Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/5/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/5/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will visits JJ and jokes about him studying. Will gives JJ a CD he made for him and gives him his mail. JJ sorts through it and finds an envelope that makes him say oh no.

Jennifer goes to the club and finds Maggie. Maggie thought she'd be at the hospital. Jennifer says she decided to work remotely today. Maggie asks if she's avoiding Daniel but Jennifer says it's Theresa. Jennifer asks how she is. Maggie says she's hanging in and apologizes for not returning her phone calls. Jennifer asks if she has a minute to talk now but Maggie says she's meeting someone. Jennifer turns around and sees that it's Theresa.

Nicole calls Brady and asks about not being able to get a hold of him to talk on her story. She hangs up and wonders if he's not taking this so well after all.

Brady sits at home and snorts more cocaine.

Daniel goes home and talks with Nicole. Nicole asks if they can finish their conversation from last night. Daniel tells her to go first. Nicole says she got her first story assignment and was going to turn it down but decided she'd be the best person to do it justice. Daniel thinks it's great for her to do the story on Eric and says it's exactly what he was hoping to talk to her about.

EJ yells off reporters at his front door, saying he won't talk about the sex tape. EJ wants Harold to get rid of them and then wonders where Sami is.

Sami sits at the Pub and thinks about Nick's death. Eric approaches and startles her. Eric asks her what's wrong.

Harold informs EJ that Sami said she would be back from running errands before the children got home from school. He notes that Sami was in a terrible rush. EJ thanks him.

Sami talks to Eric about what he's going through and not seeing him since the video went viral. Sami notices Eric's cut and questions how anyone could do that to him. Sami wants to know what Roman is doing and if they're getting closer to finding Kristen. Eric says they aren't finding Kristen and EJ made it clear that he's not on his side.

Brady says he fell off the wagon and the world didn't end. Brady checks his phone and says Nicole will have to find someone else. Brady then exits.

JJ informs Will that his sentencing got postponed a few weeks. Will encourages him to stay out of trouble, which JJ says he's planning to do forever. JJ thinks back to Theresa's overdose. Will asks what the matter is. JJ says he's just tired of it hanging over his head and wants it to be over.

Theresa reveals that she got Maggie's number from Daniel to be her AA sponsor. Jennifer starts to leave but Theresa stops her and says there's something that she needs to tell her about Daniel.

Daniel tells Nicole about Eric being assaulted last night. They talk about not wanting to give up. Nicole says that's why she decided to do the story to try and present the facts. Daniel wishes he could prove Eric was drugged so he could get his life back. Nicole asks what it has to do with her. Daniel says she was the only other person there that night and asks for inside information. Daniel feels they could build a case to exonerate Eric without Kristen. Nicole asks if he realizes what he's asking her to do. Daniel says he does. Nicole doesn't know if she have a face to face with Eric and immerse herself in a time she's trying to forget. Daniel respects what she's saying. Nicole asks why he's obsessed with helping Eric. Daniel says he doesn't like unanswered questions or someone being accused of something he didn't do. Nicole compares it to Daniel's situation. Daniel asks Nicole to help him help Eric and says it's the right thing to do.

Sami says she will talk to EJ. Eric thinks he'll just lie to her again about what he knows. Eric thinks EJ could tell them where Kristen is but Sami says he's wrong. Eric doesn't want Sami in the middle of this. Eric decides he might have another plan to prove what happened that night but he doesn't know if it will work so he doesn't want anyone's hopes up. Sami is sorry that people get away with doing bad things without a punishment. Sami feels like Eric is paying for her sins. Eric jokes that he's been doing that his whole life. Sami calls him the perfect brother but Eric says no one is perfect.

EJ sits at home and tosses a photo down. He looks at a photo of Sami and puts it with others then says it's the only family he has left.

JJ tells Will that he doesn't want Jennifer to have to worry anymore. Will tells JJ that it's not his fault that Daniel moved on with Theresa. JJ responds that it's not Daniel's fault either.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she's sorry but she can't remember what happened the night that Daniel came to her place. Jennifer says it doesn't matter but Theresa says it does. Jennifer tries to leave but Theresa wants to make amends with the people she's hurt. Theresa says she was hurt when she got fired so she made it look like she had something going with Daniel when she didn't. Theresa says Daniel was just being nice like he always is. Jennifer tells her that everybody knows Daniel was at her apartment and questions how she explains that.

Brady catches up to EJ in the town square and jokes with him. EJ assures Brady that Kristen was truly in love with him. Brady says he does believe it. EJ asks if he's already over her. Brady says he has to be. Brady adds that he could care less if she disappeared for good this time and then walks away.

Eric tells Sami that God doesn't punish him for what she's done. Eric says he hasn't handled what life has dealt him very well. Sami thinks Eric was right to accuse Nicole but Eric says Nicole wasn't capable of that. Sami is glad Nicole will be out of Eric's life now but Eric says she won't be since her first story is on him and the sex tape. Sami gets upset but Eric tries to tell her it's okay. Eric just wants to clear his name and get back into the priesthood. Eric says somehow he will turn this around. Eric decides he has things to do and they will talk soon. Eric exits the Pub and Sami quickly follows out.

Nicole tells Daniel that she gets that she should help Eric like he helped her but she's doing the best she can in her own way. Daniel wonders if it's not enough. Nicole talks about her old feelings and how she pushed them away. Daniel understands she doesn't have those feelings anymore. Nicole says Eric always shows her what an idiot she was. Daniel reveals that he just asked Eric to come over and he's going to be there in a few minutes. Nicole decides she can't be there. Daniel wants her help but Nicole grabs her things and exits.

Will asks JJ why it's not Daniel's fault that he was at Theresa's when she overdosed. JJ says he's the reason Daniel and Jennifer broke up because he resented him for trying to take Jack's place. JJ says he blamed Jennifer for not loving or missing Jack enough when he was really just mad at himself for not being there. Will says he's sorry. JJ is sorry he took it all out on Daniel and says he was nothing but trouble for he and Jennifer. JJ wishes he could take it all back. Will tells him that he can't blame himself for what happened with Theresa as that is the real reason Daniel and Jennifer will never get back together.

Theresa wishes she could explain to Jennifer what happened that night but suggests asking Daniel since he stayed sober and saved her life. Theresa talks about being grateful to him. Theresa worries that she's making it worse. Jennifer exits to get back to work. Theresa sits with Maggie. Maggie asks what that was all about. Theresa says she was just trying to help Jennifer and make amends. Maggie says she first has to go to an AA meeting. Theresa talks about how hard it is to go alone. Theresa talks about hearing Maggie is the best sponsor. Theresa asks if she's not too busy to take on someone else. Maggie says it's just a little awkward since Daniel is her son and his reputation has been dragged through the mud so she thinks she'd be better off with someone else. Maggie gives Theresa recommendations for other sponsors and mentions a meeting coming up in about ten minutes. Maggie offers to set it up but Theresa says it will still be really hard to go alone. Brady arrives so Maggie calls him over and introduces him to Theresa. Maggie asks Brady to take Theresa to the AA meeting.

Eric goes to see Daniel. Daniel tells him that he missed Nicole. Daniel is glad to hear from him and asks if he changed his mind. Eric says he talked to Father Matt and wants to do whatever it takes to clear his name.

Sami goes to Nicole's office and says she's going to be in her face until she gets a promise from her. Sami says Eric has done a lot for her so she needs to get over herself and do the right thing or else she will regret it.

Jennifer goes home and JJ informs her of his sentencing being postponed. Jennifer encourages that it will all work out. Jennifer mentions running into Theresa. JJ asks what happened. Jennifer says Theresa wanted to make amends but she hasn't had practice with that. JJ asks what she said. Jennifer says it doesn't matter. JJ says he's sorry and hugs her, telling her it will be okay.

Brady tells Maggie that he doesn't have time for a meeting. Maggie thought he might be going himself. Brady says he's swamped at work and just came for caffeine. Theresa says it will be fine. Brady thanks her for understanding and wishes her luck. Maggie asks Brady if he's sure he's alright. Brady says he's good and tells her to stay busy as he then exits. Theresa tells Maggie that she will be okay. Theresa assures her that she will follow through with this.

Daniel tells Eric that he thinks it was Kristen who destroyed Mason's evidence and talks about his research on the drug she used. Daniel thinks there could still be traces in his blood stream. Daniel brings up a new test that wasn't available before. Eric asks if he really thinks he can find the evidence this time. Daniel is confident they will prove Eric is telling the truth.

Nicole asks Sami how she thinks she can help Eric. Sami suggests she drop the story. Nicole says if she doesn't run it then someone else will. Sami says they both know Kristen is at fault so they are on the same side. Sami says they know Eric is innocent and the victim. Nicole asks if she thinks she's going to destroy Eric's reputation. Nicole says she has a chance to rebuild her life and career. Nicole questions how much she's supposed to give up for Eric. Sami responds that she only has a life here because of Eric. Sami calls Eric the best person she knows and then calls Nicole a piece of trash that no one cares about. Nicole mocks the idea of helping her and Eric after being insulted.

EJ runs into Will in the town square. EJ asks if he's seen Sami but he hasn't. Will asks about the field trip. EJ calls it tiring. Will figures it was good for Sami. Will wants Sami to know EJ is there for her. EJ assures that he always is as Sami and the children are the most important thing in the world to him.

Sami admits she was a little nasty and then says Nicole is right that someone else probably will do the story but Nicole can use her power for good and tell the story to make Eric look innocent. Nicole questions lying without evidence. Sami says she's done it before and she knows Eric is innocent. Nicole says Eric knew she was innocent too. Sami and Nicole argue over their past lies. Nicole brings up Sami killing Bernardi and mockingly asks if she's murdered anyone lately.

Maggie goes to see Jennifer and talks about Theresa. Jennifer says she doesn't have to explain and she's glad she wants to help her. They decide they don't want to talk about Theresa. Jennifer asks Maggie if she's still living at the Salem Inn. Maggie says Victor asked her to come home but she has a reason to be furious with him. Jennifer understands and couldn't believe Kristen. Jennifer doesn't want Maggie staying at the Salem Inn and invites her to stay with her instead. Maggie calls it a generous offer. Jennifer asks if she thinks it would be a problem for Daniel which Maggie admits. Jennifer says it won't be as she's thought about this. Jennifer says she's been her aunt long before they knew Daniel. Maggie says Jennifer has always been like a daughter to her. Jennifer says she isn't asking her to choose sides but she's always been there for her. Jennifer says it's a tough time for them both so she thinks it would be nice if they could lean on each other together.

Daniel tells Eric that these tests are more involved and painful. Eric agrees to whatever it takes. Eric is grateful but was just thinking that he should ask someone else to step in and take it from here. Eric says they are friends but whatever happened between Daniel and Theresa. Eric says he's not judging him so Daniel asks what the problem is.

JJ stands in the town square and thinks back to talking to Daniel about if Theresa remembers what happened. JJ turns around and runs into Theresa.

Maggie looks at a photo of Tom and Alice. She tells Jennifer that she has so much of her grandparents in her. Maggie thanks Jennifer for the generous offer but wants time to think about it. Jennifer says she always thought what would Alice do when dealing with JJ. Jennifer talks about JJ really turning his life around. Maggie looks forward to spending more time with him. Jennifer doesn't think Daniel would be upset if she moved in. Jennifer says she would've offered sooner but she figured Daniel would've offered his place. Maggie says that he did but someone else is staying there right now.

Daniel asks Eric if he's saying he doesn't trust him. Eric says that's not what he's saying but he just keeps wondering if helping him is Daniel just trying to redeem himself. Eric says he can't accept Daniel's help if it's for the wrong motive.

Theresa asks JJ for help finding the community center for the AA meeting. She talks about getting her life back together. JJ gives her the directions and she walks on. JJ then stops her.

Sami comes back asking Nicole if she's lost any babies lately. Sami argues about Nicole's past. Nicole yells at her to shut up. Sami says Eric should've let her leave town and everyone would be happier. Nicole tells her to go to Hell. Nicole says she planned on helping Eric but now she can forget it. Nicole tells her to get out and Sami exits.

Brady returns home and looks at the cocaine then says that's not going to do it. Brady pulls out his phone and makes a call, looking for a drug hookup.

Theresa tells JJ that they shouldn't be talking as she just saw Jennifer and worries about her seeing them together. Theresa then stops and starts remembering the night she overdosed.

Jennifer asks Maggie about Daniel's houseguest. Maggie thought she knew. Jennifer asks if it's Theresa. Maggie says no and that it's Nicole.

Daniel finishes a call as Nicole returns while Eric is still there. Nicole is glad Eric is still there because she wanted to tell him that she will never ever make the mistake of helping him again.

Sami comes home to the DiMera Mansion and sits in the living room. EJ walks in and Sami imagines that it's Nick and screams. EJ then questions what the hell is wrong with her.

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