Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/3/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/3/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe walks out of his wheelchair to Jordan on the bench and falls next to her. Rafe and Jordan remain close and then they kiss.

Kate prepares to check Nick's flash drive that he gave to her. Kate turns it on and it shows Nick then an image of the grim reaper followed by an explosion, destroying inside Kate's computer as it now reads system failed. Kate shouts about it as EJ looks over from the counter.

Sonny gets ready to go to work and tells Will to get some writing done. Will holds Arianna and they talk about being happy about Gabi not going to New York. Sonny comments that Gabi must be wiped as she's still asleep.

Gabi has nightmares about Nick then wakes up in a panic. Gabi says she can't do this.

Brady goes to Hope's office and finds Eric inside. Eric asks why he's there. Brady tries to leave but Hope arrives and says there's something they both need to know. Brady hopes for a lead on Kristen but Hope says it's something else that's not good.

Nicole talks with her producer and tells him that Eric won't let anyone interview him. He tries to convince her to try again but Nicole says no. He informs Nicole that the Eric and Kristen sex tape has gone viral.

Jordan pulls away from Rafe. He asks if she's okay. Rafe apologizes and says it just kind of happened. Jordan responds that it will never ever happen again.

Kate continues complaining about her computer and wonders why she listened to Sami. EJ approaches and asks if he can help.

Will starts to make breakfast for Gabi but Gabi gets up.

Hope tells Brady and Eric about the sex tape going viral because someone at the church recorded the tape. Hope suggests they call family and friends to let them know because everyone is going to see it.

Nicole's producer watches the sex tape and laughs about it while trying to convince Nicole to watch it. He tells her that she can't protect Eric if she's going to cover the story. Nicole says she can't cover it because she's too close to it. He thinks Nicole is the one that can get Eric to talk. Nicole refuses. He questions her attitude. Nicole quits and walks out.

Hope exits her office leaving Brady and Eric. Eric calls this the worst thing that could happen. Eric says Kristen destroyed their lives and he just wants to find their way back to being brothers. He hopes Kristen doesn't destroy that too.

Sonny goes to work at the club with T. They talk about interviewing people for bartender jobs. T suggests he stay on full time and then they will only have to hire one more. Sonny agrees to see how it goes. Sonny says he's doing it cause they are friends and T hugs him.

Rafe tries to talk to Jordan. He gets that she's upset. Jordan insists that it will never happen again. Jordan says she's his therapist and a professional so friendship is secondary. Rafe doesn't feel that she needs to apologize but Jordan says she knows better. Jordan says feelings aren't important and she should always be professional. She feels that she took advantage. Rafe calls it the best 15 seconds he's had in a long time. Jordan says it's natural for a patient to become attached to the person helping them. Rafe agrees that he's grateful but how he feels has nothing to do with gratitude. Jordan repeats why it can't happen again so Rafe asks what about when she's not his therapist anymore.

Kate tells EJ that everything is fine but EJ senses that she's frustrated. Kate blames a research campaign. EJ tells her not to worry as things could be worse. Kate then exits. EJ makes a call looking to take advantage of whatever disaster took place at Mad World. EJ hangs up and wonders what it has to do with Sami.

Gabi goes through the news on her computer. Will wonders what's going on. Gabi asks if anyone called. Will says Kate did and was just checking in. Will asks Gabi if everything is alright. Gabi says no.

Brady asks if Eric really thinks they can go back to where they were just like that. Eric says what happened was not their fault and Kristen did it to them. Brady says Eric just wants to be optimistic. Eric tells him not to trivialize his beliefs. Eric argues about Brady mocking him. Eric asks if he's just making him his scapegoat for his pain and humiliation.

Kate goes out of the town square and calls Sami saying she's upset and tells her about Nick's flash drive being a killer virus. Kate says if Gabi hadn't killed Nick already, she'd do it herself. Kate mentions that she hadn't talked to Gabi as she was asleep when she checked in. Kate says she's going to have a long talk with Gabi because she has to realize that what happened to Nick needs to remain a secret.

Will hopes Gabi didn't change her mind about New York. Gabi assures him that she's not going. Will knows she gave up a lot for them and they appreciate it. Gabi says she didn't get much sleep is all. Will offers to talk to Sami or Kate to use Gabi as a model in their campaigns. Gabi asks what exactly Kate said when she called. Will tells her it was just asking how they are. Gabi decides she has to go see Rafe. Will thought she already told him about not going to New York. Gabi tells him to drop that as she has other things on her mind. She thinks back to Nick and says she has to go see Rafe as she hurries out.

Brady tells Eric that their lives are never going to be the same and they can't rise up from this. Eric knows Kristen broke Brady's heart and tells him that it happened twice. Brady asks if he's blaming him. Eric says everyone warned Brady but he didn't listen. Brady asks if he's done. Eric says that for him it will never be done. Eric declares that being a priest wasn't just his life or his job but who he is. Eric says people will only see him as filth. Eric adds that Kristen did that to him while Brady could've prevented it. Eric then exits.

Rafe asks Jordan if all bets are off when she's not his therapist anymore. Jordan says she is his therapist. Rafe jokes that he could fire her. Rafe stands up and tells her that he won't be in the wheelchair much longer so when he's out of it, he will call her. Jordan tells him not to project into the future. Rafe takes that as a positive maybe. Rafe gets a call from Gabi. Gabi says she really needs to talk in person and offers to meet at the hospital. Rafe tells her to calm down and says they will fix whatever it is. Rafe says he's leaving the park and they agree to meet at the club. Gabi hangs up and declare she has to tell Rafe what they did.

Nicole walks out of the town square saying that she quit. She sits down on the bench and her phone rings. She checks it and sees 87 messages. She reads the first one which is about the sex tape. Nicole then decides to watch it and holds back tears as Eric then approaches.

Gabi runs into EJ at the town square. She asks where Sami is. EJ informs her that she's with the kids and asks if she needed to talk to her. Gabi says no and mentions going to see Rafe. EJ asks about Rafe. Gabi says everything is good. EJ asks if she's okay as she seemed tense. Gabi says it's just school and so much to do as she rushes off.

Kate visits Will and Arianna. Kate asks Will how he is and how his writing is going. Will jokes about having to write while people keep dropping by. Kate asks about Gabi. Will tells her that she got up and took off. Kate asks if everything is okay. Will doesn't know as Gabi is acting really odd and upset.

Gabi goes to the club and waits for Rafe. T comments to Sonny that Gabi is wound a little tight. Sonny wonders if he left some of his paperwork at home.

Brady goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion. He goes into his jacket and pulls out the drugs he took from the location they thought Kristen was at. Henderson comes in and brings him the mail so Brady quickly puts the drugs away. Brady opens the mail and finds a copy of the sex tape. Brady tells Henderson about it and decides he's going to watch it. Henderson exits as Brady puts the disc into the computer.

Eric sits next to Nicole and assumes what she was watching. Eric tells her that he's sorry for so many things including things he's done and said and most of all that Nicole had to see the tape. Nicole says that what Kristen did to him and their suffering because of her must be unbearable. Eric tells her that he would've alerted her about this if he could've. Eric says he's trying to warn people about the video being out there. Eric asks how she found it. Nicole tells him that it was her producer. Eric says he can't believe she's still reporting the story.

Kate asks Will if Gabi said why she was upset. Will says no and mentions that she snapped at him and said modeling wasn't important to her anymore. Will adds that Gabi was going through the news. Will gets a call from Sonny who asks if he left his checkbook at home. Will says he did. Sonny asks if Will can bring it to him. Will says he can. Sonny mentions Gabi being there which surprises Will. Will hangs up and talks to Kate about why Gabi is meeting Rafe. Will says Gabi said it was really important and that it couldn't wait. Kate offers to take the checkbook to Sonny so that Will can write. Kate takes it and exits.

Jordan brings Rafe to the club. Gabi asks to talk to Rafe alone. Jordan tells them to take their time and walks away. Rafe notes that it sounds serious. Gabi says it is very serious.

EJ goes to visit Will and says he was just in the neighborhood so he wanted to check on Arianna. Will notes that she's asleep but invites him in. EJ brings up Will's writing. Will says he hasn't written a word today yet. EJ apologizes for interrupting but says he wasn't just in the neighborhood as he wanted to talk to him about Sami.

Eric accuses Nicole of exploiting his pain and greatest humiliation to see herself on television. Eric shouts at her and calls her disgusting. Eric says he was feeling sorry for her for having to see the sex tape. Eric questions her decency. Nicole tries to tell him to stop jumping to conclusions. Eric says Nicole doesn't care about his pain and humiliation. Nicole argues that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Nicole says Eric is ready to judge her again. Nicole shouts that she no longer answers to him. Eric tells her to go say whatever she wants about him on TV and then find a way to live with herself. Eric storms off as Hope arrives. Nicole tells Hope that she's fine and she doesn't need to ask.

Brady waits for the sex tape to start but it turns out to be a video of Kristen asking if Brady knows how much she loves him.

EJ tells Will that he thinks something is going on with Sami. Will asks if he's worried that she isn't handling Eric's situation well. EJ isn't sure that's the problem. EJ says Sami is definitely hiding something from him as she was tense and distracted but wouldn't say why. Will bets it's Gabi's modeling. Will explains to EJ what happened with Gabi almost going to New York. EJ doesn't know why Sami wouldn't mention that to him. Will suggests it's because it's all settled and back to normal. EJ says it's not for Sami.

Rafe tells Gabi that she can tell him anything. T brings a coffee and then leaves them to themselves. Kate arrives and gives Sonny the checkbook and says she wanted to give Will some time to write. Sonny asks T to handle things while he goes to take care of things. Kate turns around and is greeted by Jordan.

Hope tells Nicole that the sex tape has gone viral and Eric is desperate to let everyone know. Hope says it's a nightmare and asks Nicole to try and go easy on him since it will only get worse. Hope says Eric is being attacked from all sides and is completely helpless right now. Hope adds that Kristen violated him but he's the one being punished.

Eric walks through the town square leaving a message for Father Matt. A student runs up to him and mentions Eric not being at the school today and she notes that he lost his collar. Eric tells her that he is taking some time off. The girl's father comes and sends her away. He grabs Eric and warns him to never talk to his little girl or anyone in his family again.

Brady continues watching the video of Kristen talking about her love of him. Brady realizes she made the video in the Kiriakis Mansion. Kristen says by the time he sees the video, she will be in a meeting in Peru. Brady realizes she made the video before he surprised her with the honeymoon. Kristen ends the video talking about Brady being her husband and her love as they start their new life together.

EJ mentions running into Gabi and seeming a little tense. Will says she woke up that way. EJ says Gabi spoke to Sami yesterday and wonders if Sami said something to make Gabi that way. Will notes that Sami does know how to push Gabi's buttons. EJ tells him not to worry as it's probably nothing. EJ decides to let Will get back to his writing and exits. EJ wonders aloud what Sami is up to as he walks away.

Kate tells Jordan that she's going to speak to Gabi but Jordan stops her and says Gabi asked to speak to Rafe alone so they should respect that.

Rafe asks Gabi if this is about the modeling. Gabi says that is done and this is something much worse about Nick.

Nicole returns to her producer. He thought she quit but she says she reconsidered and will cover the Father Eric story which makes him happy.

The girl's dad tells Eric that he's a disgrace that doesn't deserve to be a priest and threatens to run Eric out of town. He tells Eric that nobody wants to see him so he should leave town because they don't want his kind of filth. He tells him to go to Hell and shoves him down aggressively, causing Eric to smack his head on the bench and knocking him out.

Brady continues watching Kristen's video where she talks about wanting to be alone with him and starts removing her clothes. Brady then stops it and throws the disc in frustration. Brady pulls out the bag of drugs and reaches inside.

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