Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/20/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/20/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ talks on the phone at home until Sami comes in. EJ asks about the kids going back to school. Sami brings up Eric and Kristen. EJ continues to talk about who the aggressor was. Sami talks about not fighting and says he should hear what she's decided about them.

Sonny hangs up as Gabi returns to the room and Sonny calls her a selfish bitch. Sonny informs her that the modeling agency called about her airline tickets and asks when she was going to tell them that she's moving to New York with Arianna.

Theresa asks if that means she is staying. Shane tells her it's not quite that simple. Kimberly wants to know what happened that she hasn't told anyone that led to her overdose. Theresa says she can't remember anything that happened that night. Kimberly asks if she wants to change.

Abe goes to Daniel's to see Nicole.

Eric meets with Bishop White and Father Matt at the Rectory. Eric apologizes to the bishop. He tells Eric that he needs to hear from him exactly what happened.

Gabi claims she wasn't trying to hide anything. Sonny questions her not telling them. Gabi says they wouldn't shut up about how great an opportunity it is. Gabi asks if they wouldn't have been supportive if they knew. Gabi calls it the chance of a lifetime and says she's going to get it.

Sami questions EJ thinking this is funny. EJ says he doesn't think what happened is funny but thinks Sami's outrage is a little misguided. EJ insists that he did the right thing to protect her and Eric. Sami says he was protecting Kristen the rapist. EJ tells her not to use that word since all they know is that they slept together. EJ talks about what would've happened if he did tell her. Sami comments on them going around and around and fighting about the same thing. Sami wonders if there's anything else that he's not telling her like helping Kristen or knowing about the drugs. EJ tells Sami that he told her everything he knows and says they don't know that there were drugs involved. EJ asks Sami what her decision is. Sami calls him smug. EJ realizes she hasn't made a decision at all.

Eric explains to the bishop how seeing the video made him realize that Kristen drugged and attacked him. Father Matt believes Eric is telling the truth. Eric swears that he is.

Theresa argues with Shane and Kimberly and storms out of the Pub. Caroline talks to Shane about it. Kimberly follows Theresa out and suggests they talk and get things on the table. Kimberly wants to know what's making her so angry. Theresa complains about being treated like a child and says she ruined her life.

Sami tells EJ that she decided EJ is holding out on her. EJ questions her calling him a liar. Sami says she's going to give him the benefit of the doubt and stay at the mansion but says they are on hold. Sami wonders when Kristen will come back and what will happen next. EJ asks about their relationship being on hold because of Kristen. EJ says the wedding is already postponed and asks what this means. Sami suggests they keep their distance. EJ questions separate bedrooms. EJ agrees if that's what she wants as he gets close to her and says he'll do his best to respect her wishes. EJ adds that it will be tough for him.

Sonny can't believe Gabi even considered it. Gabi talks about everyone else following their dreams but her. Sonny says she has a daughter now. Gabi says she can give Arianna everything with this job. Will arrives and asks what's up. Sonny tells Gabi to share the news. Gabi informs Will that she has to move to New York. Will asks about Arianna. Sonny adds in that Arianna has her own one way ticket which shocks Will.

Nicole sits with Abe and tells him how she tried to warn everyone about Kristen for months. Nicole says Kristen destroyed Eric, Brady, and everyone she touched. Abe brings up Eric needing help.

Father Matt talks about not knowing who they were dealing with. The bishop asks Eric about his dreams and why he didn't come to them. Eric says he just hadn't come to grips. Bishop White says they could've helped him before it became so ugly and public. He tells Eric that he must understand that he's put himself and the church in a terrible position.

Kimberly asks Theresa how she's ruined her life. Theresa complains about her being controlling.

EJ goes back to working at his desk. Sami wishes Marlena would call her. EJ assures her that she'll be in touch. Sami asks if he has his hands full with work. EJ says the mess Kristen made will take him a month as he's in charge of everything. EJ invites Sami to help him with the retail section and tells him to do what she can. Sami talks about ideas she has had. EJ comments that he loves the way her mind works. Sami says EJ has great ideas too so she'll get out of the way and let him do it.

Will questions Gabi taking Arianna away. Gabi goes over everything the agency is giving her. Will questions visiting once a month. Gabi suggests shared custody but Will refuses. Will thought everything was working great here and asks if they can do something to make her happier. Gabi says they are great but she can't be there forever. Gabi talks about this being her dream. Gabi says she's not about to let the opportunity go.

Abe tells Nicole that Roman said Eric is barely talking to the family. Abe states that everyone would be grateful if Nicole would reach out to Eric.

Eric apologizes to the bishop and says it wasn't until he saw the video that he saw the reason. The bishop asks for a reason. Eric explains that it was revenge against his mother. Father Matt agrees that Eric is the victim but Bishop White says the evidence suggests otherwise as it doesn't look good.

Kimberly admits she came down hard on Theresa as she grew up and started dating. Theresa cries about not being trusted. Kimberly says she just wanted to keep her safe. Kimberly says she will give her space but will never stop loving or believing in her.

Sami mentions to EJ that she promised Will that she would visit him but says she will get started on work when she gets back. EJ tells her to go visit Will and work when she gets back. Sami thanks him for letting her get involved with the company. EJ says he trusts her. Sami adds that it doesn't change how she feels about the other thing. EJ says he hasn't forgotten. EJ tells Sami that they are a good team and in her heart, she knows that. Sami then exits. EJ's phone rings with a call from Chad. EJ asks when he's coming home.

Will feels like he went away for an hour and suddenly Gabi is moving to New York with this all arranged. Sonny feels it's happening too fast. Sonny goes over everything the agency is doing for her. Will questions how long she has been working on this. Gabi says this was urgent. Sonny finds it hard to believe. Sonny and Gabi argue until Arianna wakes up crying. Gabi blames Sonny for waking her up. Will says he has her and goes to check on Arianna. Gabi tells Sonny that he can call her whatever but it doesn't change that this is an amazing opportunity. Sonny suggests he knows some facts that could change that and asks if he tells the agency about the real Gabi and Melanie's kidnapping.

Nicole tells Abe that she doesn't think it's a good idea to reach out to Eric if he's pulling back. Abe knows how Eric is feeling and says it takes someone you really trust. Nicole doesn't think it's her. Abe asks if something happened between her and Eric.

Bishop White talks about how the church has fought very hard against sexual wrongdoings and how it won't be tolerated. Eric asks what he can do. Bishop tells him not to talk to anyone from the press until they can sort this out with a full explanation in front of the board with compelling evidence. Bishop White informs Eric that he will be defrocked if the evidence is not compelling enough. He says it's not about believing him but how it looks. Eric asks what they do now. Bishop White suspends Eric from his dealings effective immediately.

Shane tells Caroline that Theresa is an adult and it's up to her to make the right choices. Caroline says they will all have their eye on her.

Gabi tells Sonny that she regrets Melanie's kidnapping every day. Sonny finds it hard to believe. Gabi warns that Chad will go down with her. Sonny isn't worried with Gabi and Nick as the only witnesses. Gabi asks him about putting Stefano's son in jeopardy. Sonny points out his last name as well. Will returns and says Arianna's asleep and they need to finish their conversation.

Abe asks what's wrong and why she doesn't think Eric will open up to her. Nicole says he just wouldn't. Abe insists she should try. Abe has to go and Nicole agrees to call if she remembers anything about Kristen. Abe wants her to think about reaching out to Eric as he exits.

Eric admits he expected this. Bishop White says they feel it's best for him to step back from the church during this investigation. He informs Eric that he is relieved of all duties until further notice. Eric apologizes and exits the rectory.

Theresa goes back into the Pub and thanks Shane for coming with a hug. Kimberly says she will call them a cab but Caroline says Roman wants to take them. Caroline takes Theresa in the back to the kitchen. Shane asks what Kimberly said to Theresa. Kimberly thinks it's not what she said but Salem. Shane talks about the magic to it and Kimberly comments on the great times they had here. Kimberly tells Shane she loves him and they kiss.

Abigail walks out of the town square and finds EJ seated on the bench with newspaper. They greet one another as Abigail mentions it was a surprise to get a text from him. EJ says he spoke to Chad and promised to find her immediately. Abigail asks what happened. EJ says Chad is fine physically and asks if she still cares about him. Abigail says she does and asks if there's something else. EJ tells her that Chad has been doing a lot of thinking and has decided that he's not coming back to Salem.

Will tells Gabi that he knows it's a great opportunity but if the agency wants her that badly then she can tell them she wants to model in Chicago. Will talks about how they could make that work. Gabi compares it to Will's writing and Sonny's club. Gabi says she can only get this opportunity in New York. Will declares he's not letting her leave right now. Gabi doesn't want to stay and be double teamed. Will wants her to promise to think about all of it and to not make a decision until they talk more about it. Gabi exits. Sonny calls Justin, hoping for a way to stop this.Will pulls out the cake that Sonny brought for Gabi.

Nicole sits by the fireplace and thinks back to when Eric accused her of raping him. Nicole declares that she can't help Eric anymore.

Eric goes to the church and prays. Eric says he detests all of his sins because of his punishment and because he offended God. Eric removes his collar and places it on the altar then walks out of the church.

Outside the Pub, Shane and Kimberly hug Theresa goodbye. They tell her to call anytime she wants. Caroline tells them the same and not to be strangers. Kimberly agrees and they say goodbye as they exit. Caroline tells Theresa that they love her as they head back inside together.

Sonny tells Will that it's tricky because Gabi hired Justin to look over the contract so he can't talk about it. Sonny says they won't have much room is everything is in the contract so Gabi holds all the cards. They talk about how the contract will sound like a good deal to the court. Sonny thinks their only option is to go to family court to try and prove Gabi is an unfit mother but Will refuses. Sonny says they would lose in any court because there's no formal custody agreement. Will calls this his welcome home as Sonny apologizes. There's a knock at the door and Will answers to see Sami who excitedly greets him. Sami asks where Arianna is. Will says she's asleep. Sami asks what's wrong. Will claims it's nothing and they just forgot she was coming over. Sami notices the cake and asks if it's for Gabi getting a modeling job. Sami says that's great for her and asks where she is. They don't answer so Sami asks if there's something going on and what they aren't telling her.

Gabi sits at the coffeehouse club and makes a call, saying she's not alright and needs to talk right now.

Abigail tells EJ that it's Chad's decision and just because she cares about him doesn't mean they can be together. EJ adds that Chad cares about her and knows she's special. EJ says Chad would've done anything to her. Abigail complains about him faking his brain tumor. EJ repeats that there was nothing he wasn't willing to do for her. Abigail thinks maybe Chad just lies as he is a DiMera. Abigail asks if EJ doesn't get that what Chad did was wrong. Abigail then realizes EJ knew all along what Chad was doing which EJ admits to.

Nicole walks through the town square and comes across Eric.

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