Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/13/13

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/13/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope goes to the coffeehouse and runs into Nicole. Hope tells her that she needs to talk to her in a police matter as she needs to get some facts straight. Nicole swears that she didn't do anything. Hope informs her that it was Kristen.

Kristen goes to the spot where Brady proposed, looking for him but instead Eric arrives.

Daniel answers the door at home to see Maggie crying. Daniel hugs her and asks what's wrong.

EJ and Sami bring Johnny to the hospital to get stitches for an accident on the playground. Kayla finishes checking Johnny. Johnny gets excited when he sees Rafe and runs to him. Kayla talks with EJ and Sami about their wedding.

Nicole asks Hope what Kristen did to Eric. Hope reveals that there was a video at the wedding of Kristen and Eric in bed.

Brady makes a call from the Kiriakis Mansion trying to get a hold of Hope. Brady realizes he lost his cell phone.

Kristen questions how Eric found her. Eric reveals that he found Brady's phone and tells her that God showed him the way.

Brady hangs up the mansion phone as Victor then walks in.

Hope tells Nicole that she just came from speaking with Eric. Nicole declares that it was Kristen all along.

Eric informs Kristen that he read the text she sent Brady. Eric grabs her and tells her that he can't believe how many times they were in his office and he believed that she loved Brady. Kristen complains that he's hurting her. Kristen accuses him of seducing her. Eric screams at her to shut up and says no one else is there but them. Eric talks about her absolving her sins but continuing to lie to his face after what she did. Eric lets her go. Kristen tells him to stay away and tries to leave. Eric stops her and tells her that she's not going until she answers for what she's done.

Jordan talks on the phone at the Pub, saying she's not happy about it either but it's inevitable as she promises to be careful. Caroline approaches and asks if everything is alright.

Kayla gets a call from Roman and tells him not to worry as Johnny will be fine. Kayla then asks what's going on.

Johnny asks Rafe how he's feeling. Rafe says he's better every day. Johnny mentions that EJ said the kids can come see him soon. Kayla comes back and takes Johnny with Sami. EJ tells Rafe that he looks well. Rafe thanks him. Rafe brings up Chad's surgery and asks if he's alright. EJ says he should make a full recovery. Rafe says he will keep him in his thoughts. Rafe comments on them being civil to each other. Rafe asks if EJ will really let him see the kids. EJ says he was an important part of their lives once so he won't keep them as they don't have to know how much he despises him. Kayla finishes showing Sami how to put ointment on Johnny's injury and Johnny runs off. Kayla asks Sami about what happened at the wedding to make Roman so upset.

Maggie tells Daniel that something so unbelievably shocking and cruel happened at the wedding. Daniel asks if Brady called it off again. Maggie says someone else made sure it happened in the most devastating way possible for all concerned. Maggie blames Victor as she cries.

Brady states that Victor did this. Victor admits it. Brady asks when he found out. Victor says it was just before Brady left for the church. Victor adds that he didn't want it to come out this way but there was no getting through to him on Kristen as he refused to see the truth. Victor says he knows how much Brady wanted to be with Kristen which is why he gave her a chance to explain. Victor says if he didn't expose her publicly then she would've had Brady believing her so there was no other way. Victor feels there was no other way and he'd do it again if he had to. Victor tells Brady that he can hate him until he dies but he did it all for him.

Hope tells Nicole that Eric gave her a statement and told her what happened to him that night. Hope wants Nicole to confirm certain facts. Nicole asks where Eric is. Hope says she left him at the church.

Eric tells Kristen that it's all coming back to him and brings up Kristen visiting him at the hospital and then coming to the school opening where she asked if he knew what it was like to lose everything. Eric says Kristen was waiting to destroy his life. Eric talks about Kristen avoiding him. Kristen claims he makes her sick and she wanted to get away from him. Eric says she knew she couldn't lie her way out of this. Kristen shouts about Eric being guilty of breaking his vows. Kristen claims she was his victim. Eric argues that he was drugged. Eric shouts that Kristen did this without his will or consent. Eric asks why she hates him so much. Kristen cries that she doesn't. Eric brings up Kristen wanting to talk to the bishop at the school and realizes she was going to give him the video. Kristen shouts that she had everything ripped from her so someone had to pay and it was Eric. Kristen brings up Marlena. Eric realizes it was all about hurting Marlena. Kristen says Marlena will never experience half the pain she's caused her. Kristen talks about always wanting to be a wife and a mother but Marlena took that away from her three times. Marlena says the only thing worse than not having a child is watching your child destroyed. Kristen says she has no regrets. Eric asks if that includes losing Brady. Kristen talks about trying to do the right thing. Eric tells her that she acted out of pure selfishness. Eric talks about Kristen letting Nicole take the blame when she knew she was innocent. Kristen laughs at the idea of Nicole being innocent. Kristen says Nicole can go to Hell and so can Eric as she walks away.

Nicole asks Hope why Kristen would do something like that. Hope doesn't know why Kristen does anything and says she has a lot of questions to answer. Nicole talks about Eric believing he was drugged and sexually assaulted. Hope understands Eric thought it was Nicole because she was there that night. Nicole was hoping it wasn't real and asks how someone could do something like that to him. Hope gets called and has to go. Nicole says she'll be okay as Hope exits. Nicole thinks back to her last argument with Eric then gets up and leaves.

Jordan tells Caroline that everything is fine. Caroline brings up Kayla telling her that Jordan is not from Salem. She asks what Jordan thinks of Salem. Jordan says that she likes it.

Rafe plays with Johnny as EJ watches while on the phone nearby. Kayla asks Sami where Eric is after what happened. Kayla blames the DiMeras and asks what EJ had to say about Kristen. Sami feels EJ would've done something if he knew.

Maggie asks why Victor had to make this so public with Marlena. Daniel asks her what was on the video. Maggie informs him that it was Kristen having sex with Eric. Maggie explains that Victor let Marlena sacrifice her own son to save Brady.

Victor tells Brady that the one thing he's sorry about is that Brady had to be hurt this way but there was no other way. Victor adds that he has one more thing to say and that's I love you. Brady responds that he knows he does and admits Victor was right. Brady thanks him.

Hope goes to the DiMera Mansion. Harold informs her that Kristen is not there. Hope wants to see for herself. He asks for a warrant. Hope says she will get one. Hope adds that Kristen can run and hide but she will find her. Hope walks away. Kristen goes to enter the mansion but gets stopped by Nicole.

Caroline brings Jordan food. Jordan says she didn't order. Caroline informs her that it's Rafe's favorite dessert so she can bring it to him at the hospital. Jordan agrees to make sure Rafe gets it. Jordan asks Caroline about being fond of Rafe. Caroline tells her that when you get to know Rafe, he's really sweet with a heart of gold.

Johnny tells Rafe that he was an FBI guy like him for Halloween. EJ joins Sami and Kayla and asks if there's a problem. Kayla tells him that his family is the problem. Kayla worries about Caroline finding out about Eric. Sami agrees to tell her and explain what happened. Kayla says that's what she's worried about as she walks away. EJ offers to go with Sami. Sami says she wants that and they go to get Johnny. Rafe tells Johnny that he'll see him soon and they hug goodbye. Johnny exits with Sami and EJ.

Maggie cries. Daniel offers to get her water. Maggie says this isn't really about her. Daniel says she's allowed to be upset after walking out on her husband. Maggie says she knew exactly who Victor was when she married him and always knew how ruthless he could be. She wonders why she thought anything would change. Daniel explains that it was about protecting Brady. Maggie thinks there had to be another way instead of scarring Brady and Eric forever. Maggie questions using a mother as an instrument to her son's humiliation. She calls it so cruel and doesn't understand. Daniel hugs her as she cries.

Brady talks to Victor about he saw Kristen and thought she loved him. Brady thought everyone else was wrong. Victor says part of her truly loved him but she wasn't capable of being the woman he needed. Brady talks about feeling like such a fool last time and not wanting to be wrong a second time. Brady tells Victor that he understands why he did what he did. Brady says Marlena wanted to get back at Kristen while Victor just wanted to save his life. Brady adds that there's one more thing he wants Victor's help with and that's tracking down the miserable bitch.

Nicole questions Kristen drugging and raping a priest. Kristen tells her to shove her righteous indignation. Nicole accuses her of ruining her life. Nicole talks about Kristen throwing it in her face and letting Eric blame her. Kristen talks about Nicole wanting what she had. Kristen tells her to go watch the video. Nicole grabs her and says she won't wait for her to go to Hell but will make her life a living hell right now.

Jordan tells Caroline that she'll bring Rafe to the Pub to thank her. Sami and EJ arrive with Johnny as Jordan exits. Caroline asks about what happened to Johnny. They tell her he's fine now. Caroline sends Johnny to the back to have cake. Caroline then tells Sami that she knows the look and wants to know the bad news.

Daniel brings Maggie tissues for her tears. Maggie doesn't want him to worry about her problems since he has enough of his own. Maggie doesn't understand him and Theresa. Daniel says he wishes he could explain. She tells him that he never has to explain to her but she's always in his corner no matter what. There's a knock at the door. Daniel answers and it's Eric, looking for Nicole.

Kristen questions Nicole defending Eric. Nicole talks about knowing Eric and how he would never do what she says. Kristen continues to question her defending him. Kristen says Eric treats Nicole like crap and that he called her a lying whore. Kristen says Eric only sees the worst in Nicole. Kristen says there's a special place in Hell for her and brings up what she did to Jennifer. Nicole says she paid for that every day of her life and now will make Kristen pay. Kristen says Brady and Eric already threw Nicole away like trash. Nicole tells Kristen that it's over with Brady and even if he took her back, she will go to jail since everyone knows what she did. Kristen disagrees and says the truth she will never know is what really happened with her and Eric on that night. Kristen says that will haunt Nicole and drive her crazy for the rest of her life. Kristen shoves Nicole against the door and runs off. Nicole declares that she will chase her to Hell before she ever gets away from her as she then chases after her.

Kayla visits Rafe. Rafe mentions seeing her heated conversation with Sami and asks if something happened. Jordan enters and brings Rafe the dessert from Caroline. Kayla jokes about his room service and exits. Rafe shares his dessert with Jordan. Rafe mentions it being Johnny's favorite too and tells her about Johnny falling on the playground. Rafe says it was good seeing him and admits he was worried since he hadn't seen him. Jordan comments that a lot of people in the town seem to really like Rafe.

Sami tells Caroline about what happened. Caroline says Eric would never break his vows and asks if it could've been faked. Sami wishes that were possible but it's not as Eric said Kristen drugged and assaulted him. Caroline turns to EJ and says his sister is vile and evil. Sami says they are all upset. Sami says it's not EJ's fault. Caroline says she isn't blaming EJ but Kristen has no morals and they know who taught her to be like that. Sami says they all know what Stefano is capable of. Caroline talks about Brady being in love with Kristen and she destroyed Brady and Eric by showing the video at the wedding. EJ then reveals it wasn't Kristen who showed the video. Caroline asks who else could've done such a thing. Sami admits it was Marlena.

Victor and Brady make calls trying to track down Kristen. Hope arrives and says she needs statements from both. Victor worries about Kristen escaping. Hope says they are tracking her and if they can prove the charges then she'll go away for a very long time.

Eric wants to see Nicole and goes inside to see Maggie. Maggie tells Eric that she told Daniel what happened. Eric says he regrets what he did to Nicole and needs to see her before anything else.

Kristen goes driving and Nicole follows in her car. Kristen sees her in the rearview mirror and Nicole declares she's got her now. Kristen wonders what Nicole is doing as she rams her from behind.

Caroline says it makes no sense. Sami adds that Marlena didn't know what was on the video or else she never would've played it. Caroline declares she's exhausted and heads to the back. Sami complains to EJ that this is what Kristen has done to her family and wishes they knew ahead of time to stop it. Sami rushes to the back to check on Caroline.

Hope says charges will be filed for drugging and rape but they need evidence. Brady tells Hope to track her down and make the charges stick or he will do it himself and kill her.

Daniel says Nicole isn't answering her phone. Eric says he has to make this right and wonders where she could be.

Nicole rams into Kristen from behind causing both cars to swerve.

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