Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/4/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/4/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail goes home with Kayla. Kayla brings up Abigail breaking up with Chad. Kayla says she knows Abigail didn't tell Jennifer the real reason about Chad's brain tumor lie and EJ covering it up.

EJ meets with his contact and is informed about the virus that destroyed Kate's computer and EJ figures it was done by Nick.

Kate tells Jordan that she's Gabi's family so maybe Gabi just didn't want to talk in front of Jordan. Jordan questions Kate.

Rafe asks Gabi what Nick did now. Gabi thinks back to what happened. Rafe asks if Nick hurt her and says if he laid a hand on her, he's a dead man.

Victor finds Maggie at the hospital and says he's been looking all over town for her. Victor says she can't hide behind work and it's time to come home but Maggie says no.

Brady pulls out the drugs but gets a text message from an 800 number with a link to the sex tape. Brady shuts the doors and sits down then pours the cocaine out onto the table as he prepares to use.

Nicole sits with her producer and talks about doing the story on Eric. He's excited and asks what changed her mind about doing it. Nicole thinks back to arguing with Eric. Nicole says the point is she's doing the story but there is one condition.

Daniel finds Eric unconscious and bleeding in the town square.

Gabi tells Rafe that she doesn't want to upset him. Rafe says it will upset him if she keeps things from him. Gabi says it's hard to talk about. Rafe suggests she start from the beginning. Kate tries to get Gabi's attention. T thinks Kate was waving him over and tries to take her order but she sends him away. Gabi tells Rafe that she felt ashamed. Rafe says he loves her and would never judge her so she can tell him anything.

Nicole says she just needs to explain what she's doing and why before she does it. He continues to encourage her about doing the story.

Daniel checks on Eric and he wakes up. Daniel asks what happened. Eric explains that a man got upset when he saw him talking to his daughter. Daniel says it looks like he was attacked. Daniel wants to take him to the hospital but Eric says he's okay. Daniel wants to check for a concussion but Eric doesn't want to deal with anyone at the hospital. Daniel reassures him and walks off with him.

Victor tells Maggie that he won't apologize for what he did. Maggie says he's never sorry for anything.

Brady sits back after using the cocaine and then puts the bag back into his pocket.

Gabi tells Rafe that the reason she isn't going to New York is because she found out that Nick was the one who set everything up with the modeling agency and how Nick got a job in New York to follow her so they could be a family again. Rafe says it's good that she set him straight. Kate tries to interrupt and Jordan gets in her way again. Kate says Jordan is his therapist not his bodyguard. Kate goes past her as Rafe reacts to Gabi talking about everything getting screwed up.

Abigail is surprised to learn that Kayla knew. Kayla tries to stand up for Cameron but Abigail feels he dumped her. Kayla says she can't justify Chad's behavior. Abigail argues that Chad is not a bad guy and mentions how Chad took bullets for EJ. Kayla questions if that's why she isn't telling Jennifer. Abigail says she doesn't want to explain it as it sounds insane. Abigail says Chad is gone and it's over. Abigail asks if Kayla will say anything to Jennifer. Kayla says she won't if she doesn't want her to. Kayla asks if she really thinks it's over this time. Abigail adds that even EJ tried to get her to give Chad another chance but she said hell no.

EJ finishes talking with his contact about taking over Mad World. Theo runs up and hugs EJ. Theo notes that EJ is his only uncle left and asks when Chad and Cameron are going to come back. EJ says he doesn't know and suggests that he visit more often. Abe sends Theo to the back. EJ tells Abe that it would be nice to see Theo more often. Abe asks EJ about the sex tape. EJ jokes about it not being a secret. Abe calls it a terrible secret. EJ says he won't condemn Kristen but says she's the only one who knows what happened that night.

Daniel sneaks Eric into a room at the hospital. Daniel tells Eric that he can't hide from the world forever. Eric talks about what the student's dad thought of him. Eric worries about how upset Father Matt and the Bishop will be about the video. Eric says he's been praying for guidance but doesn't know what to do.

Brady remains at home until Nicole arrives.

Victor tells Maggie that he's not sorry for saving Brady from Kristen. Maggie says Victor doesn't care about Eric or Marlena or anyone else. Victor continues to complain about Kristen. Maggie says she wouldn't have done what Victor did. Victor says he did what he had to do and he's the only one who knew how to get through to Brady and he's better off for it.

Brady tells Nicole that he didn't want to see anyone right now. Nicole says it won't take long. Nicole mentions returning to her TV reporter job and her first assignment. Nicole talks about wanting to cover the story her way. She says she might be furious with Brady but doesn't want him to hurt any more than he already has. Nicole says she's going to make the story all about how evil Kristen is and they'll drag her back to Salem. Brady jokes that he'll give her an exclusive.

Daniel encourages Eric not to give up on finding a way to prove he's telling the truth. Eric says the trail has gone cold and DiMeras know how to disappear. Daniel brings up EJ. Eric says EJ won't help but Kristen would never confess anyways. Daniel insists that there has got to be another way.

Abigail goes to the Pub and runs into Abe. Abe mentions getting an e-mail from Cameron, who wanted to give her his best. Abe adds that he doesn't know what happened between them but knows that Cameron cares about her. Abigail is sure Theo misses him. Theo then runs up and hugs Abigail. EJ approaches as well.

Kate apologizes for interrupting and says she saw Gabi said something that upset Rafe. Rafe tells Kate about Nick trying to manipulate Gabi. Gabi adds that it's not all. Kate steps in and apologizes for not saying anything. Rafe questions Gabi telling Kate and not Rafe. Kate says she just happened to be in the town square when their argument happened. Kate says the important thing is that Nick is gone to New York and they don't have to worry anymore. Rafe asks Gabi if that's why she didn't go to New York. Gabi says yes then no and then tells Kate that she has to tell Rafe everything. Jordan sits at the counter watching as T offers her a refill. Gabi talks about being upset. Kate offers to tell what happened. Kate informs Rafe that Nick and Gabi had sex. Rafe is surprised and asks if he forced himself on her. Kate explains that Gabi was alone and vulnerable and Nick did take advantage. Kate says Gabi feels she led him on but she did nothing wrong and made it clear it was over. Rafe wishes he could get his hands on Nick. Kate tells him to forget about it because Nick is gone and can't ruin anything else.

Maggie tells Victor that maybe she has been deluding herself into thinking that she could change him. Maggie says she's just one in a long string of failures like Caroline and Kate. Maggie wonders why she couldn't believe that Victor was unable to change. Victor argues that it's not true. Victor remains adamant that he won't say he's sorry because he's not. Maggie says it breaks her heart because she is sorry for what he did. Maggie adds that she's sorry she won't be coming home and then walks away.

Nicole thinks Brady is handling things better than she thought. Brady asks about Eric and if that's all. Nicole points out the broken disc on the ground and asks what happened.

Daniel talks to Eric about thinking he was poisoned since day one. Eric says he appreciates him trying but they have no evidence. Daniel is sorry for pushing him to find out what he never wanted to know. Eric says it would come out one way or another. Daniel says everyone deserves the truth and they know Kristen used a drug to wipe out his memory. Eric thinks they will never have proof but Daniel says never say never. Daniel says he will do some investigating. Eric thinks it will just lead to another dead end. Daniel refuses to give up until he has proof to help him.

EJ says goodbye to Theo. Abigail suggests going sledding with Theo when it snows. Abe exits with Theo. Abigail talks to EJ about spending time with Theo. EJ mentions Theo missing his uncle. Abigail responds that she doesn't and walks to the counter.

Jordan asks if everything is alright. Kate tells her it was just a private thing. Rafe asks if Gabi will be okay. Kate says she will take care of her. Gabi says she loves Rafe and Rafe says the same as he hugs her. Rafe then exits with Jordan as Kate questions what Gabi was thinking.

EJ joins Abigail at the counter and says he knows what Chad did was reprehensible and a mistake. He asks if one error should define him. Abigail says it doesn't but it doesn't mean he's the guy for her. Abigail comments that EJ is great with children and Theo loves him but does that mean he's not a bad man. EJ assures her that he definitely is a bad man and then exits.

Jordan brings Rafe to the hospital and says her shift is done. She asks if he needs anything else before she leaves. Rafe says no and that she went above and beyond the call of duty today. Jordan says she will let him get back into his room and she'll see him tomorrow. Jordan walks away. Kayla approaches and says Rafe is who she was looking for as she has some very good news.

Gabi tells Kate that she can't lie to Rafe. Kate tells her that she had no problem lying about Arianna's father for months. Gabi says she did have a problem. Kate says Gabi would either be asking Rafe to commit a crime or send her away if she got him involved. Kate warns Gabi not to say a word. Gabi doesn't know how to live with the secret. Kate tells her that if she doesn't then she will be living without Arianna. Gabi says she can't live without her. Kate tells her to keep her mouth shut and it won't happen. Kate says to call her if she needs to talk. Kate tells her to have a good day and exits.

Eric tells Daniel that he appreciates his help but he wants to focus his energy on moving forward. Eric says he can't control what happened but wants to learn to deal with it. Eric wonders how he can help himself. Daniel encourages that he will get through this. Eric thanks him for everything and then exits.

Nicole asks Brady if someone sent him the video. Brady says it's no big deal. Nicole asks why he's so calm about this. Brady decides they are done. Nicole then exits. Brady pulls the bag of cocaine back out and looks in the trash at the broken disc. Victor then comes in and startles him.

Nicole goes to Daniel's apartment and calls out to him but he's not home. She sits down with the computer and sees that she has 76 messages all linked to the video and deletes them. Nicole declares that she's doing the story her way.

Brady notes Victor is home early and asks if he's okay. Victor says he tried to have a conversation with Maggie but she's stubborn as a mule. Brady says he needs to talk to him about taking time away from Titan. Victor agrees to whatever he needs. Brady thanks him. Victor says this is all about him and his best interests which not everyone understands. Brady says he's more grateful to Victor than he'll ever know. Victor comments on how much it means to hear him say that.

Kate walks through the town square and runs into EJ. Kate jokes about him being her stalker. EJ comments on her difficulties at Mad World and mentions hearing about Nick's computer virus. Kate questions how much he saw when spying on her. EJ says it's what he heard. EJ recalls hearing Kate say she should've never listened to Sami and asks what she was referring to as Kate then gets a call from Sami. Kate declines the call and tells EJ that she meant she should never listen to Sami on anything. Kate walks away.

Gabi sits at the counter at the club. T brings her drinks and says he's sorry for whatever is going on. T offers to talk but Gabi says it's just something she has to work out on her own.

Kate walks out of the town square and gets another call from Sami. Kate answers this time and asks Sami when she is coming back. Kate tells Sami that she needs to find her earring fast.

Abe and Theo are in the park where Theo holds on to Sami's earring.

Daniel returns home where Nicole is. Daniel asks her what's going on. Nicole says she needs to talk to him about Eric. Daniel says he was about to say the same thing.

Eric sits at the Pub with Father Matt. Eric talks about the video getting out so fast. Matt tells him to accept things they can't change and find the courage to change what they can. Father Matt offers to help in any way with Daniel's investigation. Eric thanks him for his support. Matt tells him to take charge as anyone who knows him knows that he's innocent. He encourages Eric to not let Kristen get away with what she's done to him. Eric thanks him and says he wants nothing more than to clear his name for the church's sake. Father Matt says he must.

Victor tells Brady that Maggie is concerned about his sobriety and she thinks Victor may have pushed him over the edge. Brady says he didn't. Victor asks if he's feeling better about things. Brady responds that he feels very good.

Kayla tells Rafe that Jordan said his progress has been remarkable. Rafe says Jordan has been incredible. Kayla informs him that they have found him a temporary apartment for when he is discharged and he'll be able to live independently. Kayla says it will be a couple of weeks still but if Rafe is ready then, the place is vacant and ready for him. Rafe excitedly says he's ready and announces he's getting out and will have his life back.

Jordan brushes her hair in the mirror at home and thinks back to kissing Rafe. Jordan says to herself that she can't do this. She pulls out a box from a drawer and opens it up then she pulls out several fake IDs.

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