Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/26/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/26/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nick continues forcing himself on Gabi and saying he will make her understand why he did what he did. Gabi says no and tries to stop him as she screams. Gabi grabs a nearby rock and bashes Nick in the head, knocking him unconscious. Gabi gets to her feet holding the now bloody rock looking frightened. Kate appears and asks Gabi what she's done.

Victor answers the door at home expecting Maggie but instead gets Caroline calling him a son of a bitch and asking how could he.

Nicole drinks champagne with her producer at the club. She asks why they are meeting today. He says it couldn't wait as it's about her priest.

Eric takes photos of the Thanksgiving flower decorations in the town square. Marlena approaches and says she hasn't seen him take pictures in a long time. Eric says he can't talk right now and tries to leave but Marlena says she has news about Kristen.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion and pins EJ against the wall, demanding to know where Kristen is.

Gabi cries as she tries to explain to Kate what Nick was doing. Kate tells her it will be alright. Sami arrives and finds Kate with Gabi then sees Nick on the ground.

Nicole calls it a buzzkill. He tells her that she has a huge story on her platter with Eric's huge secret. He thinks the video can still go public but Nicole doesn't want it to. He asks Nicole about her and Eric being friends. Nicole doesn't feel it's a simple question.

Marlena tells Eric that she spoke to Roman who is calling in for warrants on Kristen. Marlena tells Eric that Roman is fighting but it's a challenging situation. Eric knows there's no evidence to back him up. She assures him that Roman and Hope are talking to everyone to confirm his story. She adds that Roman wants to search the DiMera Mansion but Eric thinks EJ could have destroyed anything that will implicate Kristen.

Brady continues to demand to know where Kristen is as EJ accuses him of assault. Brady threatens to end EJ right now if he doesn't tell him.

Sami has a sick feeling of déja vu as does Kate. Gabi cries that she didn't want to hurt him, she just wanted to stop him. Sami checks his pulse and reveals that Gabi killed Nick. Gabi worries about what she's going to do. Sami suggests she will be doing 20 to life. Gabi says Nick attacked her but Sami doesn't believe her. Kate argues that Sami doesn't know what's going on so she can't call the cops. Sami tries to go to town to call but Kate stops her and says she's not going anywhere.

Brady lets go of EJ. EJ tells him there's nothing he'd like more than to knock some sense into him and watch him get carted away by the police. EJ tells him to take his best shot. Brady shouts at him about knowing what Kristen did. EJ laughs and says he didn't know for months but continues to believe it was two consenting adults. EJ says only Eric knows. Brady accuses EJ of lying. EJ doesn't want a lecture. Brady calls Kristen a psychopath. Brady says Kristen gets away with everything but this time she's going down.

Marlena tries to tell Eric what Sami told her but Eric says he's talked to Sami so she doesn't have to tell him. Marlena assumes he doesn't need her then. Eric says he just wants to be alone and take pictures as he doesn't trust himself and he may have to get back into that line of work and he can't hurt anyone doing that. Marlena feels hurt by him not talking to her. Eric tells her that he's just trying to keep it together. Marlena insists that Roman will make clear what Kristen did and Eric will remain a priest. Eric says it will still be a long time before he got reinstated. Eric adds that things will never be like they were before.

Victor offers Caroline a drink. Caroline tells him to look her in the eye. Caroline praises Eric and says Victor killed his joy on purpose. Caroline asks what makes Victor think it's okay to destroy someone she loves.

Nicole says her relationship with Eric was not personal as they only worked together and that's all. He questions her and talks up her new job. He tries to convince her to run the story on Eric to launch her comeback to TV. Nicole declares that nothing will make her do a hatchet job on Eric.

Kate argues that Sami doesn't know what she's doing. Sami says Will could bring Arianna to visit Gabi in prison instead of New York. Kate explains to Sami that she found Gabi and Nick arguing in the town square and there were witnesses that won't believe it was self defense. Sami doesn't believe Gabi. Kate argues that it was self defense but Sami wants Gabi to pay for something for once. Kate says Gabi turned down New York but Sami refuses to believe her. Kate tries to explain that Sami and Rafe got through to Gabi and Nick attacked her because she didn't want to go to New York with him. Gabi continues crying and cries over Nick's body.

Nicole's boss continues trying to convince her and says he doesn't want her to trash Eric. Nicole thinks he's just working her. He wants her to get an exclusive with Eric and how his side of the story could do good for him.

Victor tells Caroline that Kristen had to be stopped and Eric was collateral damage. Caroline wants to slap him. Victor says to think of what she's done for her family. Victor calls it a one night stand. Caroline says it wasn't. Victor says he didn't know and the video came at the last minute. Caroline insists that Kristen drugged Eric. Victor says there's no proof. Caroline states that Eric doesn't lie. Caroline says there's no excuse for what Victor has done.

EJ tells Brady that if he had any evidence on Kristen or knowledge of where she was, he'd be tempted to share it with him to spare himself. EJ says he doesn't and if he did then he would be with Kristen to comfort her. Brady says lying bitches don't need comfort. EJ says he cares about her. Brady thinks EJ only cares about himself. EJ says he wants to be with Sami and she wouldn't be with him if he knew where Kristen was and withheld it. Brady thinks EJ has been lying to Sami since he laid eyes on her. Brady says he knows there's more and when he finds out the truth, EJ will answer to him.

Sami tells Kate that of course Gabi will say it's self defense. Kate says things aren't always how they seem and compares it to Sami killing Bernardi. Kate tells Sami that she heard Gabi say she changed her mind about New York. Kate reveals to Sami that Gabi had no idea that Nick set up the whole modeling thing. Kate says Nick did not like being humiliated in public. Sami says Gabi then immediately murdered him. Gabi cries that he had his hands on her. Kate asks Sami if she's going to let Arianna's mother go to prison for that as Sami looks down at Nick's body. Sami thinks back to her many arguments with Nick over Will and Arianna. Sami declares that the son of a bitch finally got what he deserved. Sami then turns to Kate and Gabi and asks what the plan is. Kate tells Gabi that everything will be okay. Gabi worries about killing someone. Kate tells her that she just protected herself and needs to pull herself together as they have a lot to do. Sami wonders what to do. Kate suggests the river. Kate instructs Gabi to put the rock in Nick's bag while Sami and Kate begin dragging Nick's body to the river.

Nicole considers the offer to give Eric a chance to tell his side of the story. She agrees to think about it. Her boss tells her that she could be Eric's only hope. Nicole admits it would be good for her career as they toast their champagne.

Marlena tells Eric not to run away because so many people love him. Eric just wants to be alone as he's struggling to understand why God let this happen to him. He wonders what God's will was in this and worries that he won't find it. Marlena thinks he will be fine. Eric says his life was being a priest and he doesn't know what he will do if it's taken away from him. Marlena argues that he did nothing wrong. Eric says he needs to examine his own conscience. Marlena thinks he seems so lost. Eric declares he can't talk about this anymore and walks off.

Brady says he should've known better than to come there for answers. EJ wonders when he's ever known better. Brady hopes Sami sees EJ for what he really is. Brady calls him a jerk and goes to leave but EJ stops him and says there is one thing he can share with him. EJ hopes he understands Kristen's motives and methods. Brady doesn't want to hear more excuses about what Kristen did to Eric. EJ says this has nothing to do with Eric but with Brady and how Kristen felt about him.

Sami and Kate continue dragging Nick's body. Gabi follows them and worries that she heard something. They hide Nick's body and prepare for whoever is coming. An older man approaches and says it's not every day to find three lovely ladies in the woods and asks what they are doing. Sami says they could ask him the same thing. Kate suggests maybe he's up to no good as Sami jokes about the same. He tells them that he's sure there's no danger. He talks about looking for owls. He decides it's too dark and offers to escort them back to the town square. He says he won't take no for an answer and offers to take the bag from Gabi as he escorts them.

Victor tells Caroline that he couldn't let Brady marry Kristen. Caroline complains that Eric is facing the consequences because of what Victor did. Victor knows he lost something he really treasured with Caroline and worries that he may have lost it forever. Caroline says that may be true and she can't see how Maggie can bear to live with him. She then asks if Maggie has left him. Victor doesn't respond so Caroline says maybe something good has come out of all of this.

Brady tells EJ that he won't stand and listen to any more of him. Brady stops before leaving and asks EJ what it is. EJ tells him that he knows what he's going to say. EJ says Kristen loved Brady more than her own family and she chose him over revenge against John and Marlena which was the core of her being. Brady tells EJ that Kristen drugged and raped his brother and didn't do that out of love for him. EJ shouts that Kristen loved Brady more than he loved her and if he trusted and believed her after the first aborted wedding then he's sure this never would've happened. EJ tells Brady to think about that and get out so Brady exits.

Eric goes to the Pub where Nicole stops him outside. He asks what she's doing there. Nicole says she came to see him.

Sami tells the man that they are staying out in the dark to see a nocturnal animal she made up. He agrees to go then and says goodbye. Kate and Sami argue over their cover story. Gabi stops them. Kate apologizes and says they just do that cause they don't like each other. Sami adds that they do like Gabi and her baby. They go back around the bush and find that Nick's body is gone. Sami figures Nick wasn't as dead as she thought until Kate realizes that they went to the wrong bush. Kate goes and finds Nick's body is still there which makes Sami happy. Gabi is unsure about being happy that Nick is dead. Sami convinces her and rejoins Kate to dragging Nick's body through the woods as Gabi follows.

Brady returns home and finds Victor sitting in the living room. Brady tells him that he tried to get EJ to tell him where Kristen is but got a bunch of lies. Victor knew that'd be a waste of time. Victor says it's been a fun night for everyone then and exits the room. Brady sits down in frustration and looks at a drink on the table.

Eric and Nicole sit together at the Pub. Eric says he's so happy to see her. Nicole wants to talk. Eric says anything. Nicole thinks he should get a chance to tell his side of the story. Eric thinks it's straightforward and he's sorry. Nicole says she doesn't mean them but what happened and all the trouble he's in. Eric doesn't understand. Nicole pulls out her recording device and suggests Eric start from the beginning with what happened between he and Kristen.

Gabi worries about someone finding the body but Kate tells her that the current is strong and dangerous. Gabi continues to worry about what she's done. Kate tries to explain that Gabi defended himself against someone sick and dangerous. Kate tells her to get herself together because they are almost done. Sami and Kate check Nick's pockets which Gabi questions but they say they are checking their bases. Gabi turns away. Kate finds Nick's cell phone and tells Sami to trust her. Sami says she doesn't have a choice. Kate says for them to get this done. Kate and Sami drag Nick to the river while Gabi covers their tracks.

Eric questions this being just a setup. Nicole says no. Eric says he thought she actually wanted to talk but she just wanted a story. Nicole says it could be good for both of them but Eric thinks he's nothing but a story to her now. Nicole asks what he expected.

Brady gets a call from someone who says if he's looking for Kristen, he knows where he can find her.

EJ sits at home and looks at a photo of Kristen, saying it's another mess she got him into but she's family.

Sami and Kate get Nick's body to the river. Kate orders Gabi to throw the bloody rock into the river so she does. Kate says it's their turn now and they struggle pulling up Nick's body. Gabi starts saying they can't do this and it's not right as she worries about Maggie and his family. Sami reminds Gabi that she will go to prison for what she did and they will too for helping her move the body. Sami tells her that Nick didn't care about Gabi, Arianna, or Maggie. Sami tells Gabi to concentrate on Arianna as she needs her to be tough. Sami tells Gabi that she can cry tomorrow. Gabi agrees that Sami is right. Sami tells Gabi to suck it up and help them put Nick's body in the river. Gabi agrees and the three of them push Nick over the edge when he suddenly revives and grabs onto them calling for help as they all scream.

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