Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/2/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/2/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami goes to the river searching for her earring until Nick emerges from the water and grabs her.

Kate sits in her office and thinks back to Nick. She holds the flash drive he gave her and wonders what this is really about.

Jordan brings Rafe to the Pub where he is able to get out of his wheelchair to move into the Pub chair. Abe and Theo arrive. Theo runs up and hugs Rafe. Abe comments that it's great to see Rafe up and walking again. Abe introduces Jordan to Theo. Theo takes Jordan to get hot chocolate. Abe sits with Rafe and they joke about Jordan seeming completely different.

Daniel prepares for his hearing. He looks at the summons paper where Nicole wrote good luck to him. Maxine arrives and hands Daniel a folder.

Jennifer prepares to go to the hearing as well. JJ comments and asks if she's okay with it. Jennifer says she's fine. JJ asks what she thinks will happen to Daniel and if it's something really bad.

Anne approaches Theresa at the hospital and tells her it's a potentially momentous day. Anne says she has the perfect way to blow up Daniel's day and asks if Theresa wants to play.

EJ returns home. Harold tells him breakfast is served but EJ says he has to skip the breakfast for the hearing since he's on the hospital board. Harold asks about Sami but EJ says she left a while ago.

Nick and Sami struggle as Nick says not this time bitch and pulls her into the river with him.

Daniel asks Maxine what the folder is. She tells him it's letters from all of his patients and people who work at the hospital. Maxine says everyone was glad to write a letter on what they thought of him. Daniel comes across one written by Jennifer, who Maxine says sent one in right away.

JJ tells Jennifer that he doesn't get it since Daniel saved Theresa's life. Jennifer questions when he cares what happens to Daniel.

Anne takes Theresa to her office and prepares a statement for her to read. Anne wants Theresa to fake crying as she talks about what happened. Anne encourages Theresa to claim that Daniel wanted to get high with her.

Sami and Nick continuing fighting in the river. Sami tries to get away but Nick pulls her back and says she's not getting away this time. They struggle underwater until Sami suddenly awakes and it was all a nightmare.

JJ tells Jennifer that he doesn't care what happened to Daniel but thinks if he's going to be punished it should be for hurting Jennifer. Jennifer thanks him and mentions writing a letter on Daniel's behalf. She says it's what she had to do. Jennifer tells him goodbye and exits.

Daniel is surprised by what Jennifer said about him. Maxine tells him it's true and from the heart. Daniel says he has to get going and keep a stuffed animal that Parker gave him for luck. Maxine calls him the best dad in the world.

Anne continues coaching Theresa on what to do to make Daniel look bad. Anne encourages her to throw in insults at Jennifer. Theresa tells her that she doesn't actually remember anything. Anne tells her to just read the statement. Theresa is unsure about it all being lies. Anne questions if she has a problem with that.

Kate talks on the phone with a Mr. Ortiz, instructing him to go to New York to pick up Nick's things.

Jordan sits with Theo at the counter and plays with him. Abe and Rafe sit together as Abe comments that Jordan seemed so reserved and not personable. Rafe says she's opened up and says he's progressing thanks to her. Theo comes back and says they are going exploring as he exits with Abe. Jordan rejoins Rafe. Rafe calls Jordan's interaction with Theo amazing and says he's never seen it out of her before. Rafe calls her a natural and asks if she's worked with kids much.

Sami prepares to leave the mansion when EJ walks by and says he thought she left a long time ago. Sami asks why would she. EJ reminds her of driving the kids on a field trip. Sami says she knows the shortcut and doesn't have to be there until later. Sami goes to leave but EJ stops her and asks what she's really up to.

JJ walks through the town square and runs into Rory and Bev. Rory says they've been calling him. JJ says he has to get to class. Bev stops him and asks why he hasn't answered her texts. JJ blames his phone and says he's getting a new one soon. Rory questions him not calling him either. Rory doesn't believe JJ has to get to class. Rory pulls out some weed and offers it to JJ.

Anne tells Theresa that Jennifer is a pain in the ass and how they want to bring her down. Kayla enters and tells Theresa to get to work. Kayla takes Theresa back to the front desk. Jennifer arrives and walks by on the phone then goes to her office. Daniel then passes by talking on the phone and gets onto the elevator.

Rafe asks Jordan again if she's worked with kids much. Jordan says she has. Rafe figures it must be tough to see them struggle. Jordan says it is but they are always upbeat and ready for anything. Rafe likes seeing Jordan enthusiastic. Jordan decides it's time to go out for some fresh air.

Sami tells EJ that nothing is going on, she's just in a rush. EJ asks why. Sami says she has something to do then has to rush back to get the kids. EJ asks what she has to do. Sami asks EJ why all the questions. EJ says he's concerned as she came back last night late and looks disheveled and rushed. EJ thinks she's upset. Sami says she's just rushed. Sami says she was upset last night to come home to find police swarming their house. Sami brings up Eric stopping by to argue with him. EJ questions why she's keeping something from him. Sami says that's what they do and it's their specialty as she then exits.

Abe takes Theo to the river where Theo finds Sami's earring. Abe calls Theo over to go hiking.

Sami goes to the river searching for her earring.

Rory suggests they go to the park and smoke weed but JJ says no as he has to get to class and get good grades. Rory and Bev wonder what happened to JJ. JJ says he's just not interested. Bev asks what's wrong. Rory asks why he doesn't want to hang out with them. They encourage him not to be worried about his dad and they can go have fun. JJ explains that he doesn't want to get high and be a loser.

EJ, Kayla, Jennifer, and Anne meet as the hospital board. EJ doesn't see why they are there. Kayla brings Daniel into the room for the hearing to make his statement.

Maxine returns to the front desk where she sees Theresa nearby and asks what she's doing. Theresa says she was just thinking.

Daniel begins his statement but Anne interrupts and asks why he was at Theresa's apartment. The head of the board warns Anne to not ask questions until after the statement. Daniel says he is not there to discuss why he was there or anything of personal nature. Daniel says this is all about his conduct as his doctor. Daniel explains that he found Theresa unconscious and brought her to the hospital where she was revived and made a full recovery. Daniel adds that he was not under the influence of any drugs. Daniel also shares the 127 letters from staff and patients that he received and says he appreciates everyone who sent one. EJ repeats that he sees no reason for this hearing since Daniel saved a life. Anne texts Theresa. EJ asks for a conclusion but Theresa arrives, saying she has a statement about Daniel.

Sami continues searching the bushes for her earring. Sami gets dirt on her pants. The piece from Nick's backpack with his initials on it lays nearby. Sami decides that she'll just lose the earring. Sami looks into the river and thinks back to Nick drowning. Sami then walks away.

Theresa begins her statement and says it's been a bad year for her with drugs and bad decisions. Theresa says she's very sorry for causing so much trouble but she doesn't remember anything and all she knows is that she woke up and was told that Daniel saved her life so she will always be grateful to him. Theresa says that's all and exits. Anne is upset and stops Dr. Westbrook from making his decision. Anne claims she's investigated this incident and knows Theresa's neighbors heard loud noises from her apartment that night. Jennifer argues that they aren't here to testify. Dr. Westbrook rules that there is no cause for further action against Daniel. He closes the case and finishes the meeting. Anne storms out. Daniel thanks Dr. Westbrook. EJ congratulates Daniel. Daniel was a little surprised that EJ was with him. EJ says he'll never forget what he did for Chad and adds that Anne had no grounds. EJ wishes him luck and exits. Jennifer remains the last one in the room with Daniel.

Rory tells JJ that they are his only friends as everyone else thinks he's a freak after breaking those windows. Bev says they actually cared about him. Rory says if he doesn't want to hang out with them then he can find out it sucks to be all alone. Rory and Bev walk away.

Jordan takes Rafe to the park where Rafe talks about how it's usually snowing by then. Rafe asks her about back home but she doesn't have an answer as she doesn't keep in touch with people. Jordan changes the subject by asking about Gabi. Rafe informs her that Gabi texted him last night and said she turned down the modeling job. Jordan sits on the bench and Rafe decides he's going to try and walk to her. Rafe stands from his wheelchair and begins to walk.

Sami storms out of the town square and finds Kate on the bench. Sami admits she went back to the river and asks what Kate wanted to talk about. Kate thought they should touch base and stay on the same page. Sami thinks they are good. Kate says there is more to it like texting Hope from Nick's phone. Sami suggests she ease off the communication. Kate adds that she arranged to have her things picked up. Kate mentions talking to Will and thinks Gabi is having trouble sleeping. Kate says Gabi is the wildcard in all of this. Sami says Gabi is the reason for all of this mess. Kate asks Sami why she was at the river. Sami says she lost something.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he doesn't think Anne was very happy. Jennifer jokes that her day is complete then. Daniel compliments her on the way she shut Anne down and mentions how he appreciated her support. Daniel brings up her letter and says it was so kind and warm. Jennifer says she knew she had to write the letter and every word in it is true. Jennifer calls him a great doctor.

Sami tells Kate about losing her earring. Kate reveals that those earrings look to have cost $30,000 each. Sami hopes to find it while Kate hopes it's their only problem. Kate says they need to go talk to Gabi but Sami has to take the kids on a field trip so she tells Kate to talk to Gabi. Sami asks Kate about Nick's flash drive. Kate says she hasn't had a chance to check it yet. Kate tells Sami not to worry about any more problems as she walks away.

Rafe walks and makes it to Jordan where he falls next to her and they get close.

Sami walks through the town square and runs into Theo and Abe. Sami mentions being in a hurry and rushes off.

Anne confronts Theresa and calls her a backstabber. Theresa says she couldn't lie as she could have gotten in trouble. Anne says she told her she wouldn't be caught. Anne questions Theresa getting a conscience. Theresa says maybe it's about time she realizes who her real friends are and walks away.

Kayla runs into JJ at the town square. JJ asks about the hearing. Kayla tells him that it's over. JJ hopes it wasn't too hard on Jennifer. Kayla tells him not to worry as Jennifer's fine and so is Daniel. Kayla hopes it's a new beginning for them and says they deserve better. Kayla says if they decide to be friends again, she hopes JJ figures out that he doesn't have a say in it. Kayla then walks away.

Daniel thanks Jennifer and says it was very nice of her to say. Jennifer says it's true and all the letters attest to him being a talented and gifted doctor. Jennifer then adds that it's too bad he's such a poor excuse for a human being and exits the room.

Rafe and Jordan remain close and then they kiss.

EJ goes to the Pub where Kate finishes a phone call and prepares to check Nick's flash drive that he gave to her. Kate turns it on and it shows Nick then an image of the grim reaper followed by an explosion, destroying inside Kate's computer as it now reads system failed. Kate shouts about it as EJ looks over from the counter.

Sami goes home and calls for the kids to get going as she worries about the earring.

Theo sits in the town square with Sami's earring.

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