Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/18/13

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/18/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami dreams about kissing EJ in bed and him saying he betrayed everything he promised her when she came to live with him then she wakes up.

EJ meets with Justin outside the town square. Justin says he won't represent Kristen. EJ says it's not about her. Justin asks what was so urgent then. EJ says he wants them to work together.

Gabi looks over her modeling contract at home until Will joins her. Will says he knows she's debating on whether or not to model which he doesn't get.

Jennifer runs into JJ at home and asks why he isn't at school. JJ says he doesn't have a first period. Jennifer wants to make him breakfast but JJ stands in her way of going into the living room. Jennifer asks what he doesn't want her to see and pushes past him then says she can't believe it.

Theresa goes to the Pub where Caroline greets her. Theresa notes the Pub is empty. Caroline informs her that she put the closed sign up as Theresa's parents, Shane and Kimberly come out from the back. Theresa questions what's going on.

Jennifer is surprised to see JJ's guitar and asks if he's playing again. JJ downplays it but Jennifer is excited and calls him an amazing musician and wonderful son.

Shane hugs Theresa and is glad she's alright. Kimberly hugs her as well. Theresa asks why they came early. They both wanted to get there as soon as possible because they were worried about her. Roman, Kayla, and Hope appear as Roman says they are worried too.

Will thinks he knows what's bothering Gabi. Will talks about looking pictures of Arianna while he was on the plane and he got emotional missing her. Will thinks Gabi should do the modeling and asks if she talked to Justin. Gabi says she's going to meet with him to go over the contract. Will encourages her and wonders why she would pass up something that would change her life. Gabi tells him that it would change his life too.

Sami goes downstairs into the living room where Johnny is playing lightsabers with Harold. Sami plays with Johnny and asks why he's even home. Johnny tells her that EJ said they were staying home today and then he left.

EJ explains to Justin how Stefano left Kristen with certain responsibilities with the company that she abandoned. Justin asks about Stefano. EJ says Stefano is going to stay out of town to reflect on his actions. EJ tells Justin that this is a great opportunity for them to work together. Justin responds that EJ must think he's a complete idiot because he would have to be to even consider working for him again.

Theresa jokes about an intervention and says she doesn't need people to tell her that she's messed up. Theresa talks about knowing how close she came to dying and she gets that she messed up and blew her one chance. Kimberly says they've heard it over and over. Kayla insists that they aren't ganging up on her. Roman wants her to admit she needs help. Theresa says she wants their help. Hope suggests she get herself into a program for help or else she will lose all of their support. Theresa agrees to join AA and says she's gone to meetings before. Shane says they just now to decide whether she goes here in Salem or back in California. Theresa declares it would be the end of her if she went back home.

Gabi tells Will about how she would have to sign a contract. Will quickly talks about how he would pitch in more with Arianna. Will then gets a text from Sonny asking how Eric is doing which Will finds odd. Will notes there is a link included that may explain it. Will sees it and decides he must go. Gabi tries to talk to him but Will quickly exits.

Sami continues playing with Johnny and asks if EJ said who he was going to see. Johnny says he wasn't listening. Sami encourages him to try and remember but he can't. Sami apologizes but Johnny suddenly remembers it was Justin.

Justin tells EJ that he helped him orchestrate a hostile takeover of Stefano's company and Stefano could've taken revenge on him and his family. EJ notes that he got a tremendous amount of money. Justin talks about how he got to defend Sami and have EJ lie to him every step of the way and then have EJ give everything they took back to Stefano. Justin goes over Bernardi being on Stefano's payroll and Sami killing him. EJ says this is not about the trial or Sami. Justin asks if none of that matters now and talks about someone else raising Marge's son or Chad almost being killed or his involvement with EJ almost blew up his marriage. Justin tells EJ to find another guy as he walks away. EJ says to himself that won't be hard.

Jennifer wants JJ to play her something on the guitar. JJ doesn't want to but she convinces him so he agrees to practice when she's not around. Jennifer sees the effort he's making and says it means so much to her. Jennifer says at his hearing the judge will see this. Jennifer says she's so glad to have her son back and hugs him. JJ thinks back to Theresa overdosing. Jennifer says she has to get to work. JJ asks if it's tough for her to run into Daniel. Jennifer hopes she doesn't and then exits.

Theresa tells Shane and Kimberly that she can't go back to California because of her probation and she'd go to jail if she went to rehab. They tell her that she messed up and has to face the consequences. Theresa questions them throwing her to the wolves. Kayla says they won't keep enabling her drug habits. Theresa says she won't do drugs anymore and insists on her job with Anne. Kayla says it's not just up to Anne. Theresa cries that she's turning her life around. Kimberly says she almost died and she won't let it happen again even if she has to take her back to California. Theresa accuses her of loving this. Shane takes Theresa outside. She thanks him for getting out of there. Shane tells her to be quiet and listen. Shane says she can't play him against Kimberly as those days are over.

EJ returns home and greets Sami. She asks about his meeting with Justin. EJ claims it went very well. Sami didn't know he was seeing him today. EJ says she wasn't in a mood for much conversation. Sami asks what the meeting was about. EJ talks about everything being on him since Stefano and Kristen are out of town. Sami questions him doing that first right after she found out what Kristen did. EJ says they went over this and all he knew was that Kristen slept with Eric. EJ doesn't want to fight. Sami says they can't get past this without resolving this. Sami talks about hating Kristen. EJ says he was trying to protect her. Sami doesn't know how that was protecting her so EJ isn't sure how to convince her. Will enters and asks what happened to Eric after he read some stuff online.

Gabi meets with Justin in the town square and thanks him for agreeing to look over the contract. She starts to pay him but Justin says she doesn't need to as a friend of Sonny's. Gabi wants to make it official so everything between them is confidential. Justin doesn't want the money but Gabi insists. Justin questions what she doesn't want people to find out and what kind of modeling they are talking about.

Kimberly talks with Caroline in the Pub. Kayla and Roman join them and talk about getting through this. Kimberly feels Theresa thinks it's all her fault. Kimberly says there are things she should've done better.

Shane tells Theresa that he was away far too much during her childhood but Kimberly is fragile. Theresa can't believe he's taking Kimberly's side. Shane tells her to start taking responsibilities for her own actions. Theresa talks about wanting a father figure. Shane admits he wasn't there as much as he should've been but she can't guilt him into letting her do things she has no business doing. Shane says this has to be a wake up call for all of them. Theresa wonders why no one will believe she changed. Shane says they've heard it all before and last time she was just playing all of them. Theresa asks what she has to do to convince them she's changed. Shane says it's not just them but someone else she has to speak to. Shane goes and gets Kimberly. He tells Theresa to wait with the others in the Pub as they will be right back. Theresa wonders where they are going.

Gabi assures Justin that the modeling is on the up and up. Justin was just unsure about the confidentiality. Gabi thinks he will understand after reading the contract. Justin goes over it and says it looks pretty standard then reads that she has to move to New York and asks about Arianna.

Will asks Sami about the sex tape with Eric and Kristen. Will questions everyone seeing it in church. Sami explains that Marlena was tricked into playing the video and everyone was shocked. Sami believes Kristen drugged Eric. Will wonders why she isn't in jail then. EJ explains that nobody knows where she is. Will guesses Eric is pretty messed up. Sami assures him that Eric had no memory of that night and is pretty devastated. Will asks if he can still be a priest. Sami doesn't know. Will and Sami agree that what Kristen did was evil. EJ suggests changing the subject and asks Will about his trip. Will says it went great and thanks him. Sami apologizes for not asking. Will calls it one of the best things to ever happen to him. EJ suggests he tell them all about it.

Jennifer goes to the hospital. Nurse Karen approaches her and feels she owes her an apology. Jennifer tells her not to worry but Karen says she needs to say this. Karen says she was a gossip and she spread things about Daniel and Theresa that could've hurt her without thinking of her feelings. Karen feels everyone who spread it owes her an apology. They joke about Theresa. Karen says she realized she could do better than being friends with Theresa.

JJ plays guitar at home until the doorbell rings. JJ answers the door to see Shane and Kimberly. Kimberly introduces themselves as friends of Jennifer. JJ asks who they are. Shane explains that they are Theresa's parents.

Caroline goes out and wants Theresa to rejoin them in the Pub but Theresa doesn't want to hear what a screwup she is. Caroline encourages her to work for them and thinks things would go better if she did. Theresa agrees to go back in with her. Theresa comments on not knowing what Shane and Kimberly are doing. Kayla says they will be back soon. Theresa questions her about losing her job. Kayla says everyone knows she almost died and can't think she has job security. Theresa accuses Jennifer of being out to get her and says she didn't even know Daniel was there when she overdosed. Kayla tells her that Daniel is not the only reason Jennifer doesn't like her.

Shane talks to JJ about wanting to talk to Jennifer. JJ says it was nice meeting them as they exit.

Justin asks Gabi about relocating to New York and if Will is okay with it then realizes he doesn't know. Gabi says she wanted to tell him this morning but he had to leave so she decided to talk with Justin first. Justin says Will is the father of her child and takes it very seriously. Justin says Gabi needs to level her options before anything else. Gabi talks about Sonny and Will encouraging her but they don't know about New York. Gabi doesn't want to upset them until she knows it's worth it which she won't know until Justin reads the contract.

Will tells EJ and Sami about his writing. EJ encourages him and Sami hugs Will, saying she's so proud of him. Will decides he's going to go see Arianna since he can't do anything with Eric. Sami comments on checking in on her from time to time and Will says it's been working out better than he ever thought.

Justin goes over the contract and tells Gabi that the modeling agency certainly wants her and lists all the perks. Gabi asks if there's anything in there that would put modeling over her being a mom since they don't have a custody agreement. Justin stops her and says now he knows why she wanted to pay for his silence and he doesn't want any part of it. Gabi hopes he won't say anything. Justin agrees to keep it confidential but adds that Will and Sonny love Arianna as he questions her taking her away from them. Gabi says she's her mother and has rights. Justin does not want to give her advice on that and walks away.

Sami and Will say goodbye as Will exits the mansion. Sami starts to head back upstairs but stops and goes into the living room where EJ resumed working. Sami thanks him for seeming interested in Will. EJ says that he is interested and wants Will to be happy. EJ adds that he wants the best for her too. Sami questions how it's best to keep her in the dark about what Kristen did to Eric. EJ asks her about seeing Eric last night. Sami says she didn't tell Eric that EJ knew. EJ asks why not. Sami responds that she doesn't know and exits the room.

JJ goes to the hospital and finds Jennifer, who asks if something is wrong. JJ informs her that Theresa's parents are in town and want to talk to her.

Hope, Roman, Caroline, and Kayla gather at the Pub as Theresa sits nearby. Hope gets a possible lead on Kristen so she and Roman have to go. Shane and Kimberly return to the Pub as Roman and Hope exit. They approach Theresa. Theresa says she knows the look and asks if they went off to decide if she has to go back to California with them.

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