Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/12/13

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/12/13


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena shuts the door to the DiMera Mansion and startles Kristen. Kristen turns and says she's just the person she wanted to see.

Brady and Eric continue fighting in the church. Brady tackles Eric down and punches him. Eric rolls him over and hits Brady with a punch to the face then begins choking him.

T shows Sonny that he got Arianna back to sleep. JJ arrives and greets them. Sonny goes to work in the back. T tells JJ that he just got hired today. JJ orders a latte so T goes to make it, leaving JJ to watch Arianna. JJ sits with her and asks where her mom is.

The modeling agent tells Gabi about everything they will plan to do and says when she gets to New York, she'll be the next big thing. Gabi stops her and questions New York. Outside the Pub, Nick walks by and watches through the window. He wants Gabi to make it happen for them. Gabi tells the agent that she wasn't clear that she'd be traveling to New York. She informs Gabi that she meant she would be moving to New York.

At home, Daniel asks Nicole if she's alright. Nicole says she's just thinking about Brady and Kristen probably being married already. Nicole wonders why they get to be happy.

Marlena tells Kristen that she could kill her for what she did. Kristen says she took the words right out of her mouth and aims her gun at Marlena.

Brady fights Eric off but Eric regains control and puts Brady in a chokehold from behind then lets him go. Brady gets back to his feet and says they aren't done as he hits Eric from behind and then starts choking him.

Kristen asks Marlena if she sees fear in her eyes. Kristen says she should be afraid because she's caused enough pain for a lifetime. Kristen says after all the lives she destroyed, today would be a good day for her to say goodbye. Kristen instead puts down the gun and tells Marlena to shoot her.

Nick continues watching through the Pub window. Gabi comments that New York is big. The agent tells her that they are thinking bigger than New York and going global. She tells Gabi that she will become a worldwide brand if she signs with them. She thinks Gabi's story will set her apart from the rest and she tells her to go over the contract and see if it appeals to her.

T rejoins JJ and asks how he's holding up. T tells him that he's lucky to have his family. JJ thinks back to Daniel agreeing to cover for him. JJ agrees that he's lucky and definitely owes a lot of people.

Daniel asks Nicole if she trusts him as a doctor. Nicole says of course. Daniel says he has a prescription to make everything alright and suggests hot chocolate at a cafe with him and Parker. Nicole doesn't think she should stay. Parker runs in and hugs Daniel. Parker says he's ready so Nicole helps him with his jacket. Nicole then decides she will go with them as Parker smiles.

Brady continues choking Eric until Roman and Hope run in to break it up. Roman pulls Brady off and checks on Eric as Hope holds Brady back. Roman asks Eric what happened. Brady tells Eric to tell him how he wound up in bed with Kristen and ruined their lives. Eric says he will because he finally understands.

Kristen tells Marlena to pick up the gun and shoot her. Kristen says now is her chance to put her out of her misery. Marlena grabs the gun and unloads it then walks into the living room and puts it back in the drawer. Marlena tells her to leave it there. Kristen calls it a missed opportunity and wonders what she has to live for now anyway. Marlena calls her full of surprises. Kristen accuses her of planning to make sure she's never happy. Kristen calls her a loser for destroying the lives of ones she loves just to destroy her. Kristen says she hates Marlena more than she could ever hate her. Kristen says she was willing to walk away and let go of revenge but she wouldn't let her. Marlena asks if she means that everything she's done was about her.

Sonny joins T and JJ and tells him that he talked to Will, who said to tell JJ that coming home was the right move. They talk about Arianna. Sonny can't imagine life without her.

Gabi says it sounds amazing and like a great opportunity but she has a baby. The agent tells her about baby care and living arrangements that would be perfect. She tells Gabi that the world could know about Arianna too and they could have their first photoshoot together. She has to go to the airport and leaves Gabi to look over the contract as Nick watches on through the window.

Eric tells Roman about being poisoned and the dreams he had been having. Brady questions why Eric didn't say anything to anyone. Eric shouts that he didn't know it was with Kristen.

Kristen tells Marlena that it's always been about them. Marlena questions her seducing her son. Kristen says it was about John when they first met and accuses Marlena of cutting her out of John's life and now she couldn't let her have Brady either. Marlena can't believe the video was meant to hurt her. Kristen says she just wanted to see Marlena's face when seeing Eric break his vows with her. Marlena asks why she did it. Kristen says Marlena did it. Kristen says she wanted to forget it ever happened but Marlena wouldn't let it go and showed the world her secret. Kristen says she showed the world that Eric is a sexual predator. Kristen shouts that Marlena did it and now can take responsibility and live with it.

Nick enters the Pub and asks Gabi how it went. Gabi tells him that they want to sign her and if she says yes then her whole life is going to change.

Sonny, T, and JJ continue talking about Arianna. Sonny talks about Will missing her. Sonny takes Arianna to go feed her. Rory arrives. JJ questions what he's doing there. Rory tells him that they just scored some weed and he's gotta try it. Rory asks if he wants to get high.

Daniel and Nicole have hot chocolate in the town square with Parker. They joke around together and Daniel comments that it's good to see Nicole smile. Nicole says she will be okay. Daniel greets a nurse named Andrea that he sees nearby. She says hi and quickly walks away. Nicole talks about Daniel's reputation being hurt by him covering for JJ. Daniel doesn't want to talk about his love for Jennifer. Daniel says he and Nicole have both been accused of things they haven't done. Daniel tells her not to even think of Eric. Nicole says she's given up hope that Eric will believe her. Daniel says it's his loss because Nicole is a good friend.

Marlena tells Kristen that Eric is good and a dedicated priest. Marlena says Eric just thought a snake like Kristen deserved another chance. Marlena accuses her of drugging and lying to Eric. Kristen tells her about the video and calls Eric a sexual predator. Marlena says she'd never believe that. Marlena recalls Eric being so ill from being drugged. Marlena talks about hypnotizing Eric and how she knew something really horrible had happened to him but she didn't know what it was. Marlena says now she will make sure Eric knows what happened along with everyone in town.

Eric talks about Kristen bribing Martha for the room next to his. Eric tells Roman that he doesn't know why Kristen would do this to him. Eric explains that she used the name Fay Taylor which is why he accused Nicole of being the one but she was innocent and he didn't believe her.

Nick looks over the contract and says it's incredible how they're going all out for her. Gabi excitedly talks about everything the agent told her. Nick calls it totally incredible. Gabi mentions that she would have to move to New York which was a shock at first and she asks him not to tell anyone. She brings up Will and Sonny then says forget Sonny. Nick tells Gabi that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity so he's behind her 100%. Gabi has to go pick up Arianna. Nick tells her that this is truly amazing and he's happy for her so he congratulates her as she exits. Nick excitedly says to himself that she's going to do it.

Rory tells JJ more about the weed and how they have an empty house. JJ declines and tells him he can go ahead. Rory says they can get drunk, high and use the hot tub. JJ tells him he's good and walks away so Rory exits.

Nicole promises Daniel that she won't tell anyone about what really happened that night. Daniel thanks her and says no one can know that JJ was there when Theresa overdosed. Nicole gets it but feels Daniel shouldn't have to cover for JJ after how badly he hurt him. Daniel compares it to forgiving people who do something wrong. Nicole is glad they are still friends. Daniel says if it wasn't for her then he might not have Parker. Daniel wonders about Parker hearing about this when he's older. Nicole says he will know that Daniel never turns his back on people. Daniel thanks her. Daniel says it's getting close to Parker's bedtime. Nicole decides that she's going to hang out and take a walk. She tells Parker that she will see him in the morning. Daniel takes Parker and they say goodbye to Nicole as they walk off.

Eric tells Roman that he has to find Nicole and ask for forgiveness. Roman encourages him to go to the doctor after the fight and get some rest. Eric asks Brady how his neck is. Brady says it's alright and asks him the same. Eric says he's fine. Hope comments that neither of them look fine to her. Eric says he made a lot of mistakes. Brady says he made more. Hope and Roman discuss Kristen and wanting a statement. Eric wants to be alone with no more questions. Brady tells Eric to take care and he exits. Roman hugs Eric and tells him not to be afraid to call. Roman tells Eric he loves him and exits. Hope hugs Eric and tells him that she will call tomorrow as she then exits. Eric drops to his knees in front of the candles and begins to pray.

Marlena tells Kristen that she left Eric emotionally violated. Kristen claims she was ravaged. Marlena says nobody would ever believe her. Kristen asks if she's going to find a way to charge her with a crime. Marlena isn't sure they can charge her. Kristen claims she was the victim. Marlena says everyone in the town will find out what she did. Marlena says almost everyone bought that she was new and improved and Brady even bought it twice but now everyone will know she's the same sick, twisted piece of garbage. Kristen screams at her to get out. Marlena suggests she change out of the wedding gown because Brady is not ever coming back for her. Marlena exits and Kristen throws things in frustration and pounds on the table, breaking off a piece of her ring.

Gabi goes to pick up Arianna. Sonny and T talk about the day spent with her. Sonny asks Gabi about her meeting. Gabi claims it was fine and not important. Sonny asks if she's talked to Cameron but she hasn't. Sonny was worried that she'd be upset but he's doing such a good thing. T informs her that Cameron is leaving town for Doctors Without Borders. Gabi agrees that she can't be mad at him and says sometimes things happen like that and it can change their lives forever. Sonny thinks it's really good for Cameron. Sonny and T go back to work. Gabi tells Arianna that a lot of people are getting their chance so she thinks she will take hers too.

Roman meets with Marlena in the town square. Roman tells her how Eric is a mess and they will deal with Kristen later. Roman mentions that Hope told him that Marlena was the one who showed the video and asks what she was thinking. Brady arrives and Roman gets called to the station. Roman tells them to talk now while he'll talk later and walks away.

Kristen searches for the diamond that broke off her ring and finds it. She says she found it so fast that it's like a sign. She holds it and thinks back to Brady proposing to her. Kristen says to herself that Brady will forgive her and grabs her phone. She texts him to meet her where he proposed and promised to love her for the rest of their lives.

Eric approaches the cross and asks the Lord what his plan is for him. Eric calls it a life of service that turned into hate and humiliation. Eric asks if that's his reward to thank him for. Eric asks what he has to look forward to next. Eric cries in frustration.

JJ goes home and calls out to Abigail and Jennifer that he's home but they aren't. He looks at their family photo on the mantle. JJ puts his bag down and pulls out his phone. He thinks about calling Daniel but decides not to.

Daniel goes home with Parker and prepares to give him a bath. Parker says Jennifer. Daniel tells him that Jennifer is not coming over tonight and it's complicated but everything will be fine.

Marlena approaches Brady. Brady tells her that she won once again and walks away.

Hope goes to the coffeehouse and runs into Nicole. Hope tells her that she needs to talk to her in a police matter as she needs to get some facts straight. Nicole swears that she didn't do anything. Hope informs her that it was Kristen.

Kristen goes to the spot where Brady proposed, looking for him but instead Eric arrives.

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