Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/15/13

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/15/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny asks Gabi about the modeling contract. Gabi questions him going through her things. Sonny asks about the contract. Gabi tells him to leave it alone as Will comes in and asks what's going on.

Sami questions EJ knowing that Kristen slept with Eric. EJ returns to the room and asks what Sami is doing with his phone. Sami calls him a son of a bitch. Sami tosses him his phone and says he got a text from Kristen so she's not dead. Sami questions how could he know all along what she did.

The cop brings the woman found in the woods to Brady and Hope. Brady questions her about having seen a woman and wants to know where she went.

Daniel tells Maggie that she's welcome to stay at his place if she can't face Victor. Daniel says she can stay in his room while he stays on the couch. Maggie asks about the guest room. Daniel informs her that Nicole is staying there.

Eric arrives at the station as Nicole was about to leave. Eric says he needs to talk to her and Nicole says she needs to talk to him too.

Abigail sits at the coffeehouse/club and T works at the counter. T asks if she's alone tonight. Abigail says she's meeting a friend as Jordan arrives. T comments on wanting to meet her.

Sonny tells Will that Gabi's purse accidentally spilled and it's no big deal. Will thought they were getting along and asks what's really going on.

Brady questions the woman about if she saw Kristen. Hope calms Brady down and talks to the woman. Hope shows her a photo of Kristen and asks if that's the woman she saw. The woman says that is.

Sami continues questioning EJ about what Kristen did and EJ knowing and not stopping it. EJ claims he had no idea. Sami points out that Kristen was thanking him for keeping her secret. EJ says he was working hard to keep this situation under control. Sami questions EJ choosing to protect Kristen instead of their family. Sami says EJ let Kristen destroy her brother's life. EJ responds that if anyone ruined Eric's life, she can thank Marlena.

Maggie asks Daniel about Nicole staying there and says it can make Jennifer hate him more. Maggie asks how it's working out for him. Daniel says Nicole needs a friend right now. Maggie admits that Nicole is lucky to have him. Maggie talks about what Victor did. Daniel tells her that Victor will do anything to protect his own. Maggie doesn't think Victor needed to make Marlena go through that in public. Daniel blames Kristen. Maggie says maybe Kristen will get hers or maybe she will won't but Victor will. Daniel points out that Maggie still loves Victor. Maggie says this isn't about love but about forgiveness. Maggie states that sometimes forgiveness is the hardest thing on earth.

Nicole tells Eric about the car crash with Kristen. Eric asks if she was hurt. Nicole calls it kind of fun compared to the rest of her week. Eric asks if she really wanted to kill Kristen.

Gabi tells Will that Sonny went through her purse and saw something private. Sonny says he couldn't help but see it. Gabi tells Sonny to go ahead and spill since he will as soon as she leaves. Sonny tells Will that it was a contract from a modeling agency.

Abigail meets with Jordan. Abigail says she texted her and then her phone died. Jordan says she was free tonight. Abigail wants to get to know her better.

Daniel asks Maggie if she wants to move in. Maggie says she can't and adds that it's not about Nicole but she needs some time alone to think. Maggie says she will make sure Victor is not there when she goes to get some clothes and then will check into a hotel. Daniel tells her that she won't and likes them together. Maggie says she knew who Victor was and what he had done when she married him. Maggie says they have had fights but this was so cruel. Daniel explains that Victor did what he had to do to help Brady and stop Kristen. Maggie asks about Eric and Marlena. Daniel says Victor didn't set out to hurt them but they weren't his people. Maggie says she warned him that if he hurts her people then he hurts her. Daniel encourages her and tells her that she's always welcome to stay with him. Daniel calls Maggie the best thing to ever happen to Victor.

Hope continues questioning the woman about seeing Kristen. The cops escort her away. Brady complains that Kristen is going to get away and EJ could help her. Brady wants to go but Hope stops him.

Sami tells EJ that Kristen drugged and raped her brother and videotaped it. Sami questions EJ wanting to blame Marlena. EJ says that it's Eric's story. Sami says it's the truth because Eric tells the truth. Sami suggests EJ try it and dares him to lie to her again. Sami asks if he knew what Kristen did. EJ says he won't lie and admits that he knew.

Nicole tells Eric that she did not set out to kill Kristen but doesn't care if she died. Nicole adds that Kristen escaped. Nicole says she made a statement to Roman and once she signs it, she will be free to go. Eric explains that he wasn't accusing her. Eric says he's been waiting for this day to finally learn the truth but now he wished it never came. Nicole says it must be rough since he thought Kristen was a friend but she violated him. Eric talks about thinking it was a nightmare or delusions. Eric tells Nicole that she has to understand that he didn't want to see her because of what Kristen did to him but because of what he did to Nicole.

Will asks Gabi about modeling. Gabi says she was going to tell him. Will quickly congratulates her and hugs her as he talks about her wanting to get back into that. Sonny asks if that was why she was excited lately. Will tells her she's the best. Gabi is surprised they are supportive. Will asks why he wouldn't be and Sonny asks when she starts. Gabi says she hasn't signed it yet. Will and Sonny both say they will watch Arianna and make this work. Will suggests also taking Arianna to watch Gabi model sometimes. Gabi thinks back to hearing that she will have to move to New York. Will asks why she didn't tell him right away.

Abigail tells Jordan about JJ having a tough time but now overcoming that. Abigail then apologizes for talking all about her and boring her. Jordan says she's not and she likes hearing about her. Abigail asks Jordan about her family and her story. Jordan says she feels for Abigail and JJ as she also lost her father at a young age.

Hope tells Brady that she can't allow him to break the rules in the investigation. Hope says she knows what he's been through. Hope suggests he talk to Sami or Daniel. Brady just wants to find Kristen. Hope tells him to leave it to the professionals. Hope declares that they are done and walks away.

Sami can't believe EJ knew that Kristen had raped Eric. EJ says he only knew that they slept together. Sami shouts that she thought he loved her and wanted to marry her. EJ says he does and was trying to keep this secret to protect her family. Sami can't believe he thought it was okay for Brady to marry Kristen. EJ says Kristen was devastated. Sami doesn't care. EJ doesn't think it makes much difference. Sami screams that Kristen raped Eric and videotaped it. EJ says that's not how she explained it and that Eric didn't look drugged on the video. Sami shouts that Eric would never have sex with Kristen. EJ says that Kristen is out of town so no one has to worry about her and it's over. Sami throws a glass and says it's not over as she complains to him about letting that wedding happen while knowing what happened and not telling her. EJ asks what would've happened if he did tell her. EJ says Sami would've been the one to show it instead of Marlena if he told her.

Eric tells Nicole that what he did was wrong. They bring up Nicole telling him that she was in love with him. Nicole says it's no secret anymore. Eric says Nicole swore she was telling the truth about the night at the hotel and he didn't believe her which disgusts him. Eric says he was completely wrong about so many things but most of all he was wrong about Nicole. Eric wonders how she could ever understand. Nicole cries that she does understand.

Gabi says she didn't tell Will right away because she wasn't sure how he would react as there's still a lot to think about. Gabi mentions needing a lawyer to look over the contract. Sonny agrees to call Justin right away. Will says all three of them have something they are interested in.

Abigail asks Jordan how old she was when her dad died. Jordan wants to change the subject. T brings them drinks on the house and introduces himself to Jordan. T offers to show Jordan around town but Abigail sends him back to work at the bar. Jordan calls him sweet as they laugh.

Sami tells EJ he's always smooth. EJ calls it accurate. EJ asks if Sami would've believed it if he told her. Sami thinks he could've convinced her. EJ doesn't believe that Sami would believe Eric slept with Kristen. Sami tells him to stop as he didn't even try to tell her the truth which is wrong and unforgivable. EJ calls it what Eric did to Kristen. Sami screams at him to shut up and starts to storm out but EJ questions where she thinks she's going.

Another cop comes in and tells Nicole that Roman got pulled away. Nicole quickly signs her statement and is told she's good to go as the cop leaves. Eric asks Nicole about understanding. Nicole says she understands Eric was wrong but she has to go. Eric tries to stop her but Nicole asks him to get out of her way.

Gabi joins Abigail and Jordan and apologizes for being late. Jordan is surprised as Abigail didn't tell her they were meeting Rafe's sister.

Hope goes to Daniel's and talks about what happened with Eric. Daniel doesn't think they can prove anything but really doesn't want Kristen to get away with it since Eric has been through hell. Hope talks about Daniel being Eric's doctor and friend. Hope then says that Daniel always proves he's a great guy so she questions how he ends up hurting Jennifer the way he does.

Brady returns home to the Kiriakis mansion with Maggie. Brady wishes he could take back all his stupid mistakes like thinking Kristen had changed. Brady says he knows who she is now and they will find her.

Sami tells EJ that where she's going is none of his business. Sami tells EJ that he can find another bed to sleep in and stay away from hers as she storms out.

Nicole asks Eric if he's really truly sorry for what he did to her. Nicole says she swore on the bible that she didn't do anything. Eric admits he was horribly wrong. Nicole is hurt that Eric called her a rapist and didn't realize he was wrong but needed a video to prove she's not that monster. Nicole cries. She says the good that came out of this is that Eric doesn't have to worry about her loving him anymore. Nicole says she defended him and she hopes Eric can forgive himself. Nicole says apologizing is not going to give him a second chance because she knows what he wants and he'll never get it. Nicole says she knows he wants her to forgive him and tell him everything will be alright. Nicole declares that the only way they will make amends is if she never sees him again. Nicole tells him to go do whatever he needs to but he's not the man she thought he was. Nicole says God will forgive him but she never can as she exits.

Daniel tells Hope that he took an oath to keep people from dying so he had to take Theresa to the hospital. Daniel says he would've done that regardless of Jennifer so his good guy status is irrelevant. Hope thinks there's more to the story. Daniel says there is no case but he's not going to talk about it.

Gabi thinks Rafe will be happy that Jordan is out and having a good time. Jordan is unsure. Gabi says Rafe worries about Jordan and adds that she didn't know they were friends. Abigail says they just met and talks about getting her mind off guys. Abigail says she and Gabi are both newly single. Gabi informs them about the modeling agency. Abigail says they do not need men to succeed and they toast to that.

Eric goes to the Rectory and listens to voicemail of someone calling him a disgrace to the priesthood. He angrily turns it off as Sami enters and says they both know that's not true. Sami cries that she's sorry about everything as they hug and Eric says he's so glad she's there as she's the only person he wants to see right now. Sami says there is something she has to tell him.

EJ remains seated at home with his drink. EJ says to himself that Sami doesn't really want to leave and she's just angry so this whole thing will blow over. EJ goes to his computer to see what kind of mess Kristen has made of the business.

Maggie suggests to Brady a late night AA meeting. Brady declines but tells her not to worry as he's too angry to drink or use anything because of his rage for Kristen. Maggie tells him to call if he needs her no matter what time as she won't be sleeping much. Maggie takes her bag and exits. Brady heads back into the living room and looks over at the drinks. Brady turns away and grabs the phone. He calls Titan security to be on the lookout for Kristen as he wants them to find her. Brady declares that Kristen will not get away with this.

EJ goes over business dealing on his computer.

Eric asks Sami what it is and if they found Kristen. Sami says they didn't and starts to tell him that EJ knew but instead she says they feel terrible about what happened and EJ sent her to see him. Sami tells Eric that she believes in him and loves him. Sami says she always will as she hugs him.

Daniel sits at home as Nicole returns. Daniel says he was worried about her and asks if she's okay. Nicole says she's not and doesn't think she's ever going to be.

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