Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/14/13

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/14/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami joins EJ in the living room, looking for Kristen.

Nick sits in the town square, on the phone with his mom saying he hasn't decided anything yet but feels the perfect place to live would be New York City as he looks at Gabi's picture.

Gabi sits at home with modeling information until Sonny calls out to her asking for help with Arianna. Gabi hides her stuff and goes to help as Will makes a surprising return home and kisses Sonny.

Eric goes to the rectory looking for Nicole. He tries the phone hoping for a chance to make this right.

Kristen and Nicole wrecked their cars. Kristen's car overturned while Nicole lies unconscious at the steering wheel of her smashed car.

Hope gets a call about the crash and informs Victor and Brady that one of the cars involved is registered to Kristen.

The scene of the car crash is displayed.

EJ tells Sami that Kristen is not there. Sami complains about Kristen. EJ wants to wait until they have the whole story. Sami tells him that Eric wouldn't lie as he's a priest. EJ says they both saw the video twice and asks if it looked like assault to her.

Eric goes to leave the rectory when Father Matt appears and asks what he's done.

Brady asks Hope if Kristen has been hurt but she doesn't have the details. Hope will let him know when she finds out. Brady wants to go with her but Hope doesn't think it's a good idea. Brady insists. Victor asks if Brady really cares if Kristen lives or dies. Brady says he doesn't but he needs to know either way.

Nicole starts to wake up at the wheel of her car. Roman arrives with a cop and asks Nicole if she's okay. Nicole responds that she will be as soon as he tells her the bitch is gone for good. Another cop searches the scene near Kristen's car.

Gabi is surprised as she sees Will is back and hugs him. Sonny jokes with Will and takes his suitcase to his room. Will goes to see Arianna. Gabi grabs her things. Sonny asks what she's doing. Gabi says she'll give them some alone time and exits.

Father Matt asks Eric if it's true that he was intimate with Kristen. Eric says yes but he was drugged and it's like he was watching someone else as he would never forsake his vows to the church. Father Matt wants to believe him. Eric talks about his dreams and everything he tried to remember. Eric says Kristen committed this heinous act. Father Matt recalls Eric feeling guilt ridden but couldn't explain and that he shared some responsibility. He asks Eric if his feelings of guilt were because he willingly had sex with Kristen.

Roman helps Nicole out of her car and sits her down asking if she's hurt. Nicole says she hit her head and is sore but thinks she's okay. Roman says they will get her checked out and advises her not to say anymore about the accident. Nicole agrees not to and says she doesn't wish death on anyone but they can't let Kristen wreck anyone else's lives. Nicole says Roman can't say he doesn't hate Kristen as much as she does after what she did to Eric. The other cop tells Roman about finding the other vehicle. Roman asks Nicole if she's sure she's okay. Brady and Hope arrive at the scene of Kristen's car. Hope checks out the car as Brady asks if Kristen is dead. Hope reveals that there is no one in the car and Kristen's not there.

Sonny pours wine for he and Will. Sonny tells him that Gabi decided to give them some alone time. Will comments that they must really be getting along then. Will talks to him about talking to Arianna. Sonny feels Arianna missed Will. Sonny tells Will how much he missed him and they kiss.

Eric promises Father Matt that he did not willingly have sex with Kristen and didn't even know what was happening. Matt asks about his guilt. Eric says it was on his own that he realized his sexual dreams were actually memories. Eric talked about putting it all together and mistakenly thinking it was Nicole. Father Matt asks why he thought Nicole would want to do something like that to him. Eric talks about the coincidences and then he found out that Nicole actually had feelings for him. Eric says he was accusing Nicole without proof and refused to believe her. Eric mentions that he was on his way to look for her and should go. Father Matt stops him and says there's another matter he must deal with as the Bishop heard what happened and wants to meet tonight.

EJ tells Sami not to look at him that way. Sami thinks what he just said was incredibly stupid, insensitive and infuriating. EJ thinks Eric was clearly the aggressor in the video. Sami blames Kristen for pumping him full of drugs. EJ questions what kind of drug would do that. Sami suggests asking Kristen. EJ brings up Sami drugging Austin to sleep with her years ago. Sami can't believe he's throwing that in her face. EJ says it's exactly the same. Sami says she was a kid while Kristen's a woman and Stefano hasn't changed a bit as he helped her do it. EJ gets a call from Roman about the accident and says he'll be right there. EJ tells Sami and she decides to go with him. EJ goes to get the car while Sami stays behind and says please let her be dead.

Hope and Brady discuss the possibility of Kristen being able to walk away from the accident. Brady says they don't even know if Kristen was driving or in the car. Hope shows that they found her ring in the driver's seat. Brady asks where the other car is. Roman brings Nicole over to them. Hope calls over that she thinks she found something. Hope reveals a torn piece of Kristen's wedding dress in the bushes. Nicole mentions that she was still wearing it when they fought. Roman mentions taking Nicole to the station. Nicole wants Kristen arrested. Hope continues searching. Brady approaches Nicole and questions her fighting Kristen. Nicole says she wanted her to admit what she did but she ran off so she took off after her. Nicole adds that she's not sorry for what she did. Brady agrees that Kristen deserved it.

Gabi goes to the town square and sees Nick. He asks if she decided to sign with the modeling agency. Gabi says she doesn't know yet as she hasn't decided since everything's a mess and it's a really big deal so she's still thinking it over. Nick talks about all the opportunities for her. Gabi says her whole life is here so it's hard. Nick mentions just seeing Abigail who said she picked up Will at the airport. Gabi says he surprised them. Nick asks if she told him about the modeling contract. Gabi says no because he was so happy and she didn't want to tell him that she's considering taking his daughter away. Nick asks if Will seemed happy. Gabi says he did like he finally knew what he wanted to do with his life. Nick says there's nothing more important. Gabi asks what Nick wants to do with his life.

Victor stands at home looking at a photo of Maggie on the mantle. He gets a call and says he has heard about the accident. Victor then says he hadn't heard that part but it's very interesting as he hangs up.

Brady tells Nicole that she was right all along warning him about Kristen. Brady apologizes to her and says there's no excuses. Nicole tells him that he should be. Nicole apologizes for being right for his sake and then walks away.

Father Matt tells Eric that Bishop White and other church officials have heard from a number of people that saw the video and they're all reporting that the sex looked consensual. Eric questions no one being skeptical or giving him the benefit of the doubt. Matt adds that the bishop will have to see the video before making a decision. Eric argues that it's the furthers thing from the truth and that he was drugged but he can't prove it. Father Matt understands he's frustrated. Eric knows without proof, no one will believe him. Eric says he has no recollection of it happening but there's no question that he did not willingly have sex with Kristen. Eric asks if Father Matt believes him.

EJ and Sami arrive at the crime scene. EJ asks Hope about Kristen. Hope says Kristen is not in the ER as they have not found her. EJ doesn't understand. Hope mentions Kristen facing charges. EJ warns Sami not to talk like she wants Kristen dead. Hope thinks Kristen is on foot and couldn't have gotten very far.

Nick tells Gabi that he's also still trying to figure things out. Nick says it's about figuring out the right situation to make him happy. Nick says Gabi has a tough decision to make but he hopes she makes the right one that is best for her and not about trying to please others. Nick says he's been down that road before and it's ultimately self defeating and never works out.

Will and Sonny lay in bed together. Will jokes about going away more often. Will suggests Sonny come with him next time. Sonny jokes that they'd have to bring Arianna and Gabi. Will says they can wait awhile. Sonny wants to hear about his seminar. Will tells him of the schedule and comments that everyone there was smarter than him but he was inspired and motivated to work harder. Will says he realized he loved writing. Sonny encourages him. Will doesn't think he can make a living off of it. Sonny tells him not to worry about that. Will feels good to know what he wants and kisses Sonny in bed.

Father Matt does believe Eric. Eric tells him how much it means to him. He says he knows Eric has been an honest and thoughtful man that's dedicated to the church but his vocation is at risk no matter what he believes. Eric understands and agrees to meet with the Bishop but right now his main concern is Nicole. Eric goes to leave but stops and thanks Father Matt for having faith in him. Eric then exits.

Roman sits with Nicole at the station and has her sign away her right to an attorney. Roman then goes over what happened with Nicole following Kristen on the highway. Roman tells Nicole that it was very foggy. Nicole starts to say it wasn't but then goes along with it. Nicole says she was just trying to stop Kristen and never meant for her to get hurt.

EJ asks Hope about the wreck. Hope says they will keep him updated and suggests they go home. EJ states that he won't talk to Stefano or Chad about this until they know. EJ turns around to see Brady. Sami tells him that now is not the time and exits with EJ. Brady comments to Hope about DiMeras being loyal to each other until the end. Hope says it wouldn't be a tragedy if something did happen. Brady thinks EJ is the last person on the planet to give a damn about Kristen.

Will asks Sonny how things were at home. Sonny tells him that he and Gabi did very well and are closer now than ever. Sonny informs Will that Cameron left town. Will asks if Gabi is okay with that. Sonny thinks she is as she's been in really good spirits lately like she's excited about stuff. Sonny doesn't know what but says someone or something is making her very happy. Sonny adds that he knows for sure it's not Nick.

Gabi shows Nick a picture of her and Arianna. Gabi remembers she's meeting up with Abigail later and exits as Nick tells her to have fun.

Nicole finishes telling Roman her story. Victor interrupts and tells Nicole not to say another word as he will call Justin to represent her. Roman tells him that it's fine as she waived her right to an attorney and no charges are being filed. Roman gets called away and tells Nicole to stay there for her statement. Nicole tells him to hurry as she would like to go home. Roman warns her about accepting help from Victor and then exits the room. Nicole asks Victor to explain. Victor brings up the video and how he orchestrated it. Nicole questions him doing it all himself. Victor admits that Marlena was his accomplice. Nicole questions Marlena humiliating Eric and ruining all of his hard work. Victor says she was more than willing to expose Kristen. Nicole continues to ask about screwing up Eric's life. Victor admits that she wasn't aware that Eric was the victim. Nicole asks if he tricked her. Victor says she just didn't know until seeing the video. Nicole knows Marlena would never have agreed to it if she knew. Victor says it turned out exactly as he hoped so he would do the same thing over again if he had to. Victor calls it the only way he could show Brady what monster he was about to marry.

Brady remains at the scene of the wreck and says damn you Kristen.

Victor praises Nicole for running Kristen off the road and hopes that she killed her. Nicole wants peace of mind and not have to worry about Kristen's next vicious stunt. Victor says Kristen is toast and they can live happily ever after as he then exits. Nicole sits down and says not everyone can.

EJ and Sami return home. Harold enters and informs them that Johnny had a nightmare. EJ says he will take care of it and heads upstairs. Sami sits down and looks at Kristen's photo in the newspaper. She rips it out and sets it in the fireplace. Sami then hears the phone ring and thinks it's her own but realizes it's EJ. She says it could be Hope calling about Kristen so she gets EJ's phone from his jacket.

Nick walks out of the town square talking to Julie on the phone. Nick mentions that he may be leaving town. Nick says he would miss the family but has to go where he will be happy an can lead the life he always wanted as he looks at Gabi's picture.

Gabi returns home and goes to check on Arianna, dropping her purse on the way. Sonny comes out and starts picking up her things and finds the modeling contract. Gabi comes back out and asks what he's doing.

Nicole wonders what is taking Roman so long as she just wants to sign and get out. Nicole opens the door just as Eric appears.

Sami checks EJ's phone and finds a text from Kristen. The text thanks EJ for being a loyal brother and keeping her secret about Eric. Sami questions EJ knowing that Kristen slept with Eric. EJ returns to the room and asks what Sami is doing with his phone. Sami calls him a son of a bitch.

Hope tells Brady that he needs to get home but Brady is not tired and feels he needs to be there. Hope asks if it's true that EJ is the only one left that cares about Kristen. Hope brings up that Brady was about to marry her. Brady says she disgusts him and he just wants to find her so that she pays for all the crap she caused. The cop comes back and reveals they found a woman hiding in the woods and she's being brought in right now.

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