Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/27/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/27/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate says it's their turn now and they struggle pulling up Nick's body. Gabi starts saying they can't do this and it's not right as she worries about Maggie and his family. Sami reminds Gabi that she will go to prison for what she did and they will too for helping her move the body. Sami tells her that Nick didn't care about Gabi, Arianna, or Maggie. Sami tells Gabi to concentrate on Arianna as she needs her to be tough. Sami tells Gabi that she can cry tomorrow. Gabi agrees that Sami is right. Sami tells Gabi to suck it up and help them put Nick's body in the river. Gabi agrees and the three of them push Nick over the edge when he suddenly revives and grabs onto them calling for help as they all scream.

Brady gets a call from someone who says if he's looking for Kristen, he knows where he can find her. Brady asks who it is. He tells Brady that Kristen is not 1000 miles away but right under his nose.

Eric questions this being just a setup. Nicole says no. Eric says he thought she actually wanted to talk but she just wanted a story. Nicole says it could be good for both of them but Eric thinks he's nothing but a story to her now. Nicole asks what he expected. Eric says he knows he did her an injustice but it doesn't give her the right to use what he's going through to jumpstart her TV career. Nicole argues that there's something in it for both of them.

Hope goes to the DiMera Mansion and asks EJ where Sami is. EJ wants to know that as well.

Nick continues hanging on but loses his grip and falls into the river. Gabi cries that he was alive but Sami declares not anymore.

Brady says not to play games with him. He tells him it's no game and asks if he wants Kristen or not. Brady questions Kristen staying in Salem. The man asks where's the safest place to hide. Brady thinks he wants reward money. He tells Brady that he saw Kristen and he can too if he does what he wants. Brady questions how much he wants. The man tells Brady that the woman he saw kept saying Brady over and over. Brady asks where to meet.

Nicole questions Eric not wanting to tell his side of the story. Eric says he's been instructed by the bishop not to talk to the press to protect him. Eric accuses Nicole of wanting to hang him out to dry.

EJ tells Hope that he has no idea where Sami is but he will let her know that she's looking for her. Hope says she just wanted to know where and hands EJ a search warrant as two cops then enter.

Will joins Sonny in the living room after getting Arianna back to sleep. Will asks Sonny where he went before. Sonny says he was just trying to process everything. Will says he knows he's asking a lot by asking him to move to New York. Sonny agrees that his whole life is here. Will says Arianna has to be in his life and apologizes for saying he was making him choose. Will asks Sonny what made him come back. Sonny says he ran into Sami and it went well as he told her what happened. Sonny says that Sami told him no matter how crazy things get, he should never forget how much Will loves him. Will agrees and kisses Sonny. Will realizes that means Sami knows he's thinking about moving to New York and wonders why she's not there then. Sonny feels Sami seemed to have something more important to do. Will hopes she's not doing something crazy again.

Gabi worries that they have to do something as Nick is drowning. Kate tells her that she would drown too. Kate tells Gabi that Nick is gone. Gabi yells at Sami for telling her that he had no pulse and was dead. Sami says she's not a doctor but they all thought he was dead. Gabi cries that they killed him and it's murder.

Nicole questions Eric not wanting people to know that he was drugged. Eric shouts no so Nicole says fine. Eric says Nicole made it clear that she hates his guts so he knows she has no interest in doing anything good for him anymore. Nicole reminds him of accusing her of something she would never do. Eric understands if she can't forgive him but she can't say she has something good for him when he's nothing but a story to her. Eric calls it so beneath her and storms out.

Brady goes outside the town square and his phone rings with a call from Victor but he ignores it. Brady waits around for the guy to show up. He's being watched from a distance.

Hope tells the cops to start in Kristen's room then spread out and to not let EJ interfere in any way. EJ stops Hope and asks if she's not going to lecture him. Hope says there's no need as she can sum it up in one sentence, Kristen reminds her of him. Hope then exits.

Lucas goes to Will and Sonny with a six month birthday present for Arianna. Lucas admits he just wanted to see her. Will says he just put her down but she starts to cry so Sonny goes to get her. Lucas asks if everything is okay. Will informs Lucas that Gabi got a modeling contract. Lucas says that's great but Will says nothing is that simple anymore.

Gabi looks over into the river as Kate and Sami stand nearby. Gabi thinks they have to do something but Kate says they can't as Nick is gone and it's over. Kate reminds Gabi that Nick tried to con her and he attacked her so he brought this on himself. Kate says they need to figure out how to handle it. Sami suggests getting rid of Nick's backpack first. Sami tells Gabi that she will feel better if she's doing something and they start gathering rocks to fill Nick's backpack. They then pick up the bag and launch it into the river. A piece with Nick's initials on it lays near the top of the water. They stand over looking into the river. Kate tells Gabi that it's time to go back to their lives and find a way to put all of this behind them. Gabi asks how they do that. Kate says they either do it or they might as well be at the bottom of the river with Nick. Kate says they have to be practical as they have too many people to live for. Sami agrees that they have to find a way to forget. Gabi asks if they are kidding and declares that she will never forget this.

Lucas questions Gabi moving to New York and says she can't. Will says they don't have a custody agreement. Lucas asks what Will is going to do. Will says he doesn't have a choice and will have to move to New York too. Lucas questions it. Lucas says he can try to sell Sami on the idea. Lucas asks where Sonny fits in to this. Sonny returns to the room with Arianna and says it's funny he asks because he was playing with Arianna and it made him think that he can't lose her or Will. Sonny states that he can make a new club in New York.

Brady continues waiting around until the man approaches. He says he wanted to make sure Brady came alone since there's a risk involved with DiMeras. He says he will take Brady's money and disappear after they talk. He says this is where she is and he better hurry. Brady asks for a description. He says she has long blonde hair and looks like hell as all she does is mumble his name. Hope appears near the gate and watches as Brady exchanges money with the man.

Eric goes to the DiMera Mansion where EJ tells him that he has no idea where Kristen is.

Gabi worries about the look in Nick's eyes when he woke up. Kate calls it a shock but says they have to get through it. Kate and Sami tell Gabi to think of Arianna. Sami says they have children to worry about and she refuses to go to prison because Gabi wouldn't see Nick for who he was. Gabi mentions being together. Sami tells her they know that they slept together again. Kate tells Gabi that she didn't deserve what happened as Nick lied to her and tried to separate Arianna from Will and Sonny to control her. Sami tells Gabi that Nick tried to rape her and she feels he got what he deserved. Sami calls it justice and suggests they go now. Gabi remains staring into the river until they pull her away leaving the brick from Nick's bag with his initials on it in the water.

Victor has a drink at the club and is joined by Nicole. Nicole says her running Kristen off the road is nothing compared to what Victor did. Nicole toasts to the fact that Victor hasn't lost his touch at being a real bastard.

Brady says this better work out. The man tells him to hurry because there's no telling how long Kristen's going to be there. Brady wonders what that means as the man walks away. Hope approaches and questions what's going on. Brady claims it's nothing but Hope demands the truth. Brady admits he got a lead on Kristen so he has to check it out. Brady shows Hope the address which she calls as far as the other side of the tracks as one can get in Salem. Hope calls it the perfect place to hide and decides Brady's not going alone so she calls for backup.

Eric says he'll leave since Sami isn't there. EJ says he will let her know. Eric mentions that they've stayed in touch and wonders why Sami hasn't been talking about EJ. Eric questions if EJ knew about the video as he enters the mansion.

Kate, Sami, and Gabi return to outside of the town square. Gabi continues worrying about murdering somebody while Kate and Sami try to calm her down. Kate tells Gabi that a lot of people witnessed their argument in the town square and how she said she wanted him out of her life. Gabi talks about how she was supposed to be having her future in New York but now Nick is dead. Gabi wants to go home but Sami isn't sure that's the best idea.

Will and Sonny get Arianna back to sleep. Lucas hugs Will goodbye and says to call if he needs anything at all as he exits. Will tells Sonny it is getting late. Sonny wonders what's taking Gabi so long.

Kate suggests Gabi go home with her tonight and she'll let Will know then she can tell him that she changed her mind tomorrow. Gabi wants to go home and hold Arianna. Sami thinks it's a great idea and sends Gabi on her way home. Sami adds to call if they need backup. Kate questions Sami sending her home where Sonny and Will are going to question her. Sami and Kate talk about having Nick's cell phone. Kate says they need to make it seem like he's alive and well in New York. Kate insists on making everything seem normal.

Victor tells Nicole that he's not in the mood for her to start something. Nicole claims to be his biggest fan. Nicole thanks Victor for what he did since now Brady is free and Kristen is toast. Victor is glad that someone sees the end justified the means. Nicole adds that it also got through to Eric that she spoke the truth since he thought it was her. Victor asks if he really was drugged. Nicole tells him about being the one to find Eric out of it in the hotel. Victor thought the video showed him to be a hypocrite. Nicole says he doesn't know Eric very well. Victor states that now his life is in shambles.

Eric questions if EJ knew about the video and was protecting her. EJ pleads the fifth. Eric says Maggie left Victor, he might not be a priest anymore and Kristen ruined her own life. Eric adds that EJ could've stopped it all but didn't and asks how he sleeps at night.

Brady and Hope go to the address. Hope wants to wait for a search warrant but Brady says he's not a cop and kicks the door in. Two people run out and they then spot a blonde sitting in the corner with her back turned.

Sami tells Kate about talking to Hope and thinks the family wouldn't be surprised if Nick just disappeared. Kate says maybe everything will be alright. Sami stops Kate and asks why she's doing this. Kate says it's because Gabi is the mother of Will's baby. Sami agrees that it's for Will and they shake hands. Kate says goodnight and walks away.

EJ tells Eric that he sleeps very well. Eric says maybe now but he's not sure about the future. EJ asks if that's a threat. Eric says he knows what makes him tick. Eric says EJ's whole world revolves around Sami now and he got what he deserved. EJ says if you want something, you work for it rather than anyone deserving anything. EJ talks about where Eric has ended up and calls it a travesty and not what he deserves. Eric says it's not about him but about EJ and Sami which he knows won't last because it never does. EJ assures him that they are very deeply in love and will be just fine. Eric says he can delude himself but he knows that he will lose her again. Eric declares that EJ will lose because of the man he is. EJ tells him to leave so he does.

Brady approaches the blonde in the room and turns her around but it's not Kristen.

Sami comes home and asks EJ why police are there as they exit. EJ tells her to come in and he will explain so they go into the living room. EJ explains that they were looking for Kristen but did not find anything. EJ asks Sami where she's been and what happened. Sami says she was just out and asks about the kids. EJ says they are in bed. EJ informs her that Eric was there in regular clothes. Sami asks what he wanted. EJ says he wanted to see her but took out his frustrations on him. Sami asks if they got into it. EJ thinks it was therapeutic for Eric to direct his anger onto him. Sami says she will call him and go see him tomorrow but EJ reminds her of taking the kids to the museum tomorrow. EJ heads upstairs as Sami takes a drink. Sami looks in the mirror and realizes that she lost one of her earrings.

Gabi returns home. Will comments that she doesn't look so good. Gabi admits that she's not. Will asks what happened. Gabi says she has something to tell them both.

The woman says he came and claims she's Kristen as Hope gets her out of the room. Brady says in frustration that he thought she'd be here as he sees drugs on the floor.

Nicole talks to Victor about Eric believing in her but turning against her. Nicole declares that she hates Eric. She finishes her drink and tells Victor to drink up as she exits.

Eric goes to the Pub and says he knows God is testing him but he will find his way as he has to.

Kate walks through the town square and gets a text on Nick's phone from Hope asking if everything is okay. Kate texts back that everything is good and he just got to Manhattan with so much to do. Kate continues walking and Hope responds glad to hear and good luck.

Sami worries about losing her earring and tries to remember when she lost it. She thinks back to the river and repeats that it can't be there.

Sami's earring lays near the edge of the river.

Will sits with Gabi as Sonny brings her water. Will asks what happened and what's wrong. Gabi thinks back to Nick drowning. Gabi says she thought she could go through with it but she can't. Will asks what she's talking about. Gabi announces she's not going to New York. Will and Sonny cheer as Will excitedly hugs Gabi and thanks her.

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