Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/19/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/19/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ goes to the hospital and finds Jennifer, who asks if something is wrong. JJ informs her that Theresa's parents are in town and want to talk to her.

Shane and Kimberly return to the Pub as Roman and Hope exit. They approach Theresa. Theresa says she knows the look and asks if they went off to decide if she has to go back to California with them.

Kate gets coffee at the coffeehouse and Sonny asks if she's bringing it to Rafe. T joins and comments on seeing Rafe's smoking hot therapist.

Jordan takes Rafe to the lake and talks about him getting stronger every day. Rafe spots Will nearby and calls him over, not knowing he was back. Rafe asks how things went. Will says it was great then he got back and found out all hell broke loose with Eric and Kristen. Will adds that it's not all that happened and assumes Rafe hasn't seen Gabi lately.

Nick joins Gabi and Arianna at the town square where Gabi is looking over her modeling contract. Gabi mentions having Justin look over the contract and how he made her feel awful about even thinking about moving to New York. Gabi suggests maybe this is a mistake.

Jennifer tells JJ that she's not surprised Theresa's parents are in town and asks about them wanting to talk to her. Jennifer then sees Daniel walk by.

Theresa pulls away and worries that they are sending her back to California. She questions what Shane and Kimberly went to do. They talk about not wanting to lose her. Theresa wonders what she has to do to convince them.

JJ tells Jennifer that Theresa's parents want her to call so Jennifer agrees to. At the front desk, Maxine goes over a patient's file with Daniel. Jennifer thanks JJ and sends him off to school. Jennifer checks her phone and sees no messages then announces that she'll be out of the building if anyone needs her. Jennifer then stops and goes to Daniel asking if he has a minute because it can't wait.

Caroline sits with Theresa and tells her how dear she is to them. Caroline says they are trying to do whatever it takes to help her. Theresa questions her wanting her to go back to California too. Kayla encourages Theresa to listen to Caroline. Theresa doesn't want to go to jail. Theresa asks if she can just stay.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she just wanted to talk to him about the wedding that didn't happen. Daniel assures her that Eric was drugged but says proving it is near impossible. Jennifer asks Daniel to help and support Eric. Daniel agrees to try and come up with something to do. Jennifer feels naive for believing in Kristen and says she really fooled her. They both remark about feeling you know someone and then not knowing them at all.

Kate asks T about meeting Jordan. T says that Jordan was there while he was bartending which surprises Kate. Kate thought Jordan was all business. T says she was having a good time with Abigail and Gabi. Kate comments that maybe she'll be staying in Salem. Kate tells Sonny to have Will call her and then she exits. Kate wonders out loud what Jordan is up to while partying with Rafe's sister.

Rafe asks Will what he doesn't know about Gabi. Will says it's good news but he will let Gabi tell him herself. Rafe introduces Jordan to Will. Will remembers seeing her with Rafe at Sami and EJ's engagement party. Will then adds that Sonny told him Jordan was at the club with Gabi and Abigail yesterday which surprises Rafe. Jordan doesn't think it was a big deal but Will says that's not what Gabi said.

Nick asks if Gabi is really having second thoughts. Gabi says the whole idea of taking Arianna away from Will bothers her. Nick suggests visiting. Gabi argues that Will and Sonny won't see it that way. Gabi worries how Arianna will see it when she grows up. Nick decides maybe she should turn it down then. Gabi worries about not getting another opportunity and not wanting to live off Will and Sonny. Gabi says she would need to find a real good job.

Rafe jokes around with Jordan asking her what went on at the club last night. Jordan gets a call from the hospital and steps away to take it. Rafe asks Will about Sami after what happened with Eric. Will says he just came back from talking to Sami. Rafe asks about EJ. Will comments that EJ changed the subject. Will asks Rafe if he thinks EJ and Stefano were in on it. Rafe says he doesn't know enough about it but he feels bad for Eric. Rafe tells Will to tell Eric that he's in his corner. Jordan comes back and says she has to get Rafe back to the hospital. Will exits. Rafe stops Jordan and asks her about the club again. Jordan starts to walk away as Rafe continues joking with her about it. Rafe follows after her as Kate comes out from behind.

Nick and Gabi go over her modeling contract again. Nick encourages her to figure out her future. Gabi doesn't want to let guilt let her walk away from it. Nick wonders about Will. Gabi says it's not her fault that the modeling is in New York and giving it up would be an entire career. Gabi talks about how she would resent Will if she had to turn this down. Nick asks what she's thinking. Gabi declares she has to do it.

Will joins Sonny at the coffeehouse/club. T joins them and they talk about what happened to Eric. T makes jokes so Sonny sends him away. Sonny tells Will that if Gabi decides to take the modeling gig, he made her a cake. Will loves it. Will assures him that Gabi will take the job and wonders why she would pass it up.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she said her piece and will get going. They tell each other to take care. Jennifer stops and reminds Daniel about the dinner and article on him is being postponed. Daniel says he left a note to say forget about him being involved. Jennifer then exits. JJ then approaches and follows Daniel to his office.

Shane and Kimberly sit with Theresa and tell her that they can't act like her overdose was no big deal. Kimberly says her actions impacted the entire family which is why they are all here. Shane gets a call and steps away. Kayla tells Theresa that whether she stays or not, it affects a lot of people and not just her family. Kayla says one person in particular that deserves a vote and that's Jennifer.

T rejoins Will and Sonny. T talks about working there and Sonny admits he's not bad. Sonny and Will joke about T becoming a manager with Chad gone and Sonny helping with Arianna. Will talks about being happy to have a great boyfriend, his beautiful daughter, Sonny's job and Gabi being about to accept modeling. Will comments that everything is going to work out.

Nick asks Gabi if she's going to do this. Gabi says she has to and needs to so she goes to call the agency about the contract. Nick excitedly talks with Arianna about New York. Nick says the three of them will be happy. Gabi returns and says she left a message. Nick is excited and says this will be so great for her. Gabi worries about Will fighting for custody.

Daniel asks JJ why he didn't leave. Daniel warns him about hanging around and people may figure out what really happened with Theresa. JJ informs Daniel that Theresa's parents are in town and showed up at his door which freaked him out. JJ says they wanted to talk to Jennifer but didn't say why. Daniel says they better not find out that JJ was with Theresa before his hearing. JJ wonders if Theresa will remember that night. Daniel says it's not likely. JJ admits that he went to see Theresa to see how she was doing last night. Daniel can't believe it and asks if he's thinking at all. Daniel tells JJ that was a very bad idea.

Theresa questions why they are running anything by Jennifer as Jennifer then arrives at the Pub.

Nick asks Gabi if she really thinks Will is going to put up a fight. Gabi thinks he will if he thinks she's taking his daughter away from him. Nick thinks their living situation was temporary. Gabi says they've never talked about leaving town. Gabi continues to worry about how Will would react. Nick encourages her but Gabi dreads telling Will. Nick assures her that she will figure out a way. Gabi says she should get going. Nick tells her that he's happy for her as she exits.

Jordan brings Rafe back to the hospital as Rafe asks what they were drinking last night. Jordan says only sweet tea. Rafe says all his questions are because he's ready to get back to police work. Rafe asks if she had a good time. Jordan jokes with him. Rafe grabs her hand and says he's glad she had a good time as Kate arrives and sees them. Jordan says she has to go and walks away.

Daniel warns JJ that the judge will have him do time if he finds out he was involved with drugs and it will kill Jennifer. JJ says she keeps talking about how proud she is of him and he hates keeping this from her. Daniel says to think of it as looking out for her. JJ mentions playing the guitar again. Daniel tells him how Jennifer told him all about when JJ used to play guitar and how talented he is. Daniel tells JJ to be more careful if he needs to see him again as he exits.

Shane tells Jennifer that they are all trying to come up with what to do next as this was supposed to be her second chance. Theresa thinks Jennifer needs to hear her be honest for once. Theresa says she's been trying to convince her family for a second chance but it hasn't been easy. Theresa talks about taking what Jennifer offered and throwing it back at her. She cries about her overdose and not remembering that night. Theresa talks about everything she did with her job and JJ and making Jennifer miserable just because she could. Theresa apologizes for being such a bitch and tells Jennifer that she's going into a program. Theresa says one of the first steps is making amends and wants to start with her. Theresa says she knows it will take time but maybe some day Jennifer can forgive her. Theresa says she really is sorry.

Nick makes a call and says he's going to take the job in New York and how he's always wanted to live there. Will walks by. Nick stops him and says it's good to see him. Nick mentions hearing about the bad news. Will asks what bad news. Nick says it's so weird how this stuff happens when you least expect it.

Kate follows Jordan into the physical therapy room. Jordan asks what it is now and says she's busy. Kate says she's curious if this is always the way she works.

Daniel visits Rafe and jokes with him about still being in the hospital. Daniel asks how he is. Rafe says he's better but he does miss his own bed and his work. Daniel brings up Kristen. Rafe hopes he's long gone but wishes she took the DiMeras with her. Daniel mentions calling Eric but only getting his voicemail. Rafe asks how Daniel is holding up. Daniel asks what he means. Rafe says being in the hospital, he hears things. Daniel tells Rafe that he's just fine.

Jennifer says she knows what happens if she says she can't be around Theresa but says it's her parents' decision to make not hers. Jennifer adds that she does have something to say. Jennifer says all she cares about and needs is for Theresa to stay away from JJ. Jennifer adds that she doesn't care about what she does and doesn't care about her at all but wants her invisible if she stays. Jennifer threatens to make her life miserable if she catches her around JJ. Jennifer exits. Theresa comments that Jennifer didn't say she can't stay in Salem. Kayla tells them to let her know what they decide and follows Jennifer out. Kayla admits she was surprised. Jennifer figured Kayla thought she'd want her in jail. Jennifer admits she's not happy to have Theresa around but says she's not the only one who made mistakes. Jennifer brings up her part in this and says she did plenty wrong but they are moving towards the future. Jennifer tells Kayla that she hopes Theresa turns her life around but admits she honestly doesn't see that happening.

Jordan tells Kate that she doesn't play games. Kate questions her work reputation. Kate asks if she always stirs up curiosity about who she really is and then suddenly loosens up. Jordan questions what she has against her. Kate says nothing and she's thrilled that everyone will know who Jordan really is. Kate then exits.

JJ returns home and sits with his guitar.

Kayla and Jennifer go back to the hospital. Kayla thanks her for putting up with this mess. Jennifer hopes it works out and Kayla walks on. Daniel comes back out as he and Jennifer exchange looks. Daniel stops and shakes his head before walking on.

Theresa comments that Jennifer wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement but she didn't say she had to go back to California. Theresa asks if they can settle this now and if she can stay and fix things. Shane warns her that if she interferes with Jennifer or JJ in any way then Jennifer is to call him immediately. Theresa asks if that means she is staying. Shane tells her it's not quite that simple. Kimberly wants to know what happened that she hasn't told anyone that led to her overdose.

Will asks Nick what bad news he's talking about. Nick says he was talking about Eric. Will suggests asking someone else for an inside scoop. Nick then asks Will about his writing. Nick suggests Will write an autobiography. Will says he will keep that in mind and walks away.

Sonny returns home and hides the cake he made for Gabi as Gabi comes home with Arianna. Gabi says Arianna just fell asleep and takes her to her room. The phone rings so Sonny answers it. Sonny says they can wait for Gabi or they can just tell him so they inform Sonny of Gabi's decision. Sonny asks if they're kidding about New York and then agrees to give her the message. Sonny hangs up as Gabi returns to the room and Sonny calls her a selfish bitch.

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