Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/25/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/25/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't want or need his concerns and she'll be just fine. She asks if he's trying to save her from his embarrassing actions. Jennifer says she won't be agonizing over he and Theresa. Jennifer tells Daniel that he means nothing to her so there will be no problem. Jennifer walks away. Theresa approaches Daniel and says she wants to talk about the night she overdosed. Daniel wonders if she remembered something.

JJ sits at home with his computer and thinks back to Theresa's overdose until Abigail comes in. They talk about decorating for Thanksgiving and surprising Jennifer.

Will tells Sonny that he can move to New York and get a job easy. Sonny reminds Will that he owns his own club and has spent so much time and energy here that he can't believe Will would even suggest it. Will warns Sonny not to make him choose between him or Arianna. Sonny reminds him that he got the apartment so they could all live together. Sonny questions how Will could say that to him.

Kate reveals to Sami that Gabi won't be going to New York alone as Nick is going with her which shocks Sami. Sami can't believe Gabi lied to her and declares that she won't let Nick get away with this. Sami suggests Kate tell Rafe but Kate doesn't want to since he's in the hospital and can't do with more stress. Sami thinks he'll be stressed out when Gabi moves to New York with Nick. Kate says Gabi won't go because they will come up with a plan to keep Arianna in Salem and stop Nick.

Gabi suddenly informs Nick that she changed her mind and is not going to New York. Nick is shocked and says he didn't understand since she was so excited. Gabi says she thought about it and decided that it's the best thing for her and Arianna to stay in Salem. Nick tells her that she can't do that.

Theresa tells Daniel that she still doesn't remember anything about that night and doubts she ever will. She brings up her parents coming to town and talking things out so she can stay in Salem if she doesn't screw up. Theresa wants to make amends with everyone at the hospital starting with Daniel. Theresa brings up going to AA and asks if Maggie can hook her up with a program. Jennifer walks by angrily. Theresa says she didn't know Jennifer was there and hopes she didn't upset her.

Kate tells Sami about paying Nick for more projects so he has the means but she never would have if she knew what he had planned. Sami says she understands. Sami tells Kate that this is Nick's fault. Sami decides she's going to give Nick a piece of her mind. Kate says she will go after Gabi. They tell each other to give them hell as they walk off in opposite directions.

Gabi asks Nick what he means. Nick says he knows how excited she was and hates to see her lose this opportunity. Nick asks why she would say no. Gabi says she talked to Rafe and Sami. Nick calls Sami selfish and not caring about Gabi's dreams. Gabi notes Sami being Arianna's grandmother. Gabi says Sami just wants what's best for Arianna. Gabi adds that she hates the idea of taking Arianna from Will. Gabi mentions Sami's job offer but Nick says it's not okay. Nick reveals that she has to take the job and move to New York because he's worked way too hard to make it happen to have it all blow up now which confuses Gabi.

Hope brings Ciara and Allie to the Horton house for the Thanksgiving party with JJ and Abigail. Hope leaves the kids with them as she has to work. Abigail and JJ discuss past Thanksgivings. JJ is grateful for the chance to do this again. Abigail says she is too. Ciara and Allie talk about their pilgrim outfits. Ciara doesn't want to wear her hat leading to JJ and Abigail joking around with the hats.

Daniel agrees to ask Maggie for Theresa. Theresa wants Maggie's number so she can do it directly. Daniel gives it to her as Anne approaches, questioning what Daniel is doing and if he's working on a cover up before the hearing.

Will assures Sonny that he knows all the sacrifices he made. Sonny talks about how long he waited for Will. Sonny knows what it's like to feel like you have to choose. Sonny reminds Will that he chose him. Sonny talks about Will lying about getting Gabi pregnant and how he helped him cover up evidence in two criminal investigations. Will insists that he doesn't take him for granted. Will asks if Sonny can't see that he's forcing him to choose because he will not live away from his daughter.

Gabi asks what Nick worked hard for and what he did. Kate listens in from nearby. Nick admits that he arranged the offer she got. Nick adds that he sent her story to all the big agencies. Gabi shouts that she did not give him permission. Nick thought she needed a push. Nick tells her that he got a job in New York and is leaving today. Nick tells Gabi that she has to move so they can be together like they always wanted. Gabi asks what the hell is wrong with him.

Jennifer comes home and finds JJ and Abigail dressed as pilgrims with Ciara and Allie. They inform Jennifer that the Thanksgiving Party is happening at the club and they are all going. Jennifer asks if it was Abigail's idea but she says it was all JJ. Jennifer thanks him for the great idea. Abigail comments that JJ made Jennifer really happy. She praises him for doing all of this and says she doesn't know what happened but she feels like she has her brother back and she hopes it stays that way. JJ assures it will. JJ says hanging out with his so called friends made him realize that he was wrong about everything.

Theresa tries to explain to Anne but Anne cuts her off and sends her to go do filing work. Anne tells Daniel that Theresa will never be whole again after what happened. Daniel walks away as Anne comments that she's not the one going anywhere.

Sonny sits with Will and tells him that he knows how much he loves Arianna because he does too. Sonny talks about helping bring Arianna in to the world and how many of her first moments he's been apart of. Sonny feels like he's her dad too. Will says that he is. Will says neither of them can be a dad to her if Gabi takes her to New York while they are in Salem. Will says he can't do once a month and can't put her through that. Will adds that he doesn't want to stand in the way of Gabi's dream job. Sonny questions giving up his. Will thinks Sonny can succeed anywhere. Will says he understands and suggests that they can find a way to still make this work. Sonny says maybe. Arianna starts to cry so Will goes to check on her. Sonny gets up and exits the apartment.

Sami goes to Hope's office and says she wanted to talk to her about where Nick is. Hope says she talked to him earlier but asks why and if everything is okay. Sami says it's important and she hoped to catch him before he moved to New York. Hope says she's probably too late and asks if it's something important.

Gabi accuses Nick of playing God with her life behind her back. Nick says he was trying to help her but Gabi didn't want it. Nick says he was doing this for her and Arianna. Gabi thinks everything was a lie. Nick assures that he loved her. Gabi is relieved that he's going to New York so she won't have to pretend to be friends with him anymore. Gabi yells at him that she's through and never wants to see him again. She wants him out of her life for good. Gabi storms off and Nick chases after her. Kate walks up and says good girl Gabi. Kate's phone rings and she says to make it quick.

JJ, Abigail, and Jennifer go to the club for the Thanksgiving Party. JJ and Jennifer talk with Jennifer saying she's glad they came. Jennifer then looks over as Daniel arrives with Parker.

Gabi walks through the park and tries making a call about the offer but loses her connection. Nick then rushes up and grabs her phone.

Kate finishes her call and texts Sami to meet her in the park.

Sami gets the text as Hope returns to her in her office. Hope asks if everything is okay or if Nick did something. Sami says she just really needed to talk to him as it's important. Hope says she knows Nick caused a lot of trouble for people like Will but he's still her cousin. Sami knows he's been through a lot. Hope believes moving to New York will be good for Nick. Sami's phone rings and she says she has to get going. Sami hugs Hope goodbye. Hope asks if everything is alright. Sami responds that it will be as she exits. Hope then goes to her phone and texts Nick asking if he's still there.

Gabi wants her phone back so she can turn the offer down but Nick says she can't do that. Nick explains that he didn't want to get her hopes up. Gabi talks about all the times they talked about it and he never mentioned that he arranged it. Nick says he wanted to surprise her. Gabi asks what he did to get her hired. Nick says he only helped them see what she has to offer. Gabi says all he's done is lie to her. Nick insists that he loves her but Gabi says she doesn't love him and whatever they had is over. Gabi tells him to stop because he's sick and needs to talk to somebody. Nick screams at her to shut up and stop.

Jennifer turns away as Daniel and Parker go to the counter and talk with Ciara, Allie, and Theo. Daniel sends Parker with the kids. JJ approaches Daniel and apologizes as he didn't know he was coming. JJ brings up trying to talk to Jennifer but Daniel says that's the last thing she wants. Daniel adds that Theresa still doesn't remember her overdose and thinks she never will. They agree that it's good. Daniel goes back to Parker. Jennifer approaches JJ and says she saw him talking to Daniel. Jennifer says he doesn't have to explain because she knows what it was about.

Will comes back out with Arianna and calls out to Sonny but he's gone. Will wonders what to do now.

Sami runs into Sonny outside the Pub. Sami asks if everything is okay. Sonny says the whole thing with Gabi and Arianna is driving him nuts and mentions Will wanting to move too. Sonny tells her about their fight. Sami tells him not to worry as they are going to figure it out. Sami tells him to focus on Will loving him very much. Sami apologizes but has to go. Sonny asks her not to tell Will that they talked which she agrees to as she rushes off and Sonny heads in the opposite direction.

Kate goes to the park and gets a call from Rafe. Kate can barely hear him. She mentions hearing about Gabi's modeling. Kate agrees to make some calls to see if it's legit. Kate understands he's worried but thinks he can relax as she has a feeling that everything will turn out just fine.

Gabi tells Nick that she wasn't trying to upset him. Nick says he knows and thinks they are both upset right now and said things that they don't mean. Nick says once she has time to think about it then she'll realize the terrific future that he made for them. Nick thinks she'd be crazy to pass up her opportunity. Gabi says she's really grateful for his help but she can't take Arianna away from Will. Nick says he can visit and they'll visit once a month. Gabi says it's not the same or right. Nick asks how else they're going to be together. Nick says they talked about how everyone judges them and they need a fresh start. Gabi says that's not what she said. Gabi thinks she should have a say in this. Nick sighs and agrees that she's right as he's making decisions for both of them when it's clearly upsetting her. Gabi thanks him for understanding. Nick then says she has two choices, either take the job offer and move to New York so they can be a family together or she will go to prison for what she did to Melanie.

Jennifer tells JJ that she knows he's trying to help but asks him not to engage Daniel as arguing won't do anything. JJ says he won't but he hates the way things are and wishes he could help. JJ decides to take off for awhile and that he'll be back for dinner. Daniel looks over and says they should get going to Parker. Ciara and Allie want Parker to stay. Allie asks Jennifer if she wants him to stay too.

Nick begs Gabi to come to New York and let them be a family together. Gabi says she can't be happy when he's blackmailing her. Nick tells her that she's the one good thing that's happened to him since he got out of prison and he was good for her too. Nick reminds her of all their hopes and dreams together. Nick says they still couldn't stay away from each other and she still wanted him. Gabi calls it sex not love. Nick insists that it was love.

Will tells Arianna to get to sleep or else they'll be up all night. Will says he loves her so much and loves Sonny so much but Sonny doesn't need her the way that Arianna does. Will wonders who would take care of her in New York. Will says she's too young to understand why he wouldn't be around and he talks about how much he would miss her. Sonny returns as Will promises Arianna that he will always take care of her no matter what.

Nick starts freaking out. Gabi tries to grab her phone back but Nick stops her and accidentally knocks her down. Nick starts checking on her asking if she's okay. Gabi cries that she wants to go home. Nick asks where home is and says he will make her feel better. Gabi says he's scaring her. Nick tells her to let him remind her of why they are so good together and starts kissing her as Gabi tries to get away.

JJ goes to the hospital and finds Theresa. She questions what he's doing there. JJ asks to talk for a minute but Theresa thinks Jennifer wouldn't want that. JJ says this is important and he has to make something right. Theresa asks what he's talking about. JJ asks if they can go somewhere. Theresa doesn't know what he wants but tells him to stay away from her and she rushes off.

Jennifer tries to explain to Allie but Daniel claims he and Parker have plans so they have to go. Daniel takes Parker and exits. Hope gets Allie and Ciara ready to go while Abe gets Theo. Theo turns to Jennifer and asks if she misses Daniel and Parker because she looked sad when they walked away.

Sonny greets Will upon returning. Will asks where he went as they missed him. Sonny says he just needed some fresh air. Sonny says he thought about what he said and wants to apologize as he knows he's in a very tough situation. Sonny says he's frustrated with Gabi and apologizes for taking it out on him. Will feels he's the one that should apologize. Sonny understands the choice he has to make. Sonny thinks they can make this work together and kisses him.

Sami walks through the park looking for Kate.

Kate walks through the park looking for Sami and complains about her heels. Kate gets a text from Sami. Kate responds that she's in the west end and tells her to hurry. Kate wonders where Nick and Gabi are.

Nick continues forcing himself on Gabi and saying he will make her understand why he did what he did. Gabi says no and tries to stop him as she screams. Gabi grabs a nearby rock and bashes Nick in the head, knocking him unconscious. Gabi gets to her feet holding the now bloody rock looking frightened.

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