Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/9/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/9/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer wants the truth as to what's going on with JJ and Daniel. JJ doesn't want to talk about it but Jennifer does. JJ says it was nothing. Jennifer thought they were past hiding things. Jennifer demands to know what's going on right now.

Theresa asks Daniel to tell her everything that happened the night that he saved her life. Daniel says he luckily found her in time to get her to the hospital. Theresa says she's appreciative but wants to know what else happened.

Jordan sits at her place putting on her earrings and gets a call from Rafe. Rafe tells her to feel free to say no but he'd like to see Arianna. Jordan says it'd be no problem. Rafe says she's the best and they hang up. Jordan goes back to her box of fake IDs and opens it again. She takes them out then looks in the mirror and declares that she is Jordan Ridgeway and she's not going to run or need the IDs this time. She takes her things and exits.

Will and Sonny return home with Arianna and call out for Gabi but she's not home.

Sami, Kate, and Gabi think back to running into the man in the woods at the river. Sami and Kate greet the man and he sits with them. He questions why they all deceived him by the river the other night. He asks if they thought he wouldn't find out what they did. Gabi asks what he's talking about and what he saw.

Daniel tells Theresa that he doesn't get what she's asking. She asks what happened between them that night.

JJ tells Jennifer not to freak out and says he had to talk to Daniel. Jennifer asks why. JJ says he knows that everything between Daniel and Theresa upset her. JJ tells Jennifer that there is a lot more to the story.

The man asks Gabi what she means by asking what he saw. Kate and Sami say they were drinking that night and tell Gabi not to be embarrassed. They say they were making fools of themselves. He says he was the one made a fool of and tells them not to think they pulled the wool over his eyes.

Will and Sonny check their phones and find no messages from Gabi. Sonny starts to text Gabi but Will doesn't want to upset her. Sonny says they have things to do. Will decides he will write at home with Arianna while Sonny goes to work but Sonny decides things are fine so he will stay with Will and Arianna. Will talks about everything Sonny does for him as they joke together. Will tells Sonny that he loves him and Sonny says the same as they kiss. Will hopes Arianna stays asleep but they are interrupted by the doorbell ringing as Jordan brings Rafe to visit. Will is surprised and invites them in. Rafe asks if Gabi didn't tell them they were coming. Sonny says no because Gabi's not there.

Kate questions what the man thinks he saw. He says it's what he didn't see and starts talking about the creature that Sami claimed they were looking for. He says he did his research and found out it was an extinct dinosaur. Kate claims Sami was just pulling a practical joke. He then asks what they were doing at the river that night. Kate says they have no choice but to tell the truth.

Theresa tells Daniel that she knows they didn't have sex so she asks if they were headed in that direction since it looks that way. Daniel mentions that they had no relationship before that night. Theresa recalls coming on to him and getting shot down. Theresa is confused as to what changed that would make him come to her place that night. Theresa then says she thinks she knows.

Jennifer tells JJ that she no longer wants to talk about this. JJ says they need to so that she understands the truth about what happened. JJ says he wants to talk to her about before Theresa came and when he first came home. JJ says he was angry and upset as well as a liar and a criminal. Jennifer says that's all behind them. JJ is talking about what he did to she and Daniel.

Will says they're all glad Gabi isn't going to New York. Rafe agrees. Will notes that something changed her mind but he has no idea what. Jordan jokes about the modeling job offer. Sonny asks where Gabi is. Rafe asks if Sonny needed to go. Will says they are fine. Rafe offers to stay and watch Arianna. Jordan agrees to stay as well. Sonny thanks Rafe. Will says to give him a call if Gabi doesn't show up and he'll be back. Will and Sonny exit together. Rafe jokes about Jordan being his boss.

Sami tells the man that Kate has a boyfriend that might be cheating on her so they were following him. He questions them going to the river. Sami sticks to her story and Kate goes along with it. The man apologizes and mention that he's going back down there tonight. He jokes about looking for Kate's boyfriend and he'll know they got there first if he finds a body. Sami and Kate laugh it off while Gabi remains nervous. The man comments on Gabi's bag and how he remembered her having a backpack. He leaves them. Gabi worries to Sami and Kate that he knows and the three of them rush off.

Daniel asks Theresa what she thinks she knows. Theresa assumes that she lied or tricked him into coming over. Daniel tells her to just concentrate on the future. Theresa feels guilty and says whatever happened that night must've been pathetic or desperate for her to call him over. Theresa decides she doesn't want to know as she doesn't know if she can handle the details of her behavior. Theresa says she's ashamed of who she is. Theresa blames herself for everything. She wants Daniel to understand that she's not that same person anymore.

Jennifer tells JJ that she doesn't want to rehash all of that and she wants to move forward with putting the past behind them. JJ thinks they can't put it behind them without talking about it. JJ talks about not liking that she was seeing Daniel but when he saw them together, he freaked. Jennifer blames herself for not bringing JJ home right after Jack died. JJ blames himself and says he would've acted the same way. JJ says he did every stupid thing that he could think of to break them up. JJ admits he made her feel guilty and he lied about Daniel to make him look bad and then he made her choose between them. Jennifer is proud of him for being honest but doesn't know what he wants to say since what's done is done. JJ argues that it doesn't have to be since if he wasn't such a jerk then Daniel would've never been with Theresa. JJ suggests it's not too late to fix things. Jennifer asks if he's saying that she should give Daniel another chance.

Sonny and Will walk through the town square. Sonny thinks something else is going on with Gabi. Sonny tells Will about Gabi meeting Rafe at the club and then Kate showing up and having an intense conversation. Sonny admits he's worried about Gabi. Sonny assures Will that something is going on with Gabi.

Sami, Kate, and Gabi walk to the Pub. Gabi worries that the man knows what they did. Sami assures her that he doesn't. Gabi continues to worry. Gabi thinks she needs to go but Sami convinces her to get some tea. Gabi heads into the Pub. Kate remarks that she's going to calm her down.

Daniel says it sounds like Theresa had some kind of epiphany. Theresa says overdosing will do that and she wants to make amends especially with him. Daniel says she doesn't owe him anything but he can tell that she's trying to change. Theresa says it's all she wants. Daniel wishes her the best. Theresa asks if they are okay. Daniel says they are but asks her to be kind to Jennifer and steer clear of her. Theresa asks if Daniel still loves Jennifer. Daniel asks why she would ask him that.

JJ says he can't tell Jennifer what to do but considering everything he's done, maybe she should talk to Daniel. Jennifer says this isn't about what JJ has done. JJ says he knows she was happy with Daniel and he wants to see her happy again. Jennifer says she's happy since they are okay and JJ is owning up to what he did but she doesn't want to talk with him about Daniel. JJ points out that Jennifer broke up with Daniel. Jennifer questions Daniel going for Theresa. Jennifer declares that Daniel is not the man that she thought he was but it worked out for the best and she needs JJ to accept that. JJ decides he doesn't have much choice. Jennifer thanks him and hugs him.

Theresa tells Daniel that she will do her best to be kind to Jennifer and stay away from JJ. Daniel says he has to go. Theresa thanks him for everything and says she wants to be a better person. Daniel believes her. Theresa tells him that she is going to let her family know that Daniel is a gentleman and there's nothing between them. Theresa adds that she doesn't have a lot of friends and knows Daniel will stay away but she asks if she could talk to him if things get bad. Daniel agrees and then exits to go get Parker. Theresa follows out and comments that Parker is lucky to have him. Daniel tells her to take care as he walks on.

Rory finds JJ sitting in the park and jokes with him. Rory tells him it was good to see him. JJ stops him. Rory hopes JJ wants drugs. JJ brings up the risks they took and says sometimes it worked. Rory says most of the time and wants to get business going again but JJ doesn't want to deal. JJ informs him that he's thinking about taking another type of risk that is something he has to do. JJ says he'll see him around and walks away as Rory calls him a jerk.

Jordan jokes with Rafe about being good with babies as he plays with Arianna. Rafe tells Jordan about the name Arianna Grace coming from his sister and the baby they raised as Sami's. Rafe decides he needs to know where Gabi is. Jordan holds Arianna as Rafe texts Gabi.

Gabi gets the text from Rafe and realizes she was forgetting that Rafe was coming over. Gabi starts to leave but Sami takes Gabi's phone and texts back that she's running late. Kate tells Gabi that she's in no condition to see Rafe. Rafe texts back that things are fine. They talk about Nick and Sami warns Gabi that she cannot tell Rafe or they'd all go to prison.

Rafe asks Jordan about her family. Jordan responds that she's an only child.

Gabi assures Sami and Kate that Rafe will never find out and hopes they can make sure of it. Sami tells Gabi to make sure she keeps her mouth shut which she agrees to. Kate reminds Gabi that all three of them would go to prison.

Rafe jokes with Jordan about being his boss. Jordan calls herself a motivator as they play with Arianna. Rafe talks about them staying professional and says as soon as he gets his new apartment then she's fired.

Will gets why Sonny thinks something is wrong with Gabi but notes that Rafe doesn't think anything is wrong and he would know if there was. Will kisses Sonny goodbye and goes to get his books from the library. Sonny hopes Will is right about Gabi.

Gabi thinks this would be a lot easier if she didn't keep having nightmares about Nick. Sami understands as she's having them too. Sami thinks it's their subconscious telling them what a horrible human Nick was and that he got what he deserved. Will walks by outside the Pub and sees the three of them together through the window and wonders what the hell.

Daniel sits with Parker in the town square and talks about the presents they've gotten for Christmas. Parker spots Jennifer so he runs up to her and hugs her.

JJ goes to Theresa's. She tries to shut the door and tells him she can't be around him. JJ promises it will be the last time he bothers her and says that he won't leave until she knows the truth and he makes things right about the night she almost died.

Jordan puts Arianna to sleep. Rafe apologizes for Gabi being late. Jordan says it's fine and nice to see this side of him. Jordan asks if he wants to have kids of his own one day then apologizes for being way too personal. Rafe tells her it's cool and a valid question. Rafe answers yes, someday he does want kids.

Sami and Kate assure Gabi that she did what she had to do to stop Nick from raping her. Gabi worries about what else she could've done to prevent this but they reassure her. Sami says it's so important that Gabi doesn't tell anyone about this because no one can ever know. Will walks in and asks what is going on.

Daniel joins Jennifer and Parker. He mentions going to take Parker to see Chloe for Christmas. Jennifer wishes them a Merry Christmas and goes to leave but stops. Jennifer then says she hates to intrude but there's something she needs to know that only Daniel can tell her.

JJ tells Theresa that he knows she doesn't remember that night but there's something she needs to know. She's not in the mood to talk about it. JJ convinces her to hear him out. JJ tells her that Daniel wasn't the one with her that night until she overdosed. JJ reveals that he was the one she partied and overdosed with which Theresa laughs at.

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