Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/22/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/22/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan tells Rafe that he did great and should be happy with the physical therapy. Rafe says he wants to do something before they finish. Rafe then stands up from his wheelchair.

Nick goes to the club and is joined by Hope. Hope asks if everything is okay. Nick informs her that he's leaving for New York today.

Sonny tells Will not to freak out as Arianna is his daughter. There's a knock at the door and Kate arrives. Kate brings Arianna a present and says it's time to celebrate but notes that Will and Sonny don't seem to be in the mood.

Sami catches up with Gabi outside and says what she has to say can't wait.

Nicole jokes with Daniel and kisses him on the cheek. Daniel turns and looks at her then she kisses him. They stop briefly but then continue kissing each other.

Eric is at the Pub where two women at a table gossip about him. Jennifer arrives and says she's glad she ran into him as she wanted to talk to him. Eric doesn't want to talk but Jennifer says it's really important and about Kristen so it can't wait.

Nicole asks Daniel if that just happened. They then decide there's no way they are going to do this again.

Eric follows Jennifer out of the Pub and asks if she's heard from Kristen. Jennifer looks through the window at the women inside and says they can't talk here so they walk off.

Gabi says she can't listen to Sami and she's not going to change her mind. Sami understands it's a huge opportunity for her but she wants five minutes of her time to talk mother to mother.

Rafe takes his first steps which Jordan calls very encouraging. Rafe calls it awesome. Rafe stumbles but Jordan catches him.

Hope is surprised to hear Nick is leaving today. Nick says his job offer came through and he starts really soon. Hope asks if that's the only thing taking him to New York. Nick says it's all good and mentions not telling Maggie yet. Hope asks Nick if he will be back soon to visit but he tells her not to count on it.

Kate asks what's going on. Will suggests needing her help. Sonny questions it but Will brings up Gabi taking Arianna from them. Will and Sonny inform Kate that Gabi got a modeling contract and wants to take Arianna with her to New York.

Sami talks to Gabi about taking Arianna. Gabi tells Sami that she can see Arianna whenever she wants. Sami calls that unrealistic. Sami talks about mistakes she made with Will. Gabi insists that this is not a mistake. Sami talks about using Will to defend her actions. Gabi questions what this has to do with her. Sami continues and Gabi says she'd never let Arianna be put behind her job. Sami talks about how Gabi would be working all day and Arianna wouldn't be with her. Sami says Arianna needs her parents and she won't have either if Gabi takes her to New York. Gabi tells Sami that if she takes this offer then she will be set for life which means Arianna will be too. Gabi says she can't turn this offer down. Sami understands how she feels which is why she wants to make her own offer. Sami offers Gabi an exclusive contract with Countess Wilhelmina if she stays in Salem. Sami thinks it's the best of both worlds since she can stay and give Arianna everything. Sami asks Gabi to do this for Arianna.

Daniel and Nicole laugh and Daniel calls it reminiscent of something they've done before. They agree that they aren't doing that as they hardly knew each other back then but now are good friends and they have to protect what they have with each other. Daniel looks over the summons. Nicole notes that they both need a friend right now more than ever. Nicole goes over Daniel's situation with Theresa while Daniel brings up her situation with Eric. Nicole says there is no situation because her feelings for Eric are dead and buried.

Eric goes home with Jennifer. Jennifer apologizes for staying silent. Eric asks if she's heard from Kristen or if she knows anything. Jennifer doubts she will hear from her. Jennifer talks about being Kristen's only friend and not knowing how damaged she was. Jennifer says she knew Kristen was guilty and knows Eric would never seduce anyone. Eric appreciates her support and wanting to talk but isn't sure why it had to be private. Jennifer says there is something more to this that Eric needs to know that she should've told him sooner. Jennifer declares that she needs to tell him now.

Jordan helps Rafe back to his wheelchair. Jordan calls it incredible to see his first steps. Rafe wishes he could have done a few more. Jordan encourages him to take baby steps. Rafe wants her to be honest and asks if this means he will be able to walk again.

Gabi calls Sami's offer very generous but declines it. Sami says it's just about Gabi wanting to move to New York then. Gabi mocks her support. Sami says she's just being realistic. Gabi says she has to give this a chance. Sami assures her how much Gabi will be working and not seeing Arianna. Gabi asks what she wants from her. Sami understands if Gabi needs to follow her dreams but asks her to leave Arianna here with her father and a family that loves her. Gabi calls her out of her mind and refuses to leave Arianna. Gabi mentions the agency wants Arianna too. Sami questions Arianna being part of the deal.

Kate can't believe Gabi would do something like this. Will says that she is unless they can convince her not to. Kate recalls hearing Nick is moving to New York. Kate thinks they all need to make it clear that this is not acceptable and says they must change their mind. Kate asks who else knows about it. They say only Sami and Justin know. Sonny mentions that Gabi said she won't make any more decisions without talking to Will first. Kate tells Will not to worry because she will do everything she has to do. Kate declares that no one will take Arianna away from them. Kate exits. Kate pulls out her phone and says she knows what they're up to and they're not going to get away with it.

Nick talks to Hope about how he thinks it will be better for him somewhere else where people don't know about his past in prison. Hope says it breaks her heart that he feels that way but she understands. Nick's phone rings and he tells Hope that he has to go so he doesn't miss his flight. Hope hugs him goodbye and says she's sorry things didn't work out for him. Nick tells her not to worry as he thinks things will be really good for him in New York. They say goodbye and Nick exits.

Nicole and Daniel continue talking. Nicole mentions starting her old job as a TV reporter again tomorrow. Daniel is happy for her and asks her not to do any exposes on him. Nicole jokes that she was hoping he'd be her first subject and they laugh together.

Jennifer tells Eric that she has a part in all of this because Kristen told her that she was unfaithful to Brady. Jennifer says for a moment, Kristen thought she was pregnant and was terrified. Jennifer talks about how Kristen thought Brady would never forgive her for her mistake. Jennifer says she let it go thinking it wasn't her business until she saw the video and realized that why Kristen couldn't tell Brady because she set this all up. Jennifer thinks this whole thing wouldn't have happened if she didn't protect Kristen. Jennifer asks Eric to forgive her.

Nick meets with Kate expecting his check but Kate says she lied and calls him a son of a bitch.

Gabi informs Sami that the modeling agency wants a shoot with her and Arianna. Sami can't believe she's putting Arianna through that and exploiting her. Sami understands it's happening quickly and excites her and she wants to do what's best. Sami asks her to consider her offer. Gabi says she will but can't promise that she will change her mind.

Sonny tells Will that he hates what is happening. Will says he does too but he's fine if Sonny wants to go to work. Sonny tells Will that T is covering for him so he can be there for him. Will asks if he wants to keep an eye on him. Sonny doesn't want him to make the situation worse by doing something irrational that could cost him Arianna and ending up in jail. Sonny thinks Will is considering taking Arianna away himself and worries that he would lose her forever if he did.

Jordan tells Rafe that they had this conversation before. Rafe points out that he made steps this time. Jordan gives her opinion that she doesn't think that Rafe will just walk again but thinks that he will be back to normal. Jordan calls it a miraculous recovery. Rafe thanks her.

Daniel and Nicole talk about running errands. Nicole has to check her mail at the rectory. Daniel asks if she's worried about seeing Eric but Nicole informs him that Eric has been suspended.

Eric forgives Jennifer and tells her it wouldn't have changed anything. Jennifer wishes the judge could see Eric is the victim. Eric says if they can't find Kristen then there is no proof so nothing will change. Eric gets a call from Hope. Hope tells him that she has news about Kristen and needs to see him right away.

Nicole tells Daniel that she doesn't think the church will let Eric back in as a priest if they can't find Kristen. Daniel asks Nicole about happening to run into Eric and all this coming out. Daniel asks if he was just a distraction from that. Nicole assures him that it had nothing to do with that. Daniel says he knows why she's angry with Eric but she can't blame him for what Kristen did. Nicole says she doesn't blame him and does blame Kristen. Nicole blames Eric for thinking the worst of her when he should've known better. Daniel isn't sure where he and Eric stand as friends but states that he can't turn his back on him and hopes it's not confusing for her. Nicole is glad that someone wants to help him but says it just can't ever be her again.

Eric agrees to meet with Hope soon. Jennifer is hopeful for a new lead and tells him to let her know. Jennifer thanks Eric for understanding. Eric tells her she had no way of knowing what Kristen was up to. Jennifer states that she's been wrong about a lot of people lately. Eric asks if she's talking about Daniel. Jennifer decides they need to get going.

Nick tells Kate that he has no idea why she's acting crazy but he doesn't have time for it. Kate tells him to make time and asks if he's going somewhere. Nick tells her that he got a job offer in New York and is going to jump at it. Kate calls him a lying snake and says she knows he's going to New York to play house with Gabi and Arianna. Nick says he got a job and if Gabi ends up there then it's fate. Nick talks about how happy Kate was when he worked for her and when she found out he was leaving. Nick says she's transparent like the whole town and he doesn't belong there anyways. Kate tells Nick that he doesn't belong with Gabi and Will's baby either.

Gabi visits Rafe and tells him of her plans. Rafe gets that it's a big opportunity but isn't sure about New York. Rafe talks about how he'd miss Gabi and Arianna. She tells him that he can come visit. Rafe asks about Will and how he took this assuming he can't be happy.

Will assures Sonny that he isn't going to kidnap Arianna. Will says he first needs a job somewhere and is hoping Kate or EJ can help him out with that. Sonny questions Will working for EJ again. Will says they are different now. Sonny asks Will about saying he needed a job somewhere. Will responds that if Gabi is going to New York then he needs to go to New York and get a job too.

Sami exits the club and says if she can't convince Gabi she will have to find another way even if means dealing with the devil.

Kate yells at Nick about taking Arianna away from Will. Nick says this has nothing to do with that and talks about how Gabi is offering to visit all the time. Nick gives Kate a flash driver and says it's the project they talked about and it's on the house. Nick says goodbye to Kate and walks away. Kate decides she needs to talk to Sami and then gets a text from Sami that they need to talk. Kate says they are on the same page for once and walks off.

Gabi tells Rafe that Will and Sami are not happy about it but they know it's a great opportunity. Gabi hopes Rafe sees that too. Rafe understands it's tempting but a lot of people will be upset if she leaves. Rafe says he will miss her and Arianna. Rafe admits that Gabi is grown up now and a mom so it's her life and her decision. Gabi asks if this means he supports her decision. Rafe says he loves her so he supports her decision whatever it is. Gabi thanks him with a hug.

Nicole goes to the rectory to get her mail. She stops and thinks about Eric then goes to leave just as Eric arrives.

Daniel goes to the hospital and approaches Jennifer. He says he doesn't mean to bother her but is sorry she has to witness the hearing as it's the last thing he wanted to subject her to. Jennifer tells Daniel to get over himself.

Nick walks back through the town square and finds Gabi sitting on a bench looking worried. Nick approaches and asks if everything is okay. Gabi responds that it's not.

Sonny asks Will if he'd consider moving to New York. Will says he would if they had no other choice. Will thinks he could transfer to NYU. Sonny responds that he can't move to New York.

Kate meets with Sami outside the town square and agree that they have a problem.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't want or need his concerns and she'll be just fine. She asks if he's trying to save her from his embarrassing actions. Jennifer says she won't be agonizing over he and Theresa. Jennifer tells Daniel that he means nothing to her.

Nicole asks Eric what he's doing at the rectory. Eric says he forgot something. Nicole says she did too. Nicole says goodbye to Eric and exits as Hope arrives. Hope apologizes and asks if she interrupted something but Eric says not at all.

Rafe moves from his wheelchair into his hospital bed as Jordan returns to have him sign his paperwork. Jordan mentions that she's proud of his progress today. Rafe says it's thanks to her. Jordan asks if he's okay as he seems quiet. Rafe tells her that Gabi is moving to New York with Arianna. Jordan asks why. Rafe says it's some amazing offer with a modeling agency and he doesn't know if it's the best thing for her. Jordan thinks Gabi is smart and will figure it out but if she needs help, she'll come to Rafe. Rafe says she's right and Jordan jokes that she knows she is.

Will tells Sonny that he can move to New York and get a job easy. Sonny reminds Will that he owns his own club and has spent so much time and energy here that he can't believe Will would even suggest it. Will warns Sonny not to make him choose between him or Arianna.

Sami and Kate talk about Gabi's plan. Sami says she tried talking to Gabi. Kate asks if she knows about Nick. Sami says she knows they slept together but didn't bring it up. Kate reveals to Sami that Gabi won't be going to New York alone as Nick is going with her which shocks Sami.

Nick sits with Gabi and asks what's wrong. Gabi suddenly informs Nick that she changed her mind and is not going to New York.

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