ tells Theresa that Daniel wasn't the one with her that night until she overdosed. JJ reveals that he was the one she partied and overdosed with which Theresa laughs at. Theresa says JJ looks so serious like he's giving major news when she already knew. Theresa reveals to JJ that she always knew and she remembers every single thing that happened that night. JJ says she told everyone that she didn't remember a thing. Theresa says she was going to tell him eventually. Theresa decides it will be good to talk about it and offers him wine. JJ thought she was going into AA. Theresa says she'll have to start from day one and drinks wine.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he doesn't have time since he has to get Parker to bed. Daniel offers to call her later or talk at the hospital. Parker's babysitter walks up and offers to take Parker to see a puppy so Daniel lets her. Jennifer decides they do have a minute to talk about he and JJ now.

Hope sits with Ciara at the hospital and waits on Theo to get out of therapy. Hope suggests they stop for hot chocolate on the way home. Hope mentions Theo missing his uncles Cameron and Chad. Ciara says at least he still has his dad.

Kate tells Will that they were talking about Gabi's future. Will questions it. Kate says they were talking about having Gabi model for them for business. Sami goes along with it and says Gabi can model both companies but Gabi refuses and says she doesn't want to talk about modeling. Will doesn't get it and says Sami and Kate never team up and now Gabi suddenly doesn't want to talk about modeling. Kate and Sami talk about giving her more time. Kate says the doors will always be open and Gabi thanks her. Sami brings up seeing pictures of Arianna. Sami says they are trying to do some girl bonding so Will agrees to leave. Will exits. Sami and Kate look at pictures of Arianna while encouraging Gabi to smile. Will watches through the window before walking away.

Rafe asks if it was too personal for Jordan. Jordan isn't sure she would make a great mother. Rafe thinks she's a natural after seeing her with Arianna and Theo. Jordan isn't sure she'd be up for it. Jordan would rather talk about him. Rafe thinks she knows everything about him already. Jordan asks how Rafe feels about getting a new apartment. Rafe admits he's kind of nervous but very excited. Rafe declares his future is in Jordan's hands now.

EJ gives Abigail the lucky angel's wing from Chad. Abigail wasn't sure she would see it again. EJ says Chad wanted to give it to her before he left. EJ notes that it seems to mean a lot to her. Abigail talks about Jack giving it to her to keep her safe and she gave it to Chad after he got shot. Abigail lets EJ hold it. EJ suggests it was Jack's way of letting her know she would always be his little angel. Abigail is surprised that EJ knew he called her that and then finds out that EJ read Jack's book.

Ciara wishes Bo would come home for Christmas. Theo joins them. Ciara invites him to get hot chocolate. Theo says he has a surprise for Ciara as they walk off.

Jennifer tells Daniel that JJ is realizing he needs to change his ways before his hearing and one of the ways he's doing that is being completely honest. Jennifer tells Daniel that JJ told her everything he did to come between them. Jennifer calls it a really emotional conversation and says JJ feels horrible and is taking responsibility for everything. Jennifer says what happened between them wasn't JJ's fault.

Theresa thinks JJ thinks she's making it up. JJ doesn't understand why she's saying she remembers it all. Theresa goes over what happened that night to prove she remembers it all. JJ realizes she does remember while Theresa comments on being a good actress.

EJ tells Abigail that Chad talked him into reading Jack's book and says he couldn't put it down. EJ calls Jack a complicated man and says he sensed a great loneliness in him. Abigail is surprised that he caught that. Abigail says she really misses him. EJ gives her the angel wing back. Abigail thanks him. EJ says he's just the messenger. Abigail tells EJ that he doesn't quite pull off being a bad man. Abigail then exits.

Sami tells Gabi to get it together. Gabi says she has it together and is going home. Kate brings up Rafe and asks if she's together enough to see him. Sami warns Gabi that if Rafe senses she's upset then he will find out. Gabi says she's only not okay when she's with them. Sami tells her that they are going to be talking a lot because they are in this together. Gabi doesn't want to talk anymore. Gabi says they can talk tomorrow and exits the Pub.

Jordan tells Rafe that his future is not in her hands as she's just his physical therapist. Rafe says Kayla told him that Jordan decides when he leaves the hospital so that's what he meant. Rafe asks when he can move into the apartment. Rafe adds that it could be the last decision she makes for him.

Outside the Pub, Kate asks Sami about her missing earring. Sami says she retraced her steps but hasn't found it. Kate tells her to find it because if it's at the river then they both have a problem.

At the club, Theo gives Sami's earring to Ciara and says it's their secret.

Jennifer talks to Daniel about finding out JJ was doing drugs and how all she could see was him. Jennifer knew she would have to make choices that would cut through what they had but she knew JJ's survival was more important than her own happiness. Jennifer says JJ was working out his anger towards her through Daniel and if she knew that then she would've done things differently.

Theresa tells JJ that she knows why Daniel was there. JJ questions why she lied. Theresa says it got her a chance to stay in Salem and stay out of jail. Theresa says her parents would've sent her away but saying she didn't remember allowed her to say she was getting her life together. JJ questions her thinking it's all funny. JJ tells her that everyone thinks Daniel was hooking up with her. JJ tells Theresa that she has to tell the truth and not just to him.

Daniel asks Jennifer if she's saying what he thinks. She says if she didn't make decisions she made then their lives would be so different. Daniel says they would be together but Jennifer no longer thinks that's a good thing. Daniel asks what happened. Jennifer says Theresa happened. Jennifer says it's not that he was with someone else but who he was with. Jennifer says Daniel made a vindictive and hateful choice. She says she never knew that side of him existed. She says she will miss what they had but she will let it all go so she never sees that side again. Jennifer says maybe it was for the best and she owes Theresa a thank you.

Theresa tells JJ that if she admits that she remembers then she has to say JJ was there doing drugs with her when he has his hearing coming up. JJ wants her to tell Theresa the truth about Daniel. Theresa says she doesn't give a damn about Jennifer and she isn't going to find out anything from either of them.

Jordan asks if Rafe wants to be in his new place by Christmas. Rafe would like that a lot so Jordan suggests they make the move tomorrow. Jordan mentions talking to a guy about coming in as his therapist. Rafe jokes about getting used to a woman therapist. Rafe says technically she'd be moving on but maybe there's a way she could still stay on the case. They almost kiss but Arianna starts crying so Jordan goes to check on her.

Will goes to the club and greets Hope. Abigail joins them. Abigail asks Hope about Nick. She says she heard he got off alright. Will is surprised to learn that Nick is in New York.

Sami comes home looking for her earring, saying it has to be there somewhere. She starts searching through the sofa until EJ walks in and asks if she's looking for something. Sami tells EJ that it's Sydney's stuffed animal that is missing. EJ questions if that's why she was missing from work today. Sami asks if he's trying to start a fight. EJ tells her that he gave her more responsibility like she asked. Sami talks about wanting to get Christmas ready for the kids. EJ questions why she doesn't have any shopping bags. EJ decides they are doing this right now as she has denied him access to her secrets and her body for long enough and he's sick of it.

Gabi comes home and holds Arianna. Rafe notes that she looks tired. Jordan decides they will get back to the hospital. Rafe asks why she doesn't have a Christmas tree up yet. Gabi says they hadn't really thought about it. Rafe tells her to get Will and Sonny to get one as it's going to be a special Christmas. Jordan and Rafe exit. Gabi tells Arianna that she needed a quiet night alone with her.

Hope asks to talk to Will alone for a moment and steps aside. She knows Will won't get past what Nick tried to do. Will agrees that he won't. Hope says maybe Nick coming back to Salem was a mistake but hopefully New York is just what he needs. Will talks about him not knowing anyone there. Hope says Nick wasn't worried about that part at all. Will says he has to go to be with Arianna. Hope notes that he just got there but Will says goodbye and exits.

Jennifer suggests this wasn't the conversation Daniel thought they would have. Daniel says she just told him that he was vindictive while he was listened. Jennifer agrees to listen to what Daniel has to say.

JJ tells Theresa that he had a wake up call too and went home to straighten things out with Jennifer so he thought she could too. Theresa asks if he's kidding and says Jennifer judged everything she ever did. Theresa talks about her parents making her beg for Jennifer's forgiveness but Jennifer didn't even care that she almost died. Theresa doesn't know how JJ stands Jennifer since she loves to think the worst of people. Theresa loves that Jennifer thinks the worst of Daniel and hopes it never ends. JJ grabs her and tells her it's going to end right now.

Hope talks with Abigail at the counter and asks if she's really okay about Chad. Abigail says she definitely is and is finally realizing she doesn't need a man to be happy. Hope agrees and calls it a good thing to know because sometimes there's no choice in the matter.

Ciara tells Theo that she loves her new earring and puts it into her backpack.

EJ questions Sami coming in like a wreck the other night and he overhears Kate talking about never listening to Sami and now she's searching the house. EJ mentions talking to Will and how Sami didn't tell him that Gabi was going to move to New York with Arianna. Gabi says it's not happening and questions EJ yelling at her about keeping family secrets. EJ says something is going on and asks her to talk to him.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he has nothing to say as she pretty much said it all. Jennifer says tht's fine and assumes they are done then. Jennifer tells him to tell Nicole she said hello since she knows she's staying with him. Daniel tries to explain but Jennifer says she doesn't care who he's with or what he does. Daniel says that's good to know as Jennifer walks away.

JJ tells Theresa that he will tell Jennifer the truth as he's sick of keeping his mouth shut. She asks if he's sure that he wants to do that. JJ says he'll hate telling her what he did but maybe it's not too late for Jennifer and Daniel. Theresa warns him about the judge finding out. JJ says he's not worried about Jennifer turning him but Theresa says he should be.

Jordan goes to the hospital and gets Rafe's medications.

Kate visits Rafe in his hospital room. Rafe informs her that he's getting out tomorrow and moving into a transitional apartment. Jordan stops at the doorway and listens in. Rafe tells Kate that getting out seems like the end of a really bad time and he wants it to be that way for both of them. Rafe says he's getting back on his feet so Kate doesn't have to feel guilty anymore. Rafe tells Kate that she can have her life back.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't like the way they are living either. EJ says he's not living like this anymore. Sami tells him that he doesn't have a choice because he didn't tell her about Kristen and Eric. EJ insists he was afraid of what she would do. They argue as Sami tries to walk away but EJ stops her and they end up kissing.

Will comes home. Gabi tells him that she just got Arianna to bed. Gabi asks what's wrong. Will tells her that they need to talk about Nick.

Daniel sits with Parker in the town square. Parker says he has a present for him. Daniel says he already has the best present and that's Parker.

Jennifer returns home and sits with boxes of Christmas decorations. She thinks back to her and Daniel's first date. Jennifer tells herself to just forget it.

JJ argues with Theresa that it would be her word against his and insists on telling the truth but Theresa grabs her phone and says she wouldn't do that if she were him.

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