Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/6/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/6/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa stops and starts remembering the night she overdosed. JJ asks her what's going on.

Jennifer asks Maggie about Daniel's houseguest. Maggie thought she knew. Jennifer asks if it's Theresa. Maggie says no and that it's Nicole. Jennifer quickly says she doesn't care.

Daniel finishes a call as Nicole returns while Eric is still there. Nicole is glad Eric is still there because she wanted to tell him that she will never ever make the mistake of helping him again. Daniel asks what's going on. Eric says he never asked for Nicole's help. Nicole says he'll never get it. Daniel tells them both to shut up.

Kate exits the Pub and gets a call from a blocked number which turns out to be Stefano.

Sami comes home to the DiMera Mansion and sits in the living room. EJ walks in and Sami imagines that it's Nick and screams. EJ then questions what the hell is wrong with her. EJ asks if she's alright and says it looks like she's seen a ghost. Sami says she's fine and pours a drink. EJ says he knows she had a difficult day yesterday and now today she was out before he could say good morning. EJ asks if she talked to Eric again. Sami asks if he wants to start talking about that again. Sami questions if he has people looking for Kristen. EJ changes the subject to talking about Nick.

Gabi has a nightmare about killing Nick and wakes up in a panic. She then imagines Nick laying in bed next to her.

JJ asks Theresa what she's remembering about the night she overdosed. Theresa then claims it's a total blank. Theresa reminds him that they can't be seen together and she has to get to her AA meeting. Theresa then realizes she missed the meeting so she decides to get back to work. She asks JJ if he's okay as he seemed off. Theresa tells him no more being together.

Daniel talks about wanting to help Eric and tells Nicole that he's the one who asked for her help not Eric. Daniel talks about Nicole's connections and how she was the one who found Eric at the hotel. They argue about Eric accusing her. Daniel wants them on the same team. Daniel decides he's going to his office and when he gets back, he wants to know if they can do this.

EJ asks Sami about things Nick did that could benefit them. Sami says all she knows is that Nick moved to New York. EJ comments that he does know yesterday Nick had a very busy day in Salem. Sami then drops her glass in shock.

Gabi wakes up from another nightmare of seeing Nick in bed with her. Gabi gets up and sees Arianna is not in he crib so she starts to worry then finds a note that Will took her to the park. Gabi says everything is fine and it was just a dream so she's fine. Gabi tries to focus on her homework but thinks back to Nick. Gabi tells herself to stop obsessing and tries to convince herself that she's fine. Gabi then starts saying it's not okay and grabs her phone.

Kate asks Stefano what he wants. Stefano says he called to tell her that Chad has made a full recovery. Stefano adds that Chad wanted a favor which was to make sure he called Kate with the news.

EJ helps Sami clean up the glass she broke. Sami asks him about seeing Nick. EJ says he didn't see him but he heard that he destroyed Kate's spring lineup on her computer. EJ jokes that he would send Nick champagne if they knew where he lived. Sami's phone rings with a text from Gabi saying it's urgent and she needs to see her now. Sami tells EJ that she has so much work to do and doesn't want to be late so she has to get going. EJ says he has errands too as Sami rushes out the door. Sami texts Kate to meet her now because Gabi is going off the rails.

Eric asks Nicole why she's so upset today. Nicole tells him about Sami's visit. Eric apologizes. Eric thinks the real reason she's upset is because he accused her of being the woman in the hotel. Nicole talks about fighting her feelings for him and then Eric twisted it into something horrible. Nicole adds that she's so done with him and she has nothing for him because he betrayed her. Eric wishes he could take it back. Eric is sorry and can only imagine how violated she must feel. Nicole says she knows she'll never be a saint and she's done so many wrong things but that he thought she was capable of seducing him and pretending to care is why apologies won't cut it. Nicole declares that she's done then says she's not because she hasn't told him why she's not going to help him. Nicole says after Eric accused her, she still wanted to help him but then he showed her that he never really believed in her when she thought he did. Nicole says now she's done and gone and she will never be in the position to be hurt again.

Maggie thinks if she moves in with Jennifer then they can't talk about Daniel. Jennifer says she wouldn't say that since Daniel is her son. Maggie asks what she doesn't want. Jennifer doesn't want a daily description of Daniel. She doesn't want to know what he's thinking or feeling or if he's seeing anyone. Maggie agrees and hugs her. JJ comes home and Jennifer tells him that Maggie might come live with them for awhile. Jennifer gets a call and steps out. JJ grabs a book for class and starts to hurry back out but Maggie stops him and says they need to talk about Daniel.

Theresa goes to Daniel's office. Daniel says he has a lot to do but Theresa says it's important. Daniel has her keep the door open. Theresa says she didn't know who else to talk to about JJ.

Kate tells Stefano that they are done. Stefano says Chad wanted him to tell her how much Stefano has changed since the incident. Kate blames Stefano for Chad being shot. Stefano says he's planning on a kinder future. Kate questions Stefano changing because his son almost died and doesn't believe it. Stefano says she can feel however she wants and he'll give her all the time she wants. He hangs up and Kate walks away.

Eric understands why Nicole doesn't want to help him. Eric talks about Daniel spending so much time to help him but he's not sure he can accept his offer. Eric says Daniel's motives may be for the wrong reasons and he's not sure he knows Daniel at all.

Theresa tells Daniel about running into JJ at the town square. She says she can't figure out why JJ keeps running into her every few days. Theresa suggests it may have something to do with Jennifer since she was really awful to her. Theresa talks about how Jennifer wants her to stay away from JJ but JJ won't leave her alone so she asks Daniel what to do.

Maggie tells JJ that she loves him, Jennifer, and Abigail so she doesn't want him to take things the wrong way but she doesn't want to hear him say anything nasty about Daniel. JJ agrees to never again and promises it won't be a problem. Maggie is surprised and relieved. JJ offers to help if she needs any help moving. Maggie hugs him and thanks him as JJ then exits. Jennifer returns to the living room and asks Maggie if something's wrong. Maggie says no and says that JJ was perfectly nice about Daniel. Maggie then remembers to not talk about Daniel and tells Jennifer that she will think about moving in. She hugs her goodbye and exits.

Gabi walks through the town square and meets with Sami. Gabi talks about freaking out about not having anyone to talk to. Sami sits with her and tells her to keep her voice down. Sami encourages her to smile because people are watching. Kate approaches and asks Gabi what now.

Daniel tells Theresa that he will make sure JJ stays clear of her and it stays between them. Maggie then walks in and apologizes for interrupting. Theresa says she was just getting ready to leave and tells Maggie that she missed the AA meeting but called for another. Maggie wishes her luck as she exits. Daniel asks Maggie if she can wait because there's something he needs to do right now. Maggie tells him to let her know when he has some free time and exits. Daniel then calls JJ.

Nicole questions why Eric doesn't trust Daniel. Eric says it wouldn't be right to accept his help for the wrong reasons. Eric thinks Daniel is finding a way to make amends after being involved with his cousin Theresa. Nicole tells him to shut up and calls him a total idiot.

EJ meets with Stefano. EJ admits he was surprised to get his call. EJ tells him the ill will won't subside after what Kristen did. Stefano remarks that she knows how to make a statement. EJ warns that Kristen will be in trouble if the police prove what she did to Eric. EJ says what Kristen did was terrible. EJ recalls Stefano wanting her to reunite the family but now Chad and Kristen are gone. Stefano says EJ has Sami and the children which EJ says is going horrible.

Gabi questions Sami telling Kate that they were meeting. Sami thinks it was a great idea. Kate asks Gabi why she was upset about Sami contacting her. Kate questions if Gabi thought she could backstab her and hang Nick's murder on her.

Daniel meets with JJ at the Pub and tells him that he cannot keep talking to Theresa. JJ claims he didn't plan to run into her. Daniel suggests he just say hi and keep moving. JJ thought maybe she was remembering that night. Daniel tells him that ship has sailed. JJ thinks there's just some way he can make things right.

Nicole tells Eric that Daniel is the definition of a real friend and no one's better as he goes out of his way to help people even those who don't deserve it. Eric brings up Daniel being out of Theresa's apartment that night. Nicole says Daniel found her and saved her but didn't do anything wrong. Eric thinks she knows more than she's saying about what he did that night but Nicole says no. Eric says he's in a bind and wants to believe Daniel's a good guy but he needs more. Nicole says it's called faith and she gives her word then tells him to accept it or not.

EJ tells Stefano that he's been trying to convince Sami that he didn't know what Kristen did. EJ worries that he will lose everything if Sami ever finds out that he knew.

Gabi swears to Kate that it wasn't a plot. Kate brings up how Gabi almost confessed everything to Rafe which shocks Sami. Gabi apologizes and says she keeps having really bad nightmares. Sami understands Gabi wants Rafe's comfort and support but worries about the situation it will put Rafe in. Kate tells Gabi to think ahead and get a grip. Kate tells her to think about Arianna. Sami says it's important not to let Nick ruin their lives. Sami asks Gabi what's it going to be. Sami tells Gabi that she cannot tell anyone ever.

Eric tells Nicole that she's right that he needs to trust Daniel and her. Eric says he made one of the worst decisions of his life in not trusting Nicole and he won't make that mistake again. Eric agrees to work with Daniel, take his help, and listen to everything he says. Eric asks if Nicole will reconsider helping him too.

Daniel doesn't want JJ worrying about trying to fix things. Daniel tells him to lay low for a couple of weeks. JJ says there's not much else he can do. Jennifer walks by the Pub and sees them together through the window.

EJ tells Stefano that at least Sami hasn't moved out. Stefano comments on them having separate bedrooms. EJ worries about Sami not trusting him. Stefano encourages him to be patient. EJ says he's just going to hope Sami never finds out what he knew about Kristen. Stefano says he's not going to say anything and Kristen's the only other one who knows so there's no way Sami should find out. EJ is unsure that Sami will ever commit to marriage now.

Gabi continues to complain about her nightmares and says she can't keep living her life like this. Sami says they are all having nightmares. The man they ran into in the woods that night then greets them.

Stefano tells EJ that he knows EJ can get to anything he sets his mind to. Stefano assures him that Sami will come to him. EJ asks if he means just keep lying. Stefano tells him to pray that Sami never finds out EJ knew what Kristen did to Eric.

Nicole agrees to help try and prove Eric's innocence. Eric thanks her and says how much it means to him. Nicole says she will cover the story and tell exactly what happened but she might have to use footage from the video. Eric understands. Nicole says she'll make sure his side of the story comes out and she will tell everyone what an evil bitch Kristen is. Nicole hopes it will help prove Daniel's case and she will use the station to help in any way. Eric doesn't know what else to say. Eric thanks her and hopes it means that some day. Nicole cuts him off and says she's doing it because she wants to and no other reason. Nicole adds that it's the right thing to do and any journalist would do the same. Eric then exits.

Daniel catches up with Maggie at the hospital and says he has some free time. Maggie informs him that she may be moving in with Jennifer for awhile. Daniel says that's good as they have always been close and figures she'd reach out. Daniel brings up Victor. Maggie says she's fine. Daniel hopes things work out for them. Maggie responds her sentiments exactly.

JJ goes home where Jennifer is in the living room. JJ thought she'd be at work but she was waiting for him. Jennifer wants to know what's going on because she saw him with Daniel at the Pub which is about the third time she's seen them talking after promising to stay away from him. Jennifer notes that JJ wasn't angry but was calm as if he was interested in what Daniel was saying like they were friends. Jennifer wants the truth as to what's going on with he and Daniel.

Theresa returns to Daniel's office. Daniel says he's working on JJ and she should be fine. Theresa says she didn't get to finish before. Theresa tells Daniel she has something to ask that she's been putting off for awhile now and she can't anymore. Theresa asks Daniel to tell her everything that happened the night that he saved her life.

Sami and Kate greet the man and he sits with them. He questions why they all deceived him by the river that night. He asks if they thought he wouldn't find out what they did.

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