Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/21/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/21/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail asks if EJ doesn't get that what Chad did was wrong. Abigail then realizes EJ knew all along what Chad was doing which EJ admits to. Abigail can't believe EJ thought faking a brain tumor was okay. EJ says he would've suggested something else. EJ admits he convinced Chad to stick to his plan and says it was the right thing to do.

Sami notices the cake and asks if it's for Gabi getting a modeling job. Sami says that's great for her and asks where she is. They don't answer so Sami asks if there's something going on and what they aren't telling her. Will doesn't want to get into it. Sami decides she'll go ask Gabi then. Will stops her then and tells her to wait.

T sees Gabi at the Pub and asks what's up. Gabi says she's just killing time waiting for Rafe to get out of therapy so T sits with her.

Maggie visits Daniel in his office at the hospital. Daniel asks where she wants to go to lunch but Maggie asks for a rain check.

Marlena goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and confronts Victor asking how he could publicly destroy her son.

Nicole walks through the town square and comes across Eric. Eric tells her that he met with the bishop. Nicole asks if they kicked him out or is he still a priest.

Will tells Sami this is none of her business. Sonny steps in and says it kind of is Sami's business. Sami thanks him and says they are scaring her. Sami asks if someone is sick or if Gabi is in trouble again. Will says no. Will then informs Sami that Gabi got a modeling job. Sami asks why that's a bad thing. Will then reveals the job is in New York.

Abigail asks EJ why. EJ says he loves his brother and wants him to have what he wants. Abigail questions lying. EJ says if Chad hadn't got shot then no one would've known. Abigail doesn't believe Chad would've been able to keep up the lie because of Cameron being suspicious. EJ reveals to her that he faked Chad's medical reports to fool Cameron. Abigail accuses EJ of making it easy for Chad to lie. Abigail then realizes that EJ blackmailed Chad into moving into the mansion.

Maggie and Daniel discuss what Victor did. Daniel admits Victor has a lot to answer for. Maggie tells him that she's not ready to go out in public yet. Daniel doesn't want to lose time with her and suggests they eat at his place so they exit together.

Victor tells Marlena to take it down a notch because he didn't do anything to Eric but it was Eric doing something to Kristen. Marlena responds by slapping Victor.

Eric informs Nicole that he's still a priest but has been suspended at least until they find Kristen and get the truth. Nicole asks what happens to him if they don't find her.

Abigail questions what kind of man blackmails his own brother. EJ calls it negotiating. Abigail points out that Chad took bullets for EJ. EJ says this isn't about him but thinks Abigail and Chad are perfect for each other. Abigail doesn't want to hear it. EJ talks about the good that came from Chad moving into the mansion. Abigail accuses them of destroying her life. Abigail says Chad completely manipulated the situation. EJ says Chad was only leveling the field with Cameron. EJ says Chad didn't plan it but it happened so he saw the opportunity to make things right. Abigail argues that none of it was right and Chad didn't get what he wanted in the end. EJ asks if she's happier without Chad in her life. Abigail says that's not the point. EJ says it's the only point that matters as it's why he was helping Chad and thought he was helping her.

Sami questions Gabi going to New York. Will explains that she would be moving with Arianna. Sami argues that she can't. Arianna cries so Sonny goes to check on her. Will tells Sami about the contract. Sami can't believe the contract. Will says it's Gabi's dream. Sami says Gabi needs to get real because there's no way she is taking Arianna to New York.

Gabi talks to T about Arianna then apologizes for boring him. T asks about her good news. Gabi says she doesn't want to jinx it until she talks to Rafe. Gabi says it's just something that came out of nowhere. T tells her that she deserves it and he always thought she deserved better than she got.

Daniel and Maggie eat at Daniel's place. Maggie talks about how this was like the old Victor and she thought it was behind him. Daniel thinks it might not have been out Victor wanted it to turn out. Maggie says Victor just wanted Brady not to marry Kristen and for Kristen to be disgraced. Maggie thinks Victor is happy at home. Daniel disagrees that he'd be happy without her. Daniel tells her that she will have to face Victor sooner or later.

Victor jokes about Marlena's slap. Victor says a terrible crime was committed and it wouldn't have come to light if he didn't play the video. Marlena says they were a team and he would have nothing without her getting the flash drive. Marlena says an apology won't cover what he's done. Marlena says Victor knew it would destroy Eric's life.

Eric tells Nicole that he's not sure what happens if Kristen doesn't resurface as the video will be the only evidence for the church. Eric tells her that he doesn't look like the victim in the video so he needs to find Kristen to put context to it. Eric adds that there's a lot of things he needs to make right if he can and he means them.

Abigail questions this all being about helping her like she can't figure things out on her own. EJ says he saw that Chad was the one for her. EJ says Cameron was just a distraction and if he wasn't, he would've fought for her. EJ tells her that she deserves better like Chad. Abigail is confident that she can find a man that doesn't lie or manipulate. EJ asks if she'd rather have a man so passionate about her that he'll do whatever it takes. Abigail says not if he lied. EJ calls it a pity for Chad. EJ says one day she will realize that a man not willing to push boundaries for the woman he loves is not a man worth having as he then walks away.

Will stops Sami from leaving and says this is why he didn't want to tell her. Will worries that Sami is going to make it worse. Will assures her that he will handle it. Sami says he better. Sami says she's looking out for him and not letting Arianna disappear. Sami can't believe Gabi even considers it. Sonny rejoins them and says Gabi does get to have a life. Sami questions him taking her side. Sonny says he gets how Gabi feels and Will does too. Will begs Sami to leave it alone. Sami wants him to tell her what he's going to do then. Will says he won't get in Gabi's face and start yelling about rights because if he does, she will leave. Sami agrees and hopes Gabi will come to her senses. Will says they will figure something out. Sami decides she'll come back another time and says goodbye then exits. Sonny asks Will if Sami just listened to him and agreed to back off but Will says not to count on it.

Daniel tells Maggie to let him know what happens with Victor as she exits. Daniel begins cleaning up until there's a knock at the door and it's Anne. Anne hands him a paper and says he's been served. Daniel opens it and sees he's been summoned to a hearing by the disciplinary commission at the hospital.

Marlena argues that Victor could've shown Brady the video in private. Victor says he tried but Brady wouldn't listen so the only way was a public viewing. Marlena states that he sacrificed her son. Victor admits that he did and doesn't give a damn.

Abe joins Eric and Nicole at the town square. Eric hopes they found Kristen but Abe says the trail is getting cold though they aren't giving up. Eric gets a call and steps away. Abe comments to Nicole about all the hard calls Eric will have. Abe is glad Nicole can be the friend Eric needs right now.

Sonny gets off the phone with T as Will brings Arianna into the room. They talk until Sonny has to go and he exits.

Daniel reads the summons and notes that Jennifer will be there.

Marlena and Victor continue to argue as Maggie returns home. Marlena calls him selfish and destructive and she's sorry she came to him. Victor says she knew he'd do anything to save Brady and destroy Kristen. Marlena didn't want her son as collateral damage. Victor calls him a casualty of war. Marlena tells him to go to Hell. Victor says he'll meet her at the gate as Marlena storms out. Maggie then walks into the living room to confront Victor.

Nicole tells Abe that she just ran into Eric and it wasn't planned. Abe is still glad she was there for him. Eric returns and says the call was not good as he needs to find Kristen. Abe gets a call then and steps away. Nicole starts to leave but Eric stops her and says he has things to say. Nicole says he already did and she hopes he finds Kristen to put her away for a long time. Eric asks if she has nothing to say to him. Nicole says she did before but he didn't want to hear it. Eric apologizes. Nicole says it's over now and she can't help him so she's moving on. Nicole then walks off.

Daniel questions who put Jennifer on the list. Anne says Jennifer did. Daniel argues that there's no way she'd put herself on that. Anne says Jennifer is their PR person and has to be there. Anne talks about Daniel and Theresa being in the press. Daniel says Anne is the head of HR so she's behind this all. Daniel thinks she wants all the dirty laundry aired out. Daniel thinks Anne just wants Jennifer to suffer. Anne says he did that all on his own. Daniel says goodbye and slams the door shut.

Abigail goes to see Will and asks where the party is. Will says it got put on hold but they can still hang out. They talk about Arianna and Will's trip. Abigail notes Will seeming distracted and asks if it's a bad time. Will says he's just jet lagged and it's been a full day. Abigail says she will go but Will asks if she wants to hold Arianna so she does. Abigail says Arianna is so blessed to have Will, Gabi, and Sonny all loving her so much.

EJ goes to exit the coffeehouse as Sami arrives. EJ greets her and Sami walks on to the counter. EJ approaches her and asks what's wrong.

Sonny goes to the Pub and finds Gabi. Gabi tells him that she's not going another round with him. Sonny informs her that he came to apologize.

Victor apologizes to Maggie, saying he didn't know she was there. Maggie asks if he would've done or said anything different if he did know. Victor says Marlena made a deal that she regrets. Maggie doubts she made a deal to eviscerate her son. Victor says Eric is responsible for his own actions. Maggie says he was drugged. Victor argues that Eric knew exactly what he was doing as that's how it looked. Victor says he exposed a crime and they can figure out what happened. Maggie thinks it was his real goal all along. Maggie questions what's happened to him. Maggie declares that the man she's looking at is not the Victor that she married.

Daniel goes over the summon and then crumples it up and throws it against the wall. Daniel slams things off the table as Nicole enters and asks what's wrong.

Abe and Eric sit together. Abe says the trail has gone cold and Kristen is a DiMera. Marlena then approaches.

Abigail continues talking about everyone that loves Arianna. Will comments that he missed Arianna and doesn't want to go away again. Will tells Arianna that he's back now and will be around.

EJ asks Sami if this is still about Eric and Kristen. Sami says that is still going on. EJ thinks there is something else. Sami says the Kristen and Eric thing will continue to bother her. EJ understands but wants to know what else has happened.

Sonny sits with Gabi and tells her that Will doesn't know he's there. Sonny apologizes for talking to Gabi like he did. Sonny says no matter what happens, he doesn't want to fight with her anymore as that's the worst thing for Arianna. Gabi agrees and thanks him. Gabi says she's not trying to hurt Will but she wants to do what is best for her and Arianna as she wants her to have the best life possible. Sonny asks who she's talking to about all of this and who is helping her decide. Gabi says it's just her and that's the way it has to be. Sonny decides to go. Gabi asks how Will is and then calls it a dumb question as Sonny exits.

Daniel tells Nicole about the summons. Daniel doesn't want Nicole to worry about it but Nicole says they are friends and his problems are a great distraction for her. Nicole wants to plan his strategy.

Victor tells Maggie that he loves her but that's nonsense as he is completely the man she married. Maggie says that man was tired of manipulating and bullying his way through life and said he had given that up. Victor argues that this was about family. Maggie says Eric was a priest who never did anything but good. Victor says if that's true then he will be fine and maybe there will even be criminal charges against Kristen. Victor suggests Maggie will come to her senses after a good night sleep. Maggie tells him that she already has.

Abe tells Eric that he will be in touch as soon as he knows anything and then walks away. Marlena asks to join Eric so they sit together. She asks about his meeting with the bishop. Eric informs her that he's been suspended. Marlena asks what happens next. Eric reveals that he will be defrocked unless they find Kristen to clear him.

Abigail returns home and sits down frustrated. She thinks back to what EJ said to her earlier. She says to herself that it's EJ so what does he know.

EJ says he knows Sami's look and wants to help her. Sami says it's okay. EJ says there is something. Sami tells him not to worry about it. EJ wants to help if she has a problem. Sami says she can handle it and he made it clear that they don't have to tell each other everything. Sami tells him not to worry as she has this then she exits.

Sonny returns home and sees Will with Arianna. Sonny asks how they are. Will emotionally says they are good then says he can't and won't lose her.

Gabi exits the Pub and walks on. Sami walks by and sees Gabi so she follows after her.

Victor asks what Maggie decided. Maggie says after everything that happened and that he did, she has decided their marriage is over. Maggie takes her things and walks out.

Eric tells Marlena it can't be a surprise. Marlena says she's just so sorry and asks where he will go. Eric mentions Caroline's room above the Pub. Marlena offers her place but Eric says Caroline is looking forward to it and he'll keep an eye on her. Marlena says she loves him and is trained to help but Eric declares he needs to do this on his own and walks off.

Nicole tells Daniel that he got himself in this mess by trying to do something good for JJ. Daniel says he would do it again if he had to but wishes there was some way to fix it. Nicole encourages that they will find it. Daniel wishes he could just forget it all. Nicole jokes with him and kisses him on the cheek. Daniel turns and looks at her then she kisses him.

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